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MitiTAET History.—The Rev. William Leeke, a' beneficed clergyman in England, who, according to his advertisement, "carried the 52d Regimental Colors at Waterloo," has jnst published, in two vol- i times, "The History of Lord Seaton's Regiment (the 52d Light Infantry), at the battle of Waterloo: together with Various Incidents connected with that Regiment, not only at Waterloo, but also at Paris, in the North of France, and for several Years afterwards: to which are added many of the Author's EVminiscences of his Military and Clerical Careers, during a period of more than Fifty Years." He claims "for Lord Seaton and the 52d the honor of having defeated, single-handed, without the assistance of the 1st British Guards, or any other troops, that portion of the Imperial Guard in France, about 10,000 in number, which advanced to make the last attack on the British position: the 3d Battalion of the 1st Foot Guards, by the Duke of Wellington's order, drove the skirmishers of the Imperial Guard off the British position, the other Battalion of General Maitland's Brigade of Guards remaining stationary." Sach historical works, devoted to single regiments, form a leading portion of what may be called the juilitary literature of England. After Waterloo, several subaltern officers, despairing of promotion in''the piping times of peace," quitted the army, and became clergymen, as Mr. Leeke did. The Rev. 0. R. Gleig, Chaplain-General of the British army, originally served in the Peninsular War, and afterwards in America, having been severely wounded at Washington. The war ended, he returned to Oxford, where he completed his studies and took holy orders. His volumes, "The Subaltern," and "Campaigns at Washington and New Orleans," first established his literary reputation. He is author of the best life of the Duke of Wellington yet published.

Exploration op Jebbsalbm.—It is the determination of the managers of the Palestine Exploration Fund to make searches in Jerusalem, in 1867, in order to ascertain the true site of the Holy Sepulchre, and an appeal for more money to defray the expenses lias just been made in London.

Edccatioxal.—There hag lately been established "The Loudon College of the International Education Society," of which the Head Master is Dr. L. Schmiti, late Rector of the High School of Edinburgh. It is stated that the aim of this College " is to afford an education of the highest order, harmonizing with the wants and spirit of the age. A prominent place is assigned to Modern Languages, the Natural Sciences, and Mathematics. Neither Latin nor Greek is begun until the Pupils are familiar with the Grammar of their Mother-tongue, whereby more rapid progress in the Ancieut Languages is insured than is otherwise attainable." This proviso is admirable, for many of the graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, who can write Greek and Latin verses very readily, cannot compose an English letter grammatically.

Fobtsigutly Review.—Mr. G. H. Lewes is succeeded in the editorship of this periodical (now published once a month), by Mr. John Morley, who contributes " France in the Seventeenth Century" to the January number. Mr. Swinburne gives anew poem (•• Child's Song in Winter"), and Whyte Melville commences " The White Rose," a serial story.

William Howjtt.—" Woodburn Grange" is the title of Mr. Howitt's forthcoming volume.

''.the Trade" In Scandinavia.—There was recently, at Stockholm, a meeting of 145 booksellers, publishers, printers, paper-makers, and paperstainers (literati) of Sweden, Denmark, and Nor»»y, at which it was resolved that there should be

published at Copenhagen a common bibliographical organ for the Scandinavian North, under the title of Nordisl: Boghandlertideude, or " Scandinavian Bookseller's Journal." The general complaint, at the above meeting, was that the reading public of each northern nation almost entirely disregards the literature of its neighbors, but gives all the attention it has to spare to the foreign productions of France and Germany.

C. J. Fox.—Earl Russell, lately Prime Minister of England, ha9 completed his "Life and Times of Charles James Fox," of which two volumes appeared several years ago, by the publication of a third volume. The time treated of in this volume is from the end of 1792 to the death of Mr. Fox in September, 1806. In point of fact, Lord Russell is only part author of this work. The late Lord Holland, who was Fox's nephew, employed many years in collecting and preparing the materials for a full biography. After his death, Lady Holland bequeathed all these papers to Lord Russell, who worked them up into the " Memorials and Correspondence" of Fox, which Blanchard & Lea, of Philadelphia, reprinted in 1853. In the finale, now published, Lord Russell praises Fox very warmly, and condemns Pitt, his successful rival, very severely. In a review of the book it is stated, "Fox is presented to us by the author as a refined gentleman, a proflMrjflLflcholar, a patriot who was, perhaps, too much addicted to find fault with his country and his government, and to over-praise foreign lands and their administrations. The gambler who had ruined scores of young men, the reveller who had ruined his own health by practice, and helped to the ruin of that of others by example, has altogether disappeared in this volume." The biography of Fox, the great Whig leader, has yet to be written, but it can scarcely be done fairly, for one party admires him too much, and the other too greatly undervalues him.

