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Base-ball pitchers, 323.

Chairs, surgical, 268.
Bath of the newly-born, 130. Chancroid, treatment of, 472.
Bath for typhoid fever, 508.

Children, what kills the, 509.
Benzoic acid, saturate solution of, Chloral ammonia, 237.

Chlorate of potash poisoning, 335.
Benzoate of soda in acute follicular Chloroform, 403.
tonsillitis, 91, 238.

Chloroform syncope, puncture of
Benzol, formula for, 238.

the heart in, 445.
Berlin, letter from, 18.

Cholera, new treatment of, 38,
Biceps muscle, a case of rupture Cholera in Asia, 403.
of, 539.

Chorea, the treatment of with
Bladder, encysted stone in the, 165. physostigmine, 163.
Blistering fluid, new, 238.

Chorea, physostigmine in, 438.
Blood-corpuscle, the red of the Cicatrices of the hand, the opera-

Lamprey eel in jurisprudence, tive treatment of, 308.

Circulation and the secretion of
Boils, the treatment of, 71.

the kidneys, action of certain
Boil, the microbe of, 405.

drugs on the, 26.
Breast, scirrhus of the, 166.

Circumcision for the cure of enure-
Bright's disease, Semmola's treat- sis, 41.
ment of, 79.

'Clinic," on the Detroit, question,
Bronchitis, creasote for, 144,

Bronchitis, to abort acute, 192. Clinic, why the Ann Arbor, is de-
Bronchitis, antipyrine in acute, 237. fective, 556.
Bronchitis, chronic, 516.

Clinical question, the, 317, 451, 499.
Burns, permanganate of potash in, Clinical thermometers, obliterated

scale of, 130.
Burns, application for, 287, 429. Cobra-bite, successful treatment
Cabinet, pneumatic, 291.

of, 325.
Caffeine subcutaneously as a car- Codeine to relieve pain in abdom-
diac tonic, 480.

inal disease, 452.
Calcium, sulphide of, in phthisis, Cocaine and antipyrine combined,

the use of in dental anæsthesia,
Calomel as a means of preventing 112.
small-pox pitting, 254.

Cocaine, the hæmostatic property
Calomel in pneumonia, the use of of, 111.
large doses, 477.

Cocaine as a means of differential
Camphor, carbonate of, 417.

diagnosis in diseases of the
Canadol, 91.

larynx, 306.
Cancer of the stomach, diagnosis Cocaine in zoster and pruritus
of, 70.

ani, 335.
Cancer bacillus, 79.

Cocaine, what to use, 458.
Cannon ball in therapeutics, the, Cocaine, dangers from the use of,

Cannabis indica, 192.

Codiene, to relieve pain in abdom-
Cannabis indica, therapeutic indi- inal diseases, 567.
cations for the use of, 560.

Cod-liver oil, a substitute for, 575.
Carbuncle and boils, treatment of, Colds, pickeled bugs for, 508.

Convulsions in children, 575.
Carbuncle, excision and scraping, Congenital heart disease, a case of,

Carbolic acid in sick-headache, 334. Constipation, treatment of by mas-
Cardiac tonic, caffeine subcutane-
ously as a, 480.

Constipation, glycerine for habitu-
Caries of astragalus, 449.

al, 334.
Cascara sagrada in rheumatism, Constipation, water for habitual,

Catarrh, for, 144.

Convention, sanitary, 508.
Catarrh, nasal and aprosepia, 267. Convulsions in children, 202.
Catarrh, quillaya bark in, 527. Corn remedy, 237.
Cerebral compression relieved by Creasote for bronchitis, 144.
trephining, 258.

Crematory in Chicago, 78.

sage, 8.

Cremation in France, 126.

Eczema, furuncle following, 459.
Cremation, championing, 221. Eczema, treatment of, 481.
Cremation versus sentimentality, Eczema of anus, 527.

Eczema of anus and genitals, 527.
Criticism and inquiry, 400.

Education, higher, 126.
Crown Prince of Germany, 130. Electrolysis, a new device in, 221.
Death-point, the thermal of patho- Electrolysis in diagnosis, 524.
genic organisms, 40.

Electricity and lactation, 280.
Debility, feeble heart and general, Electricity, treatment of lumbago

by static, 310.
Decision, an unfortunate, 75. Electricity, treatment of sciatica
Diabetes, arsenic and lithium in, by static, 311.

Electricity, treatmeut of general
Diabetes, antipyrine in, 395.

debility by static, 311.
Diabetes, jambul in, 429.

Electricity, treatment of insomnia
Diaphoretic pill, 384.

by static, 312.
· Diarrhea, Professor Hayan on the Electricity in the blacksmith shop,
treatment of, 69.

