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Apocrypha 61 And they set there a garrison to keep | Tyrus, and Sidon, and all Galilee of the it, and fortified Bethsura to preserve it ; that Gentiles, are assembled together against us the people might have a defence against Idu- ll to consume us. mea.

16 Now when Judas and the people CHAP. V.

heard these words, there assembied a great 3 Judus smiteth tbe children of Esau, Bean, and \' congregation together, to consult what they

Ammon. 25 Tbe exploits in Galaad: 51 be should do for their brethren, that were in destroyeth Epbron.

I trouble, and assaulted of them. N OW when the nations round about heard | 17 Then said Judas unto Simon his brothe

TV that the altar was built, and the sanctuer, Choose thee out men, and go and delis. ary renewed as before, it displeased them very er thy brethren that are in Galilee, for I and much.

Jonathan my brother will go into the coun2 Wherefore they thought to destroy the try of Galaad. generation of Jacob that was among them, 18 So he left Joseph the son of Zecharias, and thereupon they began to slay and destroy and Azarias, captains of the people, with the the people.

remnant of the host in Judea to keep ii. 3 Then Judas fought against the chil. 19 Unto whom he gave commandment, dren of Esau in Idumea at Arabattine, because | saying, Take ye the charge of this people, they besieged Israel: and he gave them a and see that ye make not war against the great overthrow, and abated their courage, heathen until the time that we come again. and took their spoils.

20 Now unto Simon were given three 4 Also he remembered the injury of the thousand men to go into Galilee, and unto children of Bean, who had been a snare and Judas eight thousand men for the country of an offence unto the people, in that they lay Galaad. in wait for them in the ways.

21 Then went Simon into Galilee, where 5 He shut them up therefore in the towers, || he fought many battles with the heathen, so and encamped against them, and destroyed that the heathen were discomfited by him. them utterly, and burned the towers of that 22 And he pursued them unto the gate of place with fire, and all that were therein. Ptolemais ; and there were slain of the hea

6 Afterward he passed over to the children then about three thousand men, whose spoils of Ammon, where he found a mighty power, he took. and much people, with Timotheus their cap- l 23 And those that were in Galilee, and in tain.

Arbattis, with their wives and their children, 7 So he fought many battles with them, and all that they had, took he away with bim, till at length they were discomfited before and brought them into Judea with great oy. him; and he smote them.

24 judas Maccabeus also and his brother 8 And when he had taken Jazar, with the Jonathan went over Jordan, and travelled towns belonging thereto, he returned into three days journey in the wilderness, Judea.

25 G Where they met with the Nabathites, 9 Then the heathen that were at Galaad who came unto them in peaceable manner, assembled themselves together against the Is- and told them every thing that had happen. raelites that were in their quarters, to destroy ed to their brethren in the land of Galaad: them, but they fled to the fortress of Dathe 26 And how that many of them were shut ma,

up in Bosora, and Bosor, and Alema, Case 10 And sent letters unto Judas and his phor, Maked, and Carnaim ; all these cities brethren, The heathen that are round about are strong and great : us are assembled together against us to de 27 And that they were shut up in the rest stroy us :

of the cities of the country of Galaad, and 11 And they are preparing to come and that against tomorrow' they had appointed to take the fortress whereunto we are fled, Tim bring their hosts against the forts, and to take othcus being captain of their host.

them, and to destroy them all in one day. 12 Come now therefore, and deliver us | 28 Hereupon Judas and his host turned from their hands, for many of us are slain : suddenly by the way of the wilderness unto

13 Yea, all our brethren that were in the || Bosora ; and when he had won the city, he places of Tobie are put to death : their wives | slew all the males with the edge of the sword, and their children also they have carried and took all their spoils, and burned the city away captives, and borne away their stuff ; || with fire. and they have destroyed there about a thou 29 From whence he removed by night, sand men.

and went till he came to the fortress. 14 While these letters were yet reading, 30 And betimes in the morning they lookbehold, there came other messengers from ed up, and behold, there was an innumerable Galilee with their clothes rent, who report people bearing ladders and other engines of cd on this wise,

war, to take the fortress : for they assaulted 15 And said, They of Ptolemais, and of them,


Apocrypha. 31 When Judas therefore saw that the turn from it, either on the right hand or the battle was begun, and that the cry of the city left, but must needs pass through the midst went up to heaven, with trumpets, and a of it. great sound,

47 Then they of the city shut them out, 32 He said unto his host, Fight this day and stopped up the gates with stones. for your brethren.

