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Michtam, that is, a Jewel, or Golden Psalm of David, containing a most memorable Prophecy of Christ.

Conserva me, Domine. Pfal. XVI.
Reserve me, O God: for

in thee have I put my trust. 2 O my soul, thou hast said 2 [If I should offer unto the Lord : Thou art my things I have, and ren

ro Thee all the good God, (my goods are nothing der thee all the Service unto thee.]

I am able, yet this would be no sufficient requiral for the Protection, and other Mercies I have receiv'd from thee.

3 3. All my delight is upon the faints that are in the earth : and upon such as excel in vertue.

4 But they that run after a 4 Shall do violence nother god : [shall have great ing humane Sacrifices,

to themselves in offertrouble.]

and even their own Children, and must expect to be treatcd as Enemies by the true * Their drink-offerings of

* Their Drink-offerS bloud will I not offer: neither ings, that is, The Drinkmake mention of their names

Offerings made to the

Heathen-Idol, whose within my lips.

Name he declares he will not mention, out of a just deteftacion and abhorrence of them.

6 [The Lord himself is the 6 (The Lord is my portion of mine inheritance, God, and I look on the

Knowledge and Worand of my * cup: thou shalt tip of him to be the maintain my lot.)

most valuable Treasure which I have received by Inheritance from my Fathers : This is the best part of all my Royal Enjoyments; and thou, o God, wilt, I doubt not, secure me in the possession of ir.

O God, * Cup 6, 7, and Lot, signify the same thing, viz. That share or part which God the Master of the Feast deals out to every single Person. So Cup signifies Pfal xi. 6. Mat. XX. 22.

7 [The lot is fallen unto ine 7 [For there is no in a fair ground: yea, I have a

Country comparable to

thar which God hath goodly heritage.]

appointed to be the place of my Abode and Government ; there is no Land so pleafanc as this of Judea, if only for this causc that here we Worship the true God, according to his own Direction and Comniand.


8 (For the Advice 8. I will thank the Lord for and Direction he gives [giving me warning] : my me in all Dangers and Difficulties; and for the

reins also chasten me in the Reproofs and Checks I night-season.] have every Night from my own Heart, whenever I do amiss.

* Reins here again signifies Thoughts, Conscience, Heart, &c. as Psal. vii. 10. xxvi. 2, &c.

9 [I have always 9 [I have set God always bekept my self under this fore me : for he is on my right belief and apprehension, that God is nigh at hand, therefore I shall not fall.] hand to relieve and support me, and that therefore I shall not finally be overthrown.

10 * My Glory,] that ļo Wherefore my heart was is, my Tongue. * My Fleih, every part *my flesh also shall rest in hope.

glad, and * my glory rejoyced: * Hell here fig 1 [For why? thou shalt not nifies the state of the leave my soul in* hell: neither dead. See Vocabulary. shalt thou suffer thy holy one And therefore there words cannot in a strict

to see corruption.] and proper sense be understood of David, (as St. Peter observes, Alts ii. 29.) but of Christ, in whose Person David here speaks.

(For tho' I be killed, and my Soul go to the place where the Souls of other dead Men are, yet I shall not long remain there : And tho'my Body be laid in the Grave, yer it shall be raised from thence, before it be in the least corrupted.]

12 Thou shalt shew me the path of life ; in thy presence is the fulness of joy : and at thy right hand there is pleasure for evermore.

of me.


A Prayer of David for deliverance from his Persecutors

and Slanderers. Exaudi, Domine. Plal. XVII.

Ear the right, O Lord, consider

: and hearken unto my prayer, * Feigned, Deceitful. that goeth not out of * feigned lips.

2 [Let my sentence come 2 Do thou speedily forth from thy presence : and pass Sentence on my

fide ; and let it be let thine eyes look upon the done in such a manner, thing that is equal.]

that it may appear that it is thy Act and Deed, and that thou haft regard to Innocence and Integrity]

3 Thou hast proved, and visited mine heart in the nightseason; thou hast tried me, and shalt find no wickedness in me: for I am utterly purposed that my mouth shall not offend.

