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stock, therefore, would lose the whole capital they had A convention has just been signed between the Duke of invested. Paper money being rendered worthless, we Richmond, Postmaster-General in England, and M. Comte, would be deprived of a circulating medium; for the small Director of the French Post-Office, establishing a daily quantity of gold and silver, now in circulation, would communication between the two countries, instead of only speedily be hoarded, and disappear, and we would thus be four times a-week. reduced to barter. All the maoufacturers throughout the LIBEL.-On Monday, the editor and proprietor of the kingdom would stop their works, as they would not have Spectator newspaper, were tried, in the Court of King's the means to pay their workmen, and millions of oper- Bench, London, for an illeged libel on the Duke of Besu. alives would be turned out to the streets to starve, or live tott: Phe article charged as livellous, was published in by plunder and rapine. The owners of property would April 1831, and intimated that the family of the Duke naturally unite for its defence, and, hence, in every street, looked lowards the public money for their support. The and in every village, scenes of the most horrible violence jury returned a verdict of not guilty. and carnage would ensue, and the kingdom would be de Cobbett has recovered damages, L. 100, from the Times luged in blood. There being no longer any pay for the newspaper proprietor, for a libel copied from the Leeds army, 50,000 or 60,000 men, with arms in their hands, Mercury. would be let loose, at free quarters on society, to live by The Coroner's Inquest that sat, on the body of Cully, the plunder as they best could. Scotland would probably policeman, has been entirely quashed by the King's Bench, suffer more than any other part of the united kingdom by on the ground that on the face of the inquisition there was a revolution. Here everything rests on credit. Ready nothing to justify the verdict. poney, or a metallic circulation is almost entirely in. The Oxford Commemoration this year was numerousknown. It is all credit,-gothing but paper, cash ac: ly attended. A correspondent of the Morning Chronicle counts, bills, paper money. Touvh but the funds, and says, that while the heirlths of the Queen, the Duchess the whole fabric comes to the ground, and anarchy and of Kent, and Sir Robert Peel, were rapturously received, confusion take

be the consequences of a 'revolution, or of chan cheers, aud that of Lord Brougham more cheers by applying a sponge to the national debt. It would cause far than hisses. pot only a national bankruptcy, but the bankruptcy of HOUSE AND Window DUTIES.-Niimerous meetings almost every individual. It would put an end to business have been held during the month in the metropolis

, and of all kinds, reduce millions to starvation, cause a complete also in some of the larger towns, to vote resolutions for the change of property, and give a shock to the country wbich repeal of the House and Window Duties. Whatever may it would not recover in a century.- Edinburgh Chronicle. be the embarrassinents of Goveroment, or whoever may be

[Now what is the best, and indeed, the only preventive in power, the early repeal or modification of these taxes is of such a convulsion with its attendant horrors ? Il is the

inevitable. lightening of the national burdens by rigid economy and sweeping retrenchment, and the imposition of an efficient

THE FUNDS.--The desponding tone of the leading minis.

terial journals, and the anticipation of a defeat of the Mi. property tax.]

nistry, have caused a depression in the stock market. On ENGLAND.

the 29th of June, consols for the account were 891; India

stock, 47; and Bank stock, 204. The King. The anecdotes that follow have been com

Chuncu RATES.—Throughout England the resistance municated by a correspondent of the Standard: --- When the King dined with the Duke of Welliuglon on Tues-goods have, in some places, been attempted, but no pur

to Church rates is rapidly increasing. Sales of distrained day, he was received by the Duke, at entering, on his chasers could be found. knee. The King stopped his kneeling, raised him, and shook his Grace's hand heartily in both of his (his Majes

The friends of Colonel Evans dined together at the cular attendant, (who had in some action saved his lifey) Lalor. Lord Dumboyne, the Honourable Charles Butty's.) At dinner, when the Duke's old servani, uod parti- Eyre arms, St. John's Wood, on Wednesday, to cele

brate his return for Westminster. Mr. O'Connell, Mr. came for some purpose immediately behind him, the King turned round, spoke most cordially to him, and shovk hini ler, Mr. O'Meara, Dr. Gilchrist, Colonel Hodges, and by the hand.”

Dr. Bainbridge were among the gentlemen who attended. The Times assert, that when the Queen lately passed When the toast of "The King” was given, three-fourths through the city, she was bissed; the Tory papers deny, it was finally acknowledged with three times three. When and the Radical ones scout this symptom. THE COURT.-The Court has been very gay of late. Her

" The Queen" was given as the next toast, the strongest Majesty has been at the Theatres, and at Fancy Fairs, and execrations, with cries of “ No, never," burst from several the King and Queen were both at Ascot Races. His Majesty parts of the room. The gentlemen at the upper part of dined with the Duke of Wellington on the anniversary of the table rose to cheer, but now the hisses decidedly prethe battle of Waterloo, and graciously prevented or raised dominated. It seems, that instead of “ The Queen," it the Duke, who knelt to receive him. To compensate this

was expected that " The People, the only source of legi. Tory dinner, the King took a Whig one with his daughter's timate power," should have followed. This, toast was father-in-law, Lord Holland, where he met his Ministers drank the next, with loud cheering. The Duke of Cumberland has attained his sixty-second year. PENSIONS.—The sum paid in pensions of one kind or His son, Prince George, whom rumour assigned as the fu- other in this country is very great, and means must be reture husband of the Princess Victoria, has been wholly de- sorted to for gradually reducing it.--"Would," said Mr. prived of his sight.

