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Your brother Ned is at Cambridge and is to commence Bachalar of arts this Christmas, if you want any thing let me know and you shall be suplied. I hope you doe not forget your Painting. Pray be careful to serve God in the first place, and industrious to spend your time to your advantage that you may be the better for this Journey.

Dr. Browne to his son Thomas.

March the 10, stylo vet. [1660-1.]


I presume you are by this time at Xaintes. If you live with an apothecairie you may get some good by observing the drugs and practise which will be noe burden and may somewhat help you in latin ; I would be at some reasonable charge if any young man would assist you and teach


french and latin dayly as they are to be found commonly; you are not only to learn to understand and speak french but to write it which must be dun by practise and observation because they write and speak differently, and in what you write in English, observe the points and date your letters. Write whether you like the place and how language goes down with you, be not fearfull but adventure to speak what you can for you are known a stranger and they will bear with you, put on a desent boldness and learn a good garb of body, be carefull you loose not such books or papers wherein you take notes or draughts. Let nothing discontent or disturb you, trust in God to return you safe to us; by this time you may attempt to hear the Protestant preachers ; live soberly and temperately, the heat of that place will otherwise mischief you and keep within in the heat of the day. Mr. Bendish is or was Mr. Johnson's prentice of Yarmouth, lives at Rochell. I will get Mr Johnson to write unto him about you; my respects and service to Mr Dade. I received a letter about 3 weeks agoe from you. The Amphitheatre

6 It appears that he became Bach. of Phys. of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, in 1663. IVood's Fasti, ii, 293, note.

of Bourdeaux was built by the emperor Gallienus whose coyns
you have seen, there is one also at Perigeaux in Perigort a
neighbour Province; you live upon the river Charante within
the compass of the old English possessions which was from
the Pyrenean hills unto the river La Charante, to the mouth
whereof Cognac wines are brought down, which we drink in
summer. Frequent civill company.
God bless thee.

Vostre tres chere pere,


Your Mother and all commend them to you.

Dr. Browne to his son Thomas.

Aprill the 22, Norwich, [1661.] HONEST TOM,

I hope by this time thou art got somewhat beyond plaist il, and ouy Monsieur, and durst ask a question and give an answer in french, and therefore now I hope you goe to the Protestant Church, to which you must not be backward, for tho there church order and discipline be different from ours, yet they agree with us in doctrine and the main of Religion. Endeavour to write french; that will teach you to understand it well, you should have signified the Apoticary's name with whom you dwell, in such a place you may see the drugs and remember them all your life. I received your letter and like your description of the place, both the Romans and English have lived there; the name of Santonna now Xaintes is in the geographie of Ptolemie who lived under Antoninus, as also Porto Santonicus where Rochell stands, and Promontorium Santonicum where now Bloys. My coyns are encreased since you went I had 60 coynes of King Stephen found in a grave before Christmas, 60 Roman silver coyns I bought a month agoe, and Sir Robert Paston will send me his box of Saxon and Roman coyns next week, which are about thirtie, so that I would not buy any there except some few choice ones which I have not already; but you doe very well to see all such things,


some likely have collections which they will in courtesie show, as also urns and lachrimatories; any friend will help you to a sight thereof, for they are not nice in such things. I should be content you should see Rochell and the Isle of Rhee, salt works are not far from you, for the sommer will be too hot to travail and I would have you wary to expose yourself then to heats, but to keep quiet and in shades. Write some times to Mr. Dade civil letters with my service. I send at this time by Rochell whither the ships will be passing from Yarmouth for salt. Point your letters hereafter, I mean the ends of sentences. Christ church? is in a good condition much frequented, and they have a sweet organ; on Tuesday next is the Coronation day when Mr. Bradford preacheth: it will be observed with great solemnity especially at London: a new Parliment on the 8th of May and there is a very good choice almost in all places. Cory the Recorder, and Mr. Jay, 2 Royallists gained it here against all opposition that could possibly bee made ; the voyces in this number, Jaye 1070, Corie 1001, Barnham 562, Church 436. My Lord Richardson and Sir Ralph Hare caryed it in the county without opposition. Lent was observed this year which made Yarmouth and fishermen rejoyce. The Militia is settled in good hands through all England, besides volunteer troops of hors, in this Citty Collonell Sir Joseph Pain, Lieutenant Coll. Jay, Major Bendish, Captain Wiss, Brigs, Scottow, 2 volunteer troops in the country under Mr Knivet and Sir Horace Townsend, who is made a Lord. Good boy doe not trouble thy self to send us any thing, either wine or bacon. I would have sent money by Exchange, but Charles Mileham would not have me send any certain sum, but what you spend shall be made good by him. I wish some person would direct you a while for the true pronunciation and writeing of french, by noe means forget to encrease your Latin, be patient civil and debonair unto all, be temperate and stir litle in the hot season: by the books sent you may understand most that has pasd since your departure, and you may now read the french Gazets which come out weekly. Yesterday the Dean preached and red the Liturgie or Common prayer, and had a Comunion at Yarmouth as haveing a right to doe so some times, both at

7 Norwich Cathedral.

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