4 [Because of mens works 4 [Because of the that are done against the words bloody practices of

fome Men, such as Doeg, of thy lips: I have kept me

I Sam. xxii. 17, 18. difrom the ways of the destroyer.] rectly contrary to thy

5. O hold thou up my goings Law, I have within thy paths : that my footsteps drawn my self, or kept slip not.

my self out of the way

of violent bloodthirsty 6 I have called upon thee, Men.] O God, for thou shalt hear me: incline thine ear to me, and hearken unto my words.

7 Shew thy marvellous loving-kindness, thou that art the Saviour of them which put their trust in thee: from such as re

7 [Thy Power and sist thy [right hand.]

Justice.] 8 Keep me as the apple of an eye : hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

9 From the ungodly that trouble me: mine enemies compass me round about to take away my soul.

. 10 [They are inclosed in 10 (They are stuffc their own fat] : and their have thriven long in

with worldly Goods,and mouth speaketh proud things. their ungodly courses. ]

11 [They are always 11 [They lie waiting in our plocting and contriving

way on every side : turning our ruine, tho' their Looks are grave and their eyes down to the ground. demure.)

12 Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey: and as it were a lions whelp, lurking in secret places.

13 Up, Lord, disappoint him, and cast him down: deli

ver my soul from the ungodly, 12 + Wherewith thou which is a sword of thine t. punishest others.

14 From the men of thy 14 + Whom thou useft hand, O Lord, from the ment, as Rods in thy hand, to I say, and from the evil world: corre&t the Faults of thy which have their portion in own People.

this life, whose bellies thou fil

left with thy hid treasure. 15 [According to ]

15 They have children [at] [The remnants of their Estates, which their

their desire: and leave [the rest own Luxury, and other of their substance] for their Vices have consumed.] babes.

16 * Thy Presence, or 16 But as for me, I will beFace. God was in a hold* thy presence in righteouspeculiar manner graci- ness: and when I awake up afoully present in his Sanctuary to his people, ter thy likeness, I shall be faand his Presence was tisfied with it.] fymbolically represented by a Cloud of Glory, which stood over the Ark: This is frequently called God's Face, and Presence ; as when mention is made of seeking his Face, coming before his Face, and here beholding his Face or Presence ('tis the same Heprei word rendred sometimes Face, sometimes Presence.) So the Pfalmist's meaning is,

[I will come to worship before thy Ark, with an honest and upright Heart ; and then I trust that my appearing in this manner before Thee, in this Life, shall be an earnest of my more perfect enjoyment of Thee in the other Life, when I shall awake out of the Grave, and be made like Thee; and Thall by this means be so hapry, that I shall have nothing further to defire.]

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Evening Prayer. A Psalm of David, the Servant of the Lord, who spake

unto the Lord the words of this Song, in the Day that
the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his Ene-
mies and from the band of Saul, 2 Sa.xxii. And he said

Diligam te, Domine. Pfal. XVIII.
Will love thee, O Lord, my which I am saved.)

1 [The Power by strength; the Lord is my

* Horn,] in a figuraftony rock, and my defence : tive senle always demy Saviour, my God, and my nores Power and Ho. might, in whom I will truft, nour; because Horns are my buckler, [the * horn also of those Beasts which have my salvation,) and my refuge them.

2 I will call upon the Lord, which is worthy to be praised : so shall I be safe from mine enemies. 3 The sorrows of * death com

3 (My wicked Enepassed me : and (the overflow- mies violently raging

like a Torrent of waings of ungodliness] made me afraid.


3,4 * Death and Hell 4 The pains of * hell came

here signify the same about me: the snares of death thing. So Ham. and overtook me.

Patr. understand these

Verses. See Hell in the s In my trouble I will call

Vocabul. upon the Lord : and complain unto my God. 6 So shall he hear my voice

6 (Holy of Holies, or

the innermost part of ont of his sholy temple] : and

the Temple a Type of my complaint shall come before Heaven.)See Plov.ver.7, him, it shall enter even into his ears. 7 The earth treinbled, and

In these Verses, from

the 7th to the 16th, is quaked : the very foundations

represented the severi. also of the hills shook, and were ty of the Divine Judgremoved, because he was wroth. ments on the Enemies



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