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Hysteria, some etiological types of, 255.
Imperforate anus, 55.
Indicanuria, 215.
Insanity and diseases of women, 187.
Intestinal anastomosis, the Murphy button

in 235.

obstruction, chronic, 187.
Intestine, on the diagnosis of rupture of the

Intracranial abscess, three cases of, 187.

Keloid, skin-grafting for, 29.
Knock-out, a third fatal, 19.

Labor, ustilago Maydis during, 230.

Malaria, experimental, 330.

some statements and questions
about the etiology and treatment of, 112.
Medical legend, 188.

legislation, 21.

Society of the State of North
Carolina, 126.
Meningitis, trephining for acute, 25.
Midwives, a case of twin pregnancy with

abnormal presentations, with comments

on the incompetency of, 165.
Miscellaneous items, 28, 45, 80, 107, 134,

163, 189, 218, 246, 273, 303, 335.
Movable kidney, on the clinical confusion

between distension of gall-bladder and

Nasal septum, a severe tear of the, 226.
Neuralgia, solophen for, 162.
Neuroses, same cases of, 31.
Newborn, resuscitation of the asphyxiated

Newton, No. Ca., climate of in consumption,

North Carolina Board of Health, 5th bien-

nial report of, 176.

Ophthalmia, diphtheritic, treated by applica-

tion of crude petroleum, 271.
Opium eating, effects of, 262.

Paralysis, consecutive to a pseudo-membran.

Cannabis indica, 55.
Cataract in children, traumatic, 24.

operations for extraction of 169.
Catgut, new method of preparing, 268.
Charcot monument fund, 225.
Children, opium in treatment of 207.

remarks on the hygiene of 226.
Chills and fever, acetanilid vs. quinine to

abort-acetanilid as a dressing, 196.
Cigars, bacilli tuberculosis in, 214.
Cleanliness, chemistry of, 209.
Club-foot, note on management of, 52.
Communion cup, contagion and the, 210.
Continental doctors, 132.
Cystitis in the female, treatment of, 185.

Digestive disorders, treatment of 244.

antitoxin, preparation of, 39.
antitoxin treatment of, 19, 40.

bacillus in the pneumonic lung,

bacillus in the throat for 772
months, 215.
Diphtheria, nuclein in, 243.

present status of specific treat-
ment of 1.

serum treatment of, 264.
Diphtheritic conjunctivitis treated by Klein's

antitoxin, 129.
Duffy prize, the, 42.

Eczema of the auricle, 105.
Empyema in childhood, a clinical study of,

34, 61.
Epithelioma, phytolocca decandra for, 197.
Erysipelas, treatment of, with alcohol, 186.

Fallopian tubes, are the uterine ends of the,

ever previous when the tubes contain

pus, 241.
Fibroids of the uterus, observation on the

treatment of, 211.
Fibroma complicated by pregnancy, 81.
Fistula in ano, 240.

Gastric affections, bichromate of potash as a

remedy in, 26.
Gastrostomy for foreign bodies, 214.
Glaucoma, a new operation for, 185.
Goldsboro meeting, the, 177, 299.
Gonorrhea, new observations in, 213.

treatment of by irrigation of the
urethra, 186.
Gregory, Dr. Oscar, obituary notice of, 43.
Grippe, 212.
Gynecology, Dr. Long's syllabus of, 188.

ous angina, recognized as non-diphtheri-

tic by bacteriological examination, 242.
Payne, Robert Lee, M.D., obituary notice

of 132.

Hæmostatic, antipyrin as a, 213.
Haywood, Dr. Edmund Burke, biographical

sketch, 71.
Hernia, injection treatment of with formula

of fluid, 270.
Hydrogen peroxide in the abdominal cavity


Pelvic abscesses, with a new apparatus for

successful drainage and cure, 265.
Peroxide of hydrogen, the value of different

brands of, 105.
Photographing the womb, 216.
Placenta prævia, 193.

tumors of the, 216,
Pregnancy, ectopic, 249.
Prescribing, a hint in, 230.
President's address—Tucker, 277.
Prostate, eighteen days after castration,

changes noted in the, 179.

gland, double castration for hyper-
trophy of, 131.
Pulmonary tuberculosis, peptomangan in the

treatment of anæmia in, 130.
Purgative for children, 251.

