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( No. I. ] 35 Edward I. st. 1. c. 2.-Religious Persons shall send nothing to their

Superiors beyond the Sea

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[ No. II. ] 25 Edward III. st. 5. c. 22.--He that purchaseth a Provision in Rome

for an Abbey, shall be out of the King's Protection, and any Man may do with

him as with the King's Enemy


[ No. III. ] 25 Edward 1II. st. 6.—The King and other Lords shall present unto

Benefices of their own, or their Ancestors Foundation, and not the Bishop of



[ No. IV. ] 27 Edward III. st. 1. c. 1.-Præmunire for suing in a Foreign Realm,

or Impeaching of Judgment given

[ No. V. ] 38 Edward III. st. 1, c. 4.- Penal Bonds in the third Person shall be



[ No. VI. ] 38 Edward III. st. c. 1.-Persons receiving Citations from Rome in

Causes pertaining to the King, &c. to incur the Penalties of 25 Edw.3. st. 6. .. ib.

[ No. VI. a. ] 38 Edward III. st. 2. c. 2.–Suspected Persons not appearing before

the King's Justices, after Warning, to incur the Penalty of 27 Edw. 3. st. 1.

c. 1. .


[ No. VI. b. ] 38 Edward III. st. 2. c. 3.-Such Offenders to be out of the King's

Protection, and punished according to the Statute of 27 Edw. 3. st. 1. c. 1. .. ib.

[ No. VI.c. ] 38 Edward III. st. 2. c. 4.-The Punishment of those who sue falsely

and maliciously upon this Statute. The Consent of the King and Parliament to

appeach Offenders against the same

.... ib.

[ No. VII.] 2 Richard II. st. 1. c. 7.- Urban was duly chosen Pope, and so ought

to be accepted and obeyed


[ No. VIII. ) 3 Richard II. c. 3.- None shall take any Benefice of an Alien, or

convey Money to him


[ No. VIII. a. ) 5 Richard II. st. 2. c. 5.--Sheriffs commissioned to apprehend

Preachers of Heresy, and their Abettors. The Enormities ensuing the Preach-

ing of Heresies


[ No. IX. ] 7 Richard II. e. 12.--No Alien shall purchase or occupy any Benefice

of the Church within this. Realm

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[ No. X. ] 12 Richard II. c. 15.-He that will go out of the Realm to provide a

Benefice within the Realm, shall be out of the King's Protection, and the Bene-

fice shall be void

[ No. XI. ] 13 Richard II. st. 2. c. 2. A Confirmation of the Statute of Provisors

made Anno 25 Edw. 3. st. 6. and the Forfeiture of him that accepteth a Bene-

fice contrary to that Statute ..:



No. XI. a. ] 13 Richard II. st. 2. c. 3. The Penalty of him which bringeth a

Summons or Excommunication against any Person upon the Statute of Provi-

sors, and of a Prelate executing it

... ib.


[ No. XII. ] 16 Richard II. c. 5. Pramunire for purchasing Bulls from Rome.

The Crown of England subject to none


[ No. XIII. ) (A.) 2 Henry IV. c. 3. If any do accept a Provision granted by the

Pope to a religious Person to be exempt from Obedience, he shall be within the

danger of the Statute of Provisors


(B.) 2 Henry IV. c. 4. The Penalties for purchasing of Bulls to be discharged of



(B. a.) 2 Henry IV. c. 15. The Orthodoxy of the Faith of the Church of England

asserted, and Provision made against the Oppugners of the same, with the Pu-

nishment of Hereticks


(C.) 4 Henry IV.c. 17. Infants are not to be received into the Order of Friars

without the consent of their parents, &c

[ No. XIV. ] 7 Henry IV. c. 6.—The Penalty of him which purchaseth a Bull to be

discharged of Tithes


[ No. XV. ] 7 Henry IV. c. 8.-No Provision, Licence, or Pardon shall be granted

of a Benefice full of an Incumbent

[ No. XVI. ] 9 Henry IV. c. 9.-Elections to Spiritual Promotions shall be free,

and not interrupted by the Pope or the King


[ No. XVII. ] 9 Henry IV. c. 10.– A Pardon granted by the King to all that

have purchased Provisions, or Translations to Archbishopricks, Bishopricks,



[ No. XVIII. ] 2 Henry V. c. 7.--The intent of the Hereticks called Lollards.

Magistrates shall assist the Ordinaries iu extirpating Heresies and punishing

Hereticks. Penalty on Hereticks convict


[ No. XIX. ] 3 Henry V. st. 2. c. 4.-All Provisions, Liceuces, and Pardons of a

Benefice full of an Incumbent shall be void


[ No. XX. ] 21 Henry VIII. c. 13.-Spiritual Persons abridged from having Plu-


ralities of Livings, and from taking of Ferms, &c.


