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6 [And search'd my

mune with mine own heart, Memory for


and [search out my spirits.] Thoughts that mighr relieve me in my prefent Anguish, or ask'd these following Que. ftions in my own Thoughts.]

7 Will the Lord abfent himself for ever: and will he be no more intreated ?

8 Is his mercy clean gone for ever : and is his promise come utterly to an end for evermore?

9 Hath God forgotten to be gracious: and will he shut up his loving-kindness in displea

sure ? 1o [And Fanswered

10 (And I said, It is mine myfelt, No certainly. own * infirmity: but I will re'Tis an Affliction of my own making, to fancy member the years of the right that God will never hand of the most Highest.) fhew us his favour again: I will therefore, to refresh myself, re. member the time when God did great things for 'up, with his right hand.]

Mem. [*Infirmity.] signifies Afiction, not only here, but ? Cor. xi. 30. xii. 5, doc. and probably in the last Collect of the Litany.

I1 I will remember the works is of the Lord : and call to mind thy wonders of old time.

12 I will think also of all thy works : and my talking Thail

be of thy doings. 13 (Faithful, not in the least deviating from [holy]: who is so

13 Thy way, O God, is thy Promises. ]

(holy]: who is so great a God as our God?

14 Thou art the God that doeth wonders : and hast de clared thy power among the people.

15 Thou hast mightily de livered thy people: even the fons of Jacob and Joseph.

16 The waterst saw thee, O

16 + of the Red-Sea. God, the waters saw thee, and

[The deep Waters were afraid : [the depths also very bottom, which so

felt thy Power to their were troubled.

disturbed them, that they retreated, as if they had been affrighted at thy Présence, and left a plain way for thy People to march through upon dry Ground.

17 The clouds poured out 17 (Lightnings.] water, the air thundred : and 17, 18. Whereas ic thine (arrows] went abroad.

is said, thar (God look18 The voice of thy thunder Egyptians, through the

ed unto the Host of the was heard round about : the Pillar of the Fire, and lightnings shone upon the of the Cloud, and ground, the earth was moved troubled the Host of the

Egyptians, Ex. xiv. 24.] and shook withal.

the Psalmist tells us what the meaning of those words is, namely, that God sene a dreadful Scorm of Thunder, Lightning, and violent Rain, together with a dismal Earthquake ; insomuch that the Egyptians were foon convinced, that the Lord fought for Israel, against the Egyptians, Exod. xiv. 25. 19 [Thy way is in the sea, 19 [As for thy self,

the Waters are as perand thy paths in the great wa

vious to chee, as the ters : and thy footsteps are not dry Land: but here we known.]


cannot follow

thee, nor trace thy footsteps.] 20 [Thou leddest thy people

20 Therefore thou like sheep: by the hand of Mo- laid'n bare the bottom

of the Sea, for thy ses and Aaron.

People to march upon, and gavest them such Guides as they were capable of following, viz. thy Servants Moses and Aaron, who led thy People through the Sea, as the Shepherd does his Sheep over the Plain.]

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Evening Prayer. A Pfalm of Asaph, wherein are recounted all the extraordinary, and wonderful Works which

God, did for his Peple, from bis bringing them out of Egypt, down to the times of David; therefore Bishop Patrick concludes, that it was composed by that Asaph, which is often mention'd as one of the principal

Singers in the Days of David. One design which the Composer seems to have bad in his Eye, was to instruct the Vulgar Jews in the nature of their Feafts.

Attendite, popule. Pfal. LXXVIII. (Leffon,] fo fig Ear nifies the Hebrew word

ple : incline your ears Torah, the Latin Lex, the Saxon Lab, Laza, unto the words of

unto the words of my mouth. from which the Englith Law : The words, I say, properly fignify Leffon, if you respect the Etymology of them : And I'fuppofc thar signification best fits this place, both in the Hebrew and English.

2* Parable) in Scrip 2 I will open my mouth in ture fignifies any wise instructive Saying.

a* parable : Iwill declare (hard [Riddles, or things sentences] of old ; To Ttrange and extraor. 3 Which we have heard and dinary, that to People known: and such as our fathers who have not lieard have told us; them before, they may leem incredible.

4. That we should not hide them from the children of the generations to come : but to Thew the honour of the Lord, his mighty and wonderful works that he hath done.

s He made a covenant with Jacob, and gave Israel a law: which he commanded our forefathers to teach their children;

6 That their posterity might know it: and the children which were yet unborn ;


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z To the intent, than when

they came up; they might shew,
their children the same;

8 That they might put their
trust in God; and not to for-
get the works of God, but to
keep his commandments.

9 And not to be as their forefathers, a faithless and stubborn generation: a generation that fet not their heart aright; and whose fpirit cleareth not ftedfastly, unto God;

10 Like as the children of ECE phraim: who being (harnessed) have this pintory,

. You
and carrying bows, turned i Chron. vii. 20, loc.
themselves back in the day of

II They kept not the covej
nant of God: and would not
walk in his law;
12. But forgat what he had

and the wonderful
works that he had shewed for

13. Marvellous things did he 13 * Zoan was one of in the fight of our forefathers, the chief Cities in e

Exod. xxx. 13, 14. in the land of Egypt: even in in the Country lying the field of * Zoan.

near this Cicy (it should seem from this place) many or most of these Divine Miracles were performed by the hand of Moses.

14 He divided the sea, and Exod. xiv. 22.
let them go through; he made
the waters to stand on an heap.

Is In the day-time also he Exod. xiii. 21
led them with a cloud: and all
the night through with a light

done :

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of fire.


Exod. xvii. 6.

16 He clave the hard rocks Numb. XX. 8, C. in the wilderness: and gave

them drink thereof, as it had

been out of the great depth. Cor. x. 4

17 He brought waters out of the stony rock: so that it gushed out like the rivers.

18 Yet for all this they sinned more against him: and provoked the most Highest in

the wilderness. Exod. xvi:

19 They tempted God in their hearts and required meat

for their lust. "Numb. XI. 4, S.

20 They fpake against God also, saying : Shall God pre

pare a table in the wilderness? Exod. xvii.

21 He smote the stony rock indeed, that the water gushed out, and the streams Howed withal : but can he give bread also, or provide flesh for his

people? Numb. xi. 1:

22 When the Lord heard this, he was wroth : so the fire

was kindled in Jacob, and there 9','s

came up heavy displeasure against Israel

23 Because they believed not in God; and put not their

trust in his help. See ver'. 28.

24. So he commanded the Mem. In these reci. tals of the History of clouds above: and opened the the Redemption from doors of heaven. :? Egypt, and the Travel of the People through the Wilderness, the order of time is not always precisely observed by the Psalmists. See 28, 29. cvi. 17, 19, 30, 32. Thus here the raining of Manna is rchcarsed after the smiting the Rock, which yee was before ic in exact order of time, doc. See ver. 47, 48.of chis Pfalm.

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