48 Whereupon Judas sent unto them in 33 So he went forth behind them in three peaceable manner, saying, Let us pass through companies, who sounded their trumpets, and your land to go into our own country, and cried with prayer.

none shall do you any hurt; we will only 34 Then the host of Timotheus, knowing pass through on foot : howbeit they would that it was Maccabeus, fled from him : where- not open unto him. fore he smote them with a great slaughter; 49 Wherefore Judas commanded a proclaso that there were killed of them that day i mation to be made throughout the host, that about eight thousand men.

every man should pitch his tent in the place 35 This done, Judas turned aside to Mas. || where he was. pha; and after he had assaulted it, he took it, 50 So the soldiers pitched, and assaulted and slew all the males therein, and received the city all that day and all that night, till the spoils thereof, and burnt it with fire. ll at length the city was delivered into his

36 From thence went he, and took Cas- || hands: phon, Maged, Bosor, and the other cities of | 51 | Who then slew all the males with the country of Galaad.

|| the edge of the sword, and rased the city, and 37 After these things gathered Timotheus took the spoils thereof, and passed through the another host, and encamped against Raphon | city over them that were slain. beyond the brook.

52 After this went they over Jordan into 38 So Judas sent men to espy the host, who || the great plain before Bethsan. brought him word, saying, All the heathen 53 And Judas gathered together those that be round about us are assembled unto that came behind, and exhorted the people them, even a very great host.

all the way through, till they came into the 39 He hath also hired the Arabians to land of Judea. help them, and they have pitched their tents | 54 So they went up to mount Sion with beyond the brook, ready to come and fight ll joy and gladness, where they offered burnt against thee. Upon this Judas went to meet | offerings, because not one of them were slainz them.

until they had returned in peace. 40 Then Timotheus said unto the cap-|| 55 Now what tinie as Judas and Jonathan tains of his host, When Judas and his host || were in the land of Galaad, and Simon his come near the brook, if he pass over first un- | brother in Galilee before Ptolemais, to us, we shall not be able to withstand him ; 56 Joseph the son of Zacharias, and Azafor he will mightily prevail against us : rias, captains of the garrisons, heard of the

41 But if he be afraid, and camp beyond | valiant acts and warlike deeds which they the river, we shall go over unto him, and pre- || had done. vail against him.

57 Wherefore they said, Let us also get us 42 Now when Judas came near the brook, | a name, and go fight against the heathen that he caused the scribes of the people to remain are round about us. by the brook: unto whom he gave com 58 So when they had given charge unto mandment, saying, Suffer no man to remain the garrison that was with them, they went in the camp, but let all come to the battle. ll toward Jamnia.

43 So he went first over unto them, and | 59 Then came Gorgias and his men out all the people after him : then all the heathen, ll of the city to fight against them. being discomfited before him, cast away their 60 And so it was, that Joseph and Azaweapons, and fled unto the temple that was rias were put to flight, and pursued unto the at Carnaim.

borders of Judea : and there were slain that 44 But they took the city, and burned the day of the people of Israel about two thoutemple with all that were therein. Thus || sand men. was Carnaim subdued, neither could they 61 Thus was there a great overthrow stand any longer before Judas.

among the children of Israel, because they 45 Then Judas gathered together all the were not obedient unto Judas and his brethIsraelites that were in the country of Ga- || ren, but thought to do some valiant act. Jaad, from the least unto the greatest, even 62 Moreover these men came not of the their wives, and their children, and their stuff, || seed of those, by whose hand deliverance a very great host, to the end they might come || was given unto Israel. into the land of Judea.

