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other agents in camps and hospitals, for the distribution of tracts and for Christian ministrations, as, in their judg. ment, shall seem advisable.”

A letter was read from Daniel Denny, Esq., declining to accept the office of Vice-President, to which he was elected at the last meeting, on account of engagements which would prevent his regular attendance at the monthly meetings.

Henry P. Kidder, Esq., of Boston, was then unanimously elected a Vice-President to fill this vacancy.

After the transaction of other business, the Board adjourned to Monday, Dec. 14.


THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT OF THE SUNDAY-SCHOOL SOCIETY have chosen Mr. Moses T. Rice, of Boston (a member of the Board), Secretary, in place of Rev. S. A. Smith, who was elected at the annual meeting, but declined to serve; and have chosen Rev. William P. Tilden a director in place of Mr. Rice.

THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE NORTH MIDDLESEX SUNDAY-SCHOOL SOCIETY was held at Nashua, N. H., on Wednesday, Oct. 28; when the following officers were elected for the coming year : President, Rev. Frederic Hinckley of Lowell ; Secretary, Rev. George M. Rice of Westford.

Rev. LOAMMI G. WARE was installed as pastor of the society in Burlington, Vt., on Wednesday, Nov. 4. The order of services was as follows: Introductory anthem; prayer ; reading from the Scriptures ; hymn; sermon, by Rev. Cyrus A. Bartol, D.D., of Boston; anthem; prayer, by Rev. John Cordner of Montreal ; hymn; charge, by Rev. Edward E. Hale of Boston ; address to the people, by Rev. John F. W. Ware of Cambridgeport ; prayer ; doxology; benediction, by the pastor.

Mr. WILLIAM BROWN, a graduate of the Cambridge Divinity School in the class of the present year, was ordained as pastor of the society in Sherborn, Mass., on Thursday, Nov. 5. The order of services was as follows: Voluntary, by the choir ; introductory prayer, by Rev. John M. Merrick of Walpole; selections from the Scriptures, by Rev. Benjamin H. Bailey of Dedham; hymn; sermon, by Rev. James Freeman Clarke of Boston ; ordaining prayer, by Rev. George R. Noyes, D.D., of Cambridge; hymn; charge, by Rev. Henry F. Harrington of Cambridgeport ; right hand of fellowship, by Rev. Edward I. Galvin of Brookfield ; address to the people, by Rev. Theodore H. Dorr, the former pastor ; concluding prayer, by Rev. Horatio Alger of South Natick; doxology; benediction, by the pastor.

Rev. JAMES C. Parsons has resigned the charge of the society in Waltham, Mass.

Rev. HENRY C. BADGER of East Cambridge has accepted an invitation to take charge of the society in New Bedford, Mass., for one year.

Rev. CHARLES W. BUCK, a graduate of the Meadville Theological School in the last class, has accepted a call from the society in Fall River, Mass.

Rev. JOSEPH F. LOVERING has resigned the charge of the Second Society in Portland, Me., to accept the chaplaincy of the Seventeenth Regiment Maine Volunteers.

Rev. CHARLES B. WEBSTER has resigned the charge of the society at Neponset, Mass. ; having received a lieutenant's commission in the corps d'Afrique, now forming in Louisiana, under Gen. Andrews.

Rev. Sylvan S. HUNTING has received a new commission, reinstating him as chaplain of the Twenty-seventh Michigan Regiment.

Rev. ALPHEUS S. NICKERSON, formerly of Chelsea, has taken charge of the society in Barnstable, Mass., for six months, ending the 1st of March next.

Rev. EDMUND B. WILLSON, of the North Society, Salem, has been appointed chaplain of the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment.


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Rev. JAMES THURSTON was installed as pastor of the society in Leicester, Mass., on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Rev. A. G. HIBBARD, for two years past pastor of the Universalist Society in Aurora, Ill., has accepted a call from the Unitarian Society in Detroit, Mich.

Rev. Rufus P. STEBBINS, D.D., has resigned the charge of the society in Woburn, Mass.


Since our last Notice. Ritter's Geographical Studies : Geographical Studies, by the

late Prof. CARL RITTER, of Berlin. Translated from the original German, by WILLIAM LEONHARD GAGE, translator and editor of Prof. Heinrich Steffens's “Story of my Career,” &c. Boston: Gould & Lincoln, 59, Washington Street. 1863.

Mr. Gage, the translator of these Essays on Physical Geography, studied at Berlin under the direction of Prof. Ritter, and there became well acquainted with him. The labor of translating these papers could not have fallen into better hands. We have again to thank the enterprising firm of GOULD & LINCOLN for presenting us with this volume, which is indispensable to every man of science, and every library which undertakes to keep abreast with the geographical knowledge of the time.

