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2. Reduce 551. 10s. 6d. Nova-Scotia currency, to dollars

55,525 decimal value.

cts. Ans. $222, 100=222 10 3. Reduce 2411. 18s. 9d. to federal money, $967 75 4. Reduce 58 13 64

234 70 5. Reduce 528 17 8

2115 53 6. Reduce 1 2 6

4 50 7. Reduce 224 19 0

899 80 8. Reduce 0 13 11}

2 79

REDUCTION OF COIN. Rules for reducing the Federal Money to the currencies

of the several United States. To reduce Federal Money to the currency of

New-England, 1. Virginia,

RULE.-Multiply the given sum by ,3, and the Kentucky, and

product will be pounds, and decimals of a Tennessee.

pound. New-York, and

Rule.-Multiply the given sum by ,4, and the 2. North Carolina.

product will be pounds, and decimals of !


Rule.-Multiply the given sum by ,3, and di. 3. Delaware, and

vide the product by 8, and the quotient will Maryland.

be pounds, and decimals of a pound. South-Carolina,

RULE.-Multiply the given sum b;' ,7 and 4. and

divide by 3, the quotient will be t!18 Georgia.

answer in pounds, and decimals of a

pound. Examples in the foregoing Rules. 1. Reduce $152, 60 cts. to New-England currency.


£45, 780 Ans.=£45 15s. 7,2d.

20 But the value of any decimal of

a pound, may be found by inspec15, 600 tion. Soc Problem II. page 81.


7, 200

2. In $196, how many pounds, N. England currency?

,3 £58,8 Ans. I£58 16 3. Reduce $629 into New-York, &c. currency.


£251,6 Ans.=£251 12 4. Bring $110, 51 cts. I m. into New-Jersey, &c. currency. $110,511

,3 Double 4 makes 8s. Then 39 farthings )% . 8)331,53 are 9d. 3qrs. See Problem II. page 81.

£41,441 Ans.=!,1 8s. 9 d. by Inspection. 5. Bring $65, 36 cts. into South-Carolina, &c. currency.

,7 3),45, 752

ANSWERS. £ 3. d.

£15,250=£15 5s. Ans.

$ cts. 6. Reduce 425,07 to N. E. &c. currency. 127 10 5 + 7. Reduce 36,11 to N. Y. &c. currency. 14 8 10+ 8. Reduce 315,44 to N. J. &c. currency. 118 5 9. + 9. Reduce 690,45 to S. C. &c. currency. 161 2 1,2

To reduce Federal Money to Canada and Nova-Scotia currency. Rule.-Divide the dollars, &c. by 4, tho quotient will be pounds, and decimals of a pound.

EXAMPLES. 1. Reduce $741 into Canada and Nova-Scotia currency.

$ cts. 4)741,00

£185,25=£185 5s. 2 Bring $311, 75 cts. into Nova-Scotia currency.

$ cts. 4)311,750

£77,9375=£77 18s. 9d. 3. Bring $2907,56 cts. into Nova Scotia currency.

Ans. £726 17s. 9 d. Reduce $2114, 50 cts. into Canada currency.

Ans, £528 123, 6d.

RULES for reducing the Currencies of the several United States, alni

Canada, Vova Scolia, and Sterling, to the par of all the others. I See the given currency in the left hand column, and then cast your eye to the right hand, till you come under the required currency, and you will have the ru.e.

land, Pir-Pennsylva-New-York, South-Ca- Cunada,
ginia, Ken-niu, Dela- and North-rulina, and

incky, ardware, and Carolina. Georgia. Nova Scotia
Tennessee. Maryland.


New-Ens. lunch, Vir ginia, Kentucky, and Tennessce.

Add on Add one Multiply the Multiply the Deduct one fourth to the third to the given sum given sum fourth from given sum. given sum. by 7, and di- by 5, and di- the givea

vide the provide the pro- sum. duct by 9. duct by 6.

New.Tersew, Deduct one Pennsylna-fifth from nia, Dela-the given wire, and sum. Maryland.

Add one Multiply the Deduct one fifteenth to given sum third

from given the given by 2. and ibo given by 3, and di suin. divide the sun.

vide the po product by

duct by. 45.

Deduct one Deduct one NCID-York, fourth froin sixteenth end North the New from the N. Carolina. York, &c. York.

Multiply the Multiply the Multiply the given sum given sum given

EN by 7, and di- by 5, and di- by 9, and di vide the pro-viile the provide the TO duct by 12. Jduct by 8. duct by 16.

