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5 Zeal and revenge perform their part,

And rising sin destroy ;
Repentance comes with aching heart,

Yet not forbids the joy.

6 Dear Saviour, change our faith to sight,

Let sin for ever die;
Then shall our souls be all delight,

And every tear be dry.

94. The Christian Passover. 1 Cor. v. 7. (S. M.)

1 THOU very paschal Lamb,

Whose blood for us was shed, Through whom we out of Egypt came,

Thy ransom'd people lead.

2 Angel of gospel-grace,

Fulfil thy character;
To guard and feed thy chosen race,

In Israel's camp appear!

3 Throughout the desert-way

Conduct us by thy light;
Be thou a cooling cloud by day,

A cheering fire by night.


Our fainting souls sustain

With blessings from above;
And ever on tby people rain

The manna of thy love.

95. Come and Welcome. John vii. 37. (P.M.)


ROM the cross uplifted high,

Where the Saviour deigns to die;
What melodious sounds I hear,
Bursting on my ravish'd ear!

“ Love's redeeming work is done,

“ Come, and welcome, sinner, come.
2 Sprinkled now with blood, the throne;---

“ Why beneath thy burdens groan?
On my pierced body laid,
“ Justice owns the ransom paid :
“ Bow the knee, and kiss the Son,

Come, and welcome, sinner, come.
3.“ Spread for thee, the festal board,

“ See with richest dainties stor’d;
“ To thy Father's bosom prest,
“ Yet again a child confest;

Never from his house to roam,

“ Come, and welcome, sinner, come.
4“ Soon the days of life shall end,

Lo! I come, your Saviour, Friend!
“ Safe your spirit to convey,
" To the realms of endless day:

Up to my eternal home,

Come, and welcome, sinner, come." 96. A Preparatory Thought for the Lord's Supper.

(L. M.) 1 HAT heavenly man, or lovely God,

Comes marching downward from the Array'd in garments roll'd in blood, [skies? With joy and pity in his eyes?

H н


2 The Lord ! the Saviour! yes, 'tis he!

I know him by the smiles he wears !
Dear glorious man that dy'd for me,

Drench'd deep in agonies and tears! 3 Lo! he reveals his shining breast,

I own those wounds, and I adore ;
Lo ! he prepares a royal feast,

Sweet fruit of those sharp pangs he bore! 4 Whence flow these favours so divine!

Lord! why so lavish of thy blood!
Why for such earthly souls as mine,

This heavenly wine, this sacred food? 5 'Twas his own love that made him bleed,

That nail'd him to the cursed tree; 'Twas his own love the table spread,

For such unworthy worms as we! 6 Then let us taste the Saviour's love;

Come, Faith, and feed upon the Lord :
With glad consent our lips shall move,

And sweet hosannas crown the board,

97. Welcome to the Table. (C.M.)

1 THIS is the feast of heavenly wine,

And God invites to sup:
The juices of the living vine,

Were press'd to fill the cup.
2 Oh bless the Saviour, ye that eat,

With royal dainties fed ;
Not heaven affords a costlier treat,

For Jesus is the bread,

3 The vile, the lost, he calls to them ;

Ye trembling souls, appear!
The righteous in their own esteem,

Have no acceptance here.
4 Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse

The banquet spread for you;
Dear Saviour, this is welcome news,

Then I may venture too.
5 If guilt and sin afford a plea,

And may obtain a place,-
Surely the Lord will welcome me,

And I shall see his face.
See also the HYMNS on the DEATH OF CHRIST, and the





98. An Evening Hymn. (C.M.)

ORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray;

I am
I fear before thee all the day,--

Nor would I dare to sin.
2 And while I rest my weary head,

From cares and business free;
'Tis sweet conversing on my bed,
my own heart and Thee.

3 I pay this evening sacrifice,

And when my work is done,
Great God, my faith and hope relies,

Upon thy grace alone. 4 Thus with my thoughts compos’d to peace,

I'll give mine eyes to sleep;
Thy hand in safety keeps my days,

And will my slumbers keep.

99. Daily and Nightly Devotion. (C. M.)
1 YEthat obey the immortal King,

Attend his holy place,
Bow to the glories of his power,

And bless his wond'rous grace;
2 Lift up your hands by morning light,

And send your souls on high ;
Raise your admiring thoughts by night,

Above the starry sky.
3 The God of Zion cheers our hearts

With rays of quick’ning grace ;
The God that spreads the heav'ns abroad,

And rules the swelling seas.

100. An Evening Hymn. Psalm iv. 8. (L. M.)

1 THUS far the Lord has led me on, THU

Thus far his power prolongs my days; And every evening shall make known Some fresh memorial of his grace.

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