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fiable bomicide, will any one believe that a reward social

have been offered for the apprehension of the murderer A meeting, to call a National Convention, was summoned -E.raminer.-[Truly, no !) by placards, for Monday the 13th instant. On the Friday preceding, a proclamation declaring this meeting illegal, and prohibiting people from attending, was issued by Lord

SCOTLAND. Melbourne, but not signed. But some persons interested, and many, idle or curious spectators chose to come to the EDINBURGH BIBLE SOCIETY. The twenty-fourth as ground ; and, at three o'clock, about 3,000 had collected. All niversary of this society was held on Wednesday in George the magistrates were upon the alert, and 15,000, some ac Street Assembly Rooms, Robert Haldane, E$. in the chair, counts say 17,000 policemen were in immediate attendance, who opened the meeting, by stating that the society had! and military ready to act when called upon. The Union of been more prosperous in this than in former years The Working Classes, or its committee, brought banners; and Up to 6th May the petitions from Scotland for an alters the assembly was addressed by a Mr Meo, who was named tion of the law of patronage amount to 118, and the signs. Secretary. While this man was speaking, and requesting tures to 57,092. the people to preserve order, as Government spies were The entire number of petitions for the abolition of sla. among them, a cry of “Police! Police !" was raised, and very, up to 6th May, was 2,398, and the signatures in a few moments a large body of the police, eight or ten 527,547. deep, (the whole of them being armed with heavy sta ves,) The female petition for the immediate abolition of slamoved with a qnick step towards the meeting, and the peo- very, from Edinburgh, was dispatched to London before the ple fell back on each side, and made a passage for them to motion of Mr. Stanley came on. Their petition to the advance, and large numbers who had the means of retreat Lords was signed by 13,500, and that to the Commons by decamped. When they had reached nearly to the end of 13,827 individuals. the street, the people having been placed much closer to Factory COMMISSION.-On Friday afternoon, Sir Datid gether, found it more difficult to fall back and make a pas- Barry, M.D., Mr. Stuart of Dunearn, and Mr. Markii. saye for their advance, and as soon as they found it difficult tosh, the Commissioners appointed by Government to i. to proceed, they commenced a most brutal and ferocious at- spect the Factories in Scotland, arrived at Aberdeen. Their tack with the weapons with which they were armed. They investigations were continued during Saturday and Monday strack in every direction, and men, women, and children, through the manufacturing establishments of that city and were indiscriminately aimed at. All who could do so fled, neighbourhood; and we are happy to understand that they panic-stricken, but a large number were struck to the expre:sed themselves highly satisfied with the state of the grouud, sometimes by two or three policemen, and in several mills, and the condition of the children and work people instances persons were struck by the ferocious and brutal employed. villains as they lay on the ground. The sight was appal The influenza, which is by no means so prevalent as it ling, and from several of the balconies and windows which was in the Metropolis, spread over the country, but is now overlooked it, there were loud anul in passioned cries of fast disappearing. According to the Liverpool papers, there “Shame, shame." in their attempts to seize the banners, a were upwards of 10,000 ill with it in that town in dae policeman, named Cully, of the C division, was stabbed to week. In Sheffield, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Leeds, the heart, and fell dead instantly. His brother, also a York, Halifax, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin, the policenian in the same division, was likewise stabbed, and disease is more or less prevalent. It appears to have been it is supposed by the same man, but not mortally.

fatal in exceedingly fetv cases, We cannot quote nor even advert to the strong opinions MONUMENT TO Mr. KINLOÇI.-In conseqnence of a expressed by the Loudon Prints, on this odious and unhap requisition to Provost Lindsay, a meeting of the inhabi. py affair. Nothing of the kind has created so strong a sensa- tants of Dundee was called, and held in the Steeple Cbureh, tion since the Manchester mass:rcre ; and, with the late fre on the evening of Tuesday last, for the purpose of making quent examples of such assemblies passing quietly off with arrangements to raise a fund, for the erection of a monu. a little harniless spouting, the Government who had re ment in honour of George Kinloch, Esq. their late lamented course to such violence have incurred a heavy responsi- representative. bility.

