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A Memorial to the President of the United States, for in

crease of Mail Service. The Memorial of the Legislature of Minnesota, respectfully represents, That the public interest of this for increase of State require more mail service on the route from Winona to Rochester, via New Boston, Utica, St. Charles and Greenfield.

We therefore respectfully ask your favorable consideration.

Approved March 2d, A. D. 1861.


A Memorial to the President of the United States, for increase of Mail Service.

. To the Honorable, the President of the United States :

The Memorial of the Legislature of the State of Minnesota, respectfully represents : That the public interests for increr so of of this State require mail service on a portion of the Big mail service Sioux and Mendota road. We therefore respectfully ask that you will establish such service at least twice each week; commencing at St. Paul and serving the following offices, viz: West St. Paul, Eagantown, Rosemont, Lakeville and Christiana, in Dakota County; Hazelwood, Union Lake, Millersburgh and Shieldsville in Rice County; Kilkenney, Cordova, Cleveland and Kasota, in LeSueur County, and Mankato in Blue Earth County. We also respectfully petition you to establish a mail route and


mail service from Pine Bend in Dakota County, to Rose mont, Lakeville, Eureka, Greenwich and Waterford in said county, and from said Waterford by way of Sciota, Castle Rock and Empire City to said Pine Bend, at least once each week.

Approved February 28th, A. D. 1861.


A Memorial to the President of the United States for a

daily díail from Prescott, Wisconsin, via Afton, Lake

land, Stillwater and Marine, to Taylor's Falis. To the President of the United States : The Memorial of the Legislature of the State of Minne

sota respectfully represents :

That the present postal facilities of the Saint Croix Valley are entirely inadequate to the wants of the people.

The rapid increase of inhabitants and consequent inFor a daily mail crease of business in the entire valley imperatively defrom Prescott to mand additional mail facilities.

Your Memorialists, therefore, respectfully ask that a daily mail may be established from Prescott, Wisconsin, via Afton, Lakeland, Stillwater, and Marine, to Taylor's Falls. Your Memorialist would ask that said daily mail may be carried by Steamboats which ply daily between the above named points during the season of navigation, and by land carriage at other periods of the year.

Your Memorialists would further represent, that by the establishment of this daily route, the mail would be received throughout the entire valley, as well as at Superior and all northern Wisconsin, and northeastern Min

Taylor's Falls

nesota, two days in advance of the present mail arrangement.

And your Memorialists, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Approved February 21st, A. D. 1861.


A Memorial for a Mail Route in Steele, Waseca, and

Blue Earth Counties.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representa

tives of the United States, in Congress assembled:

The Legislature of the State of Minnesota respectfully

represents :

That the citizens of Steele, Waseca, and Blue Earth counties in said State would be greatly accommodated by the establishment of a tri-weekly mail route from Owa- For a mail rito

in Stee'e, Weca tonna in Steele county via Wilton, St. Marys, and Win- and Blue Earth nebago Agency in Waseca county, to Mankato in Blue counties Earth county. The proposed ronte is in a westerly direction and is about forty-five miles in length, through an improved and settled agricultural region and over good roads. The country to be supplied is constantly increasing in population by immigration; and your Memorialists believe that the establishment of the route will both encourage the settlement of the public lands and be a source of revenue.

Approved February 25th, A. D. 1861.


For an appropri

River of the

A Memorial to Congress for an Appropriation of Money

, to aid in the construction of a Road from St. Cloud via Alexandria and Breckenridge, to Ft. Abercrombie,

on the west bank of the Red River of the North. To the Honorable, the Senate and House of Representa

tives of the United States in Congress assembled : Your Memorialists, the Legislature of the State of Minnesota, respectfully, but earnestly represent, That a suitable road from St. Cloud, in Stearns County, in this State, by way of Alexandria and Breckenridge, to Fort Abercrombie, on the west bank of the Red River of the North, is urgently demanded.

This route during the past year has been used almost ation to construct exclusively by the vast number of teams going in the dia road from St. rection of the Selkirk Settlement and the Red River. Cloud to the Red

Experience has shown it to be the best and most feasible route. The supplies for the Hudson's Bay Company are carried over it, also the Government supplies for Ft. Abercrombie and the Indian tribes in the north west of this State, as well as for those in Dakota Territory.

At present there are but few settlers along the line of this road, to aid in keeping it in repair. The citizens of Douglas and Stearns counties have already expended near three thousand dollars in efforts to improve the road. The route as at present used is about one hundred and eighty miles in length, but by a reasonable appropriation of money by Congress, used in the construction of bridges, and in filling and grading, the distance could be lessened at least forty miles.

The General Government having manifested so great an interest in the proper improvement of this important line of communication, we trust there will be no reluctance in granting our request.

Understanding that the Post Master General has a contingent fund under his control for the use of such roads, we respectfully ask that a portion of it, say to the amount

of ten thousand dollars, may be set apart and appropria-
ted for the use of the improvement aforesaid.

And your Memorialists will ever pray.
Approved March 1st, A. D. 1861.


Memorial to Congress, and Joint Resolutions, asking

that the Lands reserved for the uses of a Territorial University, under the Act of February 19th, 1851, may be donated for the benefit of said Territorial University.

To the Congress of the United States :

The Memorial of the Legislature of the State of Minne

sota respectfully represents :

That the Territory of Minnesota established a University in 1851; and that the Regents of the Territorial Institution contracted debts, relying on the proceeds of the lands reserved for the use of said Territorial University, Asking donation under the act of Congress of February 19th, 1851, and of lands for the

benefit of Terri. duly selected, for the liquidation of the same.

torial University Your Memorialists, therefore, pray that the lands reserved for the Territorial University, under the provisions of said act, may be donated by Congress for the use of said University.

Resolved,- That the Governor of the State forward a certified copy of the foregoing Memorial and Joint Resolution to each of our senators and representatives in congress, and that they be requested to use their influence to procure the speedy passage of an act vesting the title in the State to the lands above mentioned, already reserved and selected by an act of congress.

Approved March 6th, A. D. 1861.

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