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81 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.

Manufactarers of
Deformity Apparatus,
Surgical Instruments,
Electrical Batteries,

Apparatus for Analysis,
Trusses and Supporters,
Surgical Rubber Goods,
Tooth Forceps and Patterns,

Surgical Plasters and Bandages.



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To insure a perfect fit, stockings to reach above G
must be made to order. When ordering such the length
of leg from sole to knee, and the desired length above
knee should be given. Diagram to aid in taking mess
urement sent free on application.


THREAD. Abdominal Supporters, each, $10 00 $7 00 Umbilical Belts, for adults,

4 50 8 00 children

3 00 2 00 Thigh Stockings, full hose,

7 50 5 50 Thigh Leggings,

6 50

5 00 Thigh Knee-Caps,

5 00 4 00 Thigh Pieces,

4 00

8 00 Knee Stockings, hose,

5 50

8 75 " Leggings,

5 00 3 50

2 75 2 00 Garter Stocking, %2 hose,

3 00 2 25 Leggings, .

2 50 2 00 Anclets,

2 50

2 00 Wristlets,

1 50 1 25 Elbow Pieces,

2 50 2 00 The prices are subject to twenty per cont.

discount to Physicians.

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Orders will receive prompt and efficient attention.



Manufacturing Pharmacists, Plaaso mention The Physiolan and Surgeon when writing to our Adoortisors.

FARRAND, WILLIAMS & CO.'S Medicinal Fluid Extracts.

PREPARED BY A NEW AND SUPERIOR PROCESS. The physician and dispenser will invariably find our Extracts UNIFORM, and of FULL STANDARD STRENGTH, viz.: Each cubic centimeter of Fluid Extract representing the soluble const tuents of one gram of drug, of the best quality

obtainable. This standard is invariably adhered to by us, unless otherwise specified by proper authority. We exercise the MOST SCRUPULOUS CARE

in every detail of manut facture, and in the SELECTION OF THE MATERIALS USED. purchasing only fresh drugs, of proper collection. and preservation, and grinding same ourselves; so that it is impossible for any drug of an inferior qualiy to be used in their manufaciure.

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OUR PROCESS.–The crude drug is placed in our SPFCIALLY DEVISED percolators, seen in the draw ing above, from which, by means of a powerful sTEAM AIR PUMP, seen at the left hand of above drawing, the air is almost entirely exhausted; facilitating to a remarkable degree the action of the menstrua, which is now syphoned into the apparatus. Maceration IN VACUO now commences, and is allowed to continue the length of time that experien' e has demonstrated as necessary to secure the best results from the drug being acted upon. As the cellular tissue of the drug is almost entirely exhausted of air, it will be apparent to any one, that the active principles which are mostly contain d therein can be reached by, and dissolved to the very best advantage by the menstrua; which is always carefully adapted to the nature of each par ticular drug.

After proper maceration, percolation commences; which is assisted by powerful air pressure, until the requis te amount of percolate is produced; using more menstrua of the IDENTICAL ORIGINAL STRENGTH, to attain this result.

It will be seen from this description of our process, that our Extracts are manufactured ENTIRELY WITHOUT THE AID OF HEAT, AND IN Vacuo; the result being in the finished pro uct an article which per. fectly represents the FULL MEDICINAL ACTIVITY, ODOR. TASTE AND COLOR OF THE PRIME DRUG (ISED.

We manufacture a full line of Medicinal Elixirs. Wines, Syrups. Emulsions and Pharmaceutical Products of all kinds in the manufacture of which none but the choicest materials are used, and as they are compounded with the utmost care and skill, we obtain in the finished product, an article unsurpassed in ELEGANCE OF APPEARANCE, STRENGTH AND PURITY We make it a rule, however, never to sacri. fice full therapeutic value for elegance in appearance or fine flavor, and our preparations will invariably contain all they purport on the label. Send for 100 page price-list of our preparations.

FARRAND, WILLIAMS & CO., Manufacturers of Frangulaxine and Doverinæ, Wholesale Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN. Please mention THE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON when writing to our Advertisers.

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