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constitution of, attacked, 104; | West, Possession of the, a bond of
division of, advised by Hamilton, 1 union, 222-23
176; troops mobilized in, 176; Western states, Separation of church
would protect & convention, 187, and state in, 264; liberal to their
188; fell short of Jefferson's ideas, universities, 297
289; citizenship of, 296; neglects her Whigs, The early, made pretense of
University, 297

Jefferson's theory, 54
Virginia State Literary Fund Board, White, Andrew D., The six architects

of our republic, 1; on Jefferson,
Visitors, school, Duties of, 271

1-2, 80; Jefferson's opposition to

slavery, 81-82
Walcott, Oliver, pussy-footed old Wiley's, Dr., interesting work, 291
Counter-Revolutionist, 156

William and Mary College, Bill for
Walker, Francis, on passage of sedi- amending the Constitution of, 268;

tion law, 170; on Hamilton's never enacted, 271; chemistry at,

philosophy of government, 170–71 284
Walker, John, member of House of Williams, Roger, on things not of the
Burgesses, 13

first table, 47; stood for democracy,
Walpole, Robert, and corruption, 158 94; in accord with Jefferson, 94–95
War, Waste in preparation for, 198–99 Wilson, Woodrow, on those who dis-
Wards, Counties to be divided into, trust the people, 50
97-98, 102–3

Winship, A. E., and R. W. Wallace,
Washington, George, & founder, 1;1 on the Louisiana purchase, 204

on the model treaty, 110; supported Wirt, William, Letter to, quoted, 7
Jefferson against the Cabinet, 115, Wisdom, The prescient, of Jefferson,
124; criticised, 125; persuaded 83
Jefferson to remain in Cabinet, Witchcraft, Law against, in Virginia,
127, 130; relations with Jefferson, | 265
128; idea of making, king, 146; on a Witt, Cornelius de, on the Declaration
monarchical form of government, of Independence, 45; on the authori-
146-47; refused third term, 166, ties for rights, 55-56; on Jefferson
243; humiliation of, in signing Jay in Paris, 57–58
Treaty, 197; started us as the Women, Education of, 272
Great Peace Nation, 197; birth-Woods, the, Our beginnings in, 39
day balls of, 226; titles proposed Woodward, Judge A. B., created
for, 226–27; with sword and cocked Michigan University, 273
hat, 227, 229; favored Bill for Worcester, Noah, Jefferson's letter
supporting clergy, 252; to Mason, to, 196
on, 252-53; influenced Jefferson, World democracy and world peace,

Washington's Cabinet, 160

Wythe, George, agreed with Jefferson,
Watson, Thomas E., on democratized 13; member of Law revision com-

Virginia, 93; on the work of Jeffer- mittee, 70; set free his slaves, 76;
son, 104; on Napoleon's victories, shared Jefferson's religious views,
117; on Jefferson's peace policy, 257

Webster, Daniel, on Jefferson, 111, Yale University, 277

Young men consulted Jefferson on
Webster, Sidney, “The Two Treaties their reading, 287–88

of Paris," 214, 218–19
Weightman, Letter to Mayor, 51


[merged small][graphic][subsumed][subsumed]

The Press was incorporated June 8, 1893, to promote the publication of the results of original research. It is a private corporation, related directly to Columbia University by the provisions that its Trustees shall be officers of the University and that the President of Columbia University shall be President of the Press.

The publications of the Columbia University Press include works on Biography, History, Economics, Education, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Literature, and the following series :

Colambia University Contributions to Anthropology.
Columbia University Biological Series.
Columbia University Studies in Cancer and Allied Subjects.
Columbia University Studies in Classical Philology.
Columbia University Studies in Comparative Literature.
Columbia University Studies in English.
Columbia University Geological Series.
Columbia University Germanic Studies.
Columbia University Indo-Iranian Serios.
Columbia University Contributions to Oriental History and

Columbia University Oriental Studies.
Columbia University Studies in Romance Philology and Liter-

Adams Lectures.

Carpentier Lecturas.
Julius Beer Lecturas.

Hewitt Lectures.
Blumenthal Lectures.

Josop Lecturos.
Catalogues will be sent free on application.


30-32 WEST 27th 8T., NEW YORK

Columbia University in the City of New York


ADAMS LECTURES Graphical Methods. By CARL RUNGE, Ph.D., Professor of

Applied Mathematics in the University of Göttingen ; Kaiser Wilhelm Professor of German History and Institutions for the year 1909–1910. 8vo, cloth, pp. ix+148. Price, $1.50 net.

JULIUS BEER LECTURES Social Evolution and Political Theory. By LEONARD T.

HOBHOUSE, Professor of Sociology in the University of London. 12mo, cloth, pp. ix+218. Price, $1.50 net.

