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On the 21st of April the new Church of St. Martin, in Central Township of St. Louis county, was solemnly dedicated to Divine Service by the Rev. Geo. A. Carrell, President of the St. Louis University, with permission of the Bishop. The building is of brick, 37 feet square, situated on a tract of land of four acres, granted for the purpose by the congregation. There are now five Catholic churches in St. Louis county out of the city limits, attended by three Priests: St. Ferdinand's in Florissant township; St. Peter's in Manchester township; St. Martin's in Central township; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Carondelet township, and the Assumption of the B. V. M. in Merrimack township.

On the same day arrived in this city, from Kaskaskia, Ills., seven Sisters of the Order of the Visitation, for the purpose of opening a Female Academy in this city. Sister Mary Agnes Brent, Superior.

On the 24th of April, Fathers Joset, Zarbinatti, and Soderini, with one laybrother-all members of the Society of Jesus—left this city for the missions of Oregon Territory and the Rocky Mountains.

New Orleans.—The wardens, in their shameful proceeding against Bishop Blanc, have met with a new defeat. After their failure in their application to the Court, they solicited from the Legislature the passage of a law which would sustain them in their pretensions. The Senate, it appears, yielded to their wishes, but on the 25th of March, the House of Representatives rejected the bill by a large majority.

The new (German) Catholic Church of Lafayette, adjoining the city of New Orleans, which was commenced a few months ago, was solemnly dedicated to Divine Service by Bishop Blanc on the 14th of April last.

PITTSBURGH.--A new Catholic weekly paper, the Pittsburgh Catholic,has appeared in this city: it is to be the diocesan organ, and devoted to the interests of our holy Religion. Judging from the few numbers that have been issued, we consider it a valuable addition to our Catholic publications. From it we learn that Messrs. M. Mitchell, T. Brady, T. O'Flaherty, and R. Kleineidam were ordained Priests in St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburgh, on the 3rd of March; the Rev. Thos. McCullough had been ordained Priest on the 4th of February

A new Church was blessed on the 17th of March, at Hollidaysburg, by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, who was deputed by the Bishop of Pittsburgh to perform this sacred function. This Church is of brick, 87 feet in length and 63 in breadth, and some 35 feet in height: the front end is supported by a Gothic tower.

BALTIMORE.—Mount Hope College, (under Protestant influence) with 16 or 17 acres of ground thereto attached, situated about a mile from Baltimore, has been recently purchased by the Sisters of Charity for a Hospital. The buildings cost $13,000, and will accomodate seventy or eighty patients.

During the week ending Sunday the 24th of March, there was a spiritual retreat for the Laity of Baltimore in the Cathedral, conducted by the Rev. Father McElroy, S. J., assisted by the Rev. Dr. Ryder, S. J. The results were most consoling. The Cathedral, spacious as it is, was constantly crowded. Many who had been remiss or wholly neglectful, returned to their religious duties with a fervor which promises the best for the future, and all manifested a most edifying increase of sincere and practical piety. Eight clergymen were incessantly engaged, and at times ten or twelve in the Confessional. The retreat was closed on Sunday by a solemn Pontifial High Mass in the Cathedral. The Rev. Dr. Ryder, preached an exceedingly powerful and impressive Sermon, and the Archbishop gave the Papal Benediction.

Amid all the troubles which beset the path of the Church, it is consoling to know that her own children are not unmindful of their duties, and by an improved and more faithful discharge of their obligations, yield her those triumphs which she most desires.-Freeman's Journal.

On the 8th of April last, the Rt. Rev. Dr. McCloskey, Coadjutor Bishop of New-York, dedicated to the service of Almighty God, under the invocation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the new (German) Catholic Church in Third st, The services commenced at 10 o'clock. The interior of the edifice, though still in an unfinished state, presented a very pleasing and even striking appearance, froin the quantities of evergreens and flowers tastefully arranged, with which the walls, galleries, &c., were literally covered.

Pontifical High Mass was celebrated, and a discourse delivered in German by the Rev. Mr. Rumpler.

At Vespers in the evening there was a discourse in English.

There was a very large concouse of people present, mostly Germans of the congregation.—16.

Boston.—A new and splendid (German) Catholic Church was opened in this city for Divine Service on the 3rd of March, in Suffolk street. There are now nine Catholic Churches in and about Boston.