"Entered At Stationers' Hall."—This is the inscription on the back of very many English books, and is intended to denote that the copyright is secured. A correspondent of the " London Athenaeum" thus describes the process of registering a book: "The proprietor of copyright, or some one for him, attends with a paper filled up, pays 5s. fee, and leaves it with the clerk. It is understood that this is to be formally entered into the register-book ; but as to this, the party registering is wholly at the mercy of the clerk, and can only check him by going up some time afterwards, paying another fee, and searching to ascertain whether this has been done. Of course, he rarely does this, so that if ever there should be a dishonest clerk in charge, he would be able to omit to register and pocket fees with pretty good hopes of long impunity. Nor would it, as a rule, be possible to prove any payment to him if he chose to deny it, or had accidentally mislaid the paper, or forgotten the transaction. The registration paper is generally presented at the office by a clerk of a publisher or agent: no memorandum whatever of the fact remains. If you ask for any such memorandum, you are to'.d that you can have one by paying another 5s."

Charles Lamb.—Messrs. Moxon, publishers, in London, are receiving subscriptions towards erecting a handsome monument over the grave of Charles Lamb, in Edraonstone churchyard.

Sealino Wax.—Prior to the year 1817, sealingwax was made of three colors—red, black, and yellow. Now, by aid of chemistry, upwards of tort\ distinct tiuts are obtained.

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Biography.—There is announced by Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, London, a new biographical dictionary, edited by T. Teignniouth Spore, M. A. It will appear in monthly parts, price sixpence, each with a portrait, and the first issue will be on the last day of the present month. The publishers promise that it shall be very comprehensive, and announce among the contributors the following eminent writers: The Right Hon. Joseph Napier, D.C.L., Ex-Lord High Chancellor of Ireland; the Rev. Canon Payne Smith, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Oxford; Aurelio Saffi, late Professor of Modern Languages in the University of Oxford; J. F. Waller, LL.D., Vice-President of the Royal Irish Academy; author of Life of Swift, Goldsmith, &c.; Col. Meadows Taylor, author of "Tara." "The Confessions of a Thug," &c.; D. F. M'Carthy, author of "Translation of Calderon's Dramas," &c.; Dr. R. P. Stewart, Professor of Music in the University of Dublin; Dr. Doran, F.S.A., author of "Their Majesties' Servants;" Walter Thornbury, author of " Haunted London;" John Short, LL. D., Barrister at Law.

Kkiu.e, The Poet.—The late Rev. John Keble, who died last year, was well known and highly honored as author of a variety of excellent and popular works, among which a volume of sacred poetry, called "The Christian Year,"-obtained the rare distinction of passing ihrong\i(fffmSeVenJla.Tgn editions. To honor his memory, it Wot proposed to erect and endow the Keble Memorial College, at Oxford, which had been the poet's Alma Mater, and, in a few months, the clergy and laity of England raised ample funds for the purpose—that is, the sum of $150,000, contributed by more than 1500 subscribers. The College will be established as soon as possible, but more money is required, the fact, as stated in the Committee's circular, being that, at this new college, "young men, whom want of means would otherwise deprive of a University education, may, at a very small cost, be trained as Christian gentlemen; while the institution itself will supply a want long felt by those who have the interests of the Church of England most at heart."

It is anticipated that members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States and other foreign countries may contribute to the above object.

International Copyright.— The French Dramatic Authors' Society lately gave notice, under the Belgian and French international law, that Belgian managers must not play French pieces without the consent of the authors. A Belgic manager brought out a French play, notwithstanding this prohibition, setting aside, according to the terms of the treaty, a certain percentage of the receipts for the author. The French Society brought an action against him, and the Court of Cassatiou determined that he was right; in other words, that a notice by the French Society could not abrogate the treaty.