Rattlesnake bite, successful treatment of a

case of, 12.
Reading notices, 28, 48, 108, 136, 164, 191,

220, 248, 276, 304, 336.
Reviews and book notices-

Anatomist, pocket--Leonard, 24.
Annual Unervisal Medical Sciences, 23.

International, medical, 302.
Asepsis and Antiseptics, 234.
Bandaging--Leonard, 178.
Cod-liver oil and chemistry, 263.
Columbia desk calendar, 24.
Dictionary of medicine-Quain, 69.
Dese book and manual of prescription

writing, 233,
Ear diseases of-Dench, 263.
Funny bone, 129.
Gynæculogy, medical--Skere, 301.

syllabus—Long: 158.
Health, sanitation and climate of the

Southern States, 128.
Johns Hopkins reports, 70.
Laboratory guide-Frothingham, 178.
Legal medicine—Hamilton, 157.
Newer remedies, notes on-Cerna, 179.
Practice of medicine-Stewart, 103.
Psycopothia sexualis, suggestive therapeu-

tics in, 329.
Report of N. C. institution for the deaf and

dumb and the blind, 233.
Sexual neurasthenia-Beard, 70.
Surgety and surgical pathology-Tillman,

Da Costa, 23.

obste:rical-Grandin, 23.
Surgical Pathology and therapeutics—War-

ren, 232.
Transactions of the antiseptic club, 329.
Urinalysis and uinary diagnosis-Purdy 103.
Visiting list, Medical News, 22.

Scarlatina-like rashes in children, 267.
Sero— theropy, prospects of 237.
Society dues, have you paid your, 41.

notes, 231.

American Med. Asso. 295.
Board of Medical Examiners of North Car.

olina, 325.

VOLUMES xxxvi.


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Buncombe county medical society, 18, 97.
Louisville, (Ky) surgical society, 117, 198.
Medical Society of the State of North Car-

olina, 287, 321.
Morehouse county (La) Medical society, 203.
Richmond (Va) Academy of Med and Surg.

99, 113, 145, 204.
Southern Surgical and Gynecological, 13,

56, 91.

Sponges aseptic, to render, 326.
Squint in the young, treatment of 109.
State hospital at Morganton, the, 68.
Surgery as taught and practiced at the pres-
ent time, defects in, 119.

on the wing-three successful ab-
dominal sections, 49.
Symphisiotomies, the first American, 154.
Syphilis of the nervous system, the diagno-

sis of, 6.

Tax on doctors, a, 156.
The new year, 20.
The public service, 27, 44, 79, 107, 133, 162,

288, 217, 245, 272, 302, 332.
Thiol, 175.
Tincture of iron, dose of, 100.
Tuberculin, what is, 137.
Tuberculosis, the treatment of bone and

joint, 332.
Tumors, local electrolysis and zinc-amalgam

cataphoresis in malignant and non-ma-

lignant, 221.
Typhoid fever, the use of chlorine in treat-

ment of, 331.

Unusual habit, a, 106.
Unwise bill, a very, 42.
Ureterotomy, 104.
Urine, a quick method of filtrating, 244.
Uterine appendages, the etiology and treat-

ment of inflammation of 331.
Uterus, removal of, for disease of adnexa, 104.

total extirpation of, for fibroma
complicated by pregnancy, 81.

Varicocele, treatment of 181.
Variola, treatment of, by antitoxin, 101.
Viability at six months and twenty-one days

Where to locate, 252.
Wilkerson, Dr. Thomas B.-obituary notice ,

Williams, Dr. Annie W. 102.

Ball, M. V., acute cocaine poisoning. 295.
Bitting, B. T., Some facts concerning the

medical profession in No. Ca. 313.
Blount, J. G., Anæsthesia, 33.

Burroughs, J. A., Dysentery, 233.

Duffy, Francis, Report of surgical cases, 201.

Flemming, W. M., Treatment of intermit-

tent fever, 286.

Hodges, J. A., Report of recovery of a case

of spastic ataxia associated with mul-

tiple neuritis, 81.

Irwin, J. R., An obstetrical resource and

necessity, 112.

Julian, C. A., Biographical sketch of Dr.

Robert Lee Payne, 257.

Kent, A. A., Annual debate-the abuse of

alcoholic stimulants in practice. 1.