Harvey, “ the country credit it, when he stated, that in TAE CHURCH. It is said that the king has sent a letter pensious one way or other—by superannuations, compento the Arehbishop of Canterbury, rating the bishops for sations, and the like -no less than nine millions of money their vote on the Portuguese question. This is denied by were annually paid ! In the pensions chargeable on the the Tories; and a poor boast were it for a coustitutional English, Scottishi, and Irish 'Civil "Lists, and the 4 per Whig that thus the king of Britain may interfere with cent. duties, there were 1,303 persons of whom 1,022 were the votes of Peers of Parliament.

of the fair sex, and of 208 persons of title and distinction, THE DUKE OF RICHMOND.—This nobleman, we un- 121 were ladies of family." derstand, arrived in town yesterday. Whether on official There was a public procession of the friends of temperduty, or not, we have been unable to ascertain ; but it is ance in Preston, on Whit Monday. About 400 '

males hoped that his Grace will take advantage of his present visit and females, headed by a rich and costly flag, subscribed to inquire into several local grievances, connected with the for by the ladies, and a land of music, paraded the priocipost-office department, and if possible institute the necessary pal streets A great number of the men were reformod iemedies.-Glasgow Paper.,

drunkards, most of whom were attired in new clothes.

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The Pitt Clubs held their annual dinner on Friday ture of Mr O'Connell, came ou on Thursday, bat week; an we neglected to

member for EMIGRATION.In the course of the present setos, Northamptonslore, presided The Dukes of Wellington twenty vessels have sailed from Derry for the United and Newcastle, the Earls of Eldon, Harewood, and States of America, having on board 2,774 passengers; and Bathurst, and the Marquis of Salisbury were present; but twenty for British America, with 3,730 passengers. -Beco Sir Robert Peel was not there.

fast News Letter. The new sixpences lately coined have the word sixpence

SCOTLAND. impressed on them, to prevent their being passed, when gilt, as half-sovereigns, a fraud which has been committed to a


The following are the Commissionens considerable extent

appointed to manage the receipt and expenditure of the reve The Custom House receipts Liverpool during the nue of the City of Elixburgh :-Lord Melville, Sir Wil. week before last, averaged L. 20,000 a-day.

liam Rae, Sir James Gibson Craig, John Bonar of Ratha The intention of working the cotton-mills four days in- Esq. banker, Richard Mackenzie, Esq. writer to the signet, stead of six being now generally resolved upon throughout William M'Hutcheon, Esq. merchant, and John Learthoath, this district, the master-spinners and manafacturers of the Es, merchant, present Lord Provost. borough have commenced with the present week. The

This appointment has given great dissatisfaction to the new system of working, therefore, is either to work four

Merchants Company, and the inhabitants in general, who days per week of 12 hours eaclı, or six days of eight hours conceive themselves insulted and wronged by it. each.' The present week terminates with this evening ANNUITY Tax.—This impost for ministers' stipend has (Thursday.) - Stockport Advertiser.

been vigorously opposed of laie. The people are far erum The Calcutta BANKRUPTCY.- A meeting of the cre- satisfied with the Lord Advocate's bill. A numerous pube ditors of Mackintosh's house had been held there on the lic meeting was held in the Waterloo Rooms, for the per 22d, at which it was agreed to accept eight annas per pose of petitioning against this impost, and for its entire rupee, or 10s. in the pound sterling; four annas to be paid abolition. The petition has been numerously signel. The at the end of four years, two at the termination of six

Magistrates, who have, for so many years, applied the large years, and the remainder at eight years,

funds raised by the enormously dear church seat rents of Ediz Horse-stealing was seldom, if ever more prevalent than burgh, now assert that this money belongs of right to their at present ; not being confined to any particular district, revenue. To it the people look to pay their clergy, which it but extending more or less over every part of the kingdom. would do amply. It is not easy to say how the cartest vill

POLITICAL UNIONS.-A public meeting, called by order end, though one doubts that the odious tithe, peculiar to of the Northern Political Union, was held on Monday at Edinburgh-Annuity, will never again be tolerated. Newcastle, to consider the conduct of Ministers and of the