Major Cumming Bruce has been elected member for the An inquest was held upon the body of Cully the police- Inverness district of burghs, by a niajority of 67 over his man, which sat from day to day receiving evidence. The opponent, Mr. Stewart; the numbers being 357 för Bruce, verdict of the jury was juslifiable homicide. The Govern, and 290 for Stewart. Mr. Evan Baillie and The Chisholm ment, and the Ministerial journals were enraged. The retired from the field, the former not jo divide the Tory Coroner had previously tried to bully and starve the jury interest. It is report ed that the understanding was that into a different verdict, but they, to a man, continued in. Major Cumming Bruce should have this first bout of me flexible; and, be their decision riglit or wrong, it was the presentation, and give way to Mr. Baillie next time. This dictate of conscience. It is to be wished that the language would be a hopeful emendation of the old system. The had bren somewhat moditied; for though there might be disgrace into which the Whigs have bronght themselves cases in that general affray, when a justifiable homicide extends to every corner, or it is not likely that so bars. could have been committed, there was no direct evidence faced a Conservative as Major Cumming Bruce, of sınallthat Cully's was one of these—nor was there evidence still memory, could have been returned by any body of against it. The jury appear to have considered that the

voters, of which, surely, a majority are above corrupt infurions onset of the police gave rise to a general mélée, Auences. Yet so it is. in which every man was justified in defending himselt. It is computed that the celebrated Carron iron-Trorks They besides go upon the strong fart that the riot net burn annually as many coals as would be required by a had not been read, nor the meeting declared illegal ; they city containing 700,000 inhabitants. This cannot be cormight also have regarded the unsigned proclamation of rect. the Home Secretary as an invalid document. Govern The New BRIDGE, STIRLING.–The numerous sporkment are severely named for pot having made their po men that have been so long employed in the erectioa of lice force occupy the ground, and prevent the meeting this handsome structure, ceased their operations on Wednes from taking place. In the face of the verdict, they offer day se'ennight, and were, on the occasion, handsomely rea bundred pounds for the discovery of the murderer of galed by the contractor. Cully, upon bis conviction,

THUNDER STORM.—A violent thunder storm took place " The verdict of an inquest is, of course, not conclusive, on the 15th, which extended over most of Scotland and the and the matter is properly within the cognizance of the north of England. Several serious accidents happened, and big her tribunals; but if one of the moli bad been killer some lives were lost, and some cattle killed. Another instead of a policeman, and had the inquest lound it justi storin occurred on the 17th.


THUNDER STORM AND WATER SPOUT.-On Thursday ciples, is in favour trade, a moderate fixed duty on thunder storm, accompanied with an extraordinary water tithes of a compulsory nature if requisite, and a reduction of spout; the like has not been seen for many years. The the tax' on newspapers.' All this might have been said of peals of thunder were loud and awful, and the rain fell in Lord Althorp a year back! such torrents, that, in an instant, every rill and drain were The trade of Kilkenny is suffering from the enforcement soon overflowed, and the fields upon the hill-sides suffered of the Coercive Bill. There was no market on Wednesday eonsiderably, the soil, seed, &c., being completely washed week, as the fariners did not like to sell off their stock at an away. Two columas of rain came across the country, early hour, or carry them back unsold, to avoid being on about two miles asunder, while in the centre, nothing was he road atter sunset. felt further than a slight drizzling shower. The other torrent fell on the hills towards Blair in Athole.

THE CHURCH. FRASERBURGA, May 16.The herring fishing at this place still continues to be prosecuted with success. Nearly Mr. Sinclair's motion in Parliament for the abolition of Pafifty boats are employed fishing with the fly, the meshes of tronage, comes on upon the 4th June, in Parliament. the common nets being rather large at this early period of

THE GENERAL ASSEMBI.Y of the Church of Scotland, met the season. Upwards of forty barrels was shipped tor Ham

on the 151h,,Lord Belhaven was again Comunissioner. The burgh on the 17th.

