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Joint Resolutions.

By the Legislature of the State of Minnesota, For the relief of Resolved, by the Legislature of the State of Minnethe starving in- sota, That the Delegation in Congress from this State, Kansas

be and they are hereby requested to use their utmost endeavors to procure an appropriation by Congress, for the relief of the starving inhabitants of Kansas.

Resolved, That the Governor be requested to transmit at once, to said delegation, the substance of the above reso lution.

Approved February 16th, A. D. 1861.


Joint Resolutions.


By the Legislature of the State of Minnesota,

Resolved, That the House of Representatives, with the Resolutions of congratulation to

concurrence of the Senate, tender their earnest congratuthe State of Ten- lations to the loyal, true State of Tennessee, for the patri

otic position she has taken in arraying herself against the spirit of secession, and in favor of the perpetuity of the Union of the States.

Resolved, That we rejoice in this manifestation of loyalty by her people, in thus recognizing that unfaltering devotion to the Union, which ever animated the heart of her illustrious Patriot and Statesman, Andrew Jackson, and which, like the mantle of Elijah, has fallen upon the shoulders of her living statesmen, her Etheridges, her Nelsons, and her Johnsons.

Resolved, That the Governor of the State is hereby requested to immediately transmit a copy of the above resolutions, to the Governor and Legislature of the State of Tennessee.

Approved February 16th, A. D. 1861.


Joint Resolution of the Senate and House of Represent

atives of the State of Minnesota, Relating to Change of County Lines hitherto proposed.

Whereas, No provision of law has hitherto existed for the sufficient publication of the adoption, by the people of organized counties, of changes in the county lines, proposed since the adoption of the State Constitution, Relating to Resolved, That the county auditor of each and


change (I county

lines hitherto county in the State, in which a vote has been or should

proposed have been taken upon any question of division of county, or change of county lines, since the adoption of the Constitution of the State, is hereby required, before the first day of June next, to make and return to the office of the Secretary of State, a certified statement of the votes of his county upon each and every such question. And the Governor is hereby authorized to make proclamation of such changes of county lines as have been adopted by the majority of the electors of the counties affected thereby.

Approved March 8th, A. D. 1861.


Joint Resolution, authorizing the Chairman of the Board

of Regents, to protect the University Lands.

Whereas, Information has been received by the Regents of the University, that depredations have been recently commenced, on the valuable timber lands selected by the Regents of the University, in the neighborhood of Morristown:

Resolved, By the Legislature of the State of MinneAuthorizing chairman board

sota : That the said Regents be authorized to employ of Regents to some proper person to visit the said locality and to prosprotect univers- ecute trespassers upon the timbered University lands. v lands

Approved February 15th, A. D. 1861.





A Memorial to Congress for an Appropriation of Money

for Improving the Mississippi River, from a point
near the Mouth of the Minnesota River, to Sauk

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representa-

tives, in Congress assembled:

Your Memorialists, the Legislature of the State of Minnesota, respectfully represent: That the navigation of the Mississippi River, a short distance below the mouth of To Congress for

an appropriation the Minnesota, or St. Peter River and the Falls of St. for the purpose of Anthony, a distance of about seven miles by the said improving tho Mississippi River is, especially during the season of low Mississippi River

in certain places water, so obstructed by rocks and other impediments, as to render it difficult and hazardous for navigation; but that by the appropriation and proper outlay of a reasonable sum of money, the said river, between the points designated, could be rendered easily navigable during the entire season for the largest class steamboats used on the Upper Mississippi ; that within the last few years, the citizens of St. Anthony and Minneapolis have expended for the improvement of said river, between the points aforesaid, more than ten thousand dollars, and at one time had a line of steamboats established to and from Fulton City.


for the purpose of improving the Mississippi River

During one season of navigation, after the establishment of these boats, there was as high as fifty-two steamboat arrivals at the landings of St. Anthony and Minneapolis, and from the same nearly six thousand tons of freight were delivered. Since the arrivals of that particular season, several thousand tons more of goods have been delivered in the same way, and in the mean time, immense quantities of produce, including wheat, pota

toes, rye, oats and corn have been shipped for the southTo Congress for ern and eastern markets at these places, notwithstanding an appropriation the serious obstructions to navigation mentioned.

It is a well known fact, however, that a far greater

number of steamboats would have visited these places in certain places during the period named, had the river been in such a

condition as to allow boats to run regularly during the season of navigation in each year.

Your Memorialists further represent that the navigation of the Mississippi River, between the said Falls of Saint Anthony and Sauk Rapids, a distance by water of about ninety miles, is obstructed by rocks and sand bars at several places to such an extent as to prove a serious impediment to steamboat navigation during a large portion of the summer and fall season.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, private enterprise has caused the running of two steamboats for several years, during the navigable season between these points.

With a suitable appropriation made by Congress, and judiciously expended, it is very evident that these obstructions could be removed, and this important channel of commerce rendered navigable during the entire season of navigation.

The following are some of the reasons which your memorialists respectfully, but earnestly, press upon your attention as furnishing the most ample grounds, in their judgment, for the appropriations herewith solicited :

First,—The immediate region of country watered by that portion of the Mississippi, desired to be improved, is already of vast agricultural, manufacturing and commercial importance.

Sauk Rapids, Saint Cloud, Clearwater, Monticello, Dayton, Anoka, Minneapolis and Saint Anthony, are all important and flourishing towns and cities along this portion of the river.

Sauk Rapids affords an excellent water power, and for

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