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2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall,

Yet lov'd me notwithstanding all;
He sav'd me from my lost estate,

His loving kindness, O how great!
3 Though num'rous hosts of mighty foes,

Though earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along,

His loving kindness, O how strong.
4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,

Has gather'd thick, and thunder'd loud,
He near my soul has always stood,

His loving kindness, O how good!
5 Often I feel my sinful heart,

Prone from my Jesus to depart ;
But though I have him oft forgot,

His loving kindness changes not.
6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale,

Soon all my mortal pow'rs must fail :
O may my last expiring breath,
His loving kindness sing in death.
Then let me mount and soar away,
To the bright world of endless day;
And sing with rapture and surprise,
His loving kindness in the skies.


164. Praise for Spiritual Blessings. (L. M.)
1 NW in a song of grateful praise,

To my dear Lord my voice I'll raise ;
With all his saints I'll join to tell,
My Jesus has done all things well.


2 All worlds his glorious pow'r confess,

His wisdom all his works express ;
But O his love what tongue can tell !

My Jesus has done all things well.
3 How sov'reign, wonderful, and free,

Has been this love to sinful me!
This pluck'd me from the jaws of hell,
My Jesus has done all things well.

4 And, since my soul has known his love,

What mercies has he made me prove!
Mercies which do all praise excel;
My Jesus has done all things well.

5 Whene'er my Saviour and my God,

Has on me laid his gentle rod,
I know in all that me befell,

My Jesus has done all things well. 6 Soon shall I pass the vale of death,

And in his arm shall lose my breath ;
Yet then my happy soul shall tell,
My Jesus has done all things well.

7 And, when to that bright world I rise,

And join the anthems in the skies,
Above the rest this note shall swell,
My Jesus has done all things well.


165. Christ reigning. (S. M.) 1

AKER and

Of heaven, and earth, and seas,
Thy providence confirms thy word,

And answers thy decrees.
2 The things so long foretold

By David are fulfillid,
When Jews and Gentiles join'd to slay

Jesus, thine holy child.
3 Why did the Gentiles rage,

And Jews, with one accord,
Bend all their counsels to destroy

Th' anointed of the Lord ?
4 Rulers and kings agree,

To form a vain design;
Against the Lord their powers unite,

Against his Christ they join.

The Lord derides their rage,

And will support his throne :
He that hath rais'd him from the dead,

Hath own'd him for his Son.


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Now he's ascended high,

And asks to rule the earth;
The merit of his blood he pleads,

And pleads his heavenly birth.


7 He asks, and God bestows

A large inheritance;
Far as the world's remotest ends

His kingdom shall advance. 8 The nations that rebel,

Must feel his iron rod;
He'll vindicate those honours well,

Which he receiv'd from God. 9 Be wise, ye rulers, now,

And worship at his throne;
With trembling joy, ye people, bow,

To God's exalted Son. 10 If once his wrath arise,

Ye perish on the place:
Then blessed is the soul that flies

For refuge to his grace.

166. The Success of the Gospel. (S. M.)

Y Saviour and my King,

Thy beauties are divine;
Thy lips with blessings overflow,

And every grace is thine.
2 Now make thy glory known,

Gird on thy dreadful sword;
And ride in majesty, to spread

The conquests of thy word.
3 Strike through thy stubborn foes,

Or melt their hearts t obey,
While justice, meekness, grace, and truth,

Attend thy glorions way.


Thy laws, O God, are right;

Thy throne shall ever stand ;
And thy victorious gospel proves,

A sceptre in thy hand.

Thy Father and thy God,

Hath without measure shed,
His Spirit, like a joyful oil,

T anoint thy sacred head.


Behold, at thy right hand,

The Gentile church is seen,
Like a fair bride in rich attire,

And princes guard the queen.

7 Fair bride, receive his love,

Forget thy Father's house ;
Forsake thy gods, thy idol-gods,

And pay thy Lord thy vows.

8 O let thy God and King

Thy sweetest thoughts employ;
Thy children shall his honours sing

In palaces of joy.

167. The Glory of Christ, and Power of his Gospel.

(L. M.) 1 Now

OW be my heart inspir'd to sing

The glories of my Saviour King,
Jesus the Lord; how heav'nly fair
His form! how bright his beauties are !

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