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ling Babel, as they would have had in finding a righteous man in Sodom after Lot had left. I know it seems cruel to roll the responsibility of blunders on a body of men who have errors enough of their own to answer for. But the evil one himself is held accountable for the sins of half the world. Having thus conveniently disposed of all responsibility, I leave my Deck and Port to the wave and strand, where they belong. Wreckers will receive no salvage from me— they must make the most of the floating planks. I only ask them not to scuttle the

craft before she strikes.
W. C.


The incidents which connected the officers of the Pacific Squadron and of the army, and many other prominent persons, with public events in California, are not reached by the Diary of this volume; they fall within the three years which are reserved for another work, entitled “Three Years in California.”

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Education of females.—Marriages.—Lapses from virtue.—The

sunset bell,—Silk factory in a convent.—Habits of the Indians.

—The half wedlock-Blind pedler—Protestant youth in Li-

ma.—Religion of the Limanians.—Intrigues at court.—Modes

of living.—The Zampas.-Churches.—Indian doctors.-Fruits

of the country.—Old Spanish families—Masses for the repose

of the soul ............................ * * * * * c e s e e e e * * * * * * * * * * * * * * s © to g o e o 'o o 265

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