Diarrhea, sour milk in summer, Emissions, antipyrine for noctur-

nal, 238,
Diarrhea in children, antiseptic Endometritis cervical, 238.
treatment of summer, 283.

Enuresis, circumcision for the cure
Diarrhea in children, lactic acid of, 41.
in, 288.

Enuresis, mullein oil in, 575.
Diarrhea, sodium sulphate in chil- Epididymitis, salicylate of sodium
dren, 355.

in gonorrhea), 334.
Diarrhæa, for chronic, 429.

Epidemic, mysterious, 507.
Diarrhea, for infantile, 430.

Epithelioma of lip, 156.
Digestion, the influence of alcohol Epistaxis, 78.
upon, 40.

Epulis, 448.
Digitalis, the action of, 418.

Erectile tissue in the mucous mem-
Digitalis, when it should be pre- brane of the middle ear, 512.
scribed ? 422

Ergot of rye, 144.
Diphtheria, treatment of, 11, 45, Ergot mill, 186.

Ergotine, hypodermatically for
Diphtheria, to prevent the spread hæmorrhage, 238.
of, 222

Ergotine, action of, on involution
Diphtheria, quarantine against, 222. of the uterus, 445.
Diphtheria and sewer-gas, 404. Erysipelas of the face, the spontan-
Diphtheria, papoid in the treat- eous attenuation of, 189.
ment of, 521.

Erysipelas, antipyrine in, 191.
Diphtheria, therapeutics of, 568. Erythrophlæine, 417.
Discovery, a new anatomical, 262. Erythrophlæine as a local anæs-
Dispensatory, a new edition of the thetic, 238.
United States, 509.

Erythropleine, 444.
Diuretic pill, 384.

Exercise and rest as therapeutic
Douches in puperal fever, the use agents, 24.
of the intra-uterine, 289.

Exhalations, toxicity of pulmonary,
Dunster, Dr. E. S., 214, 216.

Duodenum, simple ulcer of the, 396. Eye, removal of foreign bodies
Dyspepsia, infantile, 334.

from, 79.
Dysmenorrbæa, galvanism in, 280. Eye, symptoms in certain deep
Ear, erectile tissue in the mucous seated and general diseases, 145.

membrane of the middle, 512. Facial paralysis following removal
Ear, foreign bodies in the, 518. of tumor, 150.
Ear, alum in furuncle of the, 526. Feeding, rectal, 190.
Eclampsia, puerperal, 49.

Fistulæ in urethra, one in ano, 16.
Eclampsia, two attacks of puer- Fistulæ in ano and rectal fistula,
peral, in one year, 536.

Eczema, 497.

Flat-foot, treatment of, 235.
Eczema, chronic of the nasal fossæ, Fracture, compound comminuted

of left forearm, 15.

Flatulence, for, 288.

Idiot, a humming, 128.
Frontal lobe, modification of char- Incontinence. bicarbonate of soda
acter of lesions of the, 307.

in nocturnal, 46.
Furuncle, to abort, 430.

Indian hemp for headache, 420.
Gall-stones, vomiting of, 39.

Inflammation, the role played in
Galvanism in dysmenorrhæa, 280. the tissues in' acute, and the
Gangrene, umbilical, 187.

changes observed in the cells of
Gastric digestion, the saliva and, the connective tissue in, 88.

Inflammation, treatment of peri-
Gastric juice, new reagent for test- cæcal, 231.
ing the, 182.

Injections of sterilized air in
Gestation, protracted, 186.

treatment of pleural effusions,
Glycerine in gynecology, 81.

Gonorrhoea, peroxide of hydrogen Insanity, moral, 221.
for, 431.

Insomnia, 312.
Gonorrhæa, iodoform in treatment Instruments, to preserve, 458.
of, 526.

Intestine, recovery from gun-shot
Gout and rheumatism, for, 191.

wounds of, 89.
Grafts of chicken-skin, 253.

Intestinal affections, antiseptic
“Gravel" or "stone,” 127.

treatment of, 82,
Gynæcological notes, 281.

Intestinal affections, painful in
Hand, the operative treatment of children, 480.
cicatrices of the, 308.

Iodoform intoxication, 255.
Hare-lip, 154.

Iodoform in treatment of gonor-
Hæmorrhage, fatal tonsillar, 229. rhæa, 526.
Hæmorrhage, ergotine hypoder- Todoform, deodorizer for, 429.
matically for, 238.

Iodine poisoning, 384.
Hæmorrhage, hot water in, 527. Ipecacuanha, 384.
Hæmorrhoids, for, 287.

