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The Board of State Auditors shall submit to the Legislature, annually, at the commencement of its session in January, a report of their doings during the year next preceding.


OFFICE OF Lans Boy Brune 30, 1993. AUDITORS,

, June , 1893. To Hon. JOHN T. Rich,

Governor of the State of Michigan: Sir-In obedience to the requirements of law, the undersigned respectfully submit the following report, showing the proceedings of the Board of State Auditors for the fiscal year ending this day.

JOHN W. JOCHIM, Secretary of State. Chairman.
JOSEPH F. HAMBITZER, State Treasurer,
JOHN G. BERRY, Com'r of State Land Office.

July 27, 1892. The Board met at their rooms in the capitol. Present: Hon. Robert R. Blacker, Secretary of State, cbairman; Hon. Geo. T. Shaffer, Commissioner of State Land Office:

Clerk, reported allowance for June, $9,894.52; disallowance, $154.39. With several bills beld up.

Statement of all money received by clerk of Board for rent of old State building for month of July, as per State Treasurer's receipts rendered: June 30. John Wilson, room 8, 3d floor...

$3 00 July 1. Ingham county savings bank, middle store

50 00 4. Robert J. Black, room 15, 3d floor

3 00 5. Grand River Boat Club, 2d floor...

25 00 6. Mrs. K. H. Blair, part of room 17, 3d floor.

1 00 8. Telegraph and Telephone Construction Co., rooms 11 and 12, 3d floor 6 00 9. Charles J. Town, room 13, 3d floor

3 00 11. V. R. Canfield, south store....

37 50 13. R. B. Shank & Co., north store

75 00 25. James L. Millard, room 9, third floor.

3 00 26. James Salspaugh, room 0, 2d floor

5 00

$211 50 Delinquent: R. O. Davies, rooms 6, 10, 3d floor, for July. No vacant rooms.

Respectfully submitted,


Total --


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