BLUMENTHAL LECTURES Political Problems of American Development. By

ALBERT SHAW, LL.D., Editor of the Review of Reviews. 12mo,

cloth, pp. vii+268. Price, $1.50 net. Constitutional Government in the United States. By

WOODROW WILSON, LL.D., Sometime President of Princeton

University. 12mo, cloth, pp. vii+236. Price, $1.50 net. The Principles of Politics from the Viewpoint of the

American Citizen. By JEREMIAH W. JENKS, LL.D., Professor of Government and Public Administration in New York

University. 12mo, cloth, pp. xviii+187. Price, $1.50 net. The Cost of Our National Government. By HENRY

JONES FORD, Professor of Politics in Princeton University.

12mo, cloth, pp. xv+147. Price, $1.50 net. The Business of Congress. By Hon. SAMUEL W. MCCALL,

Member of Congress for Massachusetts. 12mo, cloth, pp. viit

215. Price, $1.50 net. Thomas Jefferson: His Permanent Influence on

American Institutions. By Hon. JOHN SHARP WILLIAMS, United States Senator from Mississippi. 12mo, cloth, pp. ix+330. Price, $1.50 net.


30-32 West 27th Street, New York


Columbia University in the City of Now York


CARPENTIER LECTURES The Nature and Sources of the Law. By JOHN CHIPMAN

GRAY, LL.D., Royall Professor of Law in Harvard University.

12mo, cloth, pp. xii+332. Price, $1.50 net. World Organization as Affected by the Nature of the

Modern State. By HoN. DAVID JAYNE HILL, Sometime
American Ambassador to Germany. 12mo, cloth, pp. ix+214.

Price, $1.50 net.
The Genius of the Common Law. By the RT. HON. SIB

FREDERICK POLLOCK, Bart., D.C.L., LL.D., Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 12mo, cloth, pp. vii+141. Price, $1.50 nete


Professor of Political Economy, Columbia University. 12mo,

cloth, pp. vi+128. Price, $1.50 net. Power. By_CHARLES EDWARD LUCKE, Ph.D., Professor of Me

chanical Engineering, Columbia University. '12mo, cloth, pp.

vii+316. Milustrated. Price, $2.00 net. The Doctrine of Evolution. Its Basis and its Scope. By

HENRY EDWARD CRAMPTON, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology, Col

umbia University. 12mo, cloth, pp. ix+311. Price, $1.50 net. Medieval Story and the Beginnings of the Social

Ideals of English-Speaking People. By WILLIAM
WITHERLE LAWRENCE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English,
Columbia University. 12mo, cloth, pp. xiv+236. Price, $1.50

Light. By RICHARD_C. MACLAURIN, LL.D., Sc.D., President of

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 12mo, cloth, pp.

ix+251. Portrait and figures. Price, $1.50 not. Scientific Features of Modern Medicine. By FREDERIO

8. LEE, Ph.D., Dalton Professor of Physiology, Columbia University. 12mo, cloth, pp. vii+183. Price, $1.50 net.


30-32 West 27th Street, New York

Columbia University in the City of New York


Four Stages of Greek Religion. By GILBERT MURRAY,

Regius Professor of Greek, in the University of Oxford. 8vo,

cloth, pp. 223. Price, $1.50 net. Lectures on Science, Philosophy and Art. A series of

twenty-one lectures descriptive in non-technical language of the achievements in Science, Philosophy and Art. 8vo, cloth.

Price, $5.00 net. Lectures on Literature. A series of eighteen lectures by in.

structors of the University on literary art and on the great literatures of the world, ancient and modern. 8vo, cloth, pp.

viii +404. Price, $2.00 net. Greek Literature. A series of ten lectures delivered at Columbia

University by scholars from various universities. 8vo, cloth,

pp. vii +306. Price, $2.00 net. The lectures are: THE STUDY OF GREEK LITERATURE. By PAUL SHOREY, Ph.D.,

Professor of Greek, University of Chicago. EPIC POETRY. By HERBERT WEIR SMYTH, Ph.D., Eliot Pro

fessor of Greek Literature, Harvard University. LYRIC POETRY. By EDWARD DELAVAN PERRY, Ph.D., Jay Pro

fessor of Greek, Columbia University. TRAGEDY. By JAMES RIGNALL WHEELER, Ph.D., Professor

of Greek Archeology and Art, Columbia University. COMEDY. By EDWARD CAPPs, Ph.D., Professor of Classica,

Princeton University. HISTORY. By BERNADOTTE PERRIN, Ph.D., Lampson Professor

of Greek Literature and History, Yale University. ORATORY. By CHARLES FORSTER SMITH, Ph.D., Professor of

Greek and Classical Philology, University of Wisconsin. PHILOSOPHY. By FREDERICK J. E. WOODBRIDGE, Ph.D., John

sonian Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University. HELLENISTIC LITERATURE. By HENRY W. PRESCOTT, Ph.D.,

Professor of Classical Philology, University of Chicago.

LODGE, Ph.D., Professor of Latin and Greek, Columbia


30-32 West 27th Street, New York

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