Emmanckl Swbdbnboro.—A new life of this remarkable Spiritualist, by Mr. William White, will be published in London this month.

Notes And Queries In Hono-kong.—There will soon be published, at Hong-Kong, a periodical entitled " Notes and Queries ou China and Japan."

Victor Hdgo.—This veteran author is building a private theatre near his house on the Channel island of Guernsey, at which, it is said, two unperformed plays of his—"Torquemada" and "La Giand'mere" —will be presented to an " audience few, but titling." Victor Hugo is writing a new romance, the scene of which will be laid in England.

Lithography.—A stratum of stone, from eight to twelve inches thick, and quite equal to what has long been obtained, for lithography, from Germany, has been discovered near Paris.

PERIODICALS. Monthly Religious Magazine. January.

What Makes a Unitarian (Rev. E. H. Sears).— Expectation; A New Year's Sermon (Rev. G. Putnam, D. D.).—Memories of Rome.—The First Communion of the Year.—Christ Hidden from the World. —Emily Cobbe.—Preaching For, or Preaching To ?— Sunday Schools.—Our Religion; Is it a Problem ?— Spirit of the Religious Press.—Punishment of Girls in School, and Boys.—Hymns from the German.— Random Readings.—Literary Notices. Boston: L. C. Bowles. American Presbyterian and Theological Review.


Extemporaneous Preaching (Rev. W. G. T. Shedd, D.D.).—The President and Congress (Rev. S. T. Spear, D. D.).—The Greetings of Paul (Rev. J. B. Bittinger).—Rev. Thomas Brainerd, D. D. (Rev. Albert Barnes).—Notes on Difficult Passages of Scripture (Rev. F. A. Adams).—A Lecture on Parish Preaching (T. H. Skinner, D. D.).—Origin and Growth of Episcopacy (R. D. Hitchcock, D. D.).— New Testament Annotations (H. Crosby, D. D.).— The Knria in the Second Epistle of John (Dr. J. C. M. Laurent).—Notes on Recent Books.—Theological and Literary Intelligence. New York: W. Sherwood. North American Review. January.

Captain John Smith (H. B. Adams).—Languages and Dialects (Prof. W. D. Whitney).—Daniel Webster (James Parton).—The Sources of the Nile (Prof. D. C. Gilman).—The Work of the Sanitary Commission (C. E. Norton).—The Office and Influence of Clothes (Prof. E. P. Evans).—Gov. Winthrop in New England (C. C. Smith).—The Tyranny of the Majority (E. L. Gookin).—Critical Notices. Boston: Tickuor & Fields. Christian Examiner. January.

The Destinies of Ecclesiastical Religion (Rev. F. H. Hedge, D. D.).—Recent German Literature: Auerbach (H. J. Warner).—What is the Vital Truth Underlying the Trinity ? (J. C. Kimball).—On Some Conditions of the Modern Ministry (J. H. Allen).— Bancroft's History of the United States, Vol. 9 (Rev. E. K. Hale).—The Atlantio Telegraph.—Alleged Narrowness of Christian Faith.—Review of Current Literature. New York: James Miller.

Our Young Folks. January.

Among the Ice-Cutters (J. T. Trowbridge).—Moth and Rust (Louise E. Chollet).—Little Pussywillow: No. V. (Mrs. Stowe).—Mayne Reid.—The Little Post-Boy (Bayard Taylor).—Hobgoblin's Song (J. R. Lowell).—Aunt Fanny's First Marriage (Aunt Fanny).—Trotty (E. Stuart Phelps).—Good Old Times (Elijah Kellogg).—Pin-Types (Gail Hamilton).—Independence (A. Q. G.).—The Castle Builder (H. W. Longfellow).—New Year Song, with music (Kmily H. Miller).—Round the Evening Lamp.— Our Letter-Box. Boston: Tickuor & Fields. American Law Review. January, 1867.

Wallace's Reports.—Theories of Reconstruction. —Estates upon Condition.—Luther Martin.—Digest of Cases in English Law Reports for Months of June, July, August, and September.—Digest of Cases decided iu the Supreme Court of the Uuited States. —Selected Digest of American State Reports.— Book Notices.—List of Law Books published in England and America since September, 186ti.— Summary of Events.