[ No. XXI. ] 23 Henry VIII. c. 9.-An Act that no Person shall be cited out of

the Diocess where he or she dwelleth, except in certain Cases



[ No. XXII. ] 23 Henry VIII. c. 20.-Av Act concerning the restraint of Payment

of Annates to the See of Rome

[ No. XXIII. ] 24 Henry VIII. c. 12.-For the Restraint of Appeals


[ No. XXIV. ). 25 Henry VIII. c. 14.-A Repeal of the Statute of 2 H. 4. c. 15,

and a Confirmation of the Statutes of 5 R. 2. st. 2. c. 5, and 2 H. 5. st. 1. c. 7,

touching the Punishment of Hereticks. Sheriffs in their Turns, and Stewards

in their Leets, Rapes and Wapentakes, shall have authority to inquire of Here-

ticks; and every such Presentment made in any Turu, Leet, &c. concerning

Hereticks, shall be certified to the Ordinary. Every Person presented or indicted

of any Heresy, or duly accused by two lawful Witnesses, may be cited, arrested,

or taken by an Ordinary, or other of the King's Subjects, and committed to the

Ordinary, to answer in open Court; and being convict, shall abjure his Heresies,

and refusing so to do, or falling into relapse, shall be burned in an open Place

for example of others


[ No. XXV. ] 25 Heury VIII. c. 19.-The Submission of the Clergy and Restraint

of Appeals


[ No. XXVI. ] 25 Henry VIII. c. 20.-Au Act for the Non-payment of First-fruits

to the Bishop of Rome

... 10

[ No. XXVII. ] 23 Henry VIII. c. 21.–The Act concerning Peter-pence and Dis-



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[ No. XXVIII. ] 26 Henry VIII. c. 1.-The King's Grace to be authorized Su-


[ No. XXIX. ] 26 Henry VIII. c. 3.—The Bill for the First-fruits, with the yearly
Pensions to the King


[ No. XXX. ] 27 Henry VIII. c. 28.-All Monasteries given to the King, which

have not Lands above two hundred Pounds by the Year


[ No. XXXI. ] 28 Henry VII.c. 16.--A Provision for Dispensations and Licences
heretofure obtained from the See of Rome


[ No. XXXII. ] 31 Henry VII. c. 13.--An Act for Dissolution of Monasteries and



[ No. XXXUI. ] 31 Henry VIII. c. 14.-An Act for Abolishing Diversity of Opi.

nions in certain Articles concerving Christian Religion


[ No. XXXIV. ] 34 and 35 Henry VIII. c. 1.-Recourse must he had to the Ca-

tholic and Apostolic Church for the Decision of Controversies; and therefore all

Books of the Old and New Testament in English, being of T'indal's salse Trans-

lation, or comprising any matter of Christian Religion, Articles of the Faith, or

Holy Scripture, contrary tu the Doctrine set forth sithence Anno Dom. 1540, or

to be set forth by the King, shall be abolished. No Printer or Bookseller shall

utter any of the aforesaid Books. No Person shall play in Enterlude, sing or

rhime, contrary to the said Doctrine. No Person shall retain any English Books

or Writings concerning matter against the holy and blessed Sacrament of the

Altar, or for the Maiutenance of Anabaptists, or other Books abolished by the

King's Proclamation. There shall be no Annotations or Preambles in Bibles or

New Testaments in English. The Bible shall not be read in English in any

Church. No Women or Artificers, Prentices, Journeyinen, Servingmen of the

degree of Yeomen or under, Husbandmen, nor Labourers, shall read the New

Testament in English. Nothing shall be taught or maintained contrary to the

King's instructions. And if any spiritual Person preach, teach, or maintain any

thing contrary to the King's instructions or determinations, made or to be made,

and shall be thereof convict, he shall for his first offence recant, for his second

abjore and bear a Paggot, and for his third shall be adjudged an Heretick, and

be burned and lose all his Goods and Chattels


[ No. XXXV. ) 1 Edward VI. c. 1.-An Act against such as shall unreverently

speak against the Sacrament of the Altar, and of the Receiving thereof under

both kinds


[ No. XXXVI. ] 2 and 3 Edward VI. c. 1.–An Act for Uniformity of Service and

Administration of the Sacraments throughout the Realm


[ No. XXXVII. ] 3 and 4 Edward VI.c. 19.-An Act for the abolishing and putting

away of divers Books aud Images

... ib.

[ No. XXXVIII. ] 5 and 6 Edward VI. c. 1.-An Act for the Uniformity of Ser-

vice and Administration of Sacraments throughout the Realm


[ No. XXXIX. ] 5 and 6 Edward VI. c. 3.-Au Act for the keeping Holidays and

Fasting Days


[ No. XL. ) 1 Mary, sess. 2. c. 2.-A Repeal of the stat. of 1 Ed. 6. c. 1. made

against such as shall speak unreverently of the Body and Blood of Christ, and

of the stat. of 1 Ed. 6. c. 2, touching the Election of Bishops, and the stat. of

2 Ed. 6. c. 1, concerning the Uniformity of Service, and Administration of the

Sacraments, and of the stat. of 2 and 3 Ed. 6. c. 21, made to take away all po-

sitive Laws ordained against the Marriage of Priests, and of the stat. of 3 and

4 EJ. 6. c. 10, made for the Abolishing of divers Books and Images, and of the

stat. of 3 and 4 Ed. 6. c. 12, made for the Ordering of Ecclesiastical Ministers,

and of the stat. of 5 and 6 Ed. 1. c. 1, made for the Uniformity of Common

Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and of the stat. of 5 and 6 Ed.6.