Jambul in diabetes, 429.
Hallucination in its connection Journal for the profession, 75.

with functions of speech, 492, 540. Keloid, treatment of, 38.
Hallucination, psycho-motor, 492, Kidney, action of certain drugs on

the circulation and secretion of
Headache, antipyrine in, 46.

the, 26.
Headache, carbolic acid in sick, 334. Knee, spontaneous dislocation of
Headache, Indian hemp for, 429. the, 57.
Headache, for sick, 479.

Labor, induction of premature in
Headaches from overlooked causes the albuminuria of pregnancy,

of the naso-pharynx and ears, 519. 97.
Heart-disease, a case of congenital, Labor, antipyrine as an anodyne

in, 527.
Heart, general debility and feeble, Laboratories, German, 403.

Lacerated wound of the left thigh,
Heart, laxatives in the treatment 15.
of fatty, 576,

Lactation and electricty, 280.
Heart, laxative pill for, 429.

Lactic acid in diarrhea of child-
Heart, puncture of, in chloroform
syncope, 444.

Lambert pharmacal company, 457.
Hepatitis, circumscribed suppura- Lanolin, patent on, 78.
tive, 54.

Larynx, cocaine as a means of dif-
Hernia, treatment of strangulated, ferential diagnosis in diseases of

the, 306.
Hernia, a case of strangulated, 109. Lectures, three full regular courses
Hiccough, simple cure for obstin- demanded, 127.
ate, 144.

Leper immigrants, 457.
Hiccough, mechanical cure for, 187. Leprosy, 405.
Hip-joint, synovitis of left, 17. "Let there be light," 185.
Hydrocele, 151.

Leucorrhæa, disinfectant injection
Hydrophobia, tansy oil in, 282.

for, 431.
Hysterorrhaphy, 222.

Ligatures on the limbs during
Hystero-traumatic paralysis in surgical operations, 29.
man, 1.

Lip, epithelioma of, 156.

ren, 288.

[ocr errors]

man, 1.

Literature, the medical of to-day, Papoid in the treatment of diph-

theria, 521.
Lithotomy, 66.

Paralysis, hystero-traumatic in
Lithrotrity, 67.
Lithomania, 166.

Paralysis, facial following removal
Lithoplaxy in children, 230.

of tumor, 150.
Liver, physiological variation in Paralysis of vocal cords in tuber-
shape and position of, 324.

culosis, 205.
Lumbago, 310, 430.

Paralysis of the arm, obstetrical,
Marsden's paste, 238.

Massage, treatment of constipation Parallel conditions, 182.
by, 8.

Peppermint oil as an antiseptic,
Masturbation, an appliance to pre-

vent, 472.

Peppermint water in pruritus
Maxilla, periostitis and necrosis of pudendi, 431.
inferior, 114.

Pharyngitis, dry, and its treatment,
Medical men, the nobility of, 53. 160.
Medical aphorism, 405.

Pharynx in tea drinkers, dryness of
Menses, pulsatilla for suppression,

the, 461.

Phimosis and nervous diseases, 39.
Mercury, biniodide of, in gonor- Phimosis, treatment of, by dilata-
rhæa, 47.

tion, 109.
Mercury, elimination of, 47.

Phthisis and hydrofluoric acid, 93.
Methyl chloride as a local anæs- Phthisis, sulphide of calcium in,
thetic, 162, 523.

Michigan, health in, 21, 121, 181, Phthisis, new medication of, 304.
262, 318, 399, 451, 498, 551.

Physostigmine, the treatment of
Microbe, the boil, 405.

chorea and other hyperkenetic
Microscopes, American, 403.

diseases with, 163.
Migraine, 479.

Physostigmine in chorea, 430.
Mitral constriction, aortic regurgi- Philocarpine, uncertainty of, 526.
tation without, 129.

Placenta, to expel from the uterus
Mucous patches, 479.

the, 267.
Mullein oil in enuresis, 575.

Pleurisy, purulent in children, 303.
Museum, medical, 512.

Pleural effusions following pneu-
Myalgia, muriate of ammonia, 432. mothorax, 304.
Nails, furrows of the finger, 223. Pneumonia, acute, 63.
Necrosis and periostitis of inferior Pneumonia, causation and preven-
maxilla, 114.

tion, 268.:
Neuralgia, ammonium chloride of, Pneumonia, the use of large doses
in, 575.

of calomel in, 477.
Neuralgia, for, 430.

Pneumatic cabinet, 291.
Neuralgia, remedy for, 575.

Politics in the Michigan Univer-
Neuralgia, rheumatic, 384.

sity, 453.
Neuralgia, theine in, 46, 73, 74. Pomegranate, for tape-worm, 430.
Nipples, sore, 335.

Porpoise oil, 237.
Non-union of fracture of fifth Postbellum disease, a, 511.
metacarpal bone, 155.