IMPROVEMENTS OF EDINBURGH.-The New Bridge Reformed Farliament. The number present is estimated over the Water of Leith, at the Dean, one of the most mag at three or four thousand persons. Mr. Charles Attwood, nificent in the kingdom, has been for some time completed, brother of the members for Birmingham and Whitehaven, and the road from it to the Great North Road is in course was in the chair. A petition to the King was agreed upon, of formation. By means of this bridge, the steep Ascent at praying him to dismiss his “ imbecile Ministers." The lan

Bell's Mills will be avoided. The new road from the Lo. guage held by the speakers at this meeting was very strong. thian Road to the High Street, by the back of the Castle, will Meetings of a similar kind have been held in various places. be opened in the course of the summer, and the bridge orer PRICE OF CORN WIIERE THERE IS NO BREAD Tax.

the Cowgate, in the line of Bank Street, is also in a forward -We learn by private letters from Hamburgh of the 5th instant, that the price of all kinds of grain were declining CITY COMMISSION BILL. We are glad to observe that rapidly at that place and on most parts of the Continent, this bill contains a clause empowering the Commissioners: there being already iudications, from the state of the

to reduce the salaries of the official persons connected with weather and the appearance of the crops, of a most abund- the city. It is disgraceful, that while the city's affairs are ant harvest. Wheat, oats, and barley have not been so

so embarrassed, L.5,000 a-year should be expended in civic cheap in the Hanse Towns at any time within the last expenses, independently of law expenses and public entertwelve or eighteen months.--Leeds Mercury.

tainments, for managing revenue which does not amount

to L.50,000 a-year.-Edinburgh Observer. IRELAND.

THE Scotch BANKRUPT BILL has raised several of our

commercial communities in open arms. Glasgow and Perth Mr. O'Connell and the New Secretary for [reland, Mr. have taken the lead; they hardly scruple to say, that the Littleton, have been exchanging civilities, and the lat. Lord Advocate's Bill is contrived to bring grist to the mill ter, as one act of energetic government, has ordered the pro- of the Edinburgh lawyers. secution of Shaw, a policeman, who, under the Coercion Act, BURGH REFORM BILL FOR SCOTLAND. - The Lord committed various outrages in Kilkenny. He will get asy Advocate is singularly unfortunate in his attempts at im. off.

proving the institutions of his native country. We hare, froin The Repeal was not intended to be touched by O'Connell the first, regarded this bill as narrow and vicious in principles this session, but Mr. Fergus O'Conner resolved to move it, and now rejoice to learn that it has been virtually defeated himself. A meeting of Repealers was held, and by a com in the House of Commons. The £10 rent qualification promise, O'Connell has given notice of a motion for next clause (£10 to enable an inhabitant of a Scottish burgh to session.

vote for a local magistrate !) was, on the motion of Sir Jolin Meanwhile, the Government prosecutions continue. Mr. Hay, reduced to the more rational sum of £5, Sir John is John Walsh, who was convicted of uttering a seditious a Tory, no doubt; but, thanks to the Tory, this amend. speech, has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment, ment shows sense and honesty. It was lost by one rote and a fine of L.20. He has also given security to keep the only; and may be considered as carried, as it is supported peace, himself in L.200, and two sureties in L.100 each. Mr. by the people of Scotland. Thomas Steele has been arrested, on the charge of uttering EXTENSIVE FRAUD.--A number of merchants have gone a malicious libel against the Government, in a speech lately from Perth to London, to give evidence before the Court of delivered. The Pilot Dublin newspaper has also been pro- Exchequer, respecting a flagrant evasion of Excise Duties, secuted for inserting Mr. O'Connell's letters to the people detected by the officers there about twelve months ago. The of Ireland, Mr. O'Connell has given notice in Parliament duty on teas is graduated according to their kind and qua. that he means to bring forward the question of the Repeal lity, and at that time about 20 boxes came to the order of of the Union early next session.

several grocers in Perth, on which an erasure of the Custom, The prosecution of Mr Barrett, proprietor of the Dub. house numbers was discovered, with higher numbers sublin Pilot, for the publication of a letter bearing the signa- stituted, and a like alteration made on the permits which


ccompanied them, thus defrauding the revenue and cheat ACCIDENTS AND OFFENCES. ng the dealers to whom they were sent. It is said, that the mercantile house implicated had offered £5,000 as a com. Simón Byrne, the famous pugilist and prize-fighter, has promise, but which had been refused by the Exchequer. died in consequence of bruises received in one of the brutal

