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March 27. purposes of a shed. But the most THE annexed Plate represents a ornamental portion of these ruins is

, a of Llanfey or Llampbey Palace, Pem- North-east angle of the hall, which brokeshire, antiently the residence of still retains its East window with the the Bishops of St. David's (see Plate tracery uninjured. Towards the East I.) Besides the magnificent moulder- end of the ball is the kitchen, with ing pile contiguous to the Cathedral a large circular chimney, strongly in old Menevia, and that now under maintaining its erect position above consideration, there formerly belong- the ruins of surrounding walls. There ed to this See the Castle of Swansea, are numerous other offices and buildLlandygwy in Cardiganshire, Lland- ings distributed over a large undew, and the small manor of Brann, even area of ruins, but none are ornear the junction of the rivers Brano namented more, and few of them so and Usk in Brecknockshire, with the much as those described : from which Granges of Castrum Ponte, or Punch it appears that this noble palace, when Castle, as it is now called, in Pem- perfect, had but little architectural brokeshire, The three first men decoration to enrich its spacious walls, tioned of these buildings were raised and was greatly inferior to the resiby Bishop Gower, and are remarkable dence in the city--though perhaps for their magnificence, as well as dis- superior to any other of the Episcotinguished for their open-arched pa- pal Palaces.

5. rapets, shemounted by battlements, which served for ornamenl, as also History of some curious Customs used for a cover to the leaden or tiled roof. by the Nalives of the FEEJEA

All the architectural works of this ISLANDS. By J. A. excellent Prelate are characterized for ( Continued from p. 213.) peculiar grandeur and richness of or


HEN I saw the bodies together, nament. He lived in the reign of and that I had endeavoured in Edward III. a period distinguished for vain to save the widow, I was excesthe magnificence of its Ecclesiastical sively agitated, and, in the first imbuildings ; and his Calbedral sbared pulse of my disappointinent, went his bounty and munificence; and re- to the corpse of the widow and kissed ceived, among other embellishments, it. The Caloo was standing near it ; the superb stone screen and rood-loft he was a man that could contain bis at the entrance to the Choir.

passions; 1 koew of his hostilily toBut returning to the subject of the wards me; I upbraided bim with the accompanying plate:-- the ruins of strongest expressions. I could think Llanfey Palace are situated a short of; but, smothering every mark of distance out of the road on the North passion, he merely answered coolly, side) belween Pembroke and Tenby. it is the law. They occupy an extensive plot of Since that time I have been preground; and though literally speak. sent at several ceremonies of the same ing are ruins, and every part univhabit- kind, but all of them are nearly the able, yet large, and comparatively per- same in their performance; it would fect porlions of the principal buildings not be worth while therefore to speak are left standing, the plain substau- more on the subject. tial walls of which are covered with The people of these Islands are thick masses of luxuriant ivy. The cannibals. They inhabit a great many Great Hall towards the South is plain Islands which have no appropriate both within and without, and ap. names on the charts, but all of them pears never to have been richly or have their peculiar native designanamented; but the arches of its win- tions. The largest of these Islands dows and doors have well-carved are divided into several districts, and mouldings, and the arched parapet there is often war among the people before remarked extended round the of the neighbouriog places. building. The original entrance gate- I had bought a bolt of canvass of way which forms the principal object in the master of a vessel that was there, the subjoined plate, is entire, except and he demanded a very large piece ing its roof. The lower part has a of sandel wood for it, ten times as modern enclosure, and is used for the much as it was worth. I was bow

Gert. MAG. April, 1820.


ever obliged to consent, and took him It was that of a man above six feet on shore to a place where I knew a higb, there was a large wound across piece large enough was lying; for I the forehead, and another at the top was well known on the island, and of the head, as if from the blows of a bad some authority: but he was a club. I started back at the sight, and stranger ; and it was very dangerous the oative exclaimed with empbasis ; for perfect strangers, ignorant of their Are you afraid : Saoga, sanga, said language and customs, to trust them. I(no, no); I hope to feast on him toselves far from the shore. We had morrow. arrived at the log, and, having mea- The people of these Islands always sured it, and found it not quite so eat human flesh cold: they roast it large as was agreed upon, were talk one day, and eat it the next; and being about our bargain, when an old fore the body is cut to pieces, the woman, well known to me, appeared caloo perforins a long ceremony. I with a large basket upon her shoul- went with my native friend to the ders. She came up to us, and, with- pricst's house; he was then about to out addressing me as was usual, perform the usual incantation. He exclaimed in a dismal tone, War, war, had a long staff in his hands; and war.-I immediately knew that some having placed one end of it on the thing was wrong, and that all was not ground,' he exercised bimself viosafe.—The man that was with me lently in reeling to and fro with it, till, would have fled to the boat; but I overcome with the exercise, he fell advised bim to stay by me, who was down, and the attendants carried him known, and could speak the language: into his house. He then said somewhereas, if he were seen by himself thing in the manner of an oracle, running to his boat, there was a pro- which, as it was explained to me, bability of his being killed. He re- meant that they would succeed in what mained therefore with me, and when they were about to uodertake, referwe had waited some time, a native ac- riog to a battle that was intended. quaintance came up. I enquired of The multitude then went down to him the meaning of the old woman's their dead enemy, and with pieces of expressions when he informed me wood or bambo, made very sharp, that they had been at war ; that they cut off his hands at the wrists, his feet had killed the Chief of Hyparcar; at the ankles, his legs at the knees, that they bad had the good fortune and bis thighs near the middle, dividto seize upon his body, and that they ing the bone with an axe, which they would feast upon it to-morrow ; in- had purchased from one of the vessels viting me to be of the party.

