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gus: 13.

Day, B. Bishop Storford, Herts, draper, July 20. Keen, J. Cross-street, St

July 23, and October 19. Day, W. Maryat-hill, factor, August 13. ker. Cheapside, mans’-mercer, July 27. shaw, J. and W. Halifax, York, mer. Daries, D. Chester, cheesemonger, chant, August 7. Kemp, R. Hasle July 25. De Baume D. Great Win mere, Surrey, victualler, August 7. chester-street, insurance-broker, Au Kindel, J. late of Liverpool, cabinetgust 10. Davison, A. Chester, wine maker, August 10. merchant, August 5. Dwyer, J. late Lawrence, R. New Windsor, bricklayer, of Bristol, hatier, August 13. Davies, E. July 17. Lloyd, H. Middle TempleIvy-lane, Newgate-street, furrier, Au lane, money-scrivener, November 2.

Levi, H. Ramsgate, Kent, dealer, NoExeter, J. Harwich, linen-draper, July vember 29. Lec, P. Souih Shields,

23. Eagleton, E. Cheapside, grocer, druggist, August 3. Lacy, J. Whitby, August 6.

Yorkshire, ship-builder, August 9. Frazer, T. Nicholas-lane, merchant, Ju- Monteith, J. and J. Sequeira, Grace

ly 20, Farquhar, C. Maddox-street, church-street, druggists, July 30. MetHanover-square, builder, July 27. calfe, C. Kighley, Yorkshire, moneyFroggatt, T. Matlock, Bath, Derby scrivener, July 22. Mathews, G. and shire, innkeeper, July 20. Field, W. T. Tumbull, Budge-row, merchants, Streatham, victualer, August 13. July 27. Mills, J. Brook-green, liFozard, J. sen. L. and J. jun. Park nen-draper, August 14. Mello , J. and lane, stable-keepers, September 28. G. Prait, Leek, Staffordshire, silk-maForbes J. and D. Gregory, Alderman nufacturers, July 30.

Mayor, W. bury, merchants, November 8. Fry Preston, Lancashire, woollen-draper, er, G. Red-lion-street, Clerkenwell, August 5. Masters, W. and W. merchant, August 13. Fassin, T. Greenwich, distillers, August 6. Mite Bishopsgate-street, pewterer, August 3. chell, T. Hation-court, ThreadneedleForbes, G. Copthall-court, Throgmor street, merchant, August 17. Moses, ton-street, merchant, August 28. Fen S. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, linen-drawick, E. Kingston-upon-Hull, inn per, August 6. Moffatt, D. 'Fleeta keeper, August 9. Fisher, J. Briest market, grocer, August 13. Mundell, field, Yorkshire, white-clothier, Au E. Scarborough, com-dealer, August 2.

Fulcher, H. Shoe-lane, vic Matross, J. Durham, innkeeper, Au. tualler, August 10.

gust 15. Morris, W. late of CovenGarlande, M. Deptford, Kent, victualler, try, merce , August 17.

August 10. Goodyear, W. Shep- Nesbitt, J. sen. Aldermanbury, merchant, herd-street, Oxford-street, bricklayei,

July 20

Ne: bitt, J. E. Stewart, and July 27. Goots, G. late of Cawston, J. Nesbitt the younger, Alder manbury, Norfolk, merchant, August 9.

merchants, July 20. Naish, J. WalHewlett, W. V. High-street Borough, cott, Somersetshire, coal-merchant, Ju

druggist, July 20. Hart, M. Bowen, ly 29. Newman, P. Melksham, Wilts, Lincolnshire, money-scrivener, July19. clothier, August 6. Hunter P. Durham, money-scrivener, Ogden, J. Ashton-under-Lyne, cottonJuly 19. Harris, T. Paul's-court, spinner, July 20. Oddy, J. J. St. Wood-street, hosier, July 23. Har Mary-axe, merchant, July 27. Oakes, ris, J. Keynsham, Somersetshi e, tan J. Union-street, New Bond-street, coal. ner, July 25. Hardman, J. Manches merchant, July 30. ter, merchant, July 25. Hobson, T. Phipps, J. Copthall-court, ThrogmortonSpilsbury, Lincolnshire, shopkeeper, street, broker, July 10. Packer, W. August 16.

