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This Volume is offered to the public as the first of a series, in which it is intended to comprise the works of the principal Greek and Latin classics ; to be adapted to the use of students by the omission of offensive words and passages; and to be illustrated by original notes in English, embodying the most recent philological information, together with occasional strictures on sentiments of an unchristian tendency. Whilst the cordial cooperation of the two Editors in each branch of their undertaking has tended to impart to the whole a harmony of tone and style, it is to be understood that Mr. Girdlestone is answerable for the omissions in the text, and for the annotations of a moral and religious character, the responsibility of the classical department resting with Mr. Osborne.

The text is in the main that of the manuscripts and of the earlier editions, with few, if any, of the innovations introduced by Bentley and later editors. The translations, the paraphrases, and the occasional indications of the order of construction, pretend to no more than to convey to the mind of the student a correct idea of the meaning of the author, where it is most liable to be mistaken. Such translations are printed in italics, and the paraphrases are distinguished by inverted commas. For the sake of economising space, it has been thought best to refer to preceding notes, whenever they appear to supply the requisite information.

Other editions of Horace, and philological works both English and foreign, have been freely consulted; but the Editors do not feel bound to acknowledge any especial obligations, except to the edition of Orelli, published in two 8vo volumes, at Zurich, which has been of service in the final revision of the notes ; to Dr. Cramer's interesting works on ancient Greece and Italy; to the Rev. Canon Tate's dissertations prefixed to his Horatius Restitutus ; and to the very valuable Dictionaries of Greek and

Roman antiquities and mythology, which have been edited by Dr. Smith.

But more especially the thanks of the Editors are due to those who have strengthened them in their difficult and delicate task, by sanctioning the two characteristic principles on which this Edition rests its claim for general adoption ; principles of which the one must be admitted to be novel, while the other, when tried alone, has not met with the success which it deserved. Encouraged by the gracious permission of their Sovereign to dedicate the entire series to Her Majesty, and also by the avowed sanction of the following eminent men, mostly of high scholastic or academical repute, whose names are here published with their leave, the Editors feel, in presenting their First Volume to the public, that there is an ample guarantee, not, indeed, for the execution of this particular Work, but for the ultimate success of the educational reform which it is their earnest anxiety to promote.

His Grace the Archbishop of CANTERBURY.

His Grace the Archbishop of YORK. The Rt. Rev. the Bishops of The Rt. Rev. the Bishops of LONDON.





ST. Asaph.

Sr. David's.

WORCESTER. The Very Rev. the Dean of Dr. OLLIVANT, Reg. Professor MANCHESTER.

of Divinity, Cambridge. The Ven. the Master of the Rev. J. SCHOLEFIELD, Regius CHARTER HOUSE.

Professor of Greek, CamThe Rev, the Warden of WIN- bridge.

Rev. W. Carus, Cambridge. The Rev, the Principal of King's Dr. SINGER, Reg. Professor of College, London.

Divinity, Dublin. Rev. Dr. VAUGHAN, Head Mas. Rev. Dr. ELRINGTON, T. C. ter of Harrow.

Dublin. Ven. Archdeacon BERENS. Rev. Principal MacFARLANE, Ven. Archdeacon HOARE.

Glasgow. Ven. Archdeacon Hodson. Professor DUNBAR, Edinburgh. Rev. Chancellor LAW.

Professor RAMSAY, Glasgow. Rev. Chanceilor RAIKES.

Lord COCKBURN, Edinburgh. March, 1848.


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