LAW COMMISSION.Great indignation is expressed in encounters, of which he has held so many. The fight was held he provincial newspapers, that the Commissioners should at St. 'Albans, and was with Burke, another bruiser. The e chosen exclusively from the two great Edinburgh Law men, after the fight, were re-conducted to their respective

racorporations, whose interest it is to keep up the mono. qnarters at St. Albans, and were both put to bed and bled. poly which has so long existed. We certainly think that | Byrne continued in a state of stupor. His punishment ny commission appointed to investigate into the working seems to have been severe on the left side of the head, from of our laws, should have comprised among its members Burke's repeated right-handed bits, and his left eye wag some of the Procurators before the inferior Courts ; for completely closed, while his mouth and face generally wers their knowledge of the practice in these courts could not much swollen. In the body, too, there had been much exe122 ve failed to have been extremely useful. As far as we cution, especially on his left side. He received every pos. have been able to judge, it appears to us that the late al- sible attention, and a gentleman who had been extremely terations on the forms of process in the inferior Courts re attentive to him in his training, remained with him the arrile' a thorough revision, for they are very ill adapted whole of the night. Burke was by no means so great either to save expense or to secure expedition. ----Edinburgh a sufferer, although he bore heavy marks of hitting, and his Chronicle.

arms, from stopping, were black from the shoulders to the Post OFFICE. There has, of late, been great discontent wrist. To his heavy falls his sick ness was principally atat the system of espionage adopted by the Post Office, espe- tributed Byrne, prev usly to his death, called the chamcially in Scotland. The most inquisitorial inspection, and bermaid, and said, “ If I should die, it will not be for the ench as will never be tolerated by a free-spirited people beating I received, but from mortification. I would rather have taken place, and has excited just and lively indigna- have died than been beaten in that fight." It is just three tion. The Duke of Richmond will certainly examine, and years since Mackay got his death in coinbat with Byrne. afford redress.

An English paper says, " Mackay died on the following day We hear that John Jardine, Esq. advocate, has been ap- of the w sunds he had received from his adversary. A si. pointed Shariff-Depute of Ross and Cromarty-shires, in milar fate seems to have a waited Byrne, for, remarkable as room of Mr. Macleod of G'anies, who has resignel, after the coincidence may appear, he also expired from blows filling that important office for the last fifty-nine years. similarly inflicted, on the very day three years (20 June) It is also un lerstood that James Ivory, Esq. advocate, is to when he conquered Mackay." succeed Mr. Traill in the Sheriffship of Caithness, which is As Captain Krats, R. N., was sailing in an open boat about to become vacant by resignation.—Courant.

in Batlicombe Bay, Devonshire, on Saturday week, a At a very full meeting of the Political Union, on Tues- squall off the land took her so suddenly, that before the day night, it was agreed to petition Parliament, and ad-sheet could be cast off, she capsized, and suuk. There dress the King, for the expulsion of the bishops from the were Mrs. Keats and two of her sisters, Miss Diana and House of Lords.-Glasgow Chronicle.

Miss Louisa Pitman, and a boatman also in the boat. CHURCH PATRONAGE IN SCOTLAND. - - Mr. George Captain Keats instantly laid hold of Miss Louisa, and Sinclair's motion, so often delayed, comes on upon the 4th swam with her a considerable distance towards the shore, of July. Ministers have begged the delay. Lord Althorp till a Preventive Service boat put off and rescued them hopes the prople of Scotland will be satisfied with their both; when he lernt the meancholy fact, that his wife plan. Sir Andrew Agnew has given notice that he will and her sister Diana were both lost, together with the renew his attempt to carry a Bill for the better OBSERV boatman. ANCE OF THE SABBATH.

Loss or rug CLYDE STEAMER.We learn from the Factory COMMISSION.—This commission has agree- Guard of the Galloway Mail, that the Clyde Sleaner, ably disappointed many persons. After a deliberate inves. while on her passage from Glasgow to Liverpool, with tigation the commissioners have given it is their opinion, upwards of 100 passengers, struck, about one o'clock on that children under fourteen, or by some accounts fifteen, Sunday morning last, on a rock near Ardwall Bay. The should not be employed in the factories more than eight vessel was speedily got off, and while filling fast, was, by hours a day. After that age all agreements to be free and the utmost exertions, run a distance of four miles into voluntary. There are, however, several provisions of Mr. Portnes ock, where fortunately all the passengers were Sadler's (now Lord Ashley's) bill, which the friends of hu- landed in safety. manity would regret to see nullified.

Ten Vesseis Lost OFF BLACKPOOT.. This place was THE Moors. From the continuation of cold winds visited on Tuesday and Wednesday se'ennight, by the most during the latter end of April, liatching has been later severe storm ever witnessed here. On Tuesday evening the than usual. Some coveys show on wing but a short fight, storm commenced with unrelenting fury, and continued while many can only “ hide their diminished heads" in the without intermission until Wednesday evening. Ten heather. Upon the whole, it is rather premature to say | vessels have become a prey to the destructive element, how grouse may turn out this season ; but from present but it was attended without loss of life to nine of the appearance an average crop may be expected. Never was above. less heath burning seen upon the hills, scarely a single DESTRUCTIVE FIRE AND Loss or LIFE.-On Saturpatch can be found, excepting in peat mosses for spreading lay morning, about four o'clock, a fire broke out at Wood's ground.--Perth Courier.