Moderator was Dr. Stirling, of Craigie. NEWBURGH.-On Saturday, at a meeting of the Politi- mittee on the morjon of the Lord Justice Clerk. to make a draft

Among the first movements, was the appointment of a comcal Union, it was unanimously resolved, that the Burghof “ a loyal and dutiful address to his Majesty," congratulating Reform Bill, in so far as it regards small towns, is no Re-bim upon his pr.vidential deliverance from the atrocious and form Bill at all, but is calculated to strengthen the tyranny treasonable attempt made upon his lite at Axcit races, in June of the close system rather than to extinguish it. Nay, in last !"- This was the half-inad seaman's stone-throwing affair. some places it will, instead of a Reform Bill, prove to all The Reverend Assembly of the Kirk have often been accused of intents and purposes, an annihilating bill. The lieges of sycophancy; this congratulationing is more like absurdity. Abernethy, it is said, will not have so many electors as will

The Assemhly have resulved to petition Parliameot once more make their Council

. A petition was ordered to be drawn against the Irish Education System. Their zeal does not draw up immediately, praying that every proprietor, burgess, and forth much public gratitude. householder, paying two ponnds of yearly rent and up The ministers of Chapels of Ease having petitioned to be rewards, should have a voice in choosing the servants of the ceivel into that degree of connexion with the Church, which public. Petitions against the Kirk and the Corn Laws shall make them eligible to be mernbers of the Church Courts, were likewise agreed to.-Fife Herald. Every small town the overture was dehated, and a committee appointed to consider should imitate this exaınple. To make the qualification for how the objects might be most effectually obtained, Sir James a vote for a magistrate in the lesser towns, but especially in Gibeon Craig moved as an amendmenti to appoint a comthe small burghs of Scotland, L.10, as in London or Liver- mittee to carry those into effect." This amendment was lost by pool, is worse than mockery.



The Reverend Mr. Johnston, of Roxburgh Chapel, EdinOn Sir W. Whalley's motion for taking off the House and burgh, who was originallly in connexion with the Relief body, Window Duty: -W. D. Gillen, Sir J. Maxwell, J. Maxwell, but who was cut off froin tbat, for abjured it we cannot sertle R. Oswald, J. Oswald, G. Sinclair. On Mr. W. Whitmore's motion on the Corn Laws: Captain applied to have his chapel placed on the footing of a Chapel of

the point in consequence of getting an orgau into his chapel, J. Dunlop, James Ewing, Robert Ferguson, W. D. Gillon, Sir Ease. The application has been graciously received, and the John Maxwell, L. Oliphant, R, A. Oswald, Jaines Oswald, object will probably be accomplislied. This is aa immense Sir Henry Parnell, Horatio Ross, Robert Stewart, Captain J, stretch of liberality. Weinyss.

On Sir John Key's motion for repealing the House and Win The most imrortant business before the Assembly, was the dow Tax': -G. R. Ferguson, Banffshire ; w. D. Gillon, Sel overture on Calls, left over from the last meeting. It was inkirk burghs; Sir J. Maxwell, Bi. Paisley; R. A. Oswald, troduced by Mr. Thomson of Perth. He supported Calls that Ayrshire; M. Sharpe, Dumfries burghs ; G. Sinclair, Caith-is, the right of the people to have some small voice in the choice ness-shire; R. Wallace, Greenock.

of their minister. Dr. Chalmers prefaced a motion in favour of On Mr. Hune's motion for seducing, by one-half, the grant Calls, by a speech against them, if we understand it asight, at to the Yeomanry Corps through the country W. D. Gillon. Jeast against the principle of popular choice. Falkirk, &c. , Laurence Oliphant, Perth ; Sir juha Maxwell,

“ He was not sna-tured as some of his friends appeared to be, Paisley; R. A. Oswald, Ayrshire; James Oswald, Glasgow ; that a mere change in the constitution would usher in a renovaR. Pringle, Selkirkshire ; Robert Wallace, Greenock.

tion, or prove the stepping stone to a blissful millennium in the PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS.

country and the church. His confidence was not so sanguine, Lanarkshire Gaols Bill; reported; report to lie on the table. nor had he any faith in the effeany of a renovation of the con- . Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway Bill; further time grant- stitusion bringing with it a renovation of the spiritual character ed the Committee to report Message from the Lords, that of ministers or people. There was no reason to expect that the they have agreed to Glasgow Provurators' Widows' Fund Bill. purity and efficiency of the Church would be ascertainesl by Edinburgh Improvements; report from Select Committee on transferring its authority from the few to the multitude. Many Standing Orders, read ; another Bill ordered to be brought in by of his best friends apricipated, with a prospect unwavering anil Mr. Abercromby the Lord Advocate.----Edinburgh Im- , unclouded, a sort of latter-day glory to the Church, and the provement Bill.