Laughinghouse, C. O'H. Something of

surgery up to date, 161.
Loftin, P. B., Hemorrhagic fever-some

experience with it, 42.
Mays, Thos. J., Local application of ice in

acute pneumonia, 321.

McMullan, T. S., The rational treatment of

puerperal eclampsia, 129.

Murphy, R. L., The care of the insane and

the treatment and diagnosis of isan-
ity, 68.

Wathen, Wm. H., Operation for double

Parker, E. F., London letter, 56.

Patterson, R. A., Treatment of diphthe-

ria, 97.

Pierce, A, B., Some practical hints drawn


pyosalpinx, 260.
West, Geo. H., Good drinking water vs.

malaria--12 months experience with

malaria on Roanoke river, 231.

Whitehead, R. H., Anatony of oblique in-

guinal hernia with reference to Mace-
wen's operation, 48.

Report of case of intestinal perfo-

ration, 67.

White, J. A., Remarks on goitre with re-

port of cures, 289.
Williams, R. F., Diagnosis and medical

treatment of intestinal obstruction, 357.

Abscess, 248.

Absinthism and its dangers, 345.
Acquitted, Dr. Payne's murderer, 87.
Adenitis of the groin, iodoform ointment

injeetions in treatment of suppurative,


Alvarenga prize, 378.

Anæsthesia, 33.

Analgesia and sedation, 352.

Angina pectoris, gouty arthritis and, 188.
Annual debate-abuse of alcoholic stimu-

lants in practice, I.

Antipyrin in surgery, 155.

Asiatic cholera, treatment of 277.

Asphyxia neonatorum, treatment of. 346.

Atoxia associated with multiple neuritis,

report of recovery of a case of progres-

sive spastic, 81.

Cardiac stimulants, 263.

Casts in the urine, the meaning and import

of 218.
Cerebral surgery, recent advances in 187,

Chicken-pox and measles in some patient,

on the co-existence of 218.

Chloroform anæsthesia, on the dangers of


narcosis, cocaine in, 66.
Chlorosis, treatment of, 121.
Cholelithiasis, remarks on surgical treat-

ment of, 205.

Cholera infantum, rational therapeutics

of, 27


Battey, Robert, M. D.,

Beef-tea delusion, 310.

Bicycle riding, 181.

Board of examiners, questions submitted

by, 159

Bursting theory as applied to the diagnosis

of fracture of the skull, 149.

Closing year thoughts, 367.

Cocaine poisoning, acute, 295.

Cold bath in treatment of fever, 5 years ex-

perience with, 249.
Constipation, big-belly, and dilatation and

hypertrophy of the intestine, 185.

Cornea, albolene on the, 104.

infective lesions of the, and their

treatment, 186.

removal of foreign bodies from the

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Intestinal obstruction diagnosis and medical
treatment of, 357.

perforation, report of a case of 67.
Iodoform, sulphur as a substitute for, 91.
Knee-joint, treatment of tuberculosus affec-

tions of the, 23.
London letter, 56.
Malaria, good drinking water vs.—12 months

experience with malaria on Roanoke
river, 231.

parasite of, 184.

preferable form of quinine to be
used in preventive therapenties of, 154.
Malarial paroxysm, ammonoi in, 318.
Medical attention to the poor, 212.

examination fees, 341, 378.
facts, have we any, 145.
legislation, priority in, 273.

profession in No. Ca., some facts
concerning. 313.
Midwifery, clean midwifery with report of

case of unclean. 105.
Milk baths as a remedy, 322.
Mineral waters and saline mixtures, some

remarks on, 122.
Miscellaneous items, 29, 61, 95, 126, 190,

222, 255, 282, 315, 348, 379.
Morphine hypodermatically, 180.
Murphy't button, death from, 285.

Eclampsia, rational treatment of puerperal

Ehrlich's diazo reaction, the clinical value

of 308.
Electricity as a means of diagnosis, 250.
Empvema of frontal sinus, 277.
Epithelioma of face, lactic acid in, 18.
Epulis of lower jaw, multiple, 262.
Erysipelas, honey in, 312.
Face, treatment of wounds of the, 300,
Feeble minded and epileptics, 274.
Fibroid tumors and pregnancy, 41.
Fistula in ano, 23.
Follicular tonsillitis and its relation to in-

fections disorders, the nature of so-

called, 21.
Fracture, delayed union in, 328.

of lower end of femur, bone suture

Nævus, treatment of, 211.
Nasal septum, abscess of, 125.
Neurasthenia, the relationship between

auto-intoxication and, 311.

in, 94

Gastro-intestinal catarrh, treatment of, 219.
Goitre, remarks on, with report of cures, 289.
Gravel, treatment of uric acid, 92.

