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[ No. LXII. ) 16 Charles II. c. 4.-An Act to prevent and suppress seditious Con-



Ć No. LXIII. ). 17 Charles II. c. 2.-An Act for restraining Non-conformists from

inhabiting in Corporations


[ No. LXIV. ] 22 Charles II. c. 1.-An Act to prevent and suppress seditious Con-



[ No. LXV. ] 25 Charles II. c. 2.-An Act for preventing Dangers which may hapo

pen from Popish Recusants


[ No. LXVI. ] 29 Charles II. c. 7.-An Act for the better Observation of the Lord's

Day, commonly called Sunday.


í No. LXII.) 29 Charles II. c. 9.–An Act for taking away the Writ De Hæretico



[ No. LXVIII. ] 30 Charles II. st. 2.-An Act for the more effectual preserving the

King's Person and Government, by disabling Papists from sitting in either

House of Parliament


[ No. LXIX. ] 1 William and Mary, sess. l. c. 6.-An Act for establishing the

Coronation Oath


[ No. LXX. ] 1 William and Mary, sess. 1. c.9.–An Act for the amoving Papists

and reputed Papists, from the Cities of London and Westminster, and ten Miles

Distance from the same


[ No. LXXI. ] 1 William and Mary, sess. 1. c. 15.-An Act for the better securing

the Government, by disarming Papists and reputed Papists

... ib.

[ No. LXXII. ] 1 William and Mary, sess. 1. c. 18.-An Act for exempting their

Majesties' Protestant Subjects, dissenting from the Church of England, from
the Penalties of certain Laws


i [ No. LXXII. ] 1 William and Mary, c. 26.-An Act to vest in the two Univer-

sities the Presentation of Benefices belonging to Papists


[ No. LXXIV; 3.7 and 8 William III. c. 24.-An Act requiring the Practisers of

Law to take the Oaths, and subscribe the Declaration therein mentioned ... ib

( No. LXXV. ] 7 and 8 William III. c. 27.-An Act for the better Security of his

Majesty's Royal Person and Government


[ No. LXXVI. ) 7 and 2 William III. c. 34.-An Act that the solemn Affirmation

and Declaration of the People called Quakers, shall be accepted instead of an

Oath in the usual Form

.. ib.

[ No. LXXVII. ] 9 and 10 William III. c. 32.-An Act for the more effectual

suppressing of Blasphemy and Profaneness

....... ib.

[ No. LXXVIII. ] 11 and 12 William III. c. 4.-An Act for the further prevent-

ing the growth of Popery


[ No. LXXIX. ) 10 Anne, c. 2.-An Act for preserving the Protestant Religion, by

better securing the Church of England, as by Law established ; and for con-

firming the Toleration granted to Protestant Dissenters by an Act, intituled,

“ An Act for exempting their Majesty's Protestant Subjects, dissenting from the

Church of England, from the Penalties of certain Laws, and for supplying the

Defects thereof; and for the further securing the Protestant Successivi), by

requiring the Practisers of the Law in North Britain to take the Oaths, and

subscribe the Declaration therein mentioned”.


[ No. LXXX. ] 1 George I. st. 2. c. 55.-An Act to oblige Papists to register their

Names and real Estates


[ No. LXXXI. ] 3 George I. c. 18.–An Act for explaining an Act passed the last

Session of Parliament, intituled, “ An Act to oblige Papists to register their

Names and real Estates;" and for enlarging the Time of such registring; and

for securing Purchases made by Protestants


[ No. LXXXII. ] 5 George 1. c. 4.-An Act for strengthening the Protestant In-

terest in these Kingdoms

No. LXXXIII. ] George I. c. 6.-An Act for quieting and establishing Cor-



[ No. LXXXIV. ] 8 George I. c. 6.–An Act for granting the People called Qua-

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kers, such Forms of Affirmation or Declaration as may remove the Difficulties

which many of them lie under ...........


