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brakest the heads of the [dra 14 [ Sea-Monsters.]

So he calls the Comgons] in the waters.

manders of the Egypti. IS Thou smoteft the heads

an Army. öf (Leviathan] in pieces : and Vs (Pharaoh.] Ezegavest him to be meat for * the kiel alludes to these people in the wilderness.

words,Chap. xxix.3,&c.

By * the People in the Wilderness] is here meant the Beasts and Birds : These may be called People in the same sense that 'the Ants and Conies are, Prov.XXX. 25, 26. Pharaob and his Army being drowned in the Red-Sea, and thrown up on the Shore, were there left as a Prey to the Birds and Beasts, the proper Inhabitants of the Defart,

16 Thou broughtest out fountains, and waters out of the hard rocks: thou driędft up mighty waters.

17 The day is thine, and the Exod. xvii. 6. night is thine: thou hast pre

Numb. XX. II. pared the light and the sun. Fof. iii. 15, 17. 5 118 Thou haft sér all (the bor 18 [The several Cliders] of the earth : thou hast mates, and the bounds

of all Kingdoms and made summer and winter.

Empires.) Aits xvii.25, 19 Remember this, O Lord, how the enemy hath (rebuked:] 19 (Reproached.) and how the foolish people hath blafphemed thy Name, 20 O deliver not the foul of 20 [Thy Church,

which is as true to chee, thy (turtle-dove) unto the mul

as the Turcle to her titude of the enemies : and for- Mate, and, like that get not the congregation of the bird, makes her moan, poor for ever.

and 'silenc Complaints 21 (Look upon the cove

to thee.] nant: for all the earth is full of 21 [Remember thy darkness and cruel habitations.] ham, whereby thou

Covenant with Abradidst promise this Land to him and his Postericy, Gen.xv.7. whereas 'tis now invaded by ignorant Idolaters, and inhabited by the inost cruel Enemies.] 22 Olet not the [simple]

aż 'Humble, ops go away alhamed: but let the pressed. See Vocab



poor and needy give praise unto thy Name.

23 Arise, O God, maintain thine own cause : remember how the foolish man blafphemeth thee daily

24 Forget not the voice of thine enemies: the presumption of them that hate thee, encreaseth ever more and more.


The Fifteenth Day. Morning Prayer. A Ffebm or Song of Afaph, probably the Seer mentioned

2 Chron. xxix. 30.. Confitebimur tibi. Psal. LXXV.

Nto thee, O God, do we

give thanks : yea, unto

thee do we give thanks. 2 (Thy Power is al

2. [Thy Name also is so ways present, and at nigh]; and that do thy wonhand]

drous works declare: 'The 3d and 4th Ver

3 When I * receive the conres are the words of God Hiinself. Ham.

gregation: I shall judge accor3. To * receive the ding unto right. Congrezation] is a Phrase fignifying to undertake the Government or a People, to interpofc or preside in Srare-Assemblies : Sometimes God is represented as discarding a People co such a degree, as ro'rake no notice of their publick Transactions, Hof. viii. 4. but when he receives them again inco Favour, then he takes their : publick Consultations into his.Care, and does by his Providence dired and mcderate their Counsels. 4 [Ians and publick

4 The earth is weak, and all Jifice which are elle

the inhabiters thereof: I bear where called Foundations, Pf.xi. Pillars, up the (pillars] of it. 5, 6. [ Echave nice

s I said unto the foo!s, Deal vour seives like info: not so madly : and to the unfer, wavering, ungo- godly, [Set not up your horn,

6 Set not up your horn on governable ; Horned high: and speak not with a

Bcass.] ftiff neck.]

7. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west: nor yer from the south.

8 And why? God is the Judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. 9 Forin the hand of the Lord 9 God's Judgments

are frequently reprethere is a cup, and the wine is

sented by a Cup of red: it is full mixt, and he wine (itli. 22. Jer. poureth out of the fame. XXV. 15, doc.) of it, 10 As for the dregs thereof: felf very fupifying,

but filled here with all the ungodly of the earth

mixture of other Inshall drink them, and suck them gredients, which make

ic more lo II But I will talk of the God of Jacob : and praise him for ever.