63 Howbeit the man Judas and his breth46 Now when they came unto Ephron, |ren were greatly renowned in the sight of (this was a great city in the way as they | all Israel, and of all the heathen, whcresoever should go, very well fortified) they could not || their name was heard of ;


L. MACCABLES. 61 Insomuch as the people assembled un- and said unto them. The sleep is gone frona to them wi'hygiul acclamations.

mine eves, and my heart faileth for very care 65 Alterard went Judas furth with his 11 And I thought with myses, Into what brethren, and fought against the children of tribulation am I come, and bow great a flood Isau in the land toward the south, where he of misery is it, wierain now I 23! for I was Site Hebron, and the towns thereof, and bountiful and beloved in my power. pulled down the fortress of it, and burned 12 Ç But now I remember the evils that I the towers thereof round about

i did at Jerusalem, and that I took all the res 66 From thence he removed to go into sels of gold and silver that were therein, and the land of the Philistines, and passed through sent to destroy the inhabitants of Judea with Samiria

out a cause. 67 At that time certain priests, desirous 13 I perceive therefore that for this cause to show their valour, were slain in battle, for these troubles are come upon me, and be that they went out to fight unadvisedly hold, I perish through great grief in a strange

6% so Judas turned to Azotus in the land !' land. of the Philistines, and when he had pulled 14 Then called he for Philip, one of his down their altars, and burned their carved friends, whom he made ruler over all his images with fire, and spoiled their cities, he realm, returned into the land of Judea.

| 15 And gave him the crown, and his robe, CHAP. VI.

li and his signet, to the end he should bring up 8 Antiochus dicth, 12 and confesseth that be is his son Antiochus, and nourish him up for

plagued for the wrong done to ferusalem. the kingdom. ABOUT that time king Antiochus travel. | 16 So king Antiochus died there in the ling through the high countries heard hundred forty and ninth year.

17 Now when Lysias knew that the king way a city greatly renowned for riches, silver, || was dead, he set up Antiochus his son, whom and gold;

he had brought up being young, to reign in 2 And that there was in it a very rich his stead, and his name he called Eupator. temple, wherein were coverings of gold, and | 18 About this time they that were in the brcati plates, and shields, which Alexander, tower shut up the Israelites round about the son of Philip, the Macedonian king, who sanctuary, and sought always their hurt, and reigned fir»t among the Grecians, had left | the strengthening of the heathen. there.

19 Wherefore Judas, purposing to destroy 3 Wherefore he came and sought to take them, called all the people together to besiege

ll them. because they of the city, having had warning 20 So they came together, and besieged thereof,

them in the hundred and fiftieth year, and he 4 Rose up against him in battle : so he made mounts for shot against them, and etber Ned, and departed thence with great heavi engines. nes, and returned to Babylon.

21 Howbeit, certain of them that were be5 Moreover there came one who brought sieged got forth, unto whom- some ungodly him tidings into Persia, that the armies, which men of Israel joined themselves : went against the land of Judea, were put to 22 And they went unto the king, and said, flight :

How long will it be ere thou execute judg6 And that Lysias, who went forth first ment, and avenge our brethren? with a great power, was driven away of the l 23 We have been willing to serve thy faJewe; and that they were made strong by ther, and to do as he would have us, and to the armour, and power, and store of spoils, obey his commandments; which they had gotten of the armies, whom 24 For which cause they of our nation they had destroyed :

besiege the tower, and are alienated from us : Also that they had pulled down the moreover as many of us as they could light abomination, which he had set up upon the on they slew, and spoiled our inheritance. altar in Jerusalem, and that they had com- 25 Neither have they stretched out their paged about the sanctuary with high walls, hand against us only, but also against all their as before, and his city Bethsura.

borders. 8 9 Now when the king heard these words, 26 And behold, this day are they besieghe was astonished and sore moved: where ing the tower at Jerusalem, to take it : the nipon he laid him down upon his bed, and sanctuary also and Bethsura have they for fell sick for grief, because it had not befallen tified. him as he looked for.