[ No. LXXXV. ] 9 George I. c. 18.-An Act for granting an Aid to his Majesty

by laying a Tax upon Papists, and for making such other Persons, as upun due

Summons shall refuse or neglect to take the Oaths therein mentioned, to con-

tribute towards the said Tax, for reimbursing to the Public part of the great

expences occasioned by the late Conspiraciez ; and for discharging the Estates

of Papists from the two third Parts of the Rents and Profits thereof for one year,

and all Arrears of the same, and from such Forfeitures as are therein more par-

ticularly described


[ No. LXXXVI. ] 26 George II, c. 26.-An Act to permit. Persons professing

the Jewish Religion to be naturalized by Parliament; and for other purposes

therein mentioned. REP. by 27 Geo. 2. c. 1.


[ No. LXXXVII. ] 27 George Il. c. 1.-An Act to repeal an Act of the twenty-

sixth Year of bis Majesty's Reigu, intituled, “ An Act to permit - Persons pro-
fessing the Jewish Religion to be naturalized by Parliament; and for other Pur-
poses theirein mentioned"


[ No. LXXXVIII. ] 18 George III. c. 60.–An Act for relieving his Majesty's

Subjects professing the Popish Religion from certain Penalties and Disabilities

imposed on them by an Act made in the eleventh and twelfth Years of the

Reign of King William the Third, intituled, “ An Act for the further preventing

the Growth of Popery"


[ No. LXXXIX. ] 19 George III. c. 44.—An Act for the further Relief of Protes-

tant Dissenting Ministers and Schoolmasters


[ No. XC. ] 21 George 111. c. 49.--An Act for preventing certain Abuses and Pro-

fanations on the Lord's Day, called Sunday


[ No. XCI. ] 31 George III. c. 32.-An Act to relieve, upon Conditions, and under

Restrictions, the Persons therein described, from certain Penalties and Disabili-

ties to which Papists, or Persons professing the Popish Religion, are by Law


... 46

[ No. XCII. ] . 43 George III. c. 30-An Act to entitle Roman Catholicks taking

and subscribing the Declaration and Oath contained in the Act of the thirty-first

Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intituled, “An Act to relieve, upon

conditions and under restrictions, the Persons therein described from certain

Penalties and Disabilities to which Papists,' or Persons professing the Popish

Religion, are by Law subject,” to the Benefits given by an Act of the eighteenth

Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for relieving his

Majesty's Subjects professing the Popish Religion, from certain Penalties and

Disabilities imposed on them by an Act made in the eleventh and twelfth Years

of the Reign of King William the Third, intituled, 'An Act for the further pre-

ventiog the Growth of Popery.'”-[7th April 1803.]

.......... 53

[ No. XCIII. ] 52 George III. c. 155:-An Act to repeal certain Acts, and amend

other Acts relating to Religious Worship and Assemblies and Persons teaching

or preaching therein.-[29th July 1812.]


[ No. XCIV. ] 53 George III. c. 160.--An Act to relieve Persons who impugn the

Doctrine of the Holy Trinity from certain Penalties.[21st July 1813.] . 59

[ No. XCV. ] 10 George IV. c. 7.-An Act for the relief of his Majesty's Roman

Catholic Subjects.-[13th April 1829.]

... ib.

[ No. III. ] 5 Richard II. st. 1. c. 7.-Manumissions, Releases, and other Bands,

made in the last Tumult by Compulsion, shall be void. It shall be Treason to

begin a Riot, Rout, or Rumour


[ No. IV. ] 21 Richard II. c. 3.-It shall be adjudged High Treason for any Per-

son to compass the Death of the King, to depose him, to make War against him

within the Realm


[ No. V. ] 1 Henry IV. c. 3.-A Repeal of the whole Parliament holden Anno

21 Richard II., and of the Authority given thereby


[ No. VI. ] 3 Henry VII. c. 14.-Conspiring to destroy the King, or any Lord

Counsellor, or great Officer, shall be Felony

[ No. VII. ] 11 Henry VII. c. 18.—The Forfeiture of him which goeth not in Per.

son with the King in his Wars, when he is in Person


[ No. VIII. ) 19 Henry VII. c. 1.-For Attendance upon the King in his Wars.