===== JAN. 13, 1867. ======


RELIGIOUS. Soln, Critical and Explanatory, on the Book of Genesis, from the Covenant to the Close. By Melaucthon W. Jacobus, Professor of Biblical Literature and Exegesis in the Theological Seminary at Alleghany, Pa. pp. 266. New York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

In this volume Professor Jacobus continues his excellent commentary from the eiehteenth chapter of Genesis, inclusive, to the end of the book. His nirthal of treatment is extremely judicious, inasmuch as he aims to present the best results of execetical research in a condensed form, and in a style intelligible to the general body of readers.


Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence as administered in England and A merica. By Joseph Story, LL. D. Ninth edition, carefully revised, with extensive additions by Isaac F. Redfield. 2 vols. pp. lxxxi v., 767; v., 853. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. It is of course unnecessary to say that these Commentaries constitute the best treatise in the English language on the general subject of Equity Jurisprudence. They are, in fact, indispensable to the equity practitioner, and their authority is quite as high in England as in this country. The eighth edition appeared in 1861; and in the present, the ninth, the editor informs us that more than one hundred and twenty-five new sections have been added to the text, and four or five hundred cases in the notes, decided mostly since the date of the last edition. In some instances entire chapters have been added, as, for instance, those on Estoppels in Equity, Equity Jurisdiction affecting Railways, and The Effect of Judgments at Law. In the new applications of equitable principles which are constantly presenting themselves, both counsel and judge appreciate the importance of consnltiug the very latest edition of such a great standard text-book as Story's Equity. A Treatise on the Law of Partnership. By Theophi

lus Parsons, LL. D. pp. liv.,653. Boston: Little,

Brown & Co.

The same general plan pursued by Professor Parsons io his other works is followed in this Treatise on Partnership. The law is stated in the text, and we need not be surprised that the accompanying body of notes swells to imposing dimensions when the learned author tolls us "in the notes I give all that the complete library of this Law School could supply me with, of authorities needed to verify the law as stated, or exhibit the qualifications or modifications to which it is subject, and enable an inquirer, with a library at command, to make a thorough investigation of any question." We are told that the work has been long in hand, but the publication was delayed by the war. The distribution of the matter is clear and orderly; thus, separate chapters are devoted to discussing who are partners as to each other, and who are partners as to third persons. Limited Partnership, which is established now in about twenty States of the Union, is separately treated in a chapter, fully citing the authorities, and there are also chapters on Joint Stook Companies and Part-owners of Ships. ti'jwtt of Cases'Argued and Determined in the Sn

preme Court of the State of Wisconsin, with Tables

of the Cases and the Principal Matters. By 0. M.

• '(mover, Official Reporter. Vol. 19. pp. xvic,

754. Madison, Wis.: Atwood & Rublee.

The cases contained in this volume are those decided at the January term, 1865, and most of those decided at the June term of the same year. The reporter, Mr. Conover, appears to have reported the

cases with care, and, by the brief table of erratai shows that he has had a close regard to accuracy of statement and to the exclusion of typographical errors in dates. The Chief-Justice of the court is Luther S. Dixon, and his associates are Orasmus Cole and Jason Downer. The most elaborate case in the volume is that of Broadhead v. The City of Milwaukee, in which the constitutionality of an act of assembly authorizing municipal corporations to raise money by taxation to pay bounties to volunteers was diBcussed and sustained, as it has been in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

MILITARY. History of the Campaign of Mobile, including the Cooperative Operations of Gen. Wilson's Cavalry in Alabama. By Brevet Major-General C. C. Andrews. With Maps and Illustrations, pp. 276. New York: D. Van Nostrand. This is a detailed and instructive account of the operations around Mobile, written in a professional spirit, and intended to constitute a complete monograph for military study. The order of statement is chronological, the movements of each day being minutely given. The work is issued in that attractive style that characterizes Mr. Van Nostrand's publications.

