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filed, and made Jerusalem an heap of stones.

2 The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be meat into the fowls of the air: and the flesh of thy faints unto the beasts of the land.

3 Their blood have they shed like water on every side of Jerusalem: and there was no man to bury them.

4 We are become an open Shame to our enemies : a very fcorn and derision unto them

that are round about us.
s [The Anger which
thou hast conceived a.

5 Lord, how long wilt thou
gainst thy People for be angry : shall [thy jealousie]
their Idolatry. Exod. burn like fire for ever?
XX. 5.

6 Pour out thine indignation upon the heathen that have not known thee: and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy Name.

7 For they have devoured Jacob: and laid waste his dwelling-place.

8 O remember not our old sins, but have mercy upon us, and that soon : for we are come to great misery.

9 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy Name:. O deliver us, and be merciful unto our sins for thy Names fake.

10 Wherefore do the heathen 10 + Is it not because thou haft hitherto delay'd say: Where is now their Godt to manifejt thy Power in our behalf?


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II' O let the vengeance of
thy fervants blood that is shed:
be openly shewed upon the
heathen in our sight.

12 O let the forrowful figh-
ing of the prisoners come be-
fore thee : according to the
greatness of thy power preserve
thou those that are appointed
to die.
13"And for the blasphemy
wherewith our neighbours have
blafphemed thee : reward thou
them, O Lord, seven-fold into
their bofom.

14. So we that are thy people
and fheep of thy pasture, shall
give thee thanks for ever: and
will alway be shewing forth
thy praise from generation to


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A Pfalm of Asaph on the same subject with the former,

Qui regis Ifrael. Pfal. LXXX.
Ear, O thou shepherd of

I Sometimes yo eph, Israel, thou that leadest that is, the two Tribes Joseph like a sheep : shew thy of Ephraim and Manafself alfo, [thou that fittest upon res, denotes the whole the Cherubims.]

People of Israel. See

Pfal.lxxx. 5 Obad. 18. [Thou who dost in a peculiar manner reside over the Cherubims which cover the Ark.] Exod. xxv. 22. '

2 [Before Ephraim, Benja 2 Thou, who useft, min, and Manasses] : ftir up by the token of thy thy strength, and come and Presence, to march out

before Ephraim, Benjahelp us.

min, and Manasses which were the three Tribes which used to follow immediately after the Ark. Num. ii. 18, 20, 22.


M 4

3 Turn

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Mem. The Feast of

log Blow up the trumpet in
Trumpets was kept on

the new moon t even in the
the first Day of the le-
vench Month, on which time appointed, and upon our
Day the New Moon al solemn feaft-day.
ways fell, for the few 84 For this was made a fta-
in Months were Lunar.

tute for Israel: and a law of

the God of Jacob.
Lev. xli. 24. This he ordained in * Joseph
$*fofephs) hete fig. for a testimony: when he came
nifies all Ifrael. See
Pfal. Ixxx. 1.

out of the land of Egypt, and

had heard à ftrange language. God fpeaks from the

6 I eased his fhoulder from
6th to the 15th Verse..i the burden: and his hands were
heavy Burdens which delivered from making the pots.]
the Egyptianslaid upon your backs, and delivered you from
those Navilh, dirty which they made you labour.)

Exod. ili. 8. 7 Thou calledft upon me in
7 [ And when y troubles, and I delivered thee;
were affrighted with
the terrible Thunder-

[and heard thee, what time as
ings and Lightnings at

the storm fell upon thee. ]
șinai, Exod. xx. 13, 19. and look'd for nothing but immediate
tuine, I reliev'd you, and made the Storm a Calm.]
Exod. xvii.

8' [I proved thee also: at the
8. [ At Rephidim !

waters of strife.]
tried your Faith, and
Difpofitions, by suffering you for a while to want water, and
found you then to be what you have been ever fince, a mutinous
and distrustful People.]

9 Hear, O my people, and
I will assure thee, o Ifrael: if

thou wilt hearken unto me,
10 [I will protect

10 [There shall no strange
you from your Heathen
Idolatrous Enemies, I god be in thee: neither fhalt
will drive away them

thou worship any other god.]
and their falfe Gods, and keep them at a distance from you; so
that you shall be ander no temptation to worship an Idol.] See
Afts vii. 4!, 42. Deut. xxviii

, 36, 64.

11 I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the


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land of Egypt: [open thy

II [Whatever your mouth wide, and I Thall fill it.] be, I will satisfy them.]

Cravings and Desires 12 But my people would not hear my voice : and Israel would not obey me.

13 [So I gave them up unto 13 [So I left them their own hearts lufts : and let ons, and to worship

to their own Inclinaci. them follow their own imagi- those falfe Gods, for nations.]

which they had such a 14 Othat my people would fondness.] have hearkened unto me : for if Israel had walked in my ways,

15 I should soon have puc down their enemies : and turned my hand against their adversaries.

16 The haters of the Lord 16 + See Pfal.lxvi. 2, should have been found liarst: the time of God's peo

* Their time, that is, but * their time should have en

ple. dured for ever. 17 He should have fed them

17 In Judea the Bees also with the finest wheat-flow- used the Rocks, and er : and with hony out of the

even the Ground

Hives to lay up their ftony rock should I have fatif

Hony, Deut. xxxii. 14. fied thee.

I Sam. xiv. 25, 26.


Evening Prayer. A Pfalm of Afaph, the Seer, mentioned 2 Chron. xxix.

30. being a Complaint of the Corruption of the Courts of
Judicature ; and that there was occafion for this Com-
plaint in that Age, see Isai. i. 10.

Deus ftetit. Pfal. LXXXII.
OD ftandeth (in the con-

I [Assemblies of Ma. gregation of princes]: he gistrates.]

See ver, 6. is judge among gods.

2 How long will ye give wrong judgment : and accept the persons of the ungodly?



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3 Defend the poor and fatherless : see that such as are in need and necessity have right.

4 Deliver the out-cast and poor : save them from the hand

of the ungodly. 5 f Being blinded with 5 They will not be learned Bribes and Ignorance.

nor understand, but walk on * Tie foundations of still in darkness f: all *the founthe earth) are Laws and dations of the earth are out of Justice. See Psal. xl. 3.

course. 6 God calls Magi 6 I have said, Ye are gods : strates by his own Name and ye are all the children of God's, Ex. xxii.28. compard with A&s xxiii.s. the most Highest

. 7 [In such a manner, 7 But ye shall die like men: by some fuch exempla. and fall I like one of the ry Death, as wicked

princes.] Tyrants use to do.)

8 Arise, O God, and judge

thou the earth : for thou shalt 8 * Heathen] that is, take all * heathen to thine inheall Nations.



A Pfalm or Song of Asaph, defiring Aliftance from

God, against several Princes and Nations, then in Confederacy agains& the Jews. Bifhop Patrick seems inclined to think 'twas the Confederacy mention'd 2 Chron. xx. but which Afaph this was, or whether any of them mentioned in Scripture,' is altogether", uncertain. Deus, quis fimilis ? Pfal. LXXXIII.

Old not thy tongue,

God, keep not still filence : refrain not thy felf, Q God.

2 For lo, thine enemies make a murmuring: and they that hate thee have lift up their head.


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