Potash, permanganate of, in burns,
Obituary, Palmer, Alonzo B., 22. 92.
“Odium medicum,” 337.

Potash, permanganate of, in uterine
Ophthalmology, some recent devel- affections, 476.
opments in, 140.

Pregnancy, sickness of, 37.
Otitis, for acute, 429.

Pregnancy, the induction of pre-
Ovaries and tubes, extirpation of, mature labor in the albuminuria

of, 97.
Ovarian cyst, 258.

Pregnancy, twin, threatened abor-
Ovariotomies, two, 11.

tion of dead fætus, 107.
Palmer, Alonzo B., resolutions on Pregnancy, early diagnosis of extra-
the death of, 20.

uterine, 123.
Palmer, Alonzo B., memorial ad- Preservation of dead bodies, 125.
dress on, 245, 297.

Proceedings, Detroit Medical and
Palmer, Alonzo B. obituary, 22, Library Association, 117, 118,

ses, 526.

Profession, the dependence of the Puerperal fever, use of uterine
medical on the people, 246.

douche in, 289.
Pruritus pudendi,peppermintwater Pulmonary antisepsis, 255.
in, 431.

Pulsatilla for suppression of men-
Puberty, the etiology and classifi-

cation of the anæmia of, 274. Pustule, new treatment of malig-

nant, 7.
Anæmia (Henry), 407.

Quarantine, better, 38.
Clycopædia of obstetrics and Quarantine, national maritime, 76.
gynæcology, 134.

Quillaya bark in catarrh, 527.
Codes, the three ethical, 269. Quinine, the introducer of, 508.
Diagnosis, manual of (Seifert), Ravished, can a woman be, with-

out her knowledge during hyp-
Diphtheria, a treatise on (Senne), notic sleep?, 132.

Recovery, remarkable, 441.
Electricity, compend of its med- Rectal feeding, 190.

ical and surgical uses (Schrei- Rest and exercise as therapeutic
ber), 463.

agents, 24.
Evacuant medication (Field), 133. Rheumatism, treatment of acute,
Eye, the student's guide to dis- 130.

eases of the (Wettleship), 367. Rheumatism and gout, for, 191.
Hair and scalp, treatise on dis- Rheumatism, scarlatinal, 200.

eases of the (Jackson), 84. Rheumatism, cascara sagrada in,
Hæmorrhoids, diagnosis and 381.

treatment of (Kelsey), 225. Rheumatic neuralgia, 384.
Insanity, its classification, diag- Ringworm, salicylic acid in, 429.

nosis and treatment (Spitzka), Saliva and gastric digestion, 81.

Salicylate of sodium in gonorrhea
Insanity (Butler), 132.

epididymitis, 534.
Massage and methodical muscu- Salphingotomy, an abdominal, in

lar exercise (Schreiber), 463. the last century, 83.
Medicine, physiological action of Salicylic acid in ringworm, 429.
(Starr-Walker), 224.

Salts, to disguise the tast of Ep-
Menstruation, disorders of
(Jenks), 269.

Santonine, danger from, 46.
Nursing, practical lessons in Santonine in night terrors, 526.
(Keating), 368.

Sarcoma of antrum, 115.
Nursing, practical lessons in Scarlatinal rheumatism, 200.
(Wilson), 462.

Scarletina, the complications of,
Pathology, a manual of general 209.
(Payne), 558.

Scarlet fever, the aural complica-
Poisoning, what to do in cases of, tions of, 193.

Scarlet fever, quarantine against,
Physiology, treatise on human 222.
(Chapman), 465.

Scarlet fever and throat complica-
Rectum and anus (Ball), 224.

tions, 242.
Skin, differential diagnosis of the Sciatica, 311.

diseases of the (Cutler), 135. Sea-sickness, preventive, 383.
Surgery, the rules of aseptic and Sedative pill, 384.

antiseptic (Gerster), 272. Sewer-gas and diphtheria, 404.
Sphygmography and cardio- Singultus, 213, 433,
graphy (Keyt.), 407.

Skin diseases, anthrarobine in, 394.
Syphilis (Hutchinson), 367.

Sleep, chemistry of, 78.
Therapeutics and materia med- Small-pox pits, calomel to prevent,
ica (Edes), 271.

Treatment, complete hand-book Snake-bite, antidote for, 404.
of (Aitkens), 464.

Snake-bite and yellow fever, 510.
Visiting-list, the Medical News, Soap, antiseptic, 528.

Society, Michigan State Medical,
Visiting-list, the Physicians, 560. 263.
Puerperal eclampsia, 49.

Society, the medical, and the med-
Puerperal tever, 258, 460.

ical profession, 529.

som, 527.

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