Obstetric resource and necessity, 112.
Occipito-posterior positions, 22.
Oophorectomy, the ligature in, 347.

Harvey prize, 21.
Hæmorrhages, antipyrin in uterine, u.
Hæmorrhagic fever, some experience with,

Hæmorrhoidal disease, 184.
Heart, unexpected result of tapping the, 89.
Hernia in the male with reference to Mace-

wen's operation, anatomy of 48.
.... the final result in radical operations
for irreducible, 124.

Iliac abscesses, cases illustrating the opera-

Pasteur, Louis, 253.
Payne, Robert Lee, M.I)., 257.
Pelvic abscess, vaginal section and drain-

age for, 376.
Pericardial sac, on tapping the, 93.
Permanganate of calcium, antiseptic value

of, 189.
Plaster of Paris in treatment of fractures,

new method of applying, 65.
Pneumonia, increased mortality from, 247,

.... local applications of cold in acute, 321.
Pneumonitis in childhood, 193.
Prescriptions accuracy in compounding, 247.
Rowan county medical society, 304.

tion treatment of, 90.
Index medicus, exit, 19.
Insanity, care of the insane and treatment
and diagnosis of, 68.

puerperal, 123.
Insomnia, observations on the influence

treatment of certain cases of, 371.
Intermittent fever, treatment of, 286.
Intestinal obstruction by worms, a case of

precision in writing and fillling, 119.
Preventive medicine, 353.
Prizes, 183.
Prize, Samuel D. Gross, 285.
Prostate, castration for enlarged, 370.
Pulmonary phthisis, some practical hints

drawn from an observation of 50 years
Concerning the management and treat-

ment of 228.
Pyopneumathorax, 252.
Pyosalpinx, operation for double, 260.

of 24.


transactions, 343.
Spinal canal, successful removal of large
tumors from, 309.

meningitis, puncture for, 279.
Sputum, an important point in examination

of 346.
Stomach, hairy concretion in, 80.
Suppuration, aseptic treatment of 88.
Surgery, something of, up to date. 161.
Surgical cases, report of-Duffy, 201.

Tayloe, 225.
suggestions, 373.
Syphilis, diagnosis and treatment of tertiary


Tabes dorsalis, 273.
Taka diastase, 370.
Tetanus cured by antitoxin, 285.
The public service, 28, 60, 94, 125, 157, 189,

220, 254, 280, 317, 348, 379.
Therapentics, recent suggestions in, 340.
Tight lacing, death due to, 14.
Trephining the cranium, remarks upon, 83.
Tuberculosis, prevention of 306.
Tuberculous peritonitis, laparotomy in, 272.
Typhoid fever, gangrene of leg following,

treatment of, by guaiacol, 178.

Reading notices, 32, 64, 96, 127, 192, 224,

256, 288, 319, 383.
Rectal surgery, some suggestions in, 138.
Reviews and Book notices-

Appendicitis--Morris, 245.
Archives of pediatrics, 278.
Asepsis, surgical-Beck, 20.
Aseptic treatment of wounds, 184.
Bulletin Amer, Acad. of Medicine. 368.
Care of the baby, 183.
Clinical lectures-Gowers, 215.
Dietetics-Thompson, 214.
Diet list–Thomas, 152.
Index catalogue, 278.

of medicine-Taylor, 120.
International medical annual, 368.
Materia medica and therapeutics—Leon-

ard, 246.
Skiascopy-Jackson, 152.
Tumors--Senn, 369.
Visiting list--the physicians, 343.

Medical News, 344.
Rheumatism, 275.
Ring-worm, management of, 200.

Salicylic acid locally, 200.
Sarcoma of brain successfully removed by

operation, 53
Scarlatina, some forms of eruption simulat-

ing, 236.
Skin, congenital exfoliation of, 86.

grafting, new method of obtaining
material for 372.
Society reports-

Board of medical examiners, 151, 221.
No. Ca. Board of Health, 15.
Philadelphia Academy of Medicine, 336.
Richmond Acad. of Med. and Surg. 50,

116, 176, 362.

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