that bad been at the Island. The To enable me to have so intimate bead was cut off very low toward the an intercourse with these people, I breast, and they placed it on some had to encounter inany dangers, and hot ashes that had previously been to conform to many of their disgust. prepared in a hole dug for the puring customs. This horrible custom, pose; aod when it had remained there however, of eating human flesb I had a sufficient time, they rubbed off the hitherto been able to avoid ; but it hair with shells, aod replaced it with was necessary that I should seem to the other parts of the body in the acquiesce even in this, and, as the da- hole, surrounding it on all sides with tives did, take a delight in it. To the stones that had been made very hot. pative's invitation, therefore, I gave a They then covered it up till it was ready assent, seemed to rejoice at the completely roasted. I told the nacircumstance, and explained to him tives that I expected they would althat, as I had just arrived from a low me my share of it; that I was cruise, and bad oot lasted of fresh then going on board, but that I should food for some time, it would be par. pot fail to come op shore on the more ticularly welcome to me. I then row; but that, if I should be prewent about my other concerns; and in veoted, I desired they would send my an hour or two the native that bad share on board the brig. The men accosted me in the morning came up of Hylai (for that was the name of to me, and, as if by accident, led me the place) promised tbat I should not to the log of sandel wood we had be disappointed, and I then left them. been bargaining for. The body of On my going on board, I told my the captive had been laid beside it. mate what was going forward, and

desired desired that, when the human flesh sels who had any authority among should be brought on board for them, and was permitted to live on me, be should say, I was gone on

shore. shore; and that wben they should One of the most extraordinary cirtell him wbat they bad brought, he cumstances among them is, the ex. should seem disgusted, and refuse to cessive value they set upon large receive it on board ; that he should teeth, such as those of the whale or say, that although the Captain was sea elephant. So that persons going fond of it, yet that he hated it, and to procure sandel wood from them that they might carry it on-shore generally take with them as many of agaio, for he would not receive it. These teeth as they can procure. Oo the following day it was done as The principal things they barter I desired; they brought the roasted for are axes, koives, or razors; but buman flesh along-side, and the mate they will give as much wood for one refused to admit it on board, at the large looth, as for five or six axes. same time exclaiming violently against This regard they put upon large teeth the custom. "They at length went on is the more extraordinary, as tbey do shore with it, very much disappointed, not seem to make any use of them, and threatening that, if they met with except as ornameats. bim, they would kill him.

When a native, by purchase or any Two days after this I went among other weaps, becomes possessed of a them again. I thought I might luru the large tooth, he hangs it up in his circumstance of the human flesh to house, and for the first few days my advantage. I pretended to be very scarcely ceases looking upon it and pgry with them, said that they had admiring it. He frequently takes it deceived me; that they had not sent down, and rubs it with a particular me my share of the human flesh. kind of leaf, and polishes it; some of They persisted in affirming that they then almost for å inonth continue to had sent it along-side, and that the labour upon it. mate would not receive it. I enquir- The vessels from Port Jackson ed, I told them, when I weni on usually carried the teeth of the whale board, and that no one had seen or or sea elephant; but some vessels beard of it, and, added I, I have been from India carried elephants' teeth, greatly disappoioted. — Finding it which they cut into pieces, and made iherefore in vain to persuade me that in the shape of other teeth. These, they had sent it to me; they railed being very large, were considered of against the mate, and repeated that if the greatest value, and procured vast they met bim on shore they would quantities of sandel wood. So great kill bim.

