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The Death of Sampson Gideon-His will-A Contemporary's

letter-Mr. Francis's faceticus oëservations—The New

Rabbi of the German Synagogue-Dr. Ephraim Luzato's

poems The German Synagogue in Duke’s-place enlarged

Hebrew printing presses-Professor Levysohn's work on

the Law and Science The Author's treatment in England

-The publication of a Hebrew, English, and Spanish Voca..

bulary—The best of the sort—Two Charitable Societies

organized—The annoyance to which the Jews were sub-

jected from Lord George Gordon's No-Popery—The Jews

indemnified by Lord George Gordon's becoming a Jew--His

Lordship's circumcision-His 'attention to the New Creed

which he had embraced—His Prison Synagogue-His

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