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On India Mission.

I Rev. J. F. CLARKE.
C. E. Norton, Esq.

On New-England Correspondence. Rev. C. H. BRIGHAM.


On Western Correspondence. Rev. R. P. STEBBINS, D.D. | Rev. FREDERIC HINCKLEY.

Rev. J. F. W. WARE.

On Finance.

I C. C. SMITH, Esq.


On Aid to Theological Students. Rev. F. H. HEDGE, D.D. 1 Rev. WILLIAM NEWELL, D.D.

C. C. SMITH, Esq.

On Publications. Rev. R. P. STEBBINS, D.D.

Rev. J. F. CLARKE.

Rev. J. F. W. WARE.
C. C. SMITH, Esq.

The management of the “ Monthly Journal” was referred to the Committee on Publications, with full powers.

The following resolution, offered by Rev. Dr. Hedge, was unanimously adopted : Resolved, That the thanks of the Executive Committee be presented to the Unitarian Society in San Francisco, under the pastoral charge of Rev. T. Starr King, for their generous contribution of a thousand dollars to the funds of the Association.

The following, offered by Rev. Dr. Newell, was also unanimously adopted : Resolved, That the thanks of this Board be presented to the Arlington-street Society for their generous kindness in offering the use of their church edifice for the Annual Meeting of the Association on the 26th of May.

The Committee on Publications were authorized to issue new editions of the “ Soldier's Companion” and the Army Tracts.

The Secretary stated, that he had received a letter from the pastor of the society in Toledo, O., expressing the hope, that some members of the Executive Committee, or at least one representative of the Committee, would be present at the Western Conference, which was to meet with them on the 17th instant. It was decided to accept the invitation ; and Rev. J. F. Clarke was chosen a delegate to represent the Association on that occasion.

After the transaction of other business, the Board adjourned to Monday, July 13.

INTELLIGENCE. Mr. CHARLES B. WEBSTER, of Charlestown, was ordained as pastor of the society at Neponset (Dorchester), Mass., on Thursday evening, June 4. The order of services was as follows: Invocation, and reading of the Scriptures, by Rev. Nathaniel Hall, of Dorchester ; hymn; sermon, by Rev. Cyrus A. Bartol, D.D., of Boston; original hymn; ordaining prayer, by Rev. Edward E. Hale, of Boston; right hand of fellowship, by Rev. James T. Hewes, of South Boston; charge to the pastor, by Rev. Edward E. Hale; address to the people, by Rev. Fred. W. Holland, of North Cambridge; concluding prayer, by Rev. Stephen G. Bulfinch, of Dorchester ; doxology; benediction, by the pastor.

The New UNITARIAN CHURCH in Kalamazoo, Mich., was dedicated on Thursday, May 28. The sermon was preached by the pastor, Rev. S. B. Flagg.

The FIRST ANNUAL MEETING OF THE NEW HAMPSHIRE UNITARIAN ASSOCIATION was held at Concord on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10 and 11. Eighty-one delegates were in

attendance, representing Amherst, Candia, Concord, Dover, Exeter, Franklin, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Keene, Lancaster, Loudon, Manchester, Nashua, Peterborough, Portsmouth, and Walpole. On the forenoon of Wednesday, a business meeting was held, at which the following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year : President, Hon. H. A. Bellows, of Concord. Vice-Presidents, Hon. W. H. Y. Hackett, of Portsmouth; and George Tilden, of Keene. Secretary, Rev. James De Normandie, of Portsmouth. Treasurer, Charles L. Richardson, of Manchester. Directors, E. L. Cushing, of Charlestown; Hon. J. H. White, of Lancaster; Samuel Hale, of Dover; Charles Burley, of Exeter ; J. A. Baldwin, of Nashua; Rev. A. W. Stevens, of Manchester; and Hon. Onslow Stearns, of Concord. In the afternoon, a discussion took place on “ The true relation between pastor and people;" and, in the evening, a sermon was preached by Rev. A. W. Stevens. On the forenoon of Thursday, there was a prayer and conference meeting ; which was followed by a debate on “ The comparative excellence of the Unitarian faith, as contrasted with other forms of religious belief, in the promotion of true piety."

