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Benj. Cushing, M. D), Boston, right to dispense any other prepara. Oct. 16.

tion. If he has not in stock the arCary B. Blackburn, M.D., Louis

ticle called for he should either deville, Ky., Dec. 4. Milton R. Cook, M.D., of Ashta

cline the prescription, procure the bula, O., one of the oldest practi- article from some other-druggist, or ticners in the county, died in jail, get the authority of the physician to where he was confined, pending trial substitute some other preparation. upon the charge of performing a

With the purpose of breaking up criminal operation.-- Jour. Am. Med. Asso.

the custom we will expose those who J. Edwin Michael, M.D., Baltimore, are guilly of the practice on receipt Md., Dec. 7.


Michael was one of sufficiently convincing evidence of of the foremost physicians of Balti

their guilt.

We ask the assistance of more and the South. He was the

our readers in this endeavor. If you Dean of the University of Maryland, and President of the Medical and

have been the victim of this practice Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland. send us the name of guilty party, He was 47 years of age and cause of with all the evidence, duly signed and death was nephritis.

sworn to and we will give publicity J. H. Wintrode, M.D., Markles

to the transaction. We believe that burg, Pa., Nov. 17. D. M. Miller, M.D., Elizabeth, N.

all doctors, honest druggists, manuJ., Dec. 3.

facturers of legitimate preparations, John A. Jones, M.D., Mansfield, and the public will be benefited by O., Dec. 3

our action in this matter. It would

also be well for those druggists who A bill for the establishment of a

have been in the habit of using their Bureau of Public Health has been

own judgment in this matter to mend introduced in the House of Repre

their ways for the future. sentatives by Mr. Mahon of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Gleaves, in the Medical Record,

page 715, reports the case of a girl 10 We are pleased to see it announced

years and 2 months old giving birth that sufficient subscriptions have been

to a well-formed child. She had received to insure the revival of the

menstruated from the age of 5 years. Index Medicus.

The labor was short and uneventful

The mammary glands were not deThe PRACTICE OF SUBSTITITION.

veloped, and the grandmother nursed This is a growing evil, which, how

the infant, which lived a week. ever, we believe, is not as common in this State as in some others,

Dr. D. S. Rowland has removed especially in the North and West.

from Bobbitt to Kittrell, NC. When a physician prescribes a certain preparation either by special Dr. R. L. Payne, of Lexington, name or by adding the initials of the has been sojourning a few weeks in manufacturer, he has his reason for the metropolis where he makes his doing so and the druggist has no headquarters at the Polyclinic. He


reports as the latest fad in New York, Weir Mitchell, as chairman of the the custom of dropping into the scro- Committee, presided, and having tum a celluloid testicle for its æsthetic made the presentation speech, placed effect after castration. He thinks in Dr. Billings' hands a silver box this ahead of the wooden nutmeg. containing $10,000, and having en

graved upon it, “To John S. Billings, Married. Dr. Charles T. Harper, from 259 physicians of the United and Miss Jessie Glenora, daughter of

States and Great Britain in grateful Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Zimmermann, recognition of his services to medical were married on the 18th inst. at scholars.” On the side of the box Fulton Avenue Presbyterian church, there is, in Latin, a statement to the Baltimore. They will reside at 219

effect that he who has made a cataNo. Fulton Ave. and will be "at logue of a great library has created home after January 5, 1896." We a memory of the wisdom and learnextend the doctor and his bride our ing of the past. heartiest congratulations and good

In conclusion Dr. Mitchell said: wishes.

“In offering this box to my old friend,

and the gentleman you desire to HUMANE POLICE Club.--Somebody honor to-night, I would say that has invented a policeman's club which while the silver box contains this has a rubber envelope and a wood practical recognition of his services Messieurs the thugs, will be

it also contains something more, as pleased to know that when this hu- my imagination figures it. You all mane club is once in the hands of our remember that phrase of Dr. Johnguardians of the peace, there will be son's ‘Wealth beyond the dreams of no more cracked skulls.