stepping stone was to be a reforin in her constitution, a transMay 21. --Royal Burghs (Scotland) Bill; further considera- ference of pa'ronage to the people, - from one portion of dopraved tion of report deferred till Wednesday.

human nature to the other. He wished them to remember the

rock from whence both were bewn-he was afraid they were IRELAND.

forgetting their orthodoxy, and forgetting their Bibles. (Hear,

hear.) He did not speak of popular ignorance, but of the wrong Sergeant Shaw, and nine of the police, have been repri- influences which might be brought to hear on the popular will. manded by the Magistrates of Kilkenny, for collecting True, they might have a graceless patron; and true, they reight : tithes due to Dr. Butler of Burnchurch, by means of the have a graceless Presbytery; but he would ask was there no Coercive Act.

chance of the appointment of a minister by a graceless populaIrish SECRETARY.The office of Secretary for Ireland, tioo? He bad a higher respect for the popular understanding after being offered to a half-dozen gentlemen, among whom than most gentlemrea entertained, but he thought they were exwas mentioned Mr. Abercromby, and Mr. C. Fergusson, has ceedingly liable to precipitate themselves into an unfortunate apbeen conferred on Mr. Littleton, the gentleman whom Mr. pointueat, through doworight gullability.-(A laugh,)-and,

chat popular election would eventually degenerare into the oliO'Connell and Mr. Hume supported as a candidate for the garchy of a few, or the sovereign direction of the will of one. Speaker's chair in the House of Cominons. John Edward i'iad we chis question to begin de novo, we might have agitated Littleton, member for Statfordshire, South, of Whig prin. various plans, but be confessed, when he found that this was


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already done, he was inclined to prefer the existing state of MURDER AT CHELSEA.On Saturday evening the 4th things, and to avail himself as far as possible of the existing inst., the inhabitants of Chelsea were thrown into a state arhinery. It had become of late yeurs palpable to observation of consternation, by the discovery of a shocking murder, and experience, that patronage was never more under the con. committed on a Mis. Elus, about 70 years of age, who retrol of the prople than at the present moment. (Hear, hear.) sided at 17, Wellesley Street, near ibe new church. Mrs. He hoped this conduct was under the operation of a higher Elms occupied a house in Wellesley Street, and had a feprinciple; but at present. the influence of the people was larger male loger, who had been absent for some days. A man than before ; and it had this important aspect, that anterior in all change, the influence of the people had increased; for never,

named Sharpe first confessed and then denied the murder ; for a century back, had the disposition of the people told more

and accused two accomplices. He is in custody. than at present on the determination of the patron; the public A lady and gentleman, on returning home from the will has grown to the might and mastery of a giant; and it theatre, found that the youngest of their children had beea would be well if they had the wisdom to vireet and guide as well strangled by its eldest brother, seven years old; who, on as they had to destroy. Now, the subject of calls was fairly in being interrogated as to his inducement to commit an act their hands, and as he felt he should not take up the time of this so atrocious, declared with tears and sobs that he only Assembly-(Hear, hear, )-- he woulil state, without farther pre

meant to do as he had seen Punch do the pvening before face or preamble, why he preferred to restore the significancy and effect of the antiquated but venerabile system of calls. He

upon the Boulevard. French Papers. should hold a call to be valid, not by the causes of a few, and

A duel was lately fought between Sir John W. Jeffeatt, those the dribblet of a parish, but by the virtual and implied Chief Justice and Judge of the Admiralty Court of Sierra conseyt of the majority, to be gathered from their non-resistance Leone, and Dr. Hennis, a young Irish physician, resident and silence; or, in other words, that the majority of dissen at Exeter. Sir Jobn was paying his addresses to a dauslitients,—with a qualification to be hereafter made should huve ter of Colonel Macdonald, a grand-daughter of the cele a veto on the presentation. (Hear. hear. )– The learned Pro- brated Flora Macdonald; every thing was arranged fur fessor, after a speech of great length, concluded with m ving, their marriage, and the bride cake was bought, when Dr. “ The General Assembly having received various overtures on Henuis showed the Colonel a letter containing reflec. the subject of calle, au find and declare that it is, and has been since the Reformation, the practice of this Church that no mi.