an account was set upon them, that Carrying on the deception, I im. some chiefs actually came from ismediately went to the mother of Ric. Jaods more than an huodred iniles discammong. I told her that I was very tant to see them. angry that I had been disappointed They set no value on money. A and deceived. She spoke respectfully ship called the Eliza, with several to me, as chiefs generally do when thousand dollars on board, was wreck. they address each other. In a very ed ou a reef near one of these islands, low submissive voice she said (for The master of her put about four eren here there is prevalent a great thousand of them in the jolly-boat, portion of Eastern bombast), if you and made for the islaod that was most are angry, me shall die. She then de- frequented, where he found a vessel manded what could be done to pacify from Port Jackson, and got on board me? I told her I must have a cer- of her. The jolly.boat was left towtain quantity of sandel wood. She ing a-stern, and some hours had passtherefore immediately sent some of ed before the master of the shipher servants to collect it for me; wrecked vessel mentioned the dollars wbich appeased me, aud I returned beiog left in the boat. It happened on board.

that this was done in the presence of Soon after this, having collected the male, who reported it to one of my cargo, I left the place, and have the sailors, and they removed them heard no more of these people. They by stealth. Some of them they conare a dangerous race io go among': cealed in their cabins, and others the and I was the only person of five ves. accomplice look on shore, and buried.

Some of the patives, however, saw Arms (taken from their Seals) with him covering sometbiog up, and when the one in your Correspondent's poshe went away they dug up the dol- session, I am inclined io think they lars. On the following morning they are descendants of the same Sir Francis were widely distributed among the South; and shall be much obliged to natives, who parted with them for your Correspondent for his opinion the merest trifles, such as nails, pins, thereon, and any further elucidation or small pieces of iron.

upon the subject. A man called Savage, who had been The three brothers are men of resome time among the natives at Ton- spectability; the eldest lives upon his gataboo, about this time came to the fortune, the second bolds a situation Island, and bearing wbere the wreck in one of the Public Offices uoder the was, went to the place, and fouod the Lord Chancellor, and the youogest is dollars lying in heaps opon the beach. an Officer in the Army, and I have

Such is the account given me by Mr. frequently heard them mention that Siddons; I cannot vouch for the their father was born at a place near truth of it, but am inclined to believe Brigg (Gladford Bridge) in Lincolnthat it is mostly true. To many it shire. may appear to be too much allied to The eldest brother imagioes they the voyages of Sinbad the Sailor, but are descendants of the celebrated Di. I would not disbelieve it on that ac- South; and jocosely observes, when count. From many persons I have any piece of wit tows from them, heard similar accounts, but very few that it is a remnant of the “old have had the opportunity of seeing so Doctor;" but I caunot think they bemuch of these people as Siddons. long to his family, as their arms do There is a possibility also of some of not correspond, and from a little pubthe circumstances that I have inen- lication which came under your Retioned in this account baviog been view* (and which I sent him) it appublished before, especially in the peared the Doctor was oot born in Missionary Voyage; which being the Lincolnshire, but there is much greater case, one account may be set against probability of their being related to the other, and may eitber confirm Sir Francis Svuth, who, it appears, the truth of it, or render it doubtful. belonged to that couply. Siddoos lived on the Island, I believe, Yours, &c.

MENTOR. several years, and had house and lands; perhaps wives. If he be not the Missionary himself mentioned in Mr. URBAN,

March 3. Pinkerton's Geography, as having MONG the different schemes for forsaken the original purpose of his visiting the Islands, namely, that of poor, it does not appear, according propagating the Gospel, for the more to the knowledge of the preseot wrisensual gratifications of life ; at least ter, to have entered into the calcuit is probable that the one may have lation, what method the poor thembeen known by the other, and may selves take to amelioriate their sibe mentioned accordingly. This ac- tuation. What they do to injure count I heard from Siddons bimself, themselves is well-known, and thereand I thought it worth while to come fore nothing sball be said upon that mit it to paper.

head; but where evils are only lo be Torre's Straits, Aug. 5, 1815. corrected by education, there was

something impolitic in making the

question so prominent. It has largely Mr. URBAN

Feb. 14. contributed to the support of RadiN intimate friend of mine is much calism, a folly indeed but to be ex

obliged to your Correspon- pected, among the poor in a luxudent “T. A.” for the particulars of rious nation, where ambitioa, pot of the family of Sir Francis South, and honour, fame, or character, but of the ancient Seal Ring, engraved in indulgence and idleness falls in, by your last Supplement to your ex- the course of events, where a drupkea cellent Magazine, page 578.

There are three brothers, * It was, if I recollect right, the Beau. John, William, and James South; and

ties of Dr. South and another Reverend from a comparison of their Coat of Divine.

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