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The Lord is in his holy témple : the Lord's seat is in heaven.

s His eyes consider the poor: and his eye-lids try the children of men.

6 The Lord alloweth the righteous : but the ungodly, and him that delighteth in wick

edness doth his soul abhor. * Shares may sig 7 Upon the ungodly he shall nify all manner of fud- rain * fnares, fire and brimstone, den and terrible evils; storm and tempest: [this shall as job xxii. 10. Ifai. xxiv. 17, 18.

be their portion to drink]. (This is the portion which the wise Disposer of all things shall measure out to them.]

8 For the righteous Lord

loveth righteousness: his coun8 + With Approbation tenance will behold + the thing and Favour.

that is just.

Evening Prayer. A Pfalm of David; complaining of the Malice and Wick

edness of Men; and of the Relief which is to be expected from God only. Salvum me fac. Pfal. XII.

Elp me, Lord, for there is

not one godly man left: for the faithful are minished from among the children ofmen.

2 They talk of vanity every one with his neighbour: they do but flatter with their lips, and disleinble in their double heart.

3 The Lord shall root out all deceitful lips : and the tongue that speakech proud things. 4 Which have said, With our


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tongue will we prevail: we are they that ought to speak, who is Lord over us?

s Now for the comfortless troubles fake of the needy: and because of the deep fighing of

the poor;


6 I will up, faith the Lord : and will help every one from him that swelleth against him, and will set him at reft. 7 [Thc words of the Lord 7 The Promises of

the Lord are free from are pure words] : even as the

any mixture of Deceit.] silver, which + from the earth

+ Being taken, or dug. is tried, and purified seven times in the fire. 8 Thou shalt keep [them,]

8 [Thy Promises.} O Lord : thou shalt preserve upright Man, against

* Him: thac is, the * him from this generation for whom the Enemy

fwells, ver. 6. 9 [The ungodly walk on ", 9 [There are a world

of ill

Men always ready every side: when they are ex

to depress the good, alted, the children of men are

and promote one anoput to rebuke.]

thers Interest.] A Psalm of David when he was in fome great Distress,

foretelling his Deliverance.

Vsque quo, Domine ? Pfal. XIII.
Ow long wilt thou (for [Seem to neglect.)

get) me, O Lord, for ever: how long wilt thou hide thy face from mę?

2. How long shall I seek counsel in my soul, and be so vexed in my heart : how long shall mine enemies triumph over me


3. Consider and hear me, o

Lord my God: lighten mine [Left I sleep my laft.] eyes, (that I sleep not in death.]

4 Left mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him; for if I be cast down, they that trouble me, will rejoyce at it.

5 But my trust is in thy mercy : and my heart is joyful in thy salvation.

6 I will sing of the Lord, because he hath dealt so lovingly with me : yea, I will praise the Name of the Lord most

Higheft. A Psalm of David, complaining of an universal Corruption

of Mens Manners; and seems to refer to that general defection under Absalom, and to the great averfion to God and the Truth, which reign'd amongst the Jews, in the time of Christ and the Apostles,, &c.

Dixit infipiers. Pfal. XIV.

He fool hath said in his

heart : There is no God. *2,4 No not one. These

2 They are corrupt, and bewords are not to be ta come abominable in their doken in too ftri&t a sense, ings : there is none that doth as if every few in Da- good, * no not one. vid's Time were gone out of the way: How

3 The Lord looked down ever, it cannot be-ap- from heaven upon the children plied to those who ad- of men : to see if there were hered to God and Da. vid, who are called the any that would understand, and Generation of the Righ- seek after God. teous, ver. 9.

4 But they are all gone out those who became Con- of the way, they are altogether verts to the Gospel, in become abominable : there is his Apostles : for then none that doth good, * no not also there was a Rem

nor to



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nant, Rom. xi. 5. so that this Pfalm is principally to be understood of those who joined with Abfalom against David, and those who rejected the preaching of Christ, and chose whom he sent.

s Their throat is an open sepulchre, with their tongues have They deceived: the poison of asps is under their lips.

6 Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed blood.

7 Destruction and unhappiness is in their ways, and the way of peace have they not known: there is no fear of God before

their eyes.

8 Have they no knowledge, that they are all such workers of mischief: eating up my people as it were bread, and call not upon the Lord ?

9 There were they brought 9 [My Subjects were in great fear even where no affrightedwith the

greatfear was: for God is in the ge

numbers which follow'd

Absalom,and the Success, neration of the righteous. which he at first met with, but this was a groundless fear : For God will not desertthofe, though never so few, that are true to him.] So also at the first preaching of the Gospel many who were well-affected to it, yeç durft not openly profess it for fear of the great numbers of the unbelieving Jews; but their fear was unreasonable too, and that for the same cause. 10 As for you, ye † have

10 + Atheistical Tools, made a mock at the * counsel of

*Counsel] that is, re

Solution. See Vocabul. the poor: because he putteth his trust in the Lord. II [ Who shall give salvati

n Who shall be the on unto Israel out of Sion?] happy instrument of When the Lord turneth the cap obtaining, a Blessing tivity of his people: then shall from God, who diel?

lech in Sion, whereby Jacob rejoyce, and Israel shall

our breaches may be C 3


be glad,

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healed? Here he abruptly, and elegantly breaks off his Speech, as if he despair'd of such a Mercy.). After he had made a short jaure, he takes courage again, and goes on, *When the Lord, &c. as if he had said, I will not lay aside all hopes of seeing this happy time, and when this comes to pass, * Then shall Jacob rejoyce, &c. * When the Lord turneth the captivity of his people : that is, when God restores those to Jerusalem, whom this Rebellion has drove away.

The Third Day. Morning Prayer. A Psalm of David on occasion of his return to the Taber

nacle of Sion, from which he had been driven by Abfaloms Rebellion. Ham. Patr. Domine, quis habitabit? Pfal. xv.

Ord, who shall dwell in

thy tabernacle: or who

shall rest upon thy holy hill? 2 [Blameless, inof

2 Even he that leadeth (an fensive. )

uncorrupt] life: and doeth the thing which is right, and speaketh the truth from his heart.

3 He that hath ufed no deceit in his tongue, nor done evil to his neighbour : and hath not slandered his neighbour.

4: He that fetteth not by himself, but is lowly in his own eyes: and maketh much of themi that fear the Lord.

5. He that sweareth unto his neighbour, and disappointeth hiin not: though it were to his

own hindrance. 6 [He who maketh no gain of the Mony he

6 [He that hath not given lends to his poor Bro- his money upon usury:] nor ther, or Neighbour. ] taken (reward] againit the inEx,xxij.25. Deut.xxiii.

nocent. 19, 20. [Bribe]

7 Whosa doeth these things : From Gods favour, shall never fall +.


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