Herodias: a Dramatic Poem. pp. 251.
Antonius: a Dramatic Poem. pp. 272. 7

These are ioth written by Mr. J. C. Heywood, and published by Hurd & Houghton, New York. A small edition of the former of them, under the title of "Salome, the Daughter of Herodias," intended chiefly for private circulation, was published during the war, and was received with marked favor by those into whose hands it fell. We are not surprised that it should have been thus warmly commended, for each of the poems exhibits a high degree of ability, both of conception and execution. Their type is to be found in the Grecian drama, but other elements are intermingled, and the effect upon the reader is in every way impressive. They are entitled to rank among the best of our recent poetic productions, for the vigor, rhetoric, and elevation of their thought and language are far beyond what we observe in our current poetizing.

JUVENILE. Lydia: a Tale of the Second Century. Translated

from the German of Herman Geiger, of Munich.

pp. xv.,275. Philadelphia: Eugene Cummiskey.

The story here told embraces a period of twenty years, from A. D. 161 to ISO. It introduces ns to the renowned champions of Christian faith at that early period, and is by its historical incidents and allusions no less instructive, than by the events of the narrative it is interesting. The American preface well says, "in this age of frivolous romance or indistinct piety, it is refreshing to fall upon a work filled with sound principles and pleasurable development, as the present volume." Father Clement: a Roman Catholic Story. By the

author of " The Decision," etc. pp. 246. New

York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

This has been a popular story, and the present reprint is from the last Edinburgh edition. A Sequel to Ministering Children. By Maria Louisa

Charlesworth. pp. 428. New York: Robert

Carter & Brothers.

"Ministering Children," when published, was warmly received, and has been since extensively

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G. W. Carleton £ Co.. New Tort.
A new volume by Dr. John dimming, of London,

author of "The Great Tribulation," etc. A new Novel by the author of " Mary Brandegee." LiflUh Launt. A burlesque on Charles Reade's

"Griffith Gaunt." By W. H. Webb. With comio

illustrations. James Campbell, Boston.

Methomania; or, Alcoholic Poisoning. By Albert

Day, M. D. With an Appendix by Horatio R.

Storer, M. D.
Henry C. Lea, Philadelphia.

Cullerier'8 Atlas of Venereal Diseases. Translated

by Bumstend. Ranking's Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical

Hodge's Practical Dissections. Second edition.
Chambers on the Indigestions.
Thomas on Diseases of Females.
Brande A Taylor's Chemistry. Second edition.
Erichsen on Railway Injuries.
Hartshorne's Handy-Book of Practical Medicine.
Reynolds' System of Medicine.

T. B. Peterson o> Brothers, Philadelphia.
Works of Charles Dickens (Boz), new editions—
In 27 volumes bound in paper, 8vo.
"7" "cloth, Svo. New national

In 18 volumes bound in cloth, 12mo. and Svo.
"32" "" 12mo. Illustrated


Rohert Carter fr Brothers. New York.

A Fagot of Stories. By the Rev. P. B Power.
Stamp on it, John: The Eye Doctor; The Talking

Fire Irons; Reports; anil Other Narratives. By

the Rev. P. B. Power. The Battle Worth Fighting. The Cumberstone Contest. The Lake of the Woods. By A. L. 0. E. The Wanderer in Africa. By A L. 0. R. And the

other new volumes of the same author already

announced. Hard !r Houghton, New York.

Inquiry into the State of Political Parties in the

United States. By the late Ex-President Martin

Van Buren.
J. P. Shelly If Co., Philadelphia.

George Wnyland; the Little Medicine Carrier.
Mary Mansfield; or. No Time to be a Christian.
Henry Morgan; or, The Sower and the Seed.

Hilton AV Co., New York.

The Diamond Cross; a Tale of American Society. Brought to Light; a Novel. By Thomas Speight. Carlton <\- Porter, New York.

A Sequel to Ministering Children. D. Appleton if Co., New York.

Modern Culture: Essays by Messrs. Faraday, J S.

Mill, Herbert Spencer, etc. Edited by Prof. You

man8. Jeaffreson's Book about Lawyers. American Annual Cyclopaedia for 18BB. Companion Hand-Book of Travel for the whole United

States, revised and enlarged. Tirknor A Fields, Boston. The Pickwick Papers. By Charles Dickens. Six Hundred Dollars a Year: A Wife's Effort at Low

Living under High Prices.
Poems, Grave nnd Gay. By George Arnold.
The Tent on the Beach. By John G. Whittier.
Records of Five Years. By Grace Greenwood.
Our Mutual Friend. By Charles Dickens.
Greece, Ancientand Modern. By C. C. Felton, LL. D.
Famous Americans of Recent Times. By James

Religious Poems. By Harriet Beecher Stowe.
David Copperfleld. By Charles Dickens.
The Diamond Longfellow.

