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the Veind I said it had of counsells

and the Vessels, even the Offering of the House of our God, which the King and his Counsellors, and his Lords, and all Israel there present, had offered.

28 And I said unto them, Ye are holy unto the LORD, the Vesiels are holy also.

29 Watch ye, and keep them, until ye weigh them before the chief of the Priests, and the Levites, and chief of the Fathers of Israel at Jerusalem, in the Chambers of the House of the LORD.

31 Then we departed from the River Ahava, on the twelfth Day of the first Month, to go unto Jerusalem; and the Hand of our God was upon us, and he delivered us from the Hand of the Enemy, and of such as lay in Wait by the Way. '.

32 And we came to Jerusalem, and abode there three Days.

36 And they delivered the King's Commissions unto the King's Lieutenants, and to the Governors on this Side the River, and they furthered the People, and the House of God.


1 Ezra mourneth for the Affinity of the People with Strangers:

5 He prayeth unto God with Confeffion of Sins.

Ver. I N OW when these Things were done, the Prin

V ces came to me saying, The People of Israel, and the Priests, and the Levites have not separated themselves from the People of the Lands, doing according to their ABOMINATIONS.

2 For they have taken of their Daughters for themselves, and for their Sons: so that the holy Seed have mingled themselves with the People of those Lands: yea, the Hand of the Princes and Rulers hath been chief in this Trespass.

3 And when I heard this Thing, I rent my Garment and my Mantle, and pluckt off the Hair of my Head, and of my Beard, and sat down astonied.

4 Then were assembled unto me every one that TREMBled at the Words of the God of Israel, because of the Transgression of those that had been carried away, and I fat astonied until the Evening Sacrifice.

5 And at the Evening Sacrifice, I arose up from my Hea: viness, and having rent my Garment and my Mantle, I fell

. upon

upon my knees, and spread out my Hands unto the LORD my God.

6 And said, O My God, I am ASHAMED, and blush to lift up my Face to thee, my God: Our Iniquities are increased over our Heads, and our Trespasses is grown up unto the Heavens.

7 Since the Days of our Fathers, have we been in a great Trespass unto this Day, and for our INIQUITIES have we, our Kings, and our Priests been delivered into the Hand of the Kings of the Lands, to the Sword, to Captivity, and to a Spoil, and to Confusion of Face, as it is this Day.

8 And now for a little Space Grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a Remnant to escape, and to give us a Nail in his holy Place, that our God may LIGHTEN our Eyes, and give us a little Reviving in our Bondage.

9 For we were Bondmen, yet our God hath not forSAKEN us in our Bondage, but hath extended Mercy unto us in the sight of the Kings of Persia, to give us a Revis ving, to set up the House of our God, and to repair the Desolations thereof, and to give us a Wall in Judah and Jerusalem. .

10 And now, O our God, what shall we say after this ? for we have forsaken thy Commandments.

1 Which thou hast commanded by thy Servants the Prophets, saying, The Land unto which ye go to possess it, is an UNCLEAN LAND with the Filthiness of the People of the Lands, with their ABOMINATIONS, which have filled it from one End to another, with their Uncleanness.

12 Now therefore give not your Daughters unto their Sons, neither take their Daughters unto your Sons, nor seek their Peace, or their Wealth for ever: that ye may be Atrong, and eat the Good of the Land, and leave it for an Inheritance to your Children for ever. .

13 And after all that is come upon us for our evil Deeds, and for our great Trespass, seeing that thou our God hast PUNISHED us less than our Iniquities DESERVE, and hast given us such Deliverance as this.

14 Should we again break thy Commandments, and join in Affinity with the People of these ABOMINATIONS? wouldest thou not be angry with us, till thou hadît consumed us, so that there should be no Remnant nor escaping? 15 O LORD God of Israel, thou art RIGHTEOUS, for


take their give not in their i, whiche, peo

we remain yet escaped, as it is this Day: behold, we are before thee in our TRESPASSES : for we cannot sTAND be. fore thee, because of this.

C H A P. x. I Shechaniah encourageth Ezra to reform the strange Marriage,

6 Ezra Mourning assembleth the People. 9 Tbe People the Exhortation of Ezra, repent and promise Amendmin. 15 Their Care to perform it. 18 The Names of thes which had married strange Wives.

men And Skech; we have, of the People this Thi

wili barife ; for this link to the Law

Ver. I N OW when Ezra had prayed, and when he had

IV CONFESSED, weeping and cafting himself down before the House of God, there assembled unto him out of Israel a very great Congregation of Men, and Wa men, and Children: for the People wept very sore.

2 And Shechaniah one of the Sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, We have trespassed against our GOD, and have taken strange Wives, of the People of the Land: yet now there is Hope in Israel concerning this Thing.

3. Now therefore let us make a COVENANT with our God, to put away all the Wives, and such as are born of them, according to the Counsel of my LORD, and of those that TREMBLE at the COMMANDMENT of our God, and let it be done according to the Law.

4 Arise: for this Matter belongeth unto thee; we also will be with thee: be of good Courage, and do it.

5 Then arose Ezra, and made the chief Priests, the Levites, and all Israel to swear, that they should do according to this Word: and they sware.

6 Then Ezra rose up from before the House of God, and went into the Chamber of Johanan the Son of Eliashib: and when he came thither, he did eat no Bread, nor drink Water: for he MOURNED because of the TRANSGRESSION of them that had been carried away.

7 And they made Proclamation throughout Judah and Jerusalem, unto all the Children of the Captivity, that they should gather themselves together unto Jerusalem.

8 And that whosoever would not come within three Days, all his Substance should be forfeited, and himself separated from the Congregation. 9 Then all the Men of Judah and Benjamin gathered


themselves together unto Jerusalem, and all the People fat in the Street of the House of God, TREMBLING because of this Matter. and for the GREAT Rain.

10 And Ezra the Priest stood up, and said unto them, Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange Wives, to encrease the Trespass of Israel.

u Now therefore make Confession unto the LORD God of your Fathers, and do his PLEASURE: and separate your selves from the People of the Land, and from the strange Wives.

12 Then all the Congregation answered, and said with a loud Voice, as thou hast said, so must we do.

13 But the People are many, and it is Time of much Rain, and we are not able to stand without, neither is this a Work of one Day or two: for we are many that have transgressed in this Thing.

14 Let now our Rulers of all the Congregation stand, and let all them which have taken strange Wives in our Cities, come at appointed Times, and with them the Elders of every City, and the Judges thereof, until the fierce Wrath of our God for this Maiter, be turned from us.

15 Only Jonathan the Son of Asahel, and Jahaziah the Son of Tikvah, were employed about this Matter: and Mefhullam, and Shabbethai the Levite helped them.

16 And the Children of the Captivity did so: and Ezra the Priest, with certain chief of the Fathers, and all of them by their Names, were separated, and sat down in the first Day of the tenth Month to examine the Matter.

17 And they made an End with all the Men that had taken strange Wives, by the first Day of the first Month,


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Of the Book of

C H A P, I. 1 Nehemiah understanding by Hanani, the Misery of Jerusalem

mourneth, fafteth and prayeth. 5 His Prayer.

Ver. 1 SYAW HE Words of Nehemiah the Son of Ha

chaliah. And it came to pass in the Month Chiseu, in the twentieth Year, as I was in Shushan the Palace.

2 That Hanani one of my Brethren, came, he and certain Men of Judah, and I asked them concerning the Jews that had ESCAPED, which were left of the Captivity, and concerning Jerusalem.

3 And they said unto me, The Remnant that are left of the Captivity there in the Province, are in great Amiction and Reproach: the Wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the Gates thereof are burnt.

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