Family Hotel, Panton Square, which burnt with such irreHERRINGS.—The herring fishing is beginning for the sistible fury that the safety of the surrounding buildings season, and promises to be very abundant. In the western was imminently endangered, and the lives of tivo indivi. fishing stations, some herrings have been already caught, duals, one, Lieutenant Negle of the royal navy, and the and sent to the Glasgow market cured. By a letter from other, Mr. Cape, a Glasgow merchant, fell a sacrifice to the Stromness, Orkney, it appears that the fishing is begun devouring element. The fire is presumed to have originatthere with spirit, and offers to be unusually profitable. Oned from Lient. Negle having dropped a lighted cigar amongst the 6th instant, some hundreds of berrings were caught; the bed-clothes in his apartment. and on the 8th, two boats caught eleven cranes of very

We take the following from the Courrier du Gand of fine herrings. One of the cargoes was cured immediately, the Ilth inst:-“ About 10 o'clock last oight, four young and shipped for London.--Argus.

men of Uzes, Messrs. G F.

and PRODIGIOUS!-A steam coach is about to be started in C-, none of them more than twenty years of age, Aberdeen, to run, in the first instance, to Ballater. The but noted for the violence of their philosophical and reproprietors (a few enterprising young gentlemen) hope to publican opinions having come to an agreement to destroy be able to start the coach in about ten days.

themselves, left a coffoe-house where they had been carous

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ing, each armed with a pistol, and carrying with them four The demand for lean stock has been great, and cattle fet bottles of white wine, and a bottle of liquer, and proceed. grazing have sold at high prices. Pat cattle have, buz. ed to the farm of M. G , which was alout a quarter ever, lately fallen in price. The horse markets have been of a league from the town, Here they lighted a candle, rather dull, though valuable horses are still in demand u and loaded their pistols, first coully cutting the halls, which good prices. Sheep and lambs have sold readily during the were tau large for the barrels. This done, M, G

month, and with little variation of price. took out his watch, and found that it wanted five minutes The wool market contiues firm, but no further increase to eleven, the bour al which they were to deprive them in price is anticipated. The demand in the cloth and flatanel selves of lite. When the clock struck le again took up narkets in the west of England continues steady. In conhis pistol, upon which M. Co proposed that they sequence, an advance of froni Is. Gd. to 25. 6d. a-week hus should wait till inidnight, to which the other replied, No! been made ou the wages of each workman. The silk no! it is useless, I will show how the act is dove.' He weavers also are fully employed. At Galushie's trade is then went to the door, placed his pistol under his chin good, and all the spinners are einployed at wages Farging drew the trigger, anii in ao instant lay dead at the feet of from 15s. to £1, 1s. a-Week.–The rise in the price of iroa his companions. The oiber li. G

then seized has been sustained, and many master inanufacturers in his pistol, and said, " It is now my turn;' but he was consequ.'nce contemplate giving a slight addition of wages stopped by C-- who, after sonie difficulty, prevailed to their work men. upon him to desisi, and by continuent persuasions at levytla GLASGOW, Meat, Butter, and Eggs, are at the prices 3 overcame the resolution of F---also, whu at first was in Edinburgh. Cheese, new, 6d.; ditto, old, 70. to . inclined to resent with vaolence the interfereuce of The Fine Quartern Loat is sold by the Corporation at 90., C- The three survivors then procreded to acq.raint and Household do. at 7.. Common Peasemeal sells at Is. the Procureur du Roy with what hai occurred, and at one pir peck; double shilled do. at 150 per ditto. -Common in the morning the officers of justice proceeded to take the Barley sells at 1 d., second quality at 22., and best pearl st usual measures as to the disposal of the body of the de- | 31. a-lb.- White Pease at 21. a-lb; small blue are 165 ceased."

and imperial 18s. to 20s. per ewt.-Best Oatmeal 91; $

cond quality 8d. per peck of seven imperial Ibs.—Potatoes MARKETS.

4d. to 6d. per 171 inperial lbs. The warm weather during May had an extraordinary BANNOCKBURN Fark. At this fair, which was held on effect on the crops of all descrip:ions, and instead of the Tuesdav last, much above the usual nunber of blark cattle wote harvest being later than usual, it will in all probability be show si, among which were several lots of prime fat, that were rather early. The dry weather enabled the potatoes to

vald readily vut uod ir at 6s. per imperial stone be planted under very favourable circumstances, and afford

Balgar Summer Fark was held on Friday and Saturdar. ed an excellent opportunity for cleaning the land intended Nearly 15,000 head of cattle were swwa, sonde in very bad cro.