INDIANA.—The Rev. Mr. Weinzesflen, who, as our readers know, was charged, last year, with a crime of the blackest die at Evansville in this State, has finally, says the Catholic Advocate, been encompassed by the snares of his enemies. The Indiana Sentinel says that public opinion is now decidedly in favour of the much injured Catholic priest, who was lately convicted at Evanse ville, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for five years, for an alleged rape, sworn upon him by a dissolute and abandoned woman, through hatred. The Sentinel thinks it highly probable that he will shortly be pardoned by the Executive; which ought to be done forthwith, for all are now, to a man, convinced of his innocence. We consider that he has been treated most shamefully, and are borne out in our opinion by almost all that have known him for years.

Oregon TERRITORY.-We learn from the Quebec Annals of the Association of the Faith, that the first Missionaries of Oregon Territory were the Rev.

Francois Norbert Blanchet, formerly Curate of Soulanges, now Vicar Apostolic of Oregon, and Modest Demers, who previous to his departure had spent a year in the Missions of Red River, placed under the spiritual jurisdiction of Mgr. Provencher, Bishop of Juliopolis in partibus. Very Rev. M. Blanchet, entrusted with ample powers by the Bishop of Quebec as his Vicar General, left Montreal on the 3rd of May, 1838, for the Mission of Red River, where he joined his colleague M. Demers, they set out for Oregon Territory on the 10th of July 1838, and arrived at Fort Colville on the 6th of November of the same year. During the same month they visited the forts of Van Couver, Wallawalla, Okanoghan and Cowlitz. The principal Mission was established at Van Couver, and a Church, measuring 45 by 30, was speedily put up on a tract of land, 600 arpens, assiged to the Missionaries for the purpose. They visited in January 1839, fort Wallamette for the first time. This is the only Missionary establishment south of the Columbia River, and consequently almost without dispute under the dominion of the United States. It is near the Falls of Wallamette that the Jesuits of Missouri intend to establish their Central Missionary Station. The Church of Wallamette is 70 feet in length and 30 in width, and much too small for the congregation. Rev. Mr. Blanchet in a letter dated 1st March 1839, says, “ the first Mass was offered up at Wallamette on the 6th of January 1839, in presence of many Canadians and numerous Indians. The commandments of God and the Church were published, as also the decree of the Council of Trent concerning marriage.

Italy.Rome.— The Pope consecrated as Bishops four of the Cardinals on the 11th February, Castracane, to the Bishopric of Palestine, Cagiano, to the Bishopric of Sinegalla, Clarelli, to the Bishopric of Monte Fiascone, and Polidori, Commendatory Abbot of Subiaco. This is the first instance, it is said, for 150 years, of the Pope having performed this ceremony in person. The Prince of Wirtemberg, Don Miguel, and all the diplomatic corps, were present on the occasion.

Cardinal Spada, who recently died at Rome, left to the Arch-Confraternity of charity, 10,000 Roman dollars, to enable the confraternity to defend the poor, especially labourers, before the public tribunals.

IRELAND.—There are at present in Ireland alone thirty convents of the Presentation Order. In these convents there are at least 13,000 children instructed. They are taught the elements of human knowledge as well as the principles of their Christian duties. There are four convents of the Ursulines, at Cork, Waterford, Thurles and Galway; though the object immediately contemplated by them is the education of the wealthier classes, yet each conyent has a poor school attached to it. The founder of the Presentation Order is the late Miss Nano Nagle, who closed her saintly and useful life on the 26th of April 1784, in the 56th year of her age. Spain.--The prayers of the Catholic Church seem not to have been offered 's vain for this long distracted church. The Spanish Government has authorized the Archbishops of Seville and Santiago to return to their respective dioceses. The Royal Order addressed by the Minister of Justice to his Eminence, Francis Xavier Cienfuegos y Jovanellos, Cardinal of Seville, is conceived in the following terms: “As soon as her majesty entered on the full exercise of the sovereign power, by the solemn declaration of her majority, one of the first objects of her solicitude was to cast a look of sorrow on the deplorable condition of public worship and of the clergy in a nation which regards the surname of Catholic as the most honorable of its titles and its greatest glory. It is not expedient to dwell on the past at a moment when the object of the Queen and the government is to bury in oblivion all the wrongs, recriminations and complaints which could arrest the new and benificent era which is commencing for the happiness of Spain. Instead of vainly reasoning on the causes that produced these evils, we must hasten to the assistance of the church and cicatrise her wounds.

