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8 Cast me not away in the time of age: forfake me not when my strength faileth me.

9 For mine enemies speak against me, and they that lay wait for my soul, take their counsel together, saying : God hath forsaken 'him, persecute him and take him, for there is none to deliver him.

10 Go not far from me, o God: my God, haste thee to help me.

s'; } Ii Let them be confounded and perish, that are against my soul: let them be covered with shame and dishonour, that feek to do me evil.

12 As for me, I will patient ly abide alway: and will praise thee more and more.

13 My mouth shall daily speak of thy righteousness and salvation : for I know no end thereof.


forth in the 14 To * go forth, or strength of the Lord God: and out, in Scripture, fig

nifies to undertake any will make mention of thy righ

great Affair,Num.xxvii. teousness only:]

16,17. Deut. xxviii. 6. [I will not confide in my own strength, bục Gods, when I un. dertake any business of moment. I will not talk of any security, but what I have from thy Mercy and Favour.]

15 Thou, O God, hast taught me from my youth up until now: therefore will I tell of thy wondrous works. 16 Forsake me not, O God,

16 Till I have pubin mine old age, when I am lickly declared the great


14 [I will *

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ftrength thou hast used gray-headed :(until I have shewin saving me to the ed thy strength unto this geneMen of this Age, and effectually recorded it ration, and thy power to all in Writing, for the in- them that are yet for to come.] formation

of Posterity.] 17[Mercy and Good God, is very high : and great

17 Thy (righteousness,] o pels. See ver. 14. things are they that thou haft Plalo xxiv, S.

done; O God, who is like unto thee?

18 O what great troubles and adversities hast thou shewed me! and yet didst thou turn

and refresh me : yea, and 18 [The most de broughtest me from (the deep plorable and disconfolate Condition.]

of the earth] again.

19 Thou hast brought me to great honour; and comforted me on every side.

20 Therefore will I praise thee and thy faithfulness, O God, playing upon an inftrument of musick : unto thee will I sing upon the harp, O thou

holy One of Israel. 21 (Glad, joyful.] 21 My lips will be [fain] See Vocabulary: when I sing unto thee : and so

will my soul, whom thou haft delivered.

22 My tongue also shall talk 22 ( Mercy and of thy (righteousness] all the Goodneks.] Sec vero 17. day long : for they are con

founded and brought unto shame, that seek to do me evil.

A Pfalm

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A Pfalm for Solomon. This Psalm is generally believed

to have been composed by David, on Solomon's Coro-
nation, '1 Kings i. Some Passages in it are more applia
cable to Christ Jesus than to Solomon.

Deus fudicium. Pfal. LXXII.
Ive the King thy judg By Judgments,

ments, O God: and thy and Righteousness, 1 we righteousness unto the Kings liry and Inclination to fon,

determine Causes ao 2 Then shall he judge thy right. people according unto right: and defend the poor. 3 The * mountains also shall 3 By the * Mountains

and Hills here we are bring peace: and the little *hills

understand the righteousness unto the people. greater and leller Ma. 4 He shall keep the [simple]

giftrates. folk by their right : defend the

4. [Meek, but op

pressed and helpless.] children of the

poor and punish
the wrong-doer.
5 They shall fear thee as long

Ś This Verse cannot as the sun and moon endureth: be applied in a strict

and proper sense to from one generation toanother.

Solomon, but may 10 6 [He shall come down like Chrift. the rain into a fleece of wool: 6 [He shall be as even as the drops that water the readily received by his

People, as the Dew was earch.]

by Gideon's Fleece, and 7 In his time shall the righ- Thall be as welcome to reous flourish : yea, and abun- them as Rain to the dance of peace, so long as the parched Earth.] moon endureth. 8 His dominion shall be also

8 [The Mediterranefrom (the one sea to the other:] an to the Red-Sea, if and from * the flood unto the understood of Solomon. worlds end.

* The Flood] that is,

the River Euphratese ị They that dwell in the See Vocabulary. wilderness shallkneel beforehim: his enemies fhall lick the dust.

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10 The kings of Tharsis, and of the Isles shall give presents : the kings of Arabia and Saba shall bring gifts.

11 All kings shall fall down before him : all nations shall do him service.

12 For he shall deliver the poor when he crieth: the needy also, and him that hath no helper.

13 He shall be favourable to the simple and needy: and shall preserve the souls of the

poor. 14

He shall deliver their souls from falfhood and wrong: and dear shall their blood be in his fight.

15 He shall live, and unto him shall be given of the gold of Arabia: prayer shall be made ever unto him, and daily shall

he be praised. 16 * Corn and Fruit]

16 [There shall be an heap do frequently denote Converts or Proielices. of* corn in the earth, * high upSee Tsai. xxvii 6. John on the hills : his* fruit shall

shake iv. 35, 36. xv. 16. like *Libanus, and shall be green Rom. i. 13. Colos. i., b. in the city, like grass upon the Mat. xiji. 24. And ’tis the more probable that earth.] David 1peaks of Profelytes in this Verse, because 'tis certain that he does so in the foregoing and following:

* Libanus ] here signifies the Cedars which grow on that Mountain, as is agreed by all: And Proselices are elsewhere compared to Trees, Isai. lx. 13. and particularly to Cedars, which are there called (the Glory of Libanus.]

* "High upon the hills,] or on the rop of the Mountains, is the very expression, whereby the Church, when in a flourishing Estate, is represented, Ísai. ii. 2. To that I think there is no reason to doubt, but that David did here intend to describe the great numbers of Proselytes which should be in his Son Solomon's Days. We accordingly read of 153600, 2 Chron. ii. 17, 18. of which 80000 were appointed by him to be Hewers of wood in the Mountains, for the build

ing of the Temple : They are called (Strangers,] but she Hebrer word (Ger) is the very fame chac is used, Exod. xii. 48, 49. and apply'd to those who were Circumcised, and might eat the Passover.

(The Strangers which Solomon by his wisdom and Zeal shall Convert to the Church, shall be very numerous and full of Vigour, they fhall Thake themselves like Champions, Jud. xvi. 20. nay, they shall be a match for the Cedars of Libanus, which threaten all near them with their lofty tops ; for they shall cut them down for the building of the Temple, and there ihall be as large a supply of these Profelytes; as there is of Grass in other places : And yet this is but a meer Type and Shadow of the Profelytes, which Íhall come into the Church in the Days of the Meffias, who shall much ourdo che other's both in Number, and in Zeal, and Courage for building the Church of God.] 17 His näme shall endure

17 Our Translators, for ever, his name shall remain understood this Verse under the sun among the poste-, whom, we that live

of Christ only, from rities : 'which shall be blessed 1700 Years after him through him, and all the hea- are called Christians, then shall praise him.

and thro''whom alone 18 Blessed be the Lord God,

we are truly blefied. even the God of Israel: which only doth wondrous things;

16 And blessed be the Name
of his Majesty for ever: and all
the earth Thall be filled with + 19 € The apprehensia
his Majesty. Amen, Amen. on and fear of

Evening Prayer. .
A Pfalm of Asaph, that is; Afaph the Seer, 2 Chron.

xxix. 30. who lived in the days of Hezekiah, nor
Asaph, mentioned i Chron. vi. 39. It could seem that
these prosperous wicked were Foreigners ; for the Psal-
mist, ver. 10. plainly distinguishes between them, and
the People, or. God's People, that is, the Jews.

Quam borus Ifrael. Pfal. LXXIII
Ruly God is loving unto

Ifrael: even unto such as
are of a clean heart,




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