What he shall forfeit who doth not attend upon the King in his own Person,

when he is personally engaged in Wars. From what Time, and until what Time

every such Attendant in Wars shall be paid Wages. To what Persons this Sta.

tute doth not extend


[ No. IX. ] 25 Henry VIII. c. 22.-An Act concerning the King's Succession .. 65

[ No. X. ] 26 Henry VIII. c. 2.-The Oath of Obedience to the King and the

Heirs of his Body begotten of Queen Anne. Any former Oath made to be re-

puted vain and annihilate. The Exposition of the Oath, and who have and

shall be bound to take it. Certificate shall be made into the King's Bench of

the Refusers of the Oath


[ No. XI. ] 26 Henry VIII. c. 13.-An Act whereby Offences be made High Trea-


and taking away all Sanctuaries for all manner of High Treasons ib,

[ No. XII. ] 27 Henry VIII. c. 2.-It shall be High Treason to counterfeit the

King's Sign-manual, Privy-signet, or Privy-seal ....


[ No. XII. ] 32 Henry VIII. c. 25.-The Marriage solemnized between the King

and the Lady Anne of Cleves, by the Judgment of the Clergy of England, in their

Convocation, is adjudged and pronounced to be void, and also by her own Con-

sent; and that the King shall be at liberty to marry any other Woman, and she

any other Man.

It shall be High Treason, by Word or Deed, to accept, take,

judge, or believe the said Marriage to be good, or to procure or do any Thing to

the Repeal of this Act


[ No. XIV. ] 33 Henry VIII. c. 20.- How Treason committed by a Lunatick shall

be punished, and in what Manner he shall be tried


[ No. XV.) 33 Henry VIII. c. 21.- Queen Katherine and her Complices attainted

of High Treason

... 70

[ No. XVI. ] 33 Henry VIII.c. 23.-An Act to proceed by Commission of Oyer and

Terminer against such Persons as shall confess Treason, &c. without remanding

the same, to be tried in the Shire where the Offence was committed

VII. ] 35 Henry VI c. 2.-An Act for the Trial of Treasons committed

out of the King's Dominions

[ No. XVIII. ] 1 Edward VI. c. 12.-An Act for the Repeal of certain Statutes

concerning Treasons and Felonies


[ No. XIX. ] 3 and 4 Edward VI. c. 5.-It shall be High Treason for twelve Per-

sons or above, being assembled together, to attempt to kill or imprison any of

the King's Council, or to alter any Laws, and to continue together by the space

of an hour, being commanded by a Justice of Peace, Mayor, Sheriff, &c. to

return. And it shall be Felony for twelve Persons, or above, to practise to de.

stroy any Park, Pond, Conduit, or Dove-house, or to have Common or Way in

any Ground, or pull down any Houses, Barns, or Mills, or to burn any Stack of

Corn, or to abate the Rents of any Lands, or the Prices of any Victual, and to

continue together an hour, being commauded by a Justice of Peace, Sheriffs,

Bailiffs, &c. by Proclamation to return. EXP. 7 Ed. 6.c. 11. and REP. 1 M. Í

sess. 2. c. 11.


[ No. XX. ], 5 and 6 Edward VI. c. 11.-An Act for the Punishment of divers

kinds of Treasons


[ No. XXI. ] 1 Mary, sess. I. c. 1:-An Act repealing and taking away certain

Treasons, Felonies, and cases of Pramunira .001


... ib.

[ No. XXII. ] 1 Mary, sess. 2. c. 6.-An Act that the Counterfeiting of strange

Coins being current within this Realm, the Queen's Highness Sign Manual,

Signet or Privy Seal to be adjudged Treason

.... 82

[ No. XXIII. ] 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c. 3.-A confirmation of the Statute of