Mny Day, and other Pieces. By Ralph Waldo Emer-
The Diamond Dickens. Volume Four.
New Editions of James Partou's Works, via :—

The Life of Andrew Jackson.

The Life and Times of Aaron Burr.

The Life of Benjamin Franklin.

Gen. Butler in New Orleans.

Humorous Poetry of the English Language. From
Chaucer to Saxe.
The American Tract Society, Boston.
Scenes from the Life of St. Paul.
Bible Sketches for Young People. Second Series.
God's Word Written. By Edward Garbott.
Jonah the Prophet. By Dr. Gmsaen.
Sunday Afternoons with Mamma. »

George Wnyland.
The Fishers of Derby Haven.
The Blue Book Stories.
Steps in the Upward Way.
Glimpses of West Africa.
A Sister's Story.
Following the Leader.
Gay Cottage.


Advertisements inserted in this column at 10 cents per line.]

Letters, staling price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers.

S. W. PARK. W Vrrex, Ohio, I W. M. MOSELY, Dastilli, Va.,

Wants Publishers' Descriptive Catalogue of Juvenile Wants all Publishers'Price Lists aud Catalogues Books.

JAN. 15. 1867.

JOSEPH W. CALVERT 4 CO., Successors Of Civill k Calvert, Wholesale Booksellers, Stationers, Blidibs, Etc., 162 Main Street, Louisville, Kv.,

Wut Publishers' and Manufacturers' Wholesale Lists for 1887.

J. W. BOUTON, New York, Wants Wisconsin SupTeme Court Reports complete. Texas Supreme Court Reports complete. B Monroe's Kentucky Supreme Court Reports, vols.

9 to 18 inclusive. .Metcalfe Kentucky Supreme Court Reports, 4 vols. Ian-all's Kentucky Supreme Court Reports.

JOHN J. RICKEY, Cincinnati, Ohio,

Wants Priced Catalogues of Allan's, Morrell's, and Hosmer's Libraries; also Catalogues of Auction Sales and Old and Scarce Books, particularly American History and Bibliography.


Wonts (with condition and price) :—Frankenstein. By Mary W. Shelley. 2 vols. 12mo. Carey A Lea.

Hour and the Man. By H. Martincau. Harper & Bro.

Symmes on Levelling. Last edition.


About. Les Amis de Madame. Par Edmoad About. 8vo. pp. 145. I. T.: C. LassaUe. Pap. 60 eta.

Achaid. Les Animaux Malsdes de la Peste. Par Am^dee Athard. Svo. pp. 186. N. Y.: C Lassallc. Pap. tl.

Xaqt. The Fables of iKsop, with 06 full-page Illustrations by Henry L. Stephen*, lithographed by Julius Bien. Large 4to. pp. 76. S. Y.: Edward U. Weed. CI., gilt top, 423.

Alxasac. The Evening Journal Almanac for 1867. 6. C. Hatching, Compiler. 12mo. pp. 158. Albany: Weed, Parsons 4 Co., Pre. Pap 25 cts.

Asdrewb. History of tbe Campaign of Mobile; Including the Co-operative Operations of Gen. Wilson's Cavalry in Alabama. By Brevet Maj.-Gen. C. C. Andrews. With Maps and innutritions. 8vo. pp. 276. N. Y.: D. Van Nostrand. CI. (3M.

Asjotbosg. The Queen of the Seas: a Tale of Sea and Land. By Capt. C. F. Armstrong. 8vo. pp. 112. N. Y.: Amer. /fact Co. Pap. 25 cts.

Aewteono. Leslie Dare; or, Tbe Secret of Carleton Hall. By Roderick Armstrong. Svo. pp. 70. N. Y.: Amer. Sews Co. Pap. 25 cts.

Asa. L'Herltiere d'un Mlnlstre Roman. Par Madame d'Ash. Sto. pp. VOL. If. Y.: C. Lassallc. Pap. $1 60.