Mr. WILLIAM T. PHELAN, a graduate of the Meadville Theological School in the class of 1862, was ordained as pastor of the society in Mendon, Mass., on Wednesday, June 10. The order of services was as follows: Anthem; introductory prayer, by Rev. John Boyden, of Woonsocket; reading of the Scriptures, by Rev. Rushton D. Burr, of Uxbridge; hymn; sermon, by Rev. Rush R. Shippen, of Worcester; hymn; ordaining prayer, by Rev. William P. Tilden, of Boston; charge, by Rev. Eli Fay, of Leominster; right hand of fellowship, by Rev. George L. Chaney, of Boston; address to the people, by Rev. George S. Ball, of Upton; anthem ; closing prayer, by Rev. Adin Ballou, of Hopedale; benediction.

Rev. A. D. Mayo was installed as pastor of the Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati, O., on Wednesday evening, June 3. The order of services was as follows: Anthem ; prayer of invocation, by Rev. J. M. Windsor, of Marietta, O. ; reading from the Scriptures, by Rev. G. M. Demarest (Universalist); sermon,

by Rev. William G. Eliot, D.D., of St. Louis, Mo.; installing prayer, - by Rev. Charles G. Ames, of Cincinnati; anthem ; charge to the pastor, with right hand of fellowship, by Rev. Robert Collyer, of Chicago, Ill. ; hymn, read by Rev. J. M. Windsor'; address to the society, by Rev. John H. Heywood, of Louisville, Ky.; anthem; benediction, by the pastor.

Rev. SAMUEL Osgood, D.D., of New York, will deliver the Annual Discourse before the Alumni of the Cambridge Divinity School, on Tuesday, July 14.

Rev. OLIVER STEARNS, D.D., President of the Meadville Theological School, has been elected, by the corporation of Harvard College, Parkman Professor of Pulpit Eloquence and Pastoral Care, and also to take the title and perform the duties of Lecturer on Christian Theology; in which appointment the Board of Overseers have concurred.

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3.00 107.90 25.00 26.00

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June 1. From Rev. E. B. Willson's Society, Salem, as a dona-

tion, additional .
„ „ Rev. Samuel J. May, to make himself an

annual member.

Second Society, Philadelphia, for · Monthly

Journals, additional . . . . . . . .
Society in Jamaica Plain, as a donation ....
B., New Haven, Conn., for Madras Mission .
Society in Eastport, Me., for Monthly Journals.
Dr. J. S. French, as a donation . . . . . .
Society in Waltham, as a donation . . . . .
Society in Portsmouth, N.H., for Monthly Jour-

nals . . . . .
„ Friends in Portsmouth, N.H., for India Mission

June 2. From L. S. G., towards support of Rev. Wil-

liam G. Scandlin .. . . . . . $50.00

For circulating tracts ...... 10.00 , , , A Friend, towards support of Rev. William G. , 3. A Friend, through Rev. J. F. W. Ware, towards

support of Rev. William G. Scandlin: . . „ 16. Friends in Portsmouth, N.H. ......

25.00 10.00

60.00 10.00








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The Trinity. Athanasian Creed. The Church doctrine concerning the Trinity appears most fully developed in its Orthodox form in what is called the CREED OF ST. ATHANASIUS. It was not written by him, but by some one in the fifth or sixth century.

1. Whosoever will be saved, before all things must take care

2. Which except one keeps it entire and inviolate, he shall without doubt perish everlastingly.

3. But the Catholic faith is this: that we adore one God in Trinity, and the Trinity in Unity;

4. Neither confounding the persons, nor dividing the substance.

5. For there is one person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Spirit.

6. But the Divinity of the Father, Son, and Spirit, is one, the glory equal, the majesty equal. VOL. IV.


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