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50 The same is my comfort in my trouble, Isai. 43. 1, &c. for thy word hath quickened me.

2 Cor. 12. 9. 51 The proud have had me exceedingly in Luke 6. 22, 23. derision, yet have I not shrinked [declined] 2 Tim. 3. 12. from thy law;

52 For I remembered thine everlasting judg- Rom. 15. 4. ments [thy judgments of old), O Lord, and | 2 Pet. 2. 4, &c. received comfort.

53 I am horribly afraid for the ungodly, that Luke 23. 28. forsake thy law.

54 Thy statutes have been my songs in the Heb. 11. 13. house of my pilgrimage.

55 I have thought upon thy name, O Lord, Ex. 34. 6, 7. in the night-season, and have kept thy law. Isai. 50. 10.

56 This I had, because I kept thy com- John 14. 21, 23. mandments.

Eighth Portion.
M HOU art my portion, O Lord: I have pro- | Josh. 13. 33.

1 mised to keep thy law.

Heb. 5. 9.

50 For thy word, &c. God's word of promise will ever afford comfort to the sorrowing man, and will so excite his hopes, as to become the happy means of giving him, as it were, “life from the dead."

51 The proud. The insolent despisers of the scriptures and of their divine author. Ver. 69, 78.

52 Thine everlasting judgments. We may apply this expression, either to God's righteous decrees contained in his word, for the punishment of the wicked and for the reward of the pious, which were always to continue in force; or, to the many and wonderful instances of his executing those decrees, which, from the beginning of time, are recorded in sacred history.

54 In the house, fc. As it cannot be proved, that the Psalm was composed by David, it seems better to refer these words to a life passed in the midst of trouble and affliction, than to one, which had actually been imbittered by the miseries of exile or wandering. Gen. xlvii. 9. Psalm xxxix. 14.

55 Thy name. See on Psalm v. 12. He, who bears in mind, that God is the Lord Jehovah, will necessarily think also upon every attribute, which pertains to him. And have kept, &e. Since the Psalmist meditated on the divine perfections, when other persons were asleep, he was graciously aided in his wish to comply with the requirements of revelation, as the appropriate reward of his piety.

56 This I had, fc. This cheerfulness of mind in the fulfilment of my religious duties, and this ability to perform them under all trials and difficulties, were mercifully conferred on me, because heretofore I had never been wilfully disobedient to thy law.

57 My portion. See on Psalm xvi. 6.

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Jer. 8. 6.
Luke 15. 18, 19.

2 Tim. 1.6.

Phil. 3. 8.

Ps. 149. 5.

Gen. 32. 26. | 58 I made my humble petition in thy pre

gehee Wimade Deut. 4. 29. sence with my whole heart: O be merciful unto

me, according to thy word.

59 I called mine own ways to remembrance, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies. | 60 I made haste, and prolonged not the time

[delayed not] to keep thy commandments. John 16. 22. 61 The congregations (bands] of the ungodly

have robbed me; but I have not forgotten thy law.

62 At midnight I will rise to give thanks Acts 16. 25. unto thee, because of thy righteous judgments. 2 Chron. 19. 2. 63 I am a companion of all them, that fear Mal. 3. 16.

thee, and keep thy commandments. Job. 34. 32.

64 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: To teach me thy statutes.

Ninth Portion. Gen. 48. 15, 16. 10 LORD, thou hast dealt graciously with

thy servant, according unto thy word. 1 Kings 3. 9. | 66 Ở learn [Teach] me true understanding 1 Cor. 1. 4, 5. and knowledge, for I have believed thy com

mandments. Jer. 22. 21. 67 Before I was troubled, I went wrong

[astray]; but now have I kept thy word. John 17. 3. 68 Thou art good and gracious: 0 teach me

thy statutes. Matt. 5. 11. 69 The proud have imagined (forged] a lie

against me, but I will keep thy commandments

with my whole heart. Isai. 6. 9, 10. 70 Their heart is as fat as brawn, but my deEphes. 4. 18, 19. light hath been in thy law.

Gen. 48. 15, 16.
Ps. 139. 17, 18.

Dan. 4. 36, 3

Heb. 12. 3, 4.

