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ble to do so without omission after such a lapse of years—might have rather the appearance of parade than of gratitude: while a solitary omission would expose me to the mortifying and undeserved imputation of ingratitude. I shall therefore name but one, to whom indeed both the first and the last place may be fairly said to belong :-and through whose introduction the far greater number of my other literary obligations have been incurred. I mean my kind friend Thomas Amyot, Esq. who . from the very commencement of my undertaking to its completion, has rendered me, in every possible way, and with an unsparing munificence of time, labour, and patience, his own various aid, and has ever been prompt to obtain for me, among his extensive acquaintance, the help of others. To him, and to every other individual from whom I have received the smallest particle of assistance, I beg to offer my most cordial thanks.

And here I close my labours ;-content to bespeak for them the favourable reception of the public in the quaint language of one of old :—“If I have done well, it was that which I desired; and if slenderly and meanly, it was that which I could attain unto.”

S. W. Norwich, Jan. 28th, 1836.



Richard Browne, of .

in Com. Chester.

Thomas Browne, of the=Anne, daur. of Paul Garraway, of
City of London.

in Com. Sussex,

Thomas Browne, of the=Dorothy, daur. of Edward Mileham,

City of Norwich, Dr. of Burlingham, in Com. Norfolk.
in Physick, 1664.

21 Thomas


son & heir æt. 21. Anno 1664.

1 Anne 2 Eliz:

3 Mary 4 Frances


The above is a copy of the entry in the Visitation of the County of Norfolk, made in 1664, and now remaining in the College of Arms. 30 June, 1835.


York Herald.

* The signature is Sir Thomas's autograph.

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of Physic,=Alathea 4th & youngest 1. Frances marrd. to David Areskin, ent. but af. daur. and co-heir of Earl of Buchan, by whom David to drinking Henry Fairfax. Had Ld.

[Cardross]* and fall off his children as said, but 7 daurs. see Crawford's peerage of end to his left none behind ber. Scotland, p. 51. no issue left of Henry int, being Died . . .

burd. Fairfax but by this Frances. at Hurst in Berks. 2. Elizabeth marrd. to Geo. Littleton Buried at

of Wyg. en bebind

3. Frances 3d. daur. and co-heir marrd.

to ... Bosvill of . York.

Le Neve's hand-writing, in the British Museum.-N. H. N.

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