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a. D. Pago

1776. First blood shed at Lexington 88

Retreat of the British 89

"Yankee-Doodle" and "Chevy Chase" *0

Colonel Israel Putnam *0,

American blockade of Boston 41

Benedict Arnold 42

Ticonderoga surprised l0*

Meeting of the second Congress at Philadelphia ... 43

Arrival of Franklin

Continental paper-money 44

Measures to raise an army **•

Washington chosen Commander-in-chief **

His early life 46

His character 4j[

He sets out for Massachusetts W

The British troops at Boston

Generals Gage and Burgoyne '»•

Movements of the Americans *J

Battle of Bunker's Hill JJ

Its results »»

Letters of General Gage j>*

Speech of Patrick Henry .°3

Proceedings of Congress **•

"The Olive-branch" J*

Terms desired jj*

Accession of Georgia JJ

Hunting shirts *8

Washington's camp described

Want of powder 69

General Gage returns to England 70


Public feeling in England *J

The City magistrates *»

Mission of Richard Penn »J.

Its ill reception

The King's Speech JJ

The Duke of Grafton retires from office 74

Opposition tactics X~

New Acts of Parliament

Illness of Lord Chatham JJ

His son flings up his commission 77

Burning of the town of Falmouth 78

Proceedings of Lord Dunmore in Virginia .... <9

His unjustifiable severities

The Americans invade Canada 80

Expedition of Arnold 81

Assault upon Quebec 82

Montgomery falls 8°

1776. Votes of Congress «*•

Blockade of Boston continued **•

Washington's complaints 85

Condition of the British troops 86

Their preparations to re-embark 87

Their departure **.

Sufferings of the loyalists JJ

Medal struck by the insurgents •»


A. D. Page

1776. Hiring of troops in Germany 39

Bitter jest by the King of Prussia 81

Warfare in South Carolina 92

Canada recovered by the British 93

Employment of the Indians as auxiliaries >0.

General Howe arrives off Sandy Hook 94

And is joined by Lord Howe

Altered feelings of the Americans 96

Pamphlets by Thomas Paine 97

Political sermons

Declaration of Rights in Virginia 98

Mission of Silas Deane to France 99

Divisions in the Congress W*

Independence first proposed by Mr. Lee 300

A Committee appointed

A Draft Declaration

Adopted with amendments 302

And formally promulgated 303

MThe United States"

General reflections 304


Washington at New York 312

Letters of Lord Howe 313

The British land in Long Island 314

Battle of Brooklyn «•

Danger and distress of the Americans 315

They re-embark 316

British overtures for peace 317

Committee appointed by the Congress to.

Interview with Lord Howe 318

Project to burn New York to.

Lines of Haerlem * 319

New York entered by the British 321

Incendiary attempts . . 322

Provincial jealousies * W*

Disorganisation of the American army 323

The barber-Captain <£•

Dilatory measures of Congress 324

Mission of Franklin to France 325

Articles of Confederation 326

Gouverneur Morris *°*

Samuel Adams ***

The loyalist minority in Congress «>•

Overtures to Prince Charles Stuart 328

Pennsylvania and the single Chamber 329

Washington on the White Plains 330

Action near Chatterton's Hill ib*

The British invade New Jersey 391

Retreat of the Americans

The "Sons of Liberty" 332

General Lee taken prisoner 333

Danger of Philadelphia ib*

Prospects of Washington 134

His night-march on Trenton ....... 135

And surprise of the Hessian troops 336

1777. His post beyond the Assanpink • . *°*


A. D. Pago

1777. Atrocities of the Indiana 179

Case of Miss Mac Rea ib*

Energy of the New England Statea 180

General Gates 181

Disaster at Bennington 182

Growing difficulties of Burgoyne 183

His letters to the Secretary of State ih.

He passes the Hudson . » * 184

First battle on Behmus's Heights ib

Second battle W6

Bravery of Benedict Arnold *».

British losses 187

Burgoyne's retreat *"*

His post at Saratoga , * 388

Madame de Riedesel 189

Lady Harriet Acland I90

Councils of war 191

Negotiation with General Gates ...... ib.

Terms of a Convention 192

News from the side of New York I93

Reduction of Forts Montgomery and Clinton .... 194

Further Councils of War • - 195

The Convention concluded I96

The British troops lay down their arms ib*

Generosity of General Schuyler 197

Numbers on both sides 198

General reflections 1"

Hostile feeling of Gates to Washington 201

Washington's noble conduct 202

The Convention troops marched to Massachusetts ... 203

Their ill-treatment »&.

Trial of Colonel Henley 204

The terms of the Convention not fulfilled ib.

Subterfuges of the Congress 205

Disapproved by Washington 206

The British Parliament meets 207

Eloquent speech of Chatham ib.

Reply of Lord Sandwich 210

Chatham's second speech 211

On the employment of Indians 212

The tapestry hangings * ib.

Lord Amherst's testimony 213

Debate in the Commons 215

News of Burgoyne's surrender ....... 216

Arrival of Lord Petersham ib.

Loyal spirit aroused . ... • 217

Subscriptions for new regiments ib*

And for the American prisoners ib*

Effect upon the Court of Versailles ib*

1778. Treaty of alliance with America 218


Lord North pressed with questions 220

Opposition efforts . ib.

Difference between Rockingham and Chatham ... 221

Public wishes for Chatham 222

Letters to and from Lord Bute ib*

A. D.

1778. Lord North's conciliatory views

His speech in the House of Commons

His two Bills

Dejection of the Ministerial party

Speech of Fox

The Hills pass . . *

The Budget

Intended retirement of Lord George Germaine

Sir William Howe superseded . .

Lord North desires to resign . .

And to be succeeded by Chatham •

Note from the French ambassador .

Lord North's secret letter to the King

The King's reply

Lord Stormont recalled from Paris .

The French ambassador leaves London

The Militia called out.

Commissioners to America appointed

Secret overtures to Chatham . .

Mr. Thomas Coutts . •

Message of the Rockingham Party

Eepresentations of Lord Barrington .

The King continues inflexible .

Speculations as to the probable event

State of America at this juncture •

Last appearance of Chatham in the House

His death

Honours paid to his memory • .

His public funeral •

Lord North continues Minister • •

Motion of Sir Philip Jennings Clarke

Return of Burgoyne to England .

His speeches in the House of Commons

The English Roman Catholics

The penal code against them . .

Its repeal

A Scottish Act promised

Popular ferment in Scotland . .

Lord George Gordon ....


Washington at his camp of Valley Forge

The new Board of War

"Conway's Cabal" ....

Proposed expedition to Canada • •

The scheme relinquished . • .

News of the treaty with France .

La Fayette on Barren Hill .

The "Mischianza" ....

The British Commissioners arrive

Their terms rejected ....

Their private correspondence *

They return to England . •

The British troops leave Philadelphia

Advice of Washington neglected

He pursues the British . ■ •

Battle of Monmouth . . . .

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