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I cannot go further than that to-day. You are in the throes of a debate here, and I must be very careful not to interfere in any way with your local politics, but I am going away, and my final message to you is this: Great Canada, great as you are, do not forget that there are other portions of the British Empire and that they have not your size and your possibilities, but they do want to be with you and with the Empire in the developments of the future.

A word or two about New Zealand's system of defence. We have adopted, as you know, a compulsory system of training, and I happen to be Minister of Defence. We have good solid reasons for the adoption of our scheme of national training and the result is beneficial.

Gentlemen, I thank you heartily for your kind reception.


MAY 20, 1913

Gentlemen,-Since the Annual General Meeting held in the old St. Charles Restaurant, on Thursday, May 30, 1912, twenty-three meetings of the Empire Club, and thirteen meetings of the Executive have been held, the latter dealing with matters respecting the activities and welfare of the Club.

The most important action at the beginning of the year was the consummation of the Incorporation of the Club, together with such amendments as were necessary to give effect to the same; and much praise is due to Mr. J. M. Clark for his close attention to the matter, and for bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion.

The range of the Club Addresses illustrates the breadth and intensity of its Imperial scope and sentiment, and the variety of the topics which naturally fall within its purview. The personnel of the speakers has been as diverse as their themes, and the interest of the members has been well sustained throughout. Of outside names we have had the pleasure of listening to: Sir George H. Reid, High Commissioner for Australia; H. Page Croft, Esq., Unionist M.P. for Christchurch; Rt. Hon. Walter H. Long, M.P.; Dr. George R. Parkin, and many of our own most prominent political, commercial, legal, educational, and ecclesiastical leaders. The flow of the mother-tongue, week by week, has been interrupted by the strong yet pleasing accents of a Norwegian Traveller and Explorer, a French Canadian Orator, and a Lecturer from the distant Empire of Turkey; and the utmost courtesy has been accorded to all who honoured the Club by their presence as speakers.

It had been the intention of the Executive to hold the Second Annual Empire Day Dinner on the 24th of the present month, and the Committee had advanced far with the arrangements, when finding that His Royal

Highness, the Duke of Connaught, the distinguished guest of the occasion, could not be present owing to the continued and disquieting illness of Her Royal Highness, the Duchess, it was decided to postpone the event to the Autumn when, it is hoped, their Royal Highnesses may be with us to grace the occasion. With this action, your Executive believes, you are quite in accord. While our disappointment is great that the postponement has to take place, our anxiety for the Royal patient and sympathy with our most beloved and honoured Governorgeneral is far greater. To him was sent, after the decision of the Executive, the following cablegram:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught, London. Sympathy continued illness Her Royal Highness. Empire Day Dinner postponed in consequence.

The President and Committee,

The Empire Club of Canada His Royal Highness replied as follows: The President,

Empire Club of Canada, Toronto. Thank you and Committee kind sympathy

Arthur That God, the Life-giver, may speedily and completely restore Her Royal Highness and permit them both to return for a longer stay among us, is, I am sure, the sincere wish of every loyal member of the Empire Club.

I cannot bring this brief address to a close without expressing my great indebtedness to past Presidents, and especially to my worthy predecessor, Mr. F. B. Fetherstonhaugh, K.C., and to the Executive Committee for all the valued assistance they have given me in the honoured and appreciated position in which a year ago you were good enough to place me. If there has been any measure of success attending the Club in 12-13 it has been due entirely to those who have rallied to the support of its appreciative President. May I bespeak for my successor in this post of so great honour, the same loyal backing and support which I myself have enjoyed and which will linger through many years, a living memory of a happy and greatly enjoyed Chairmanship.

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