The latter dry the deinaut was even more brisk than the fire for turnips and for sowing that valuable crop. Strong clayer. soils were much hardened by the long continuance of dry

Largs fair was held on Monday the 17th. The anmber of weather after the beavy rains in March and April, and the cattle exposed for sale was unsully large, anil the sales reo beans ou such soils are in many instances thinly planted. markably brisk. About the beginning of June the crops in general appeared to suffer from the drought, and fears were entertained that if

SCOTCH BANKRUPTS. the dry weather continued, the crop would turn out deficient in straw. All these fears were, however, dissipated by the re-iding in Norton of Merns.

Robert Law, vinter, putilo dealer, and road-contractor, heavy rains which fell on the 11th of June, and which ap

John Hannay, writer to the signet and maonfacturer of ga, pear to have extended over the whole Island. The crops Edinburgh. of almost every description are now looking most luxuriant. Alexander Thomson, gunmiker. Edishur:h. The pastures are also excellent, there has seldom been a season James Reid, baker, grain and spirit dealer, Ratherglen, in which thegrass has been more abundant.

near Glasgow. GRAIN Markets still continue languid, and as tre have Robert Wingate, merchant in Glasgow, one of the parts the prospect of an early and abundant harvest, little rise ners of the late concern of Robert Wingale and C. mars can now be expected. Uutil the Corn Laws are placed on ufacturers there. a permanent basis, no speculation can be expected in the David Smith, merebant and acid maker, G 4:0*. corn trade, and it is therefore the interest of the agricul. James Haig, brewer, Barrowfield, Glasgow. turists as well as of the other classes of the community,

OBITUARY. that these laws should be re-considered, and many of the restrictions on the importation of foreign grain removed ;

It gives is much pain to record the death of Denis for they may be assured that the mercantile and manufac Murphy, Esq., second son of James Murplıy, Esq. of Wa'tsturing classes will never cease to agitate the question, until town, near Killarney, the last of four talented and highly much greater freedom than now exists is given to the corn gifted brothers, who, together with their father, lave died trade..

within the short space of five years. Mr. Murphy eutered On the whole, the prospects of the agriculturists are ex

college at an early age, and attaived every honour which tremely gloomy, and many of them seem to have given up college he repaired to the Temple in London, where he had

could be won without a sacrifice of principles After leaving all hopes of ever realizing the large sums they have expend- nearly completed his terms, when the disease to which he ed on the improvement of the soil. Emigration, to Upper Canada principally, is greatly on the increase from the

fell a victim set in, and was hastened on by his attendance sviddle districts of Scotland, and it is generally remarked

at the House of Commons as reportrr; he was, in Cunnit that the emigrants are of a superior description to those quence, obliged to seek the benefit of his native air, one in who have left the country in former years.

regret to say, in vain. He died on Friday last, leaving a THE OAT CxOP.-Oats keep up their price as well or disconsulate mother to mourn his early dom. Mr. Murplay better than any other kind of grain. The consumptioa

was a contributor to many respectable periodicals --Trale of this article is immensely increased of late years. AI.

Mercury. most all the horses which run our ten-mile-an-hour coaches that we announce the death of Dr. Babington, whii h tank

DEAT. OF Dr. BabisGTON. It is with extreme sorrow may be said to live entirely upon oats, with a very few place at his house in Devonshire Street, Purilanu Placry beans to make up a given weight per bushel. CORN TRADE, -The stue of the Corn tride in Mark Lane is

on the evening of Moudny, after an illness of a few days now entirely dependent on the weather and prires, like a barria

duration. At its commencement his disease presented meter, fluctuate according to the appearances of sunshine or

the ordinary character of the prevailing epidemic, but in rain. Speculation bus partially, revived, but in materially consequevce of advanced age, 76, and oureimirting prules. checked by the high rates of duties still prevailing.–Mark Lane sional exertion, it speedily, a-suiñeil the more warming Express.

form of Peripneumonia Nucha. By the deild of this ve.


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of a son.

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At Rutlandet op

serable physician the profession has been deprived of a

At Foxhall, on the 19th inst., Mrs Cameron, of a son.

At 4, West Mahland Street, on the ed ist., Mrs Captain Eddington, listinguished ornament, and the public of a kind, liberal, or a son. ind enlightened practitioner; while the scientitic world At Rome, on the 23d May, the Lady of Charles Lees, Esq., of a son. will have to deplore a man who formed, as it were, che At 106, Lauriston Place, on the 24th curt., Mrs Sibbald, of a son.

| Here, on the 22d instant, the Lady of Joseph Murray, Esq. of Ayton, connecting link bet teen the departed and living philoson of a son. phers of the last hall-century; for, from Priestly, ai On the 22d instant, at 9, Coates Crescent, the Lady of the Rev. John

Paton, minister of Ancrum, of a daughter. whose centenary festival he so lately presided, down lo

On the 21st instant, at West Sea Bank, Helensburgh, the Lady of Wollaston and Davy, Dr. Balington was the persona! Lieutenant Francis Grove, R. N., of a daughter. friend and agreeable associate of ihe most distinguished At Stanley Grove, the Lady of Colonel Grant, M.P., of a son.

