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Thirteen Satires of Juvenal. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1853.

8vo. Second edition. vol. 1. 1869–72. 73. 6d. vol. 11. 1878. 103. 6d. Cambridge in the Seventeenth Century. London, Macmillan. fc. 8vo. Part I. Two Lives of Nicolas Ferrar. 1855.

Out of print. Second edition in preparation.- Part II. Autobiography of Matthew Robinson. 1856. 5s.6d.-Part III. Life of William Bedell, by his son. 1871. 35. 6d.

The gross proceeds of the sale of Part III. are given to the disestablished church of Ireland, to promote the education of the orphans of clergymen. Early Statutes of St John's College, Cambridge. London. Macmillan, 1859. 8vo.

The text. The notes, completing the book, are in preparation. 18s. Cicero's Second Philippic.

With notes. 5th edition. London, Macmillan. fc. 8vo. (1861, 1865,

1867, 1872,] 1877. 55. Ricardi de Cirencestria Speculum Historiale de Gestis

Regum Angliae. A.D. 447--1066. London, edited for the Master of the Rolls, with a preface on C. J. Bertram's forgery, De Situ Brittaniae. 1863 -9.

2 vols. 8vo. The Scholemaster. By ROGER AscHAM. With notes. London, Bell, 1863. sc. 8vo.

6s. Letters of Archbishop Williams, with Documents relating

to him. With notes. Cambridge, 1866. 8vo. Privately printed. Catalogue of Baker MSS. (in the 'Catalogue of MSS.

preserved in the library of the university of Cambridge,' v 193—567). Cam

bridge, University Press. 1867. 8vo. First Greek Reader.

4th and cheaper edition. London, Macmillan. (1868, 1870, 1873,] 1878.

4.5. б.

History of the College of St John the Evangelist, by

Thomas Baker, B.D. Ejected Fellow. Edited for the Syndics of the Uni

versity Press, Cambridge, 1869. I vol. in 2 parts. 8vo. 245. Life of Ambrose Bonwicke, by his father. Cambridge,

Deighton, Bell and Co. 1870. fc. 8vo. 6s. Latin Exercises.

Accidence (3 parts. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. 1870. 8vo. 6d. each). Second edition, 1 vol. 1871. cr. 8vo. IS. 6d. Syntax parts. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. 1871. 8vo. 6d. each). Second ed. 1 vol. 1878. cr. 8vo. 15. 6d. Series III. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. 1872.

cr. 8vo.

3 parts. 6d. each. Second edition, 1 vol. 1879 8vo.


Is. 6d.

The Narrative of Odysseus. Homer's Odyssey IX-XII.

With notes. London, Macmillan. 18mo. Part I. 1872. 38.

M. Fabii Quintiliani Institutionis Oratoriae Liber X.

With an introduction, analysis and notes. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. cr. 8vo.

1os. [Part I. pp. 147, was issued in 1872.]

Fragments of Two Essays in English Philology by the late JULIUS CHARLES HARE, M.A. London, Macmillan. 8vo. 1873.

I. Words derived from names of places. II. Words corrupted by false analogy or false derivation.

35. 6d.

Report of the Congress of Constance held Sept. 12–14.

Rivingtons, 1873. 8vo. 6d. Bp. Reinkens' second pastoral letter, ibid. 1874.6d.' Bp. Reinkens' speeches on Christian Union and Old Catholic prospects. With a preface by Bp. Reinkens and a biographical notice, ibid. 1874.

IS. Speech of Prof. Messmer at the congress of Constance, ibid. 1874. 6d. .

Memoir of Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby.

By the late C. H. COOPER, F.S.A. Edited for the two colleges of her foundation. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. 1874. 8vo.

75. б.

Facts and Documents relating to the Persecutions endured

by Old Catholics. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1875. 8vo. 6d.

Bibliographical Clue to Latin Literature. London and

Cambridge, Macmillan. 1875. 8vo.

6s. 6d.

Vol. I.


English Works of Bishop Fisher.

Early English Text Society, 1876.

Venerabilis Bedae Hist. Eccl. Gentis Anglorum Libri III.

IV. Edited with J., R. LUMBY, B.D. for the Syndics of the Press. Cambridge, 1878. Ex. fc. 8vo. 7s.6d.


Cambridge under Queen Anne.

Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. fc. 8vo.

Lives of Bishop Bedell by his Son and Son-in-Law, with

his Letters. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co.








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