tions against Sir John Jeffcott's character. Sir John was nister shall be introduced into a parish or pastoral charge con

consequently dismissed. Having discovered the interfer. trary to the will of the congregation, and in consequence of

ence of Dr. Hennis, he called upon him to substantiate or doubts and misapprehensions being entertained on the subject, retract the charges, neither of wbichebe Doctor would du. whereby the just and salutary operation of the law has been A meeting then was arrunged. Dr. Hennis was accon. impeded, the General Assembly declare it as their opinion that panied by Captain Halsted, and the Judge by Mr. C. Mil. the dissent of the majority of the male heads of families residing ford, a banker. Dr. Hennis received his antagonist s ball in the parish, who are members of the congregation, and have just above the hip, and fell without firing his own pistol. been in communion with the Church for two jears, which dis- The Judge made off for Plymouth, and has sioce sailed tur seat may be expressed without assigning a reason, unless it Sierra Leone. shall be established by the patron, presentee, or the minority in Hennis is since dead. He was on the eve of marriage,

The seconds also decamped in haste. Dr. the congregation, that this opposition has been proved by corrupt and malicious combination, and to carry this declaration

Fatal DUEL. A meeting took place this morninz into effect, a committee shall be appointed to prepare the best (Saturday) near Dolphin's Barn, between Ms. Power means of effecting it, and to report to next General Assembly." White, a very young man, a native of Tipperary, and Blr.

There is this difference betwist Dr. Chalmers, and Mr. Wild Weldon, an Engliskiman, in which Mr White was killed, berforce, that the latter was generally believed to give his speech bis adversary's ball passing through his brain." A man on the liberal sile, and his vote against his speech. The only working wear the spot heard the shots, and looking in the other buriness before the Assembly, which was not routine, direction saw the unfortunate gentleman lying on the was the case of the Reverend Mr. Tait, of the College Church ground; one of the party threw a handkerchief over his In this Church there have been" manifestations," and the face, and then all made their escape as quickly as possible. Presbytery of Edinburgh conceived itself called upon to take up the case On Monday the 13th, the day following the racra

The cause of quarrel is not yet kuowu.-Dub. . Post. ment, there had been a reinai kable display in the College since, in one of the Western States, in which there were six

AMERICAN DUEL._A duel took place, a short time Church. Mr. Tait was desired to animadvert upon the report if he chose His speech on the occasion, was retrarka combatants on each side, who attacked une another with ble--and displays so much wisiluin, earnestness, and, above all, swords, pistols, and daggers, with the most savage fury. sher-mindedness, that, wild and extravagant as these "mani- Three were left dead on the field, and nearly all the rest tentations" have appeared to us, it is impossible to avoid feeling were wounded, until, at length, the weaker party retreated. respect, and almost reverence, for the sincerity and piety of this remarkable speech.

APPOINTMENTS. A motion for taking steps towards the abolition of Lay Patrov

On Thursday, Mr. James Robertson was ordained to the age, was lost by 134, to 33.

pastoral charge of the United Associate Congregation of Portsburgh, Edinburgh.

On Tuesday the 14th instant, the Presbytery of Belfast ACCIDENTS AND OFFENCE 3. ordained Mr. John James Beck, a native of the Cape of

Good Hope, to the work of the gospel ministry in that coAWFUL EXPLOSION IN A MINE.-FORTY-SEVEN PER- | lony. sons KILLED.-On Thursday last, a most lamentable occur The Perth Presbytery of the United Secession Church rence took place at Springwell Colliery, the property of the met at Edenshead, Fife, on Tuesday, and ordained Mr. Right Hon. Lord Ravensworth and partners, near Wreck-Charles Milne of Montrose to the pastoral charge of their ington, in the county of Durham, and about five miles from

congregation there. Newcastle, owing to a dreadful explosion in the B pit, in that colliery, by which forty-seven inividuals were instantly

SCOTS PANKRUPTS. deprived of life, besides many who received severe fraciures

SEQUESTRATIONS, &c. and contusions.

Hector Munro, ship agent, and lately distiller, StromEXECUTION.–Tuesday morning, the 14th, the last awfulness-Creditors meet in the Mason Arms Inn there, on 220 sentence of the law was inflicted in front of the public buildMay and 12th June, at two. ings, foot of Saltmarket Street, Glasgow, on John Barclay, Jean Black or Paton, cloth merchant, Paisley-Creditors aged twenty-oue, and Philip Carnie, apparently between eigh- meet in Burns' Head Inn there, on 13th and 28th May, teen and twenty years of age, convicted at the spring assizes held there last month the former of the murder of Samuel James Gardner, apothecary, Edinburgh-Creditors meet Neilson, cattle dealer, Cambusnethan, in the dwelling-house in the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse there, on 16th and 30th of the deceased, on the 10th day of October last ; and the May, at one. latter of rape, commi ted upon the person of a young girl. John Boyd, merchant, Leilh-Creditors meet in the


at one.