Hill, S. Bishopgate Chambers-street, Goodman's-fields, taistreet, cil and colourman, July 27. lor, July 27. Phillips, J. Ross, HereHaycock, R. Wells, Norfolk, mer fordshire, innholder, August 1. Paine, chant, August 13. Hale, H. Birchin W. Ipswich, coach-maker, July 13. lane, oilman, November 4.

Parrott, W. J. Leighton Buzzard, BedJames, B. Northampton, shoemaker, Ju fordshire, wine-merchant, August 14.

ly 25. Johnston, R. J. and W. St. Page, J. Thavies-inn, Holborn, wareŚwithin's-lane, merchants, August 6. houseman, August 14. Preedy, J. Inres, A. Duke-street, York-buildings, Chipping Norton, Oxford, currier, AuStrand, merchant, August 13. Irvin,

Payne, T. late of Ashsord, T. and J. Holden, Halifax, York, dy Kent, grocer, August 14. Plowes, J. ers, August 13.

Leeds, York, merchant, August 13, Keir, L. Throgmorton-street merchant, Rodd, T. Gerrard-street, jeweller, July

gust, 10.

gust 10.

27. Roberts, E. Great Tower-street, August 17. Turner, J. Manchester, victualler, July 27. Ranson, L. Char dealer, August 5. Tabrum, R. Shoping-cross, tavern-keeper, August 3. land. Essex, dealer, August 28. Thur. Richardson, J. Pocklington, York good, T. Welwyn, Herts, shopkeeper, shire, sheep-jobber, August 5. Row August 28. Taylor, J. Maiden-lane, land, N. and P. Great Coggeshall, Es Wood-street, weaver, August 13. sex, blanket-makers, August 5. Ro- Vowell, J. jun. Watling-street, stationer, berts, T. Helston, Cornwall, grocer, July 27 August 10.

Wilkinson, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, draScott, 4. Workington, mercer, August 2. per, August 3. Wheailey, J. Mark

Sawyer, J. Tenterden, Kent, g azier, lane, cornfactor, July 20. Weller, July 20. Spencer, W. Saffron-hill, W. W. Deptford, miller, July 20. victualler, July 27. Staney, W. and Willians, T. and M. Field, AldersgateJ. Smith, Leeds, Yo, kshire, grocers, street, packers, July 20. Wallas, R. July 22. Smiih, T. Deptford, vic King street, linen-draper, July 23. tualler, July 27. Stork, J. T. Whit Wild, J. J. Waris, and J. Boddy, Upby, and M. Boiterill, Great Dritfield, per Thames-street, grocers, July 27. Yorkshire, cornfactors, August 14. Wright, D. Sealingham, Norfolk, milSimms, J. fate of Sheepy Parva, Lei ler, August 12. "Wray, H. Birchincester, miller, August 23. Sandback, lane, draggist, July 27. Winter, J. W. No thwich, Chester, shopkeeper, Combe St. Nicholas, Somersetshire, August 7. Sturney, J. Blackman leather-dresser, July 27. Wain, J. street, coachmaker, August 13.


and T. Ags, Basinghall-street, clothiers, ples, R. Anderton, Lancashire, shop July 30. Whittaker, W. Manchester, kecper, August 13. Sinith, J. and merchant, July 31.

Weaver, W. R. Smithies, Pool, Yorkshire, paper Bow-lane, warehouseman, August 28. makers, August 19. Spraggon, J. & W. Wanklin, J. late of Knighton, RadnorGravesend, Kent, slopsellers, Au shire,, merchant, July 29, and August

12. Whittle, R. late of Tarleton, Tanswell, G. Shaftsbury, Dorset hire, Lancashire, shopkeeper, August 8.

butcher, July 16. Thornton, E. Stroud, Wilmott, W. ' Borough, stationer, Gloucestershire, apothecary, July 29. August 6. Taylor, J. Chatham, wine-merchant,

ANSWERS TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. Gaunt Notegore is entitled to our warmest thanks, for his valuable communications, a part of which he will readily perceive that we have availed ourselves of, in the present number.

The communications of W. B; will le very, favourally received. A. B. C's, plan is inaulmissible, as it would necessarily, from the very nature of his scheme, take up much more room than what it now aoes, and what can conveniently, be allotted to that department, in our Magazine.

