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Michtam of David, to teach when he strove with Aram

Neharaim, that is, Syria of the Rivers, and with Aram Sobah, that is, with Sobah in Syria: And Joab returned and (mote of Edom, in the Valley of Salt, Twelve Thousand, 2 Sam. viii. 3, 5. 2 Chron. xviii. 5,6, 7, 12, 13.

6,7,12, 13. 'Tis supposed that David composed this Psalm before his Engaging with these Armies, and foretels his Success against them. Deus, repulifti nos. Pfal. LX.

God, thou hast cast us

out, and scattered us a1 t During the latter broad: thou hast also been difpart of Saul's Reign, pleased t, О turn thee unto us .

again. 2 + After Saul's Death,

2 Thou hast moved the land before David was fully and divided itt: heal the fores Settled in his Kingdom, 2 Sam.ii, iii, iv. thereof, for (it shaketh.]

[It is yer scarce come to a stare of perfect and settled Peace.] 3 [ We have been

3. Thou hast shewed thy like Men bereft of their Reason by some intoxic people heavy things : [thou cating Liquors ; and haft given us a drink of deadly we are scarce come to wine. our senses again.] 4 [But now. thou

4. [Thou hast given a token haft given a signal to for such as fear thee: that they all good Men co resort to me, and be of my may triumph because of the fide, because of thy truth.] Faithfulness in so eminent a manner shewed toward me, in ma. king me King of all Ifrael, according to thy Promise.] 2 Sam.v. 5 ['Tis for this pur

s [Therefore were thy bepose that God hath loved delivered]: help me with Deliverance to me, and thy right hand, and hear me. those that were with me, whom he has own'd by this means for his beloved People.] 6 (God hath solemn

6 [God hath spoken in his he would make me King vide Sichem: and mete out the ly sworn it, viz. that holiness

, I will rejoyce and diof all Israel, 2 Sam.iii.g. and has, in effect, alrea- valley of Succoth.]



dy performed it ; for he has given me the Country round about Samaria, which I will measure, in order to distribute it among my Officers and Servants.]

7 [Gilead is mine, and Ma 7 [+ Gilead and Ma. naffes is mine : Ephraim also is nages, the remotest the strength of my head ; Juda have now quitted Ish

of the Country, is my law-giver.]

bohet b's Cause, and are become my Subjects. Ephraim is to me what the Horns are to the Bullock, my main Strength and Security, Deut. xxxiii. 17. Juda is that Tribe which was

always true to me, and which I shall always make use of for the most honourable Employments in my Government. From thence I shall have a constant supply of able Statesmen, to help me in making and administring Laws.] Pfal. Ixviii. 27.

8 [Moab is my washpot, over 8 (The Moabites are Edom will I cast out my shoe : my Conquest, and I will Philistia be thou glad of me.) they shall perform the most base and flavish Offices for me, and my People, they shall wash our Feer. I will tread Edom under my Shoes, or let my Feet on the Necks of that people. And you, o Country of the Philistines, ought to be ready to congratulate my Victories, and meet me as your Conqueror.)

9 [Who will lead me into the , 9 [But what makes strong City : who will bring cess, and of overcom

mé fo.confident of Sucme into Edom?]

ing, particularly the

strong City of Edom? 10 [Haft not thou cast us out,

10 [1 may well ask O God]: * Wilt not thou, O

this Question, for haft

not thou, (v. 1.) in the God, go out with our hosts?

time of my Predecessor Saul, given thy People great Discouragements, and permitted us to be roured by our Enemies ? ) Here the Reader is to observe a full Stop, as if David almost despaired of Success : But then in the next words he begins to take Courage again, after some con. fideration. * Wilt not thou, O God, go out with our Hosts that is, I have reason to hope thou wilt.

II O be thou our help in trouble: for vain is the help of man.

12 Through God will we do great acts: for it is he that shall tread down qur enemies.

A Psalm

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.-depend on thy Help and Assistance.]