Old Signet Hall (Stevenson's), Royal Exchange, Edin

OBLUARY., burgh, 18th May, and Ist June, at two o'clock.

Mr. Kean, the celebrated tragedian, expired on Wednesday Alexander Ross and Co. grocers apd spirit-dealers, 106, morning, the 15th instant, at twenty minutes past nine o'clock, Cowgate, Edinburgh, and Alexander Ross, there, , sole in at his house in Richmond. The admirers of histrionic talent dividual partner of the said Company--Creditors meet in

will recognise in this event the loss of one of its brightest uroathe Old Signet. Hall, the 26th May, and 12th June, at two

ments. His powerful energy, his deep pathos, will not be easily o'clock.

forgotten by the generation that witnessed their display. Kean's

life and death do not exalt his profession. ." He may," says the Thomas Mackenzie of

Dundonnell, underwriter, Edin- Spectator, " alingst be said to have died with harness on his burgh; in the Sheriff's Office, on lst and 15th June, at back.' His first steps in childhood were on the boards; and Il d'elock,

he tottered from the stage, an old man and worn out, at fiveHugh Falconer, late hotelkeeper, or innkeeper, Morny and-forty. His life was one of continued excitement, mental Place, Edinburgh, now in laverness, to be re-examined in aud bodily. The streagth of his will, and his animal spirits, the Court House, Inverness, 31st May, at noon.

led him into excesses which undermined his constitution. His

early training was not such as to fit him to tread with steadiTHE GREAT EAST India Failure.-In consequence intoxicated with his sudden success, and madly plunged into

ness the giddy height to which his genius raised him. He was of the failure of the firm of Mackintosh & Co., Calcutta, the house of Rickards, Mackintosh & Co., of London was com

the vortex of dissipation. The nightly applauses of crowded pelled, last week, to suspend their payments. We regret to

audiences are any thing but sedatives to the brain of him who

is their object. But even the errors of his personal character hear, that by this unfortunate event, upwards of one hun

were not unredeemed by auniable qualities; and his early death dred families residing at Bath, Cheltenham, and Leaming. silences the voice of censure.' ton will be reduced to complete destitution, the whole of Mes. Cakey, Kean'S REPUTED MOTHER. - It may be retheir properties having been invested with the above house, collecred, that in the early part of Mr. Kean's severe illoess, he, in consequence of the high rate of interest it paid, and the understanding that Mrs. Carey was in ill health, and in indifequally high character it possessed. The liabilities of the ferent circumstances, sent for her to remain with hiin at his house are said to be very great.

house at Richmond. The oofortunate woman was, however, too ill to render him any assistance, and, on his being placed in

the cuffin. after the post mortem examination by Mr. Douchez, MARKETS.

she took a silent view of the body, and retired to her chamber, CATTLE MARKET.-The Muir of Ord Cattle Tryst was held From this moment she gradually grew worse, though diuroally on Wednesday and Thursday the Sth aod 9th instant. The and constantly attended by Mr. Smith, the surgeon of Richnumber of stock shown for sale might amount to upwards of 600 mond; who, in despite of his skill, found ou Tuesday morning head, and the following were the prices given for the respective that she was sinking fast, and she expired next evening, having lots, &e.

The prices kept up. Soine sheep were shown; wed: survived Kean only eight days. ders selling froin 14s. 6. to Ils. 9d; ewes froin 11s. 6il. to 9s. Death of O'DONOGHUE OF THE GLENS.-We regret to Sd; they were all purchased by the butchers. Several High state, that private letters have been received in this town, laud poneys were exhibited-one fine pony of the real Highland (Tralee) bringing the melancholy intelligence of the deuth, stand fetched 1.7.78; I do. do. L 5. 58.