The spiritual tranquility of the faithful, intimately connected with the temporal well-being of nations; the necessity of the holy ministry transmitted in unbroken succession from the apostles across the vicisitudes and revolutions of ages; the propriety of resuming the cordial relations unfortunately interrupted with the Holy See; the sacred character and dignity of the chief Pastors as Ministers, the reverence and esteem to which they are entitled have determined her majesty, with whom mild and religious sentiments and benevolent feelings were born, to put an end to the mouring of the churches of Spain. Imbued with this noble and holy thought, the name of your Eminence, the name of the venerable Metropolitan of Seville, was natuarally the first which was pronounced by her majesty and respectfully received by her ministers.

The Government is fully convinced that your Eminence will contribute by your influence, your words and noble example to secure the happy results which her majesty desires; and it experiences the most sincere satisfaction in communicating to your Eminence the first mark of her royal esteem, by revoking the order given you on the 18th February, 1836, not to leave this city, and requesting you to return to your Metropolitan See, to watch over the faithful submitted to your spiritual direction, and who earnestly long for the return of their Pastors.” A similar order has been addressed to the Bishop of Santiago.

Holland.—Medical men and Ecclesiastical authorities have attested a miraculous cure, which took place on the 18th of December last, at Tilburg. The subject was a Sister of Charity, who had been lingering for many years, and being nearly reduced to the brink of death, found herself suddenly cured at the end of a Novena, made to the venerable servant of God, Gaspar Bufallo.

AFRICA.—Statistics of the Diocese of Algiers: 50,000 Catholic inhabitants, and 80,000 belonging to the French Army: There are fifty Churches, sixteen houses of education and ninety-six hospitals and asylums. The Diocese is attended by a Bishop and sixty-six Priests, both secular and regular. In the city of Algiers and its immediate environs there are eighteen Churches.

Cape Palmas Mission. The Rev. John Kelly has returned to the United States from this Mission, seven priests of the Order of the Heart of Mary for the evangelizing of Negro nations, having arrived to take charge of it. One of them, Rev. L. de Regnier, soon after his arrival, fell a victim to the fever on 30th December. Mr. Pindar, a Catholic layman, who, as catechist, had accompanied Rev. J. Kelly, died, on January 1st., of a coup de soleil. Bishop Barron had arrived at Goree, but had not reached Cape Palmas. Hitherto but little success had attended the labours of the Catholic missionary in this colony. Much may be hoped for, from the devotedness of the religious body who are specially consecrated to the salvation of the Negro nations. At all events their toils and sacrifices will be of grateful odour to God and man.--Cath. H.

Asia.--In Syria, one hundred and eight Nestorians have recently embraced the faith. The Dominican Fathers have three hundred and forty scholars under their care. They have been obliged to enlarge their churches, in consequence of the increase of the faithful.

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OBITUARY. Died on the 14th of March, at Washington, D. C., Rev. Peter T. DE Vos. The deceased was born near Gent, in Belgium, about the year 1776, and came to this country in consequence of the vexations which Religion suffered in his own. Having exercised the ministry in St. Mary's county Maryland, for one year, he was stationed in Montgomery county, where he laboured assiduously in the same duties, from 1818 to 1842. He was a man of much self-denial and great charity for the poor.-U. S. Cath. Mag.

At Rome, on the 31st of January, his Emminence Cardinal BUSFI, Archbishop of Beneuento, aged 89 years.

In Ireland, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Kernan, Bishop of Clogher; his death took place, a few weeks ago, at his residence, Carrickmacross. This venerable prelate was consecrated in April, 1818, and was, consequently, upwards, of twenty-six years in charge of this extensive diocese, in every part of which he was beloved and revered for his truly apostolic virtues. The coadjutor bishop, the Rev. Dr. M'Nally succeeds.—R. I. P.

APPROBATION. The Catholic Cabinet is published with my approbation, and appears to me calculated to promote the interests of the Catholic Religion in this Diocese.

+ PETER RICHARD, Bishop of $t. Louis.

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