" At Gourock House, on the 26th instant, the Lady of Duncan Dar. persons of this country. In truth, his amialle temper, soch, Esq , younger of tourock, of a daughter. gentle manners, sound" judgment, liberal sentimeuts, and At 22, Royai Terrace, on the 27th inst., the Lady of Colone! Turner, varied information, rendered his society highly acceptable of the 1st regiment Bombay light cavalry of a son.

AC 36), Northumberland Street, on 27th instant, Mrs J. Souter, of a to a class of men whose stern and laborious abstractions daughter occasionally require the soothing repose of friendly inter At II, Dean Terrace, on the 27th inst, Mrs Campbell, of a son, course, and the exhilarating relief of eulivening conver

Here, on the lith instant, the honourable Mrs F. Hamilton, of a

daughter. sation.

At 6, Howe Street, on the 13th instant, Mrs Finlay Dun, of a son. The death of Lord King, at the comparatively early age

On the 3d March last, at Ithaca, the Lady of Major Parson, resident,

ot a son. of fifty-seven, is a national loss which will not be very soon At 8, Moray Place, on the 11th instant, Mrs George Wauchope; of a replaced. His Lordship was a descendant of the great phi, daughter. losopher Locke, and was not unworthy of such an illustrious

At Albyn Place, on the 12th inst., Mrs Charles Gordon, of a son.

At Redford, on the 10th instant, Mis Alexander Hunter, of a ancestor. Ile was a shrewd, well-informed, accomplished daughter. Senator, of enlarged views in politics, which he was in the

At 5, South Charlotte Street, on the 6th inst., Mrs Morgan, of a son, constant habit of enforcing in a terse and energetic spirit. of a son.

At Rosehill, near Glasgow,ou the 9th instant, Mrs David M.Culloch, Reform owes much to his unremitting advocacy; he was in At Greenock, on the 8th instant, Mrs Captain John Leith, Ardgowan the field early and late, and from his stern, consistent in. Square, of a son.

At Mountpark, Greenock, on the 8th instant, Mrs Joseph Linton, of tegrity, extorted the

respect even of his bitterest enemies. The Bishops will not deeply bewail him. He was the In Carlton Place, London, on the 29th ult, the Countess of Buchan, sworn foe of church monopolies, On the 14th, the remains of Mr. William Dibble, of Od.

MARRIAGES. combe, well known by his mercenary habits, was interred.

At Cheltenham, on the 21st ultimo, Francis Day Chalmers, Esq.,

late major in the 7th dragoon guards,' to Sarah Mary Emily, only sur. The chief mourner was his cat, which had been his prin- viving

child of the late James Robertson, Esq., of the Bengal engineers cipal compañión a long time. The poor animal not only At Viewfield, near Dunbar, on the 21st ultimo, the Kev, Thomas followed his deceased master to the grave side, but as soon

Burnet, to Susannah, youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Foster, 38 the coffin was lowered, actually sprang in upon it.

Esq., surgeon to the garrison of the island of Alderney

At Temple, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. George Sandy of Gore. DEATH OF THE KING OF THE GIPSIES. We have to bridge, Mr David Wilson, farmer, Mayfield, to Alison, youngest record the death, at an advanced age, a few days since, of daughter of Richard Ramage, Temple.

On the 4th instant, at St Mary's Church, Lambeth, William Cham. Lawrence Boswell, said to be the king of the gipsies. He bers, Esq., of Edinburgh, to Harriet Seddon, only daughter of John had been declining in health a considerable time, and dur. Clark, Esq., Darling Place, London. ing the last two or three months, was, with a part of his Durham, Lo Miss Burnet, Summerhill Terrace, near Newcastle upona

On the 4th instant, R. T. Atkinson, Esq., of Fulwell, county or family, lying encamped in Draycot-lane, between this town Tyne. and Nottingham. As a proof that he was of some conse

At Limekilns, on the 3d instant, Mr Robert Anderson, merchant,

dyr, to Clementine Ogilvie, eldest daughter of Mr Ogilvie, tide waiter, quence amongst the fraternity, many tribes of gipsies from Limekilns. distant quarters assembled to bid him a last farewell. A

At 21, Scotland Street, on the 1st instant, J. Reekless, Esq., Not. coffin of the best Norway oak was made to receive his re

tingham, to Mary Cuthbertson, relict of the late Mr W. Rogers, iner.

chant, Edinburgh. inains, which are expected to be interred in the parish At Saxe Coburg Place, on the 4th inst., Mr James Craig, merchant. ? church of Wilne.- Derby Reporter.