lately at Florence, of the O'Donog bue of the Glens. This ELGIN MAY FAIR. --Friday last was the day on which the lineal descendent of Irish princes, aod lords of che lakes, was a Market was held for purchasing cattle for stocking grass parks gentleman of genuine worth and integrity, and of considerable for the season. It was well attended by purchasers, and a great landed property. He has been cut off in the prime of life by number of cattle changed owners. The prices obtained for good fever, to the great affliction of his highly respectable connexOl'le were such as proved highly satistactory to the sellers, Mr. ions and friends, leaving a youog and amiable widow (the Lawson, Oldinills, obtained at ihe rate of L. 12. 12s, per head daughter of Juho O'Connell, Esq., and niece to Daniel O'Coiiter a lot of three-years old. Mr. Grigor, Burnside obtained 1.7 nell, Esq., M. P. for Dublin) to mouro so severe a bereave12x. 61. per head for some two-years olil. FAIR OF BALLINASLOE.-Aithe fair of Ballinastuse, on Mon

BIRTHS. day and Tue-day sen., prices for good stock were considered remunerative ; for inferior descriptions the prices were low in

On the 28th ultimo, in Eaton Place, London, the Countess of Den. c'mparison.

bigh, of a son.

At Brighton Place, Portobello, on the 39th ultimo, Mrs A. Nielson, THISH DISTILLERS. - The Deputation of Irish Distillers have of a son. returned from London, satistied that Ministers are inclined to do At 16, Ainslie Place, on the 2d instant, Mrs Wotherspoon, of a son. all in their power to put an end to Ilicit Distillation. A Gene On the 29th ultimo, al 9, Brunswick Street, Hillside, Mrs J. G. Thom. ral Excise Regulation Bill for the United Kingdom is in prepar

son, of a daughter,

At 9, Royal Crescent, on the 30th ult., Mrs Aw Richardson, of a son. ation, and when ready, will be subanitted to the parties particu At Whitehaugh, on the 9th ultimo, Mrs Colonel Forbes Leith, of larly interested.

Whitehaugh, of a son. Woul Trade.— The first great wool fair in Germany, that of at Burntısland, on the 29th ultimo, the Lady of James Farnie, Esq., Breslau, commences on the 5th of Jupe, and English buyers have

of a daughter.

At Broomhouse, Kirkliston, on the 22d ult. Mrs Samuel, of a sou. set off to make their inquiries and purchases. A letter has bien

At Lothian Vale, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Robert Greig. of a son. received in England, stating, that the Germao wool dealers bave At Dunolly, on the 3d inst., Mrs M.Dougall of M.Dougall, of a son). made their contracts with the farmers, at prices higher than

At 23, Claremont Street, on the 8th current, Mrs Wri, ht, of a son... last year, if this be true, the purchasers for the English market

At 11, Hope Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Messer, of a daughter.

At 5, Hope Street, Leith Walk, on the 4th instant, Mrs Williarn ale likely to be made on a limited scale, as the manufacturer is Mowbray, of a daughter. already got a httle embarrassed by the price of the raw inaterial, At 3, Hermitage Place, Leith, on the 5th inst., Mrs Harper, of a sou. in which there has been a greater rise than he can realise on his

At Caldwell

, on the 7th instant, the Lady of W. Muir, Esq., of twins, girl and boy.

At Langley Park, on the 3d inst., Lady Anne Cruikshank, of a son. EDINBURGH CORN MARKET, May 29.

At 8, Annandale Street, on the 3d inst, Mrs Spence, ot a daughter, We had a small supply of all kinds of grain to-day, and sales heavy.

At 14, Gloucester Place, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, the Lady of There were in market, 148 quarters Wheat ; best, 613; current, 57s to

George Baillie, Esq., Bengal medical establishment, of a son, still-born, 60s, Barley, 25 quarters; best 288 6d; current, 235 to 2 is. Wats, 101

At Moffat House, on the 4th instant, Mrs Captain William Hope quarters; best, yls 4d; current, 188 to 208,

Johnstone, ot a daughter.

Pease and beans, 31 quarters; best, 3ls 6d; current, 27s to 29s

At the Priory, St Andrews, on the 28th ultimo, the Lady of John

Small, Esq. of Foodie, of a son.