The near

avarice.' There is, as I think of it, approach of the millenium is thus within this box, for an imaginative foreshadowed. As usual, we learn man, that wealth which represents that the new esthetic weapon has the good feeling, the friendly opinbeen tried upon a dog. His dogship, ions, the thankfulness, of the scholnaturally enough, on regaining his arship of two continents. Also I canine wits, wagged his tail and in may say that this wealth represents his own way expressed his pleasure a noble avarice, of that kind which in having been knocked out in so my friend has shown all his life-a pleasant and altogether humane a desire to be loved and respected by way. Jour. Am. Med. Asso.

those in our profession whom men

most rightly honor."Boston Medical BANQUET PRESENTATION

and Surgical Journal. HONOR OE JOHN S. BILLINGS. M.D., LL.D.--A dinner was given at the WOODEN DIAGNOSIS With UP-TOHotel Bellevue, Philadelphia, Novem- DATE THERAPEUTICS.–Certain medber 30th, in honor of John S. Bil- ical men of London, are said by Poplings, by the American subscribers to ular Science to be breaking up the pathe Billings Testimonial. Dr. S. tent medicine business. Certain



wooden figures have been put up on President, Geo. W. Cale, Jr., M. the nickel-in-the-slot principle. The D.,F.R.M.S., London; Senior Vicefigures are shaped like a man, with President, James Moores Ball, M.D.; holes in every part of the body labeled Junior Vice-President, Arthur E. with the diseases that usually affect Mink, M.D. ;Secretary, Emory Lampthat part.

For headache you find the hear, M.D., Ph.D.: Treasurer, Wellproper slot so labeled in the head of ington Adams, A.M., M.D.; Orator, the figure, and drop in a penny; out Thomas 0. Summers, A.M., B.S., comes an inexpensive but efficient M.R.C.S., Eng., M.D.; Curator, prescription that can be filled by any George Howard Thompson, A.M., druggist. These prescriptions are M.D. . said to be gotton up by prominent doctors and are very good and useful.

USE OF THE VERMIFORM APPENDIX. One object of this device is to make

The vermiform appendix is rich in medicine cheaper to the poor and re

lymphoid or adenoid tissue, which strict the use of dangerous proprie- suggests the possibility of its being The notice reads

the center for the production of tary mixtures. more like a bit of journalistic enter

leucocytes or lymphocytes, writes prise than a fact.-Jour. Am. Med.

Dr. D. A. Sutherland in London

Lancet. Elsewhere in the alimentary Asso.

canal the importance of adenoid tisThe St. Louis Academy of Medical

sue is fully recognized, and the acand Surgical Sciences was organized

tion of the lymphocytes produced

there has been fully explained. Ac. on November 6, 1895. The constitution of the society subscribes to the cording to Berry's researches, the code of ethics of the American Med

function of the appendix is, (1) leuical Association. The membership cocyte producing, and (2) secretory. is limited to fifty.

Leucocytes he considers useful in the No one can become a member of

destruction of micro-organisms and

Such the Academy unless he possesses a

the absorption of proteids. good literary and medical education.

protective power would be of great As evidence of his literary qualifica- service, for processes of decompositions and ability as a scientific worker

tion going on unchecked in the cæcal he must deposit with his application, region would probably result in sympa thesis, a pathological specimen with

toms of auto-intoxication that would descriptive text, a drawing of a nor

be extremely common. With appenmal or abnormal specimen with text,

dicitis regarded as a purely local con

dition, due to such local causes as or some other evidence of his worth.

catarrh, concretion, cystic dilatation, The evidence is passed upon by the etc., the author thinks it also quite committee on credentials. If the evi- possible that the vermiform appendix dence is accepted, the ballot is taken. may be acted upon by poison circu

lating in the blood and thus become Two negative votes will defeat a can.

acutely or chronically inflamed. Rheudidate. The following officers were matism may be such a poison.