12 All the [horns) of the un 12 [ Strength or godly also will I break : and


The iath Verse seems the horns of the righteous shall

to contain God's Anbe exalted.

swer to the foregoing Resolution of his people, in whose Perfon the Pfalmift fpeaks.


A Psalm or Song of Asaph. See Title of the foregoing

Psalm ; it seems to have been composed on occasion of
God's Judgment on Senacherib's Army, 2 Kings
xix. 35. Ham. Patr.

Notus in Judaa. Psal. LXXVI.

Jury is God known: his
Name is great in Israel.

2 At [Salem) is his taberna [Jerusalem] called cle: and his dwelling in Sion.

Salem, Gen. xiv. 18. There brake he the arrows of the bow": the shield, the Tword, and the battel,

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14 [Thou, O Sion, by 4 [Thou art of more honour virtue of the Divine Presence, wert

and might : than the hills of

more able to defend us, than the robbers.] those Hills, where our Ravenous Enemies

had their Camp, were to secure them.]

5 [These infolent Al 5 [The proud are robbed, they Syrians, who thrcatned have nept their fleep: and all all with ruine, are now become a Booty to us: the men whose hands were they lay down to sleep, mighty, have found nothing.] and never wake again? 6 At thy rebuke, O God of The hands of thofe Jacob: both the chariot and carried away that plun- horse are fallen. der which they expect 7 Thou, even thou art to be ed.] See 2 Kings Xix.3s, feared: and who may stand in

thy fight when thou art angry? 8 Dr.Hammond thinks

18*Thou didst eause thy judgic past doubt that the descent of the Angel to

ment to be heard from heaven: destroy Senacherib's Ar- the earth trembled and was still, my was accompanied with Thander, which he takes to be the meaning of that Expression.

* Thou didft cause thy Judgment to be heard . ] He likewise understands the trembling of the Earth in a literal fenfe ; and obLerygs, chat the descent of the Angel, Matt. xxvii. 2. was attended with an Earthquake: and by means of this Thunder and Earthquake, and destruction of the Asyrian Army, there was a grcat Calm, the Earth was still, the Land had rest, the Country was in quiet. 9 + Not only in the

9 When God arose to judgLand of Juda, but in other places for by this

ment: and to help all the meek Quat Slaughter, not only upon earth t. the Jews, but other Nations were deliver'd from their fear, and from that ruine which:fa numerous, an Army might have effe&ted.

10 (Thus thou shalt: 1.o [The fiercenefs of man get Praise and Glory to shall turn to thy praise : and thy, felf, by; checking and disappointing the the fiercenefs of them shalt thou furious Wrath of inso- refrain. lent Men, as thou now hast, by restraining this proud Asyrian : And thou shalt deal with him for the future, as thou hast already; chou Mile curb and suppress the violence of his Rage.] JOR?

ir Pro

II Promise unto the Lord : your God, and keep it, all ye

that are round about him: bring presents unto him that ought to be feared.

12 [He shall refrain the spi 12 (He shall humb!c rit of princes: and is wonder- the proud Stomach of ful among the kings of the the moft oppreffive Ty.

rants; and does never earth.]

more truly exercise his Prerogative, than when by extraordinary Works of Providence, he shews himself to be King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.



A Pfalm of Afaph, during the Captivity of the Jews

under the Babylonians : So that 'tis wholly uncertain
who this Asaph was.

Voce mea ad Dominum. Pfal. LXXVII,
Will cry unto God with my

voice : even unto God will I cry with my voice, and he shall hearken unto me.

2 In the time of my trouble I fought the Lord : (my fore 2 [The grief of my ran] and ceased not in the Mind verted itself.] night-season,; my foul refused comfort.

3 When I am in heaviness, I will think upon God: when my heart is vexed, I will complain.

4 Thou holdest mine eyes waking: I am fo feeble that I cannot speak t.

4 4 By reason of the

disorder and perturbation s I have considered the days of my Mind. of old : and the years that are paft.

6 I call to remembrance my song : and in the night I com

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