At 41, North Hanover Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs Joseph Lowe, Beef, per lb. 3}d to 6d ; Mutton, 6d to id; Veal, 4d to sd ; Pork,

ot a daughter. 4d to id; Lainb, per qr. 35 to 530d ; Quartern Loaf, 8c; Potatoes, per

At Allanfield, North Leith, on the 15th instant, Mrs Robert Scott, pck, 40 : Butter, per lb. 10d to Is Id; Salt do, id to 8d; Cheese, Dun.

of a son. op, per cwt. 468 to 56s; Eggs, per dozen, 6d.

At St Andrews, on the 9th ultimo, the Lady of Henry H. Glass, of

the Hon. East India Company's civil service, ot a son. GLASGOW BAZAAR.

At Fala Manse, on the 12th instant, Mrs Sherriff, of a son. BAZAAR, May 22.- There was about 500) stone of cheese in the Bazaar At 5, Henderson Row, on the 11th inst., yrs Leven, of a son. to-day; best sold at from los to 108 60 per stone, tron; inferior, from At 9, Nelson Street, on the Ilth inst., Mrs Bell, of a daughter. + 6d to los per do.

There was about 60 stune of fresh butter, which On the 16th instant, at Kilmaron Castle, the Lady of James Ogilvy soki at from 94d. to Ild. per lb. imperial. There was about 30 stone of Dalgleish, Esq., of twin-daughters. sait butter, which sold from 8d to 9yd per lb. imperial. There was At 71, York Place, on the 21st instant, the Lady of Dr Malcolm, of about 1 stone of pork, which sold at froin 48 6d tu 5s per stone tron. a daughter Duck Egg“, sold from 6d to 7d per dozen. Hen do. 4d and 6d per Aty, Rutland Street, on the 17th instant, the Lady of the Rev. N.

T. K, Drummond, of a sou.


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At 14, Gloucester Place, Fainburgh, on the Tth inst., Hlora le On the 25th ultimo, at St Mary's Church, Youghall, George Frede.

don, the Lady of George Baillie, Esq. of the Bengal Medical Estate rick Brooke, Esq., to the Lady Arabella Georgiana Hastings, third

mert. daughter of the late and sister to the present Earl of Huntingdon.

At 5, Hope Street, Leith Walk, on the 6th inst., William Mowbray, Here, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. James Marshall, Mr Victor

Esq., inerchant, Leith. De Fivas, 6, Elder Street, to Anne, daughter of the late Thos. Lillie,

At 19, Scotland Street, on the loch

instant, Mary Gordon, youngea Esq., Glasgow.

child of John Whiteford M'Kenzie, Esq., W.S, At 31, St Bernard Street, on the 30th ultimo, John Allan, Esq., sur.

On the 11th instant, at 12, Scotland Street, W. Whyte, youngest son et geon, Hon. East India Company's Bengal establisdiment, to Jane,

Mr Joseph Liddle, solicitor Suprerre Courts. daughter of W. G. Cassels, Esq., banker.

At Frederick Street, on the ioth instant, Marianne Rae, aged fifteen At II, Shandwick Place, on the 30th ultimo, James Farquharson, months, youngest child of Dr Keith, Esq. of Invercauld, to Janet Hamilton, eldest daughter of the late Gé.

Here, on the 9th curt., Mrs Mary Goldie Thomson, wife of Mr Adarn neral Francis Dundas of Sanson, Berwickshire.

Stewart, bookseller, Howe Street. AtiCrailing Hall, on the 30th ultimo, Mr (ieorge Aug. Brigstocke,

At Alloa, on the 3d inst., Elizabeth Bald, wife of the Rer. Joba merchant, Leith, fifth son of the Rev. Thomas Brigstocke, vicar of

Maxton. Llawbaden, in the county of Pembroke to Agnes, eldest daughter of

At Haddington, on the 2d instant, Robert Ainslie, Esq., in the 724 the late Thomas Frazer, Esq. of Crailing Hall, Roxburghshire.

year of his age. At 13, Salisbury Place, Newington, on the 30th ultimo, Archibald At Couper Street, North l.eith, on the 26th ultimo, Mr William Meikle, Flemington, Berwickshire, to Jessie, only daughter of the Rev.

Walker, aged 60, Dr M Crie.

On the 4th of December last, at Sultanpore, on his way to Calcutta, At Dothan, on the 26th ultimo, Jarnes Webster, Esq. of Rosebank, Captain

Alexander M. Key, Sth light cavalry, Hon. East India Com. to Christian, only daughter of Mr Alexander Leslie, Dóthan.

pany's service, son