c. 3, made for the keeping of Holy-days and Fasting-days, and of the stat. of

5 and 6 Ed. 6. c. 12, touching the Marriage of Priests and Legitimation of their

Children. All such Divine Service and Administration of Sacraments as were

most commonly used in England in the last year of Hen. 8, shall be used thorow

the Realm, after the 20th Day of December, Anno Dom. 1553, and no other kind

of Service nor Administration of Sacraments. 1 El. c. 2. Repealed by 1 Ja. 1.

c. 25. § 48.


[ No. XL. a. ) 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, c. 8.-An Act repealing all Articles and

..... ib.

Provisions made against the See Apostolick of Rome, since the twentieth year

of King Henry the Eighth, and for the Establishment of all Spiritual and Eccle-

siastical Possessions and Hereditaments conveyed to the Laity ...

[ No. XLI. ] Elizabeth, c. 1:- An Act to restore to the Crown the ancient Juris-

diction over the Estate Ecclesiastical and Spiritual, and abolishing all foreigu
Powers repugnant to the same


[ No. XLII. ] 1 Elizabeth, c. 2.-An Act for the Uniformity of Common Prayer
and Service in the Church, and Administration of the Sacrament .... ib.


[ No. XLIII. ] 5 Elizabeth, c. 1.-An Act for the Assurance of the Queen's Royal

Power over all Estates and Subjects within her Dominions

[ No. XLIV. ] 13 Elizabeth, c. 1.-It shall be High Treason to intend Destruction

or bodily Harm to the Queen, or to levy War, or to move others to War against I

her, or to affirm, That the Queen ought not to enjoy the Crown, but some other

Person; or to publish, That the Queen is an Heretick, Schismatick, Tyrant, In-


fidel, or Usurper of the Crown; or to claim Right to the Crown, or to usurp the

same during the Queen's Life; or to affirm the Right in Succession of the Crown

in some other than the Queen; or to affirm, That the Laws and Statutes do not

bind the Right of the Crown, and the Descent, Limitation, Inheritance or Go-||

vernance thereof

[ No. XLV. ] 13 Élizabeth, c. 2.-An Act against the bringing in, and putting in 1:

Execution of Bulls, Writings, or Instruments, and other Superstitious Things

from the See of Rome


[ No. XLVI. ] 13 Elizabeth, c. 12.-An Act for the Ministers of the Church to be

of sound Religion

.... ib.

[ No. XLVII. ), 23Elizabeth, c. 1.–An Act to retain the Queen's Majesty's Sub-lis
jects in their due Obedience


[ No. XLVIII. ). 27 Elizabeth, c. 2.-An Act against Jesuits, Seminary Priests,

and other such like disobedient Persons


[ No. XLIX. ] 29 Elizabeth, c. 6.-An Act for the more speedy and due Execution

of certain Branches of the Statute made in the twenty-third Year of the Queen's

Majesty's Reign, intituled, “An Act to retain the Queen's Majesty's Subjects

in their due Obedience"


[ No. L. ] 31 Elizabeth, c. 6.-An Act against Abuses in Election of Scholars,

and Presentation to Benefices


[ No. LI. ) 35 Elizabeth, c. 1.-An Act to retain the Queen's Majesty's Subjects in

their due Obedience

[ No. LII. ) 35 Elizabeth, c. 2.-An Act for restraining Popish Recusants to some

certain Places of Abode


[ No. LIII. ] 1 James I. c. 4.-An Act for the due Execution of the Statutes against

Jesuits, Seininary Priests, Recusants, &c.
[ No. LIV. ] 3 James I. c. 4.- An Act for the better discovering and' repressing of
Popish Recusants


[ No. LV. ] 3 James I. c. 5.–An Act to prevent and avoid Dangers which grow

by Popish Recusants


[ No. LVI. ] 7 James I. c. 6.-An Act for administering the Oath of Allegiance

and Reformation of Married Women Recusants

... ib.

[ No. LVII. ] 3 Charles I. c. 2.–An Act for the further Reformation of Sundry

Abuses committed on the Lord's Day, commonly called Sunday ..... ib.

[ No. LVIII. ] 16 Charles I. c. 11.-A Repeal of the Branch of a Statute Primo

Elizabetha, concerning Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical ...i. ib.

( No. LIX. ] 13 Charles II. st. 2. c. 1.-An Act for the well governing and regula

ting of Corporations


[ No. LX. ] 13 and 14 Charles II. c. 1.-An Act preventing the Mischiefs and

Dangers that may arise by certain Persons called Quakers, and others, refusing

to take lawful Oaths


[ No. LXI. ] 13 and 14 Charles II. c. 4.–An Act for the Uniformity of Public

Prayers, and Administration of Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies :

And for establishing the form of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating Bishops,

Priests, and Deacons, in the Church of England


... ib.

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