3 Ed. 1, c. 34. and 2 R. 2. stat. 1. c. 5. touching telling of News. Justices of

Peace in every Shire, City, &c. shall have authority to hear and determine tbe

said Offences, and to put the said two Statutes in execution. If any person shall

be convicted or attainted for speaking maliciously of his own imagination, any

false, seditious, and slanderous News, Saying, or Tales of the King or Queen,

then he shall for his first Offence be set on the Pillory in some Market-Place

Dear where the words were spoken, and have both his ears cut off, unless he pay

to the Queen an hundred Pound within one month after Judgment given, and

also shall be three months imprisoned : And if he shall speak any such slau-

derous and seditious News or Tales of the speaking or report of any other, then

he shall be set on the Pillory, and have one of his ears cut off, unless he pay an

hundred marks to the Queen's use within one month after, and shall be one

month imprisoned: And if he sball do it by Book, Rbime, Ballad, Letter or

Writing, he shall have his right hand stricken off. And if any Person being

once convicted of any of the Offences aforesaid, do afterward offend, he shall be

imprisoned during his Life, and forfeit all his Goods and Chattels. EXP. 4

and 5 Ph. and M. c. 9. 1 Eliz. c. 6.

[ No. XXIV. ) 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c. 9.-If any Person shall pray or desire

that God will shorten the Queen's days, or take her out of the way, or any such

malicious Prayer, amounting to the same effect, he, his Procurators and Abet-

tors shall be adjudged Traytors. EXP. I El. c. 6. 23 El. c. 2. ... .... ib.

[ No. XXV. 1 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c. 10.-An Act whereby certain Offences

be made Treasons, and also for the Government of the King's and Queen's

Majesties' Issue

... 84

[ No. XXVI. ] Elizabeth, c. 5.- If any Person shall compass or imagine to de.

prive the Queen or the Heirs of her Body to be begotton, being King or Queen

of this Realm, from the Stile or Kingly name of the Crown of this Realm : Or

to destroy the Queen or any the Heirs of her Body, being King or Queen : Or to

levy War against the Queen, or any the Heirs of her Body within ber Do.

minions : Or to depose the Queen or any of the heirs of her Body, &c. from the

Imperial Crown of this Realm, and the same imaginations shall utter by open

words, &c.; Or shall publish, and directly say, That the Queen, during her life

is not, or cught not to be Queen : Or that alter her death, the Heirs of her

Body ought not to be King or Queen: Or that any other Person ought to be

King or Queen, so long as any of the Heirs of her Body shall be in life : Then

such Offender shall forfeit to the Queen all his Goods and Chattels, and the

Profits of his Lands during his life. And if any Person or Persons shall by

writing, printing, overt-deed or act, commit any of the offences aforesaid, it

shall be adjudged High Treason. EXP.


[ No. XXVII. ] 1 Elizabeth, c. 6.—The Penalty mentioned in the Statute of 1 and

2 P. and M. c. 3. for speaking false slanderous News of the King or Queen, or

for commiting of the Offences expressed in the said Act, shall be expounded

to extend to the Queeu that now is, and to the Heirs of her Body. EXP.

[ No. XXVIII. ] 13 Elizabeth, c. 1.


[ No. XXIX. ] 14 Elizabeth, c. 1.-It shall be Felony to take or keep from the

Queen any of the Castles, Forts, Holds, &c. or to raise or burn any Castle or Fort

having the Queen's Munition or Ordnance therein, or guarded with Soldiers,

and advisedly to express the same by words, act or writings. It shall be High

Treason to withhold from the Queen any of the Castles, Holds, &c. or any of

her Ships, Artillery or Fortification of War ; or to burn and destroy any of her

Ships, or to bar any Haven; during the Queen's Life. EXP.

.... ib.

[ No. XXX. ] 14 Elizabetli, c. 2.—The Penalty for conspiring, devising or going

about to enlarge any Prisoner committed to Prison or Custody by the Queen's

special commandment, for any Treason or Suspicion of Treason concerning her

own Person, and the same Conspiracy, Device, &c. by express Words, Writing

or ther Matter, manifestly to declare or set forth, before the Prisoner shall be

indicted, shall be deemed Misprision of Treason, after Indictment Felony, after

Attainder High Treason. EXP.