27 Wherefore if thou dost not prevent 9 And there he continued many days : for them quickly, they will do greater things his grief was ever more and more, and he than these, neither shalt thou be able to rule made account that he should die.

ll them. 10 Wherefore he called for all his friends, 28 Now when the king heard this, he was



Apocrypba. angry, and gathered together all his friends, harness, was higher than all the rest, and supand the captains of his army, and those that posing that the king was upon him, had charge of the horse.

44 Put himself in jeopardy, to the end he 29 There came also unto him from other | might deliver his people, and get him a perkingdoms, and from isles of the sea, bands of petual name : hired soldiers.

45 Wherefore he ran upon him courage30 So that the number of his army was ously through the midst of the battle, slaying an hundred thousand footmen, and twenty on the right hand and on the left, so that thousand horsemen, and two and thirty ele- they were divided from him on both sides. phants exercised in battle.

46 Which done, he crept under the eleSi These went through Idumea, and pitch- phant, and thrust him under, and slew him : ed against Bethsura, which they assaulted | whereupon the elephant fell down upon him, many days, making engines of war; but and there he died. they of Bethsura came out, and burned them 47 Howbeit, the rest of the Jews seeing the with fire, and fought valiantly.

strength of the king, and the violence of his 32 Upon this Judas removed from the || forces, turned away from them. tower, and pitched in Bathzacharias, over 48 Then the king's army went up to Jeruagainst the king's camp.

salem to meet them, and the king pitched his 33 Then the king rising very early march- | tents against Judea, and against mount Sion. ed fiercely with his host toward Bathzacha- 49 But with them that were in Bethsura rias, where his armies made them ready to he made peace : for they came out of the battle, and sounded the trumpets.

city, because they had no victuals there to 34 And to the end they might provoke endure the siege, it being a year of rest to the elephants to fight, they shewed them the || the land. blood of grapes and mulberries.

50 So the king took Betlisura, and set a 35 Moreover they divided the beasts garrison there to keep it. among the armies, and for every elephant 51 As for the sanctuary, he besieged it they appointed a thousand men, armed with many days : and set there artillery with encoats of mail, and with helmets of brass on gines and instruments to cast fire and stones, their heads; and beside this, for every beast and pieces to cast darts and slings. were ordained five hundred horsemen of the 52 Whereupon they also made engines best.

against their engines, and held them battle a 36 These were ready at every occasion : || long season. wheresoever the beast was, and whitherso 53 Yet at the last, their vessels being withever the beast went, they went also, neither out victuals, (for that it was the seventh departed they from him.

year, and they in Judea that were delivered 37 And upon the beasts were there strong from the Gentiles, had eaten up the residue towers of wood, which covered every one of of the store); them, and were girt fast unto them with de 54 There were but a few left in the sancvices : there were also upon every one two tuary, because the famine did so prevail and thirty strong men, that fought upon them, || against them, that they were fain to disperse beside the Indian that ruled himn.

themselves, every man to his own place.

55 At that time Lysias heard say, that they set them on this side and that side at the Philip, whom Antiochus the king, while he two parts of the host, giving them signs what lived, had appointed to bring up his son Anto do, and being harnessed all over amidst || tiochus, that he might be king,

56 Was returned out of Persia and Media, 39 Now when the sun shone upon the ll and the king's host also that went with him, shields of gold and brass, the mountains glis. || and that he sought to take unto him the rultered therewith, and shined like lamps of fire. | ing of the affairs.

40 So part of the king's army being spread 57 Wherefore he went in all haste, and upon the higb mountains, and part on the | said to the king and the captains of the host valleys below, they marched on safely and in and the company, We decay daily, and our order.

victuals are but small, and the place we lay 41 Wherefore all that heard the noise of siege unto is strong, and the affairs of the their multitude, and the marching of the kingdom lie upon us: company, and the rattling of the harness, 58 Now therefore let us be friends with were moved : for the army was very great these men, and make peace with them, and and mighty.

with all their nation ; 42 Then Judas and his host drew near, 59 And covenant with them, that they and entered into battle, and there were slain shall live after their laws, as they did before : of the king's army six hundred men.

for they are therefore displeased, and have 43 Eleazar also, surnamed Savaran, perceiv- | done all these things, because we abolished ing that one of the beasts, armed with royal || their laws.