58 In thy presence. Does not this refer to the public worship of God at Jerusalem? Psalm xcviii. 7, 9.

59 Mine own ways. The crooked paths of sin, in which I had perversely walked.

61 But I have not, &c. The verse ought scarcely to be taken literally. Though my worshipping of thee has been attended with much anxiety and trouble, I have not, on that account, been less faithful to my duty, because I esteem Thy favor as more than a sufficient recompence for every disquietude. Heb. x. 34.

66 For I have believed, &c. For I am ready to be directed by thy revealed word, from confidence in its authority, and from conviction of its excellence, having, at the same time, an unhesitating belief, that it is the only way to happiness, and that in keeping it there will be great reward.

70 Their heart, &c. By rendering the original word “brawn” in

71 It is good for me, that I have been in 1 Cor. 11. 32. trouble; that I may learn thy statutes.

Rev. 7. 14, 15. 72 The law of thy mouth is dearer unto me, Prov. 3. 14, &c. than thousands of gold and silver.

Matt. 6. 33.
Evening Prayer.

Tenth Portion.
THY hands have made me and fashioned me: 12 Tim. 2. 7.

1 () give me understanding, that I may learn Rev. 4. 11. thy commandments.

74 They, that fear thee, will be glad, when Ps. 27. 15, 16. they see me, because I have put my trust in thy 2 Cor. 1. 6. word.

75 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are 1 Sam 3, 17, 18. right; and that thou, of very faithfulness, hast Isai. 39. 8. caused me to be troubled.

76 O let thy merciful kindness be my comfort, Job 13. 15, 16. according to thy word unto thy servant.

John 4. 13, 14. 77 O let thy loving mercies come unto me, Isai. 66. 13. that I may live; for thy law is my delight.

78 Let the proud be confounded, for they go Luke 18. 7, 8. wickedly about to destroy me; but I will be oc- John 15. 25. cupied (I will meditate] in thy commandments.

Hos. 11. 8, 9.

stead of “grease," as it is in the Bible version, our old translators, perhaps, wished to point out the wilful and perverse obstinacy of “the proud,” whose hearts, as if consisting solely of muscles, were far too hard for the law of God to make the least impression upon them. An objection may, doubtless, be alleged to such a mode of interpretation from the occurrence of the epithet “fat;" but it seems not at all unlikely, that this is nothing more than the literal translation of a Latin word (see on Psalm cxxi. 6), which, when applied figuratively to the understanding, is used to express “ dulness of perception.” For it is well known, that the fat of the human body, and, indeed, of every creature, is absolutely insensible.

74 When they see me. When they witness my deliverance from all my sorrows, and know, that this great mercy has been shewn me, because, under every discouragement, I trusted firmly in the divine promises.

75 I know, fc. The dispensations of God's providence towards his people, though sometimes severe, are always just and merciful: moreover, in sending them, he is faithful and true to his word, wherein we are assured, that chastisement is designed to benefit our souls, and, therefore, to be the precursor of reward. I Cor. x. 13. Heb. xii. :!.

77 That I may live. The Psalmist does not pray simply for the temporal enjoyment of this earth; but, that he may be enabled, by divine grace, to pass a life of faith and love here, so as to be rendered meet to partake of everlasting happiness hereafter. Ver. 40. See on Psalm xxxix. 15.

Acts 2. 47.

1 79 Let such, as fear thee, and have known thy testimonies, be turned unto me.

80 O let my heart be sound in thy statutes, I that I be not ashamed.

Pg. 139. 23. 24.
Isai. 5. 24.

ELEVENTH Portion. Isai. 25. 9.

Y soul hath longed for thy salvation ; and

WI I have a good hope, because of thy word. Ps. 90. 12, &c.

82 Mine eyes long sore for thy word, saying, Lam. 4. 17. 10 when wilt thou comfort me? Job 2. 10.

83 For I am become like a bottle in the Ps. 32. 4.

smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes. Isai. 65. 13, 14.