Biara. American Neutrality: its Honorable Past, Its Expedient Future. A Protest against tbe Proposed Repeal of tbe Seotrality Laws, and a Plea for their Improvement and Consolidation. By George Bemis. 8vo.pp.vL, 211. Boston: Utile, Brown 4 Co. Pap. %\.

Blacknore. Cradock Kowell: a Tale of the New Forest. By B D.Blaekmore. 8vo. pp. 21S. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. 75 eta.

Bs.iiMjF.posT And East BainospoRT General And Business 1mBectobt. Compiled by Webb k Fitzgerald. 12mu. pp. 192. Bridgeport: E. A. Lewis, and J. Cornwall. Bds. *1 25.

Brim. The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Bnrke. Tola,», 10.,493; 461. Boston: Little,Brown t Co. CI. per vol. »2 25.

CinainoB (th«) Directory, For 1866-7. With a Bnslness Directory. By Dean Dudley. 8vo. pp. xxvili.,212,32. Cambridge: Sever & Francis. Bds. *2.

Cbicaoo. Edwards' Chicago Bnslness Directory, for 1866-7. Sto. pp. 734 to 1088. Chicago: Edwards, Greenough 4 Deved. Bd«.«.

Crurcb. The History of King Philip's War. By Benjamin Church. With an Introduction and Notes by Henry Martyn Dexter. 4to. pp. 1., 20.5. Boston: /. K. Wiggin. CI. *6 50.

CosrraaxuR (lb). Par 1'AbM * * ». 8vo. pp. 186. N. Y.: C. LastalU. Pap. tl.

CossicTicuT (the) Register: being a State Calendar of Public Oflcers and Institutions for 1867. 18mo. pp. 184. Hartford: Brown 4 Gross. CI. tl 25.

Dix. Address at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Douglas Monument at Chicago, Sept. 6,1866. By Major-General John A. Dix. 8vo. pp. 35. N. Y.: E. F. Crowen. Pap. 50 cts.

Does. Two Hundred Sketches, Humorous and Grotesque. By Guitars Dor*. Folio, pp. 86. Boston: Roberts Bros. CI. *3 75.

DrniTAXT. M. Sylvestre. Par Madame Dudevant (George Sand). Svo. pp.~140. N. Y.: C. Lassallc. Pap. 60 cts.

Elbiba Directory, with a Business Directory of Chemung Coanty. Walle Brothers 4 Co., Compilers. 12mo. pp. 192. Bmlra, 5. Y.: Preswick 4 Dudley. Bds. »1 50.

Fbotkisoram. •'Leaving Home," and "Revelations." Two sermons, preached in New York, Dec. 9th and 18th. By O. B. Frolhingham. 12mo. pp. 34. N. Y.: J. Miller. Pap. grails.

Gubxb. Nathaniel Greene. An Examination of some Statements eoncerningMajor-General Greene, in the Ninth Volume of Bancroft's History of the United States. By George WashiagtOB Greene Svo. pp. 86. Boston: Ticknor 4 Fields. Pap.

Hammond. Robert Severne, his Friends and bis Enemies. A Novel. By W. A. Hammond. 12ino. pp. 369. Phila.: J. B. Lippincolt 4 Co. CI. $1 75.

Havet. The French Mannal: a New, Simple, Concise, and Easy Method of Acquiring a Conversational Knowledge of the French Language. Including a Dictionary of over Ten Thousand Words. By M. Alfred Havet. Revised and Corrected from the last English Edition. 12mo. pp xxxil., 188, 112. N. Y.: D. Appleton 4 Co. Half leather, tl 75.

Hint. The Book of the Sonnet. Edited by Leigh Hunt and S. Adams Lee. In Two Volumes. Post Svo. pp. xiv., 310; vi., 343. Boston: Roberts Bros. CI. to.

Inoelow. Songs of Seven. By Jean Ingelow. Illustrated. Sm. 4to. pp. 29. Boston: Roberts Bros. CI., full gilt, t5.

Jefferson Countt (N. Y.). Gazetteer and Directory of Jefferson County, N. Y , for 1866-7. Compiled by Hamilton Child. 8vo. Watertown, N. Y.: L. Ingalls 4 Co., Prs. Pap. *2.

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