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4pampus. 0 * be king and be princes vere ero- 14 For said het, One that is a priest of te wete(: le vent unto wiem to make 1 he sees at sarcas come to us army, nu peace 1000 pay ureyred where

ne vil Is Eo wrong F. AnekaT 200 he princes made an li So be cake into the peaceabi, 2003 04" do t'm wiersprachey went out ware Into n. saying, We wil rucure of the oraruld

che harm nether of you our your étends 6,2 T he entered into mcun 16 Wereupos met betreted he: bos Sion , er det sandhe rreth of the beit be tocic or them diree score men, and pince, he brine sis cath tat he had made. slev them in one day, according to the words and puse mensent to put down the wall round 20.

1. Tieten of saints have tée est 6) A: Ward depared be in ali haite, and and their blood have they shed rocad about returned 170 str .2, W..ere he found Prile Jerusalem, and there was none to tery use ipro ty mater of the city. so he foszte against 19 W seretore the fear and dread of them hon, and took the city force.

fell spog all the people, wobo said. There is CHAP. Vil

netter truth por rightecasness in then ; for 1 Astuchas is sla'n, ani Dimitrine prigreb in they have brosen the covenant and casi tha:

bis stead, i Alsimz wsalt be bigt prut they made. TN the hundred and one and friech year' 19 After this removed Bacchides frca leI Demetrius the son of Selecus departed rusalem, and pitched his tents in Bezech, from Rome, and came up with a few men, wtere he sent and took many of the man sha: unto a city of the ser coast, and reigned there. I had forsaken him, and certain of the people

2 A:d as he entered into the palace of Iris Liaiso, and when he had slain them, becas técs ancestors, so it was, that his forces had taken into the great pit. Antiocisus and Lysias, to bring them unto him. 20 Then committed he the country to A.

% Wherefore, when he knew it, he said, cimus, and left with him a power to aid him: Let me not see their faces.

so Bacchides went to the king. 4 So his host slow them. Now when De- 21 But Alcimus contended for the hig's metrius was set upon the throne of his king- priesthood. dom,

22 And unto him resorted all such as tros5 There came unto him all the wicked bled the people, who, after they had gotten and ungodly men of Israel, having Alcimus, the land of Juda into their power, did much who was desirous to be high priest, for their hurt in Israel. captain ;

23 Now when Judas saw all the mischief 6 And they uccused the people to the king, that Alcimus and his company had done saying, Judas and his brethren have slain all among the Israelites, even above the heathen, thy friends, and driven us out of our own 24 He went out into all the coasts of Juland.

dea round about, and took vengeance of 7 Now therefore send some man whom them that had revolted from him, so that

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havock lie hath made among us, and in the king's land, and let him punish them with all 25 On the other side, when Alcimus saw them that and them.

that Judas and his company had gotten the & Then the king chose Bacchides, a friend upper hand, and knew that he was not able of the king, who ruled beyond the flood, and to abide their force, he went again to the was a great man in the kingdom, and faithful king, and said all the worst of them that he to the king.

could. 9 And him he sent with that wicked Alci 26 Then the king sent Nicanor, one of his mus, whom he made high priest, and com honourable princes, a man that bare deadly manded that he should take vengeance of the | hate unto Israel, with commandment to de children of Israel.

stroy the people. 10 So they departed, and came with a : 27 So Nicanor came to Jerusalem with a great power into the land of Judea, where great force ; and sent unto Judas and his they sent messengers to Judas and his breth- | brethren deceitfully with friendly words, say. ren with peaceable words deceitfully.

11 But they gave no heed to their words ; | 28 Let there be no battle between me and for they saw that they were come with a great you; I will come with a few men, that I may power.

see you in peace. 12 Then did there assemble unto Alcimus 29 He came therefore to Judas, and they And Bacchides a company of scribes, to re saluted one another peaceably. Howbeit the quire justice.

enemies were prepared to take away Judas by 13 Now the Assideans were the first among violence. the children of Israel that sought peace of 30 Which thing after it was known to thrm :

Judas, to wit, that he came unto him with do

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