Jour, elected for the ensuing year:

Am, Med, Asso,

A bill to regulate the practice of enormous cost two special military medicine in the District of Columbia, or war trains, comprising fourteen has been introduced into the Senate cars for men, two cars for cooking, by Senator Harris.

two Pullman cars for officers, two

cars for arms and stores, and two The American Medical Review has dining cars. The officers' cars are luxmade its appearance, the initial num- uriously fitted out, and contain state ber having just been received. It is rooms, lavatory, smoking room, etc. in magazine shape, double column Each train is composed of eleven cars and the first number contains sixty- and engine, and gives ample sleeping four pages. The Review promises accommodations for 306 men and 15 well and we have no doubt will keep officers, although over 100 more men its promise. Under the section de- could find room.

The men's cars are voted to "medical progress" it pro

well finished and furnished with vides an interesting epitome of the modern improvements. The kitchen medical literature of the preceding car has all the utensils of a largemonth. It has sections devoted to sized hotel, and requires six cooks and medical society reports, book reviews, two helpers. This one car can turn professional opinion, personals and a out over one thousand five hundred very valuable “index medicus” of meals a day. During a trip from original articles appearing in Ameri- Halifax to Vancouver on the war medical journals. It is cheap at $1.00 train, 5,500 meals for officers and men a year.

were prepared. The Canadian Pa

cific Railway expect to cover the disMilitary WAR TRAINS. -- The Cana- tance from the Atlantic to the Pacific dian Pacific Railway, after many in five and a half days. --British Medmonths of labor, has constructed at ical Journal.

*Reading Aotices.

A Pick Me UP.-Dr. John Van able as a 'pick me up' in debilitated Renselaer Hoff, Major and Surgeon, cases.”From the Northwestern Lancet, United States Army, says: “I be

November 1, 1895. lieve that malt extracts meet a ther. apeutic indication, and that Maltine D. T. Hudgens, M.D., Elizabeth, is an admirable form of this remedy, Ark., says: I have used S. H. Kenas well as an excellent vehicle for nedy's Extract of Pinus Canadensis several generally used medicines. I in leucorrhea with very good results. have long used Maltine with Cascara I have had under my treatment Mrs. Sagrada with signal benefit in chronic S., age 33 years, for leucorrhea, with constipation. Recently I have been anteversion of the uterus. I used trying Maltine with Coca Wine quite the White Extract per vagina as a extensively, and have found it admir- local treatment for the leucorrhea, and the treatment was attended with ternal." The prizes are extremely success. I am satisfied that Pinus liberal, and the well known profesCanadensis should occupy a promin- sional and literary eminence of Dr. ent position in our materia medica. Frank P. Foster, the talented editor

of the “New York Medical Journal," LACTOPHENIN.-Landowsky (Sem.

who has kindly consented to act as Med., Feb. 7th, Med. Record) has tried

judge, is a sufficient guarantee of the the effect in several cases, of lacto

impartiality to be observed in the phenin, a substance very closely allied

awarding of the prizes. chemically to phenacetin. This drug

We are assured that there is absohas antineuralgic properties analog

lutely “no string" attached to the ous to antipyrin, and has, besides, a provisions of this contest, and any genuine hypnotic effect. The amount

physician in good standing in the given daily was from sixty centi

community is invited to compete on

equal terms with every grammes to three grammes divided

other cominto several doses. The only dis

petitor. agreeable by-effects caused by the

Further particulars as to conditions drug seemed to be diaphoresis and

etc., can be obtained by addressing

the above named firm. slight giddiness in a few of the patients.

J. H. Egan, M.D., in the Medical Sıx HUNDRED ($600) DOLLARS IN Summary. - Spasmodic Croup.--I have PRIZES. —The special attention of our treated four cases with the Vaporizer readers is called to the advertisement and Vapo-Cresolene. Case 1. Aged of the Palisade Manufacturing Co.,

30. Has had frequent attacks prewith the above title which will appear viously. Called at 2 a. m.

In two in our next issue.

hours she was well. Case 2. Aged 9. The prize contest which this well Called at 1 a. m.

Her father said she known firm announces will no doubt would die unless at once relieved. attract a great deal of attention, and In ten minutes after I lit the lamp under result in the submission of many ar- the Vaporizer she was out of danger. ticles of merit on "The Clinical Value The other two cases were equally satof Antiseptics both Internal and Ex- isfactory.

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