... 87

[ No. XXXI. ] 23 Elizabeth, c. 2.-If any Person shall advisedly and with a ma-

licious intent, of his own imagination, speak any false and slanderous News or

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Tales against the Queen that now is, then he shall have both his ears cut off,

except he pay two hundred Pounds to the Queen's use, in the Exchequer within

two months after Judgment : And if he speak such slanderous News of the

report of any other, he shall have one of his ears cut off, except he pay two

hundred marks, &c. And if any Person once convict shall offend again, it

shall be adjudged Felony. And if any Person shall devise, write, print or set

forth any Book, Rhyme, Ballad, Letter, or Writing, containing any false, seditious

and slanderous matter, to the Defamation of the Queen, or to the stirring or

moving of any Rebellion; or shall cause any such Book, Rhyme, Writing, &c.

to be written, printed, or published; or shall by setting of any Figure, casting

of Nativity, or by Calculation, Prophesying, Witchcraft, Conjuration, &c. seek

to know, and shall set forth by express Words, Deeds or Writings, how long the

Queen shall live, or who shall reign as King or Queen after her Decease; or

shall utter any Prophecies to any such intent; or shall wish or desire the Death

or Deprivation of the Queen, or any thing to the same effect: Then every such

Offence shall be adjudged Felony. EXP. 1 and 2 P. and M. c. 9. 1 Eliz.

... 87

[ No. XXXII. ] 27 Elizabeth, c. 1.- Four and twenty Persons at the least, whereof

part of the Queen's Privy Council, and the Residue being Peers of the Realm,

hy the Queen's Commission shall examine the Offences of such as shall make

any open Invasion or Rebellion within this Realm, or attempt hurt to the

Queen's Person, hy or for any pretended Title to the Crown; who after Judg-

ment given and published by Proclamation, shall be disabled to have or pre-

tend Title to the Crown : And thereupon every Person shall be pursued to

Death by all the Queen's Subjects, by whom or whose means, assent, or priv-

ity, any such Rebellion shall be denounced to be made, or other thing attempted,

compassed, or imagined against the Queen's Person. If any Act shall be exea

cuted, whereby the Queen's Life shall be shortened, the Offenders shall be pro-

secuted to Death, and disabled to pretend Title to the Crown : The meaning of

the Association was to the effect aforesaid. EXP.

... ib.

[ No. XXXIII. ] 29 Elizabeth, c. 2.--An Act concerning Errors in Records of At-

tainders of High Treason


[ No. XXXIV. ] 13 Charles II. st. 1. c. 1.--An Act for Safety and Preservation of

his Majesty's Person and Government against Treasonable and Seditious Prace

tices and Attempts


[ No. XXXV. ] 13 Charles II. st. 1. c. 5.-An Act against Tumults and Disorders,

upon pretence of preparing or presenting publick Petitions or other Addresses

to his Majesty or the Parliament

... 26.

[ No. XXXVI. ) 7 and & William III. c. 3.-_An Act for regulating of Trials in

Cases of Treason and Misprision of Treason

[ No, XXXVII.] 1 Anne, st. 2. c. 17.-An Act for enlarging the time for taking

the Oath of Abjuration; and also for récapacitating and indemnifying such

Persons as have not taken the same by the time limited, and shall take the

same by a time to be appointed ; and for the further Security of her Majesty's

Person, and the Succession of the Crown in the Protestant Line ; and for ex.

tinguishing the Hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and all other Pretend-

ers, and their open and secret Abettors

... 92

[ No. XXXVIII, ] 2 and 3 Anne, c. 20.-An Act for punishing Mutiny, Deser.

tion, and false Musters, and for better paying of the Army and Quarters, and

for satisfying divers Arrears, and for a further continuance of the Powers of

the five Commissioners for examiuing and determining the Accounts of the


... 93

[ No. XXXIX. ] Anne, c. 7.-An Act for the security of her Majesty's Person

and Government, and of the Succession to the Crown of Great Britain in the

Protestant Line

... 94

[ No. XL. ] 7 Anne, c. 21.–An Act for improving the Union of the two King-



[ No. XLI. ] 9 Anne, c, 16,-An Act to make an Attempt on the Life of a Privy

Councillor, in the execution of his Office, to be Felony without benefit of



[ No. XLII, ) 1 George I. st. 2. c. 47.--An Act for the more effectual and exem-

plary Punishment of such Persons as sball seduce Soldiers to desert, or who,

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