Mr. Gage gives the following account of Ritter in his personal appearance and as a lecturer:

“When I was in Berlin, five years ago, Ritter's room was still full: more than three hundred young men were hearing his lectures. He knew his art well. With almost womanly tact, he seized upon those features which present circumstances made interesting, and culled out of the immense masses of matter lying in his mind just what he could use with the greatest profit. He illustrated freely by excellent maps; and was a master in the use of the blackboard, sketching gracefully and readily whatever made his subject clear. I shall not forget the patriarchal appearance of Carl Ritter in the lecture-room in 1855. He used his notes about half the time, but read them easily and with great distinctness. Obscure and involved almost without parallel in his written dissertations, yet his style was simple in the lecture-room; and his clear articulation and well-chosen emphasis, combined in a highly musical voice, made it easy to follow him. He was a tall, finely proportioned man, with a noble head, a most sincere and earnest manner, yet unusually quiet and simple. His dress was peculiar when an old man; and no one who frequented the famous Linden Avenue of Berlin would fail to remark that tall and venerable figure, clad in a long blue coat and broad-rimmed hat, both half a century out of date. He used to wear a large rolling collar, like that worn by a past generation of New-England grandfathers; and that, together with the huge horn spectacles, gave him a rusticity of appearance, and a simple friendliness, which captivated every one who knew his learning, his talents, and his heart. It was a characteristic of Ritter, that the external man was so penetrated by his inner nature, that the two were inseparable and indistinguishable. He was such a one, that, if you had looked upon his face, you had read the whole man; and therefore he belonged to that class of minds which always makes the same impression upon men of all conditions and mental varieties." Vassar Female College. Report on Organization. (Pamphlet,

pp. 53.) Loyal Publication Society. No. 22. Emancipation is Peace,


Resistance to Evil : a Discourse delivered to the Barton-square

Society in Salem, Sept. 6. By WILLIAM H. KNAPP. Boston: John Wilson & Son.

This is a capital sermon, from which we should like to make a few extracts, and hope to do so. But, lest we should not find room for them, we would advise our readers to get it, and read the whole. It discusses the question, Ought we to worship the Devil, or to resist him?

Address at the Funeral of Rev. GEORGE G. INGERSOLL, D.D.

Delivered in Keene, N.H., Sept. 18, by William ORNE WHITE. Boston: John Wilson & Son.

An excellent sermon on an excellent man. A Discourse commemorative of the late Rev. ROBERT BAIRD,

D.D. By William B. SPRAGUE, D.D., Minister of the Second Presbyterian Congregation, Albany. Albany: 1863.

The Headship of Christ, and the Rights of the Christian People:

a Collection of Essays, Historical and Descriptive Sketches, and Personal Portraitures ; with the author's celebrated Letter to Lord Brougham. By Hugh MILLER. Edited, with a Preface, by PETER BAYNE. Boston: Gould & Lincoln. 1863.

Messrs. Gould & Lincoln have given us, in this volume of 500 pages, a collection of Hugh Miller's papers concerning the celebrated controversy between the Kirk of Scotland and the Free Church. The book contains the pièces justicatifs of that great struggle, and is an important contribution to ecclesiastical history, as well as interesting to the admirers of Hugh Miller. The Sanitary-Commission Bulletin. Vol. I., No. 1. New York: Nov. 1, 1863.


1863. Nov. 2. From Society in Grafton, for Monthly Journals . . $11.00 4. , Rev. Fred. Hinckley's Society, Lowell,

as a donation . . . . . . . . $61.00 For Monthly Journals . .....14.00

76.00 Society in Groton, for Monthly Journals .. 50.00 ,, Ashby, as a donation . . . . :

21.65 Rev. F. Ä. Farley, D.D., Trustee, as income of Graham Fund. . . . . . . . . .

274.81 Society in Fall River, for Monthly Journals . 18.00

, „Bernardston, as a donation . . .. 14.00 3 » Montague, as a donation .... 8.00

$2.00 25.00 10.00

25. From a friend ............ • •

through Rev. J. F. W. Ware ...
Rev.'J. P. W. Ware's Society, Cambridgeport,

additional (in all, $134.62) .. a friend · · · · · · · ·

, Mrs. Steele . .

Charles Vaughan, Esq.. .........
a friend . ::

through Rev. J. F. W. Ware :::

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3.00 2.00 4.00 5.00 5.00 10.00

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