Multiply the Multiply the Multiply the South-Ca- given sum yiven sum given sum rolina, and by 9, and di- by 45, andiliy 12, and Georgia vide the pro-diviile the divide the

duct by 7. product by product by.

Multiply the From the
sum Fiven

by 15, and decluetone
divide the twenty-
product by cigliui,

Add one Add one Multiply the Deduct one Canada, fine to the half to the given sumlfitteenth

and Canada,&c. Canada by ®, and di- froin the giNova Scotia

suin. vide the proven suin.

duct by 3.

Deduct ong tenth from the

gives sum.


To the En- Multiply the Multiply the To the Eng- Add one

sumn English mo-English sum lish money ninth tho Sterling. adu one ney by 5, and by 16, and add one given sun. thiru. divide the livide the twenty-30

product by3. prolluc! by9. /venuh.

Application of the Rules contained in the foregoing Table.

EXAMPLES. 1. Reduce 461. 10s. 6d. of the currency of New Hampshire, into that of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, &c.

£. 8. d. See the rule 4)46 10 6 in the table.

+11 12 71

Ans. £ 58 3 1} 2. Reduce 251. 13s. 9d. Connecticut currency, to NewYork currency

£. S. d.

3)25 13 9 By the table, +1, &c. +8 11 3

Ans. £34 50 3. Reduce 1251. 10s. 4d. New-York, &c. currency, to South-Carolina currency.

£. S. d. Rule by the table, 125 10 4 x7, - by 12, &c.

7 12)878 12 4

Ans. £73 4.41 4. Reduce 461. 11s. 8d. New-York and N. Carolina curtency to sterling or English money. £ s. d.

46 11 8


See the table. ) 16=4x4)419 50
given sum by

4)104 16 3
9, = by 16, &c.

Ans. £26 4 01 To reduce any of the different currencies of the several States into each other, at par; you may consult the preceding table, which will give you the rules.

MORE EXAMPLES FOR EXERCISE. 5. Reduce 841. 10s. 8d. New Hampshire, &c. currency, into New Jersey currency.

Ans. £105 13s. 4d. 6. Reduce 1201. 8s. 3d. Connecticut currency, into New

Ans. £160 11s. Od.

York currency.

7. Reduce 1201. 10s. Massachusetts currency, into South Carolina and Georgia currency.

Ans. £93 14s. 5 d. 8. Reduce 4101. 185. 11d. Rhode-Island currency, inte Canada and Nova-Scotia currency.

Ans. £342 9s. ld. 9. Reduce 5241. 8s. 4d. Virginia, &c. currency, into ster ling money.

Ans. £393 6s. 3d. 10. Reduce 2141. 9s. 2d. New-Jersey, &c. currency, into N. Hamp. Massachusetts, &c. currency. Ans. 1711. 11s. 4d.

11. Reduce 1001. New-Jersey, &c. currency, into New York and North-Carolina currency. Ans. 1061. 13s. 4d.

12. Reduce 1001. Delaware and Maryland currency inte sterling money.

Ans. 001. 13. Reduce 1161. 10s. New-York currency, into Connec. ticnt currency.

Ans. 871. 7s. 6d. 14. Reduce 1121. 7s. 3d. S. Carolina and Georgia curren. cy, into Connecticut, &c. currency.

Ans. 1441. 9s. 3 d. 15. Reduce 1001. Cazada and Nova-Scotia currency, into Connecticut currency.

Ans. 1201. 16. Reduce 1161. 14s. Id. sterling money, into Connccticut currency

Ans. 1551. 13s. 17. Reduce 1011. 10s. Canada and Nova-Scotia currency, into New-York currency.

Ans. 1671. 4s. 18. Reduce 1001. Nora-Scotia currency, into New-Jer sey, &c. currency.

Ans. 1501.

RULE OF THREE DIRECT. THE Rule of Three Direct teaches, by having three numbers given to find a fourth, which shall have the same proportion to the third, as the second has to the first.

1. Observe that two of the given numbers in your question are always of the same name or kind; one of which must be the first number in stating, and the other the third number ; consequently the first and third numbers must al ways be of the same rame, or kind; and the other number, which is of the same kind with the answer, or thing sought, will always possess the second or middle place.

2. The third term is a demand ; and may be known by these or the like words before it, viz. What will ? What cost1 How many? How far? How long? or, How much? &c.

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