84 How many are the days of thy servant? 2 Thess. 1. 6, 7. | when wilt thou be avenged of them, that perse

cute me? Heb. 11. 36, &c. | 85 The proud have digged pits for me, which

are not after thy law. Ex. 14. 13, 14. | 86 All thy commandments are true [faithRom. 8. 36, 37. ful]: they persecute me falsely; O be thou my


79 Be turned unto me. Become my friends, and, by uniting themselves with me, shew that they rejoice in my deliverance. Psalm cxlii. 9.

80 That I be not ashamed. Without soundness of heart, and that steadiness of devotion, which springs from it, men will, at last, be put to shame, either in this world or at the day of judgment, by the punishments inflicted on them for their mere form of godliness.

82 Mine eyes, fc. Mine eyes look out with intense desire for the arrival of thy promised salvation. Ver. 123. In both our translations the eyes are here poetically represented to be gifted with the power of speech, in the same manner as to the tongue is attributed elsewhere (Psalm Lii. 3.) the faculty of imagining or devising. Psalm ix. 4: xxiv. 7,9.

83 Like a bottle, &c. The bottles used in the East were made of the skins of goats or kids, wherefore, if hung up in the heat and smoke, they would naturally become dry and shrivelled. Such a change had sorrow wrought in the outward frame of the Psalmist. Josh ix. 4, 13.

.84 How many, fc. How long wilt thou permit thy servant to be thus afflicted ? Jer. L. 27. Or, this may be an entreaty, founded on the shortness of human life, that God would hasten to his succour.

85 Pits. See on Psalm vii. 16. Which are not, &c. This is a mode of expression not unusual in the scriptures, to signify, that a thing is absolutely forbidden. Jer. vii. 31.

86 All thy commandments, fc. Man is perfidious and deceitful: God's revelation, on the contrary, enjoins faithfulness and truth; which consideration encourages the Psalmist, particularly as one suffering without a cause, to pray and hope for deliverance from above.

87 They had almost made an end of me upon | 2 Chron. 16. 9. earth; but I forsook not thy commandments. Luke 22. 31, 32.

88 O quicken me after thy loving-kindness, Ephes. 2. 4, 5. and so shall I keep the testimonies of thy mouth.

TWELFTH Portion.
LORD, thy word endureth for ever in Gen. 1. 14, &c.

90 Thy truth also remaineth from one gene- Luke 21. 33.
ration to another: thou hast laid the foundation
of the earth, and it abideth.

91 They continue this day, according to thine Jer. 31. 35, 36. ordinance; for all things serve Thee.

92 If my delight had not been in thy law, 1 Sam. 2. 30. I should have perished in my trouble.

John 14. 27. 93 I will never forget thy commandments, John 6.63. for with them thou hast quickened me.

the foundation 2 Pet. 3. 4.

87 Upon earth. When they had cast me down upon the ground. Psalm vii. 5: xliv. 25. But his mind may have been directed towards the enjoyment of another life, when he should be far removed from this earth, and, therefore, out of the reach of his enemies. Luke xii. 4.

89 Thy word. Thy powerful command, in obedience to which the heavenly bodies always perform their accustomed revolutions It would be better, however, to understand the phraseology of the verse as designed to imply a comparison. See on Psalm xlviii. 6. Jehovah's word of promise, then, as contained in the scriptures, remains, he says, fixed and settled like the heavens, which, from their unvarying appearance, form a lively emblem of his own eternity, and of the immutability of his counsels. The stability of the divine promises is, indeed, often found to be so expressed. Psalm Lxxxix. 2. Jer. xxxi. 35, 36.

90 Thy truth, fc. God's faithfulness in the fulfilment of all his engagements is now likened to the durability of the earth, which he has established for ever : that continues exactly the same, as it was “ in the beginning," and so do the divine attributes of goodness and mercy, though one generation of men passeth away, and another cometh, in their stead. Eccles. i. 4.

91 They. The heavens and the earth. For all things, fc. For whatever thou hast created, whether “in heaven above, or in the earth beneath,” keeps its station and fulfils its end, according to thy original appointment.

93 For with them, &c. By means of the revealed word, or, rather, of the encouragements, which it holds out to sincere obedience, the Psalmist had been made alive to God, and animated in his service. See the word “ quick,” on Psalm iii. 3.

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