Edinburgh, to Janet Bogle, eldest daughter of Mr George Wright,

Here, on the 4th instant, George Stodart, Esq., W S., to Mary [How many kings are there of Little Egypt? This is the Wilson, daughter of the laie Alexander Paul, Esq., merchant, Biru third dead within the last twelvemonth.]


At 5, South Charlotte Street, on the 6th inst., Mrs Morgan, of a son. BIRTHS.

At Hatton Castle, on the Izth instant, James Buchan, Esq of Auch. at Dunfermline, on the 31st ult, Mrs Colville, of Hillside, of a soni

macoy, to Miss Helen Duff, second daughter of Garden Duit, Esq. of

At No. 16, Carlton Place, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Pender, of a son.
On the 29th ult, in Carlton Place, the Countess of Buchan, of a son.

At Shenstone Church, on the 28th ultimo, Major Wyndham, of the
On the 27th ultimo, at 25, Heriut Row, Mrs Douglas Sandford, of a

royal Scots Greys, to Eliza Maria, eldest daughter of ihe late Henry daughter,

Case, Esq of Shenstone Moss, Staffordsbire. At Harden-Green, Mid Lothian, on the 20th ultimo, Mrs Alexander

At st Clement Danes Church, London, on the 2d ultimo, Mr John

Hutchison, merchant, Leith, tó Susannah Ann Harrower, widow of - Hope, of a daughter. At Belton, on the 26th ultimo, the Lady of James Hay, Esq. of Bel.

the late Captain George Harrower, Clareinont Cottage. ton, RN, of a son!

At Leith Mount, North faith, on the ith justani, William Gavin, At Kinnaird Castle, on the 14th ultimo, Lady Carnegie, of Southesk,

Esq., merchant, Leithi, tv Ami, eldest daughter of John Glover, Esq.'.

At keith Mount, North Leith, on the 4th instant, James Merricks, of a son

At Little Govan House, on the 238 ultimo, Mrs Archibald Grahame, Esq: gunpowder-manulacturer, Roslın, to Isabella, second daughter of of a dalighter. Atewark Castle, Ayr, on the 230 ultimo, Mrs D. Campbell, of a

On the isch instant; at the Manse, Àuchtertool, vé George Prentice, daughter.

junior, to June, daughter of the late Robert Russell, Esq. kirkaldy. At 5, Randolph Crescent, on the 31st ultimo, the Lady of Patrick At Bath, on the loth inst: Norwich Duff, Esq. captain in the royal Boyle. Esq , of a son

nary, to Helen' Mary, daughter of the late J. Shvolbre.i, Esg. on the 3 th ultiino, at St. Andrews, Mrs W. F. Ireland, of a son,

At Catter, Dumbartonsture, on the 18th instant, James Lyall, Esq., On the 13th ultimo, at Hvarnesbrooke, Ireland the Lady of George

of Mexico, to Suran, youngest daughter of Stewart Jolly, Esq. Dillon Hearne Kirkald, Esq., of a daughter, still-born.

At Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Dugald J. Bannatyne, Esq., writer, At Hope Street, Glasgow, on the 8th current, Mrs John Black, of a

Glasgow, to Jmet, youngest daughter of the late Adam Bogle, Esq. daughter

merchant, Glasgow. on the 1st instant, Mrs Adam Rolland, junior, street, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Donaldson,

Here, on the 20th instant, Mr Christopher Wilkie, ot Annandale

of Leith Street. At Fort William, Calcutta, on the 9th January, the Lady of Dr Thomas Spens, of a daughter.

At 5, Roxburgh Terrace, on the 21st current, Mr William Beid, 8, on the ist iisstant, at 3, West Lauriston Lare, Mrs James Denham, daughter of the late Mr William Cramb.

Drummond Street, agent for the l'caninich Distillery, to nielen, second of a daughter At 19, Royal Circus, on the 16th instant, the Hon. Mrs Y. Herries,

On the esth bstant, at Miss Ogilvy's, of Westhall, 9, Dale Street, or å still.born som.

by the Rev. Edward Craig, of St James's, Williain Alfred Roberts, At Crail, on the 9th insti, Mrs James Webster, of a son.

Esq.,, to Helen, only daughter of Mr George Ogilvy, At2, Bellevue Crescent, on the 13th inst., Mrs William Mackersy,

Auchtermuchty. of a sou,

At Dollar Bank, on the 21st instant, James Grieve, Thornhin, to On the 15th inst., at Burie, Mrs Christie, of a son.

Ann, third daughter of the late Adam Allan, Esq., of bushelnili, East

Lothian. At Calder House, on the Thih inst, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay, of Barnton, of a son, stillborn.

At 10. Northumberland Street, on the 25th curt, Mr Allan Milaren, At Brunstain House, on the 16th inst, the Lady of Thomas Grahame, larton, Perthshire

surgeon, R.N., to Amelia, daugtiter of the late Mr Charles Ducat Full Esq., W.S., 'of a son,

54 !

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