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Adams, John, Sketch of the professional life of, 65–68.
Arbitrator, duties of 98–102.
Blake, case of the, 205.
Channing's Translation of Jouffroy on Natural Law, reviewed, 257–268.
Christianity, influence of on the Roman Law, 280–296.
Commonwealth r. Stone, case of, 481.
Critical Notices —Beames's Ne Exeat, by Nicoll, 492; Brooke's Notary Pub-
lic, 343; Channing's Jouffroy, 257; Chitty's Criminal Law, 494; Curtis's
Merchant Seamen, 480; Darnes's Trial, 251 ; D'Hauteville Case, review
of 236; Fregier, on the dangerous classes, 246; Hilliard's Law of Sale,
4-8; Kent's Commentaries, 102; Meigs's Reports, 243; Porter's Reports,
253; Savigny's Roman Law, 244; Shepley's Reports, 249; Stephen's New
Commentaries. 331; Stewart's Blackstone, 331; Sumner's Reports, 249;
Troubat's Williams on Executors, 487; Vermont, Revised Statutes of 235;
Washburn's Judicial History, 204; Combe's Notes on the United States, 496;
Petit on Usury, 498; Rosshirt on the German Criminal Law, 499.
Foster, Jedediah, Biographical Sketch of, 325–326.

Grant r. Grant, case of 223.
Guardians, Duties of, 81–88.
Hardwicke, Lord, Life of 1–47.
Insolvent Estates, Settlement, &c. of 374.

Jolly, Ann, Case of the goods of 233.

Jurors, duties of, 95–98.
Kent's Commentaries, Review of, 102–117.
Laws of England, New Commentaries on, Stephens's, reviewed, 331.
Legal Fictions, 69–81.

Letter to the Editor, 253.
New Commentaries on the Laws of England, 831–342.
Northington, Lord, Life of 296–310.
Notary Public, Office and Duty of, 343–384.
Realty, Covenants in, o on, 328–330.
Real and Personal Property, Law of, Stewart's, reviewed, 331.
Reward, Case of the, 218.
Rights of Persons, Stewart's, reviewed, 331.
Sandwich Islands, Laws of the, 310–317.
Sargeant, Nathaniel Peaselee, Biographical Sketch of 325–326.
Special Legislation, 317–322.
Stoic Philosophy, Influence of on the Roman Law, 47–65.
Sureties, Duties of 88–95.

Trade Marks, 269–280.

Tremont, Case of the, 216.

Warren, James, Biographical Sketch of 323–325.

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