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Practice of Medicine. .

THE FIFTH ENLARGED EDITION. JUST READY, Recommended as a Text-book at University of Pennsylvania, Long Island College Hospital, Yale and Harvard Colleges, Bishop's College, Montreal,

University of Michigan, and over twenty other Medical Schools. A HANDBOOK OF THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE.

By FREDERICK T. ROBERTS, M.D., M.R.C.P., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics and of Clinical Medicine in University College Hoenital. Assistant Physician in Brompton Consumptive Hospital. The

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" It is unsurpassed by any work that has fallen into our nanus, as a comptu dium for students preparing for examination. It is thoroughly practical, and fully up to the times.”—The Clinic.

"Our opinion of it is one of almost unqualified praise. The style is clear, and the amount of useful and, indeed, indispensable information which it contains is marvelous. We heartily recommend it to students, teachers, and practitioners."'--Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

“ That Dr. Roberts' book is admirably fitted to supply the want of a good handbook of medicine, so much felt by every medical student, does not admit of a question.”-Students' Journal and Hospital Gazette. P. BLAKISTON. SON & CO., Publishers and Booksellers,



Manual of Physiology.



By GERALD F. YEO, M.D., F.R.C.S., Professor of Physiology in

King's College, London. Demi-octavo, 750 pages. Over
300 carefully printed engravings on wood.

Bound in Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.30.

RECOMMENDATIONS. “By his excellent manual Prof. Yeo has supplied a want which must have been felt by every teacher of physiology. In the noble text-book of Prof. Foster, English readers have a work which is unsurpassed, but its great size and comprehensiveness, and its somewhat minute discussion of many doubtful points, make it a formidable object to the eyes of the first and second years' students. Dr. Yeó has written a book which is intended for junior students, but which, although written in simple, and as far as possible untechnical language, is accurate and complete. ** * Moreover, being intended chiefly for medical students, and written by one who is not only an able physiologist, but an accomplished physician, the needs of the physician and surgeon are never lost sight of. *** The text is profusely illustrated with excellent wood engravings. *** In conclusion, we heartily congratulate Prof. Yeo on his work, which we can recommend to all those who wish to find, within a moderate compass, a reliable and pleasantly written exposition of all the essential facts of physiology as the science now stands."--The Dublin Journal of Medical Science, May, 1884.

“For students' use it is one of the very best text-books in Physiology.”-Prof. L. B. How, Dartmouth Medical College, Hanover, N. H.

“The work will take a high rank among the smaller text-books of Physiology.”Prof H. P. Bowditch, Harvard Medical School.

"The brief examination I have given it was so favorable that I placed it in the list of text-books recommended in the circular of the University Medical College."--Prof. Lewis A. Stimpson, M.D., 37 East 37th Street, New York.

There are many points in physiology that are either not comprehended or are misunderstood by the great majority of students. In this work these points are made especially clear, and in a particular manner those that are of most importance to the medical or dental practitioner. We have had long experience in teaching this branch of medical science, and unreservedly commend this work to the student of physiology."-Archives of Dentistry.

" It is an excellent book and well adapted for the uses for which it is intended. It is a decidedly modern book, being carefully pruned of all ancient redundancies and containing all that is new and proven. The arrangement is very good, indeed, the best, and corresponds closely with that of Dalton's. It is written in simple, pure English. * * * It will be valuable for students.”--D. Tod Gilliam, M.D., Professor of Physiology, Starling Medical College, Columbus, O.

“After a careful examination of this Manual of Physiology, I can truthfully say that it is a most valuable addition to the list of text-books upon the subject. That it should and wil! receive a welcome from both students and teachers there can be no doubt; for in addition to the familiar but well presented facts of most text-books, it contains all the most important facts of physiological science which have been established in the last few years. The authos presents his subject in a manner that is clear, concise and logical. Each section has had a careful revision, and reveals the author's familiarity with the scope and tendencies of moderr physiology: It will prove an interesting and instructive book to those commencing the study of this subject."-A. P. Brubaker, M.D., Demonstrator of Physiology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., Publishers and Booksellers,



On Diseases of the Eye,



ARLT (Prof. Ferd. Ritter, Vienna.) Clinical Studies on Diseases of

the Èye, Including the Conjunctiva, Cornea and Sclerotic, Iris and Ciliary Body. Translated by LYMAN Ware, M.D., Surgeon to the Illinois Lye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago. 8vo.

Cloth, $2.50 CARTER (Rob't Brudenell, F.R.C.S.) Eyesight, Good and Bad.

A Treatise on the Exercise and Preservation of Vision. Second Edition, with 50 Illustrations, Test Types, etc. 12mo.

Paper, .75; Cloth, $1.25 FENNER (C. S., M.D.) On Vision. Its Optical Defects, the Adapta

tion of Spectacles, Defects of Accommodation, etc. With Test Types and 74 Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 8vo.

Cloth, $3.50 GOWERS (Wm. R., M.D.) Ophthalmoscopy. A Manual and Atlas

of Ophthalmoscopy. Third Edition. With 16 Colored Autotype and Lithographic Plates and 26 Wood Cuts, comprising 112 Original Illustrations of the Changes in the Eye in Diseases of the Brain, Kidneys, etc. 8vo.

Cloth, $6.00 HARLAN (Geo. C., M.D.) Eyesight and How to Care for It. Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Illustrated.

Cloth, .50 HARTRIDGE (Gustavus, M.D.) Refraction. The Refraction of the

Eye. A Manual for Students. Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Ass't Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, etc. 94 Illustrations and Test Types. Second Edition.

Cloth, $2.00 HIGGINS (Charles, M.D.) Ophthalmic Practice. A Handbook for

Students and Practitioners. Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Guy's Hospital. Second Edition. 16mo.

Cloth, .50 LIEBREICH'S Atlas of Ophthalmoscopy, composed of 12. Chromo

Lithographic Plates (containing 59 Figures), with Text. Translated by
Third Edition. 4to.

Boards, $15.00 MACNAMARA (C., M.D.) On the Eye. A Manual of the Diseases

of the Eye. Fourth Edition, Carefully Revised; with Additions and Numerous Colored Plates, Diagrams of Eye, Wood-cuts, and Test Types. Demi 8vo.

Cloth, $4.00 MORTON (A., M.D.) On Refraction of the Eye. Its Diagnosis and

the Correction of its Errors. With Chapter on Keratoscopy and Test

Types. By A. Morton, M.B. Third Edition, Revised. Cloth, $1.00 Full list of Books on Diseases of the Eye, furnished upon application. P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., Medical Publishers and Booksellers,


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