Epitaph in a Traveller,shall appear in our next. It came too late for the present numler.

T. B. will very highly ol·lige us ly drawing the diagrams (whenever they occur) on the smallest scale possible.

In answer to a gentleman who sul'scribes himself a Constant reader of our Magazine;" and who wishes to le informed, whether the Remarks on the Pursuits of Literature," which, as it appears from the ansuers noticed to out, Correspondents, in the month of February last, were offered by our learned and ingenious Correspondent, at Oxford, are entirely laid aside," or whether they are still lo l'e expected ; we have to reply that, at present, we are not enabled to gwe a satisfactory answer to this Enquirer, as we have not yet, bern favoured with the MS. in question. The

very valuable conmunications of x. C. shall appear in our next. The papers which we have been favoured with by Mentor, on the commercial relations of this country, our intercourses with foreign nations, the advantage, and disadvantage of trading companies, &c. are under consideration.

Several of our olliging correspondent's productions, in prose and verse, are received, to all of which due attention will be paid to their respective merits.

gust 17.

The r6

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No. XXI.-Vol. IV.]

For AUGUST, 1805.

[New Series,

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCII OF HENRY of administration is to be attended with DENDAS, LORD VISCOUNT MEL- benefits resulting from that administraVILLE. WITH A PORTRAIT.

tion, and to write in opposition to it, TOGEL THE fall of great characters, or those is to be the sure means of withdrawing

supposed to be great, has gene- the common emoluments of a newsrally excited much curiosity, and with paper, to which it would Le otherwise it no small degree of caluinny on the entitled, the public cause must sutier ; fallen character. A remarkable in- for few will run the risk, or can afford stance to the contrary, in these days, to support the contest, with so powerhas been seen in the latter respect, and ful an adversary. Such language as has the subject of this sketch has found nu- been used by the supporters oi Lord merous advocates, not only to palliate Melville, would, if used by his antahis crimes, but to endeavour, by every gonists, have subjected them to all the means in their power, to cover his pro- vexation of a libellous prosecution ;secutors with disgrace. The public and the marked ditierence in the conpapers, with an exception of one or duct of the newspapers to Mr. Horne tvo, have been devoted to his cause; Tooke and Lord Velville, would exand the language used by thein has cite no small degree of surprise in all, been such, as to imply, a total disregard who are unacquainted with the secret of national honour, and that it was in springs by which they are conducted. their power to direct to any purpose the After and during the report of the sefeelings of the public. In every respect lect committee of the house of comtheir attempts were baffled, and the inons, in which Mr. Dundas bore no benefit they have done to their nolle inconsiderable share, and during the client is very problematical. “ To whole time that Mr. Tooke was under press a falling man too far," argues a confinement, the papers teemed with base and a depraved mind; but to en- abuse upon the latter, and every thing deavour to prevent his faults from lying was done to excite the populace against open to the laws—to aim at screening him. From the momem that the naval hinn from justice—to overwhelm with commissioners had found grounds of calumnies those who are earnest for complaint against Lord Melville, till the public cause—these are depravities they were substantiated in the house of in the British press which we have been commons, and during the time that the coinpelled to notice, and which argue most solemın argument was held on the a corruption of principles of the utmost proceedings to be adopted against him, detriment to the state.

the public newspapers advocated his This subject has not met with the defence, pursued with calumnies those atteation it deserves. That any man, who were determined that justice should or set of men, should have such influ- be done to the country, and treated ence over the newspapers, is in the with the utmost contempt the unanihighest degree improper; and if it mous voice of the public. To what should arise from means afforded by ad- this conduct is to be attributed, is worministration, there is sufficient ground thy of serious enquiry, and at any rate, for enquiry, in what manner those it would be worth while, if we must neins are afforded, and whether they have opposition papers, and adminiscan be consistently continued with a tration papers, to try whether it is not doe regard to the welfare of the coun- possible to have also public papers, ty. It is a common remark, that cer- that is, papers which shall be as die tuin papers are in favour of, and others cidedly in favour of the public, as the are in opposition to, administration ; others may be in favour or their respecand this diference in opinion, as far as tive parties. the conductors of each paper act from Mr. IL Tooke and Lord Melille their own principles, is far from being have for many veurs been car nuga pre,adicial; bui if the writing in favour bours. The language used b; the iure Vol. IV.


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