A Treatise on the Law of Costs in the Chancery Division of High Court of Justice: Being the 2d Ed. of Morgan and Davey's Costs in Chancery. With an Appendix Containing Forms and Precedents of Bills of Costs

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Page 601 - Lord (a), or at any time afterwards, or over which the said CD on the said day of (a), or at any time afterwards, had any disposing power, which he might, without the assent of any other person, exercise for his own benefit...
Page 601 - CD in your bailiwick, except his oxen and beasts of the plough, and also all such lands, tenements, rectories, tithes, rents, and hereditaments, including lands and hereditaments of copyhold or customary tenure, in your bailiwick as the said CD, or any...
Page 569 - Justice, it shall be lawful for the Court or Judge before whom any such suit, matter, or proceeding has been heard, or shall be depending, to declare such attorney or solicitor entitled to a charge upon the property recovered or preserved...
Page 201 - ... the same rules shall prevail and be observed as to the respective rights of secured and unsecured creditors, and as to debts and liabilities provable, and as to the valuation of annuities and future and contingent liabilities respectively, as may be in force for the time being under the Law of Bankruptcy with respect to the estates of persons adjudged bankrupt...
Page 7 - BILLS OF EXCHANGE — Chalmers' Digest of the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, and Cheques. By MD CHALMERS, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition.
Page 18 - Decrees. Judgments, and Orders in the High Court of Justice and Courts of Appeal, having especial reference to the Chancery Division, with Practical Notes. Fourth Edition. By RH LEACH, Esq., Senior Registrar of the Chancery Division ; PGA 'WILLIAMS, of the Inner Temple, Esq.
Page 430 - ... and which bill shall either be subscribed with the proper hand of such attorney or solicitor (or, in the case of a partnership, by any of the partners, either with his own name, or with the name or style of such partnership), or of the executor, administrator, or assignee, of such attorney or solicitor, or be inclosed in, or accompanied by, a letter subscribed in like manner, referring to such bill...
Page 10 - Proceedings in an Action in the Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions of the High Court of Justice. By SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel. Second Edition. Royal 12mo. 1880. 12.
Page 5 - With an Appendix containing Statutes, Rules as to Fees and Costs, Forms, Precedents of Pleadings and Bills of Costs. By EDWARD STANLEY ROSCOE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Northern Circuit.

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