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5 The Scriptures read, nor shall you miss The road to life and happiness :

There Wisdom's voice is heard.
Jehovah fear, from sin depart,
And give the Saviour all your heart,

And share the rich reward. 6 Be true, benevolent, and pure, Patiently suffer, and endure

The chastning of the Lord : Servant of God, to man a friend, Happy your life, –and peace your end ;

In heav'n your great reward.


245. A Birth Day Hymn. (P. M.)

MY Ebenezer raise,
I To me ;

kind Redeemer's praise ; With a grateful heart I own,

Hitherto thy help I've known.
2 What may be my future lot,

Well I know concerns me not;
This should set my heart at rest ;

What thy will ordains is best.
3 I my all to thee resign;

Father, let thy will be mine;
May but all thy dealings prove,

Fruits of thy paternal love.
4 Guard me, Saviour, by thy power,

Guard me in the trying hour :
Let thy unremitted care,
Save me from the lurking snare.

5 Let my few remaining days,

Be directed to thy praise ;
So the last, the closing scene,
Shall be tranquil and serene.

6 To thy will I leave the rest,

Grant me but this one request;
Both in life and death to prove,
Tokens of thy special love.


For a Birth Day. (P.M.)


LOD of my life, to thee
I My cheerful soul I raise,
Thy goodness bade me be,

Ånd still prolongs my days:
I see my natal hour return,

And bless the day, that I was born. 2 A clod of living earth,

I glorify thy name,
From whom alone my birth,

And all my blessings came;
Creating and preserving grace,

Let all that is within me praise. 3 My soul, and all its powers,

Thine, wholly thine, shall be ;
All, all my happy hours,

I consecrate to thee;
Whate'er I have, whate'er I am,
Shall magnify my Maker's name.

4 Long as I live beneath,

To thee 0 let me live,
To thee my every breath,

In thanks and blessings give;
Me to thine image pow restore,
And I shall praise thee evermore.


A Wedding Hymn. (C. M.)

247. SINCE Jesus

freely did appear,


O Lord, we ask thy presence here,

To make a wedding-guest.
2 Upon the bridal pair look down,

Who now bave plighted hands ;
Their union with thy favour crown,

And bless the nuptial bands. 3 With gifts of grace their hearts endow,

Of all rich dowries best!
Their substance bless, and peace bestow,

To sweeten all the rest.
4 In purest love their souls unite,

That they, with christian care,
May make domestic burdens light,

By taking mutual share.
5 True helpers may they prove indeed,

In prayer, and faith, and hope ;
And see with joy a godly seed,

To build their household up.

6 As Isaac and Rebecca give

A pattern chaste and kind;
So may this married couple live,

And die in friendship join'd.
7 On every soul assembled here,

O make thy face to shine;
Thy goodness more our hearts can cheer,

Than ri est food or wine.


248. The Aged Saint's Reflection and Hope. (C. M.) i MY

Y God, my everlasting hope,

I live upon thy truth;
Thine hands have held my childhood up,

And strengthen'd all my youth.
2 My flesh was fashion'd by thy power,

With all these limbs of mine ;
And from my mother's painful hour,

I've been entirely thine.
3 Still has my life new wonders seen,

Repeated every year ;
Behold my days that yet remain,

I trust them to thy care.
4 Cast me not off when strength declines,

When hoary hairs arise ;
And round me let thy glory shine,

Whene'er thy servant dies.

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5 Then in the history of my age,

When men review my days,
They'll read thy love in every page,

In every line thy praise.

249. The Aged Christian's Prayer and Song. (C.M.)
COD of my childhood and my youth,

The guide of all my days,
I have declar'd thy heavenly truth,

And told thy wond'rous ways.
2 Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs,

And leave my fainting heart?
Who shall sustain my sinking years,

If God my strength depart?
3 Let me thy power and truth proclaim,

To the surviving age,
And leave a savour of thy naine,

When I shall quit the stage.
4 The land of silence and of death,


next remove;
O may these poor remains of breath,
Teach the wide world thy love!

5 Thy righteousness is deep and high,

Unsearchable thy deeds ;
Thy glory spreads beyond the sky,

And all my praise exceeds.
6 Oft have I heard thy threat'nings roar,

And oft endur'd the grief;
But when thy hand has prest me sore,

Thy grace was my relief.

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