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Academy of science, A central, to American Commissioners at Madrid,
control men, 53

Jefferson's communication to the,
Act for freedom of religion printed in 124–25
Paris, 265

American experience, 6; our institu-
Adams, Henry, on rejection of treaty tions the product of, 38

effected by Monroe, 133; on Jeffer- American history, A suppressed chap-
son's aspirations, 200_1

ter of, 143, 148, 194
Adams, John, a founder, 1; error of, American nations, An American policy

about the sentiment for inde for all, 134, 136
pendence, 29; inaccurate as to American people, The, based their
Declaration of Independence, 30 claims upon natural rights of man,
31, 40; colossus of debate, 31, 42; 46
member of committee to prepare American political theory, Jefferson's
Declaration, 33; to Pickering, on the, 54
the Declaration, 41; wrote Report American products in France, 107–8
of Committee on Rights and American reign of terror, 175
Grievances, 42-43; failed to see American Revolution, Back to the
ultimate issue of French Revo- principles of the, 141, 183
lution, 59; contempt of, for common Americanism, Exponents of, 100
folks, 61; in France, 107; “Dis- Ames, Fisher, Letters of, 155; the
courses of Davila," 143-44; a re American people like free negroes,
actionary, 144; conversation with 155; on use for an army, 180
Hamilton on the British Consti- | Anarchy, Seeming state of, 12
tution, 156-57; defeated Jefferson Angles and Saxons, The, expatriated
by three votes, 169–70; secured | themselves, 16
peace with France, 173–74; hated Apollo Room in Raleigh Tavern at
by Federalists, 174; his greatest of Williamsburg, Meetings in, 10, 11

services, 180; heterodoxy of, 245–46 Applied Sciences, at University of
Adams, Samuel, at Boston tea-party, Virginia, 282

9; and committees of correspond- Apportionment for representation,
ence, 9

Agriculture, A school of, planned, Appropriations in lump sums, 237
289, 290_91

Aristocracy and clergy, Jefferson's
Albemarle County, Instructions of, hatred of, learned in France, 57-58;

12–13; Committee of Safety in, eradication of, 85; and the rabble,

20, 21; British prisoners in, 109–10 286–87
Alien and sedition laws passed, 145; Aristocracy of Colonial Virginia, The,

unexpected results of, 171; power 88–89
of President under alien law, 172; Aristocracy of virtue and talent, An,
Jefferson's antagonism to, 172; and 74

Know-Nothing movement, 172 Armstrong, General, on Florida, 221
Allegiance, The doctrine of inde | Army, with Hamilton as chief, and

feasible, 16; first denial of, 68, 91 Federalist officers, projected, 175–
America, the fad in France, 107

76, 177; to overthrow popular
American colonies, The, expatriated liberty, 179; size of the, 179; Ames
themselves, 16

I on use of an, 180; Jefferson on, 198

Asiatic interests and alliances, 3 British nation, Arraignment of justice
Assemblée Nationale, L', Name of, of, 22

suggested by Jefferson, 56; com- Brown, Justice, Decision of, in
mittee of, on constitution asked Downes case, 213
Jefferson's assistance, 64; not an Bryce, James, on the Louisiana
integral legislature, 115

purchase, 206
Auditors placed in one Department, Buckle's “History of civilization,” 4

Bull Moose Convention, The, pre-
Austria denies expatriation, 15

tended to draw faith from Jefferson,
Authorities on the rights of man, 64

Burke, Edmund, edited Jefferson's

"Summary View," 14; failed to see
Bancroft, George, on the committees ultimate issue of French Revo-
of correspondence, 8

lution, 59; on Chatham, 93; rhetoric
Barbary powers, The, put down, 243 of, 156, 157
Bayard, James Asheton, Claims of, Burr, Aaron, Miranda's connection

baseless, 189; on Aaron Burr, 191; with, 174; had same number of
the creed of, 192; gave off-the-bench electoral votes as Jefferson, 183;
opinion of Marshall, 194

Hamilton's hatred of, 185; Bayard
Bequests, Limitation of, 86

on, 191; something to credit of,
Bibles, Old ladies hid their, 261–62 191; conspiracy of, put down, 242
Bill of Rights adopted in Virginia, 43 Business, big, Divorce of government
Bill of Rights, embodied in Consti- and politics from, 159

tution, 163, 264
Blacksburg, Va., College of Agri- Cabell, Joseph C., Letters to, 97-98;
culture at, 291

L and State University, 274
Blackstone on libel, 178

Cabot, George, Letters of, 155
Blockade, Jefferson on, 126

Calhoun, John C., far apart from
Bookkeeping, Hamilton's system of, 36 Jefferson, 96
Books, Removal of tariff on, refused California became a part of the
by Congress, 306–7

United States on acquisition, 212
Borough, Rotten, system in England, Canada, G. Morris on acquisition of,
156, 157

| 214; Jefferson had eye on, 221
Bosses, Too many, 195

Canning, and the Monroe Doctrine,
Boston, Closing the port of, a declara- 135

tion of war, 11; Jefferson's protest Capital punishment, Sole defence of,
against, 18; ten years behind 72
Jefferson in admitting girls to Careys, The, of Virginia, 89
schools, 271

Carlyle and the French Revolution, 63
Bread famine in France, 58

Carmichael, William, 112
British alliance, Hamilton's proposed, Carpet-bag authority intimidated, 12

Carr, Dabney, brother-in-law of
British ambassador, Reception of, 234 Jefferson, 10
British captives in Albemarle county, Carter, Dr. James C., on Jefferson's

educational scheme, 266–67
British constitution, our best inherit Carters, The, of Virginia, 89
ance, 30; "best form," 148

Censors of government, On, 171
British Court society imitated, 226 Central American republics, The, 3
British government “most perfect Ceremonials and etiquette, No bureau
which ever existed," 157

of, in State Department, 137 .
British House of Lords, The, 147 Ceremonies, Forms, cavalcadings and,
British model advised for the French, abolished, 227–28, 230, 243

Channing, a bracer of the republic, 1


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