À Psalm of David, probably when he was forced to flee

as far as Mahanaim, 2 Sam. xvii. which was the
remotest part of Judea, for fear of Absalom.

Exaudi, Deus. Pfal. LXI.

Ear my crying, O God;

give ear my prayer, 2 (How far soever I

2[From the ends of the earth am driven from the will I call upon thee: when my place

of thy Worship, heart is in heaviness. and my own home.] 3 [That can secure

2 O fet me up upon the rock me better than I can my self: ] Probably he haft been my hope, and a

[that is higher than I:] for thou means the Rock or Hill

of Zion : So I con- strong tower for me against the jecture from whar fol

enemy lows in the next Verse.

4 1 heartily defire 4. [I will dwell in thy taberand resolve, so far as nacle for ever: and my trust in me lies, to keep

close shall be under the covering of to the Publick Worship, and will always thy wings.]

s For thou, O Lord, hast heard my desires : and hast given an heritage unto those

that fear thy Name. 16*That his Years may 6 Thou shalt grant the King endure throug bout all be along life: * that his years may cannot be understood endure throughout all generaof David's living in this . tions. World; for 'tis

certain, he did not live beyond the usual Age of Min; therefore they must be meant, either of his future Life, or else of the Mellin, to whom some Divines apply them.

7 He shall dwell before God for ever: O prepare thy loving mercy and faithfulness, that they may preserve him.

8 so will I always sing praises unto thy Name : that I may daily perform my vows.


The Twelfth Day. Morning Prayer. A Psalm of David, when be was in great Distress, but not without strong hopes of Deliverance.

Nonne Deo. Psal. LXII.
Y foul truly waiteth ftill

upon God: for of him cometh my falvation.

2 He yerily is my strength and my salvation : he is my defence, so that I shall not greatly fall. 3 How long will ye[imagine]

3 [Contrive. Scc

the Vocabulary. mischief against every man: ye shall be lain all the fort of you; yea, as a tottering wall shall

ye be, and like a broken hedge.

4 Their device is only, how to put him out whom God will exalt : their delight is in lies, they give good words with their mouth, but curse with their heart.

ş Neverthelefs, my soul,wait thou still upon God : for my hope is in him.

6 He truly is my strength and my salvation : "he is my defence, so that I shall not fall. 7 In God is my [health) and

7. ( Safety. ] See

Vocabulary. my glory: the rock of my might, and in God is


trust. 8 O put your trust in him alway, ye people : (pour ou

8 [Spread all your your hearts before him,] for fore God in Prayer.]

Wants and Desires bé. God is our hope


? As

9 As for the children of men,

they are but vanity: the chilor when try'd, ex dren of men are deceitful [upon amin'd, cr put ípco the the weighes,] they are altogeBalance.]

ther lighter than vanity it self.

10 O trust not in wrong and robbery, give not your felves unto vanity: if riches increase,

set not your heart upon them. II (God hath caught II God spake once, and his Law, and by his twice] I have also heard the Providence.]

fame: That power belongeth unto God;

12 And that thou Lord art 3. merciful: for thou rewardeft

every man according to his work.

A Psalm of David, when he was in the Wildernefs of

Juda, either during the time he was perfecuted by Saul, 1 Sam. xxii, s: or else when he was driven thither by Absalom's Rebellion : The latter Seems more probable, biçause he gives himself the Title of King, ver, 12. which he would scarce bave done in Saul's Life-time. Deus, Deus meus. ,' Psal. LXIII. O

God: O , :

early will I seek thee. 2 My soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh also longeth afterthee: in a barren and dry land where

no water is. 3 * Holiness here sig. 3 [Thus have I looked for nifies the Sanctuary, as it does likewise, Psal

. thee in * holiness: that I might xcvi. 2. in the laft behold thy power and glory.] Translation.

3 [With such longing desires have I looked for thee, as Men use to do for their loft Friends, or Treasures; that I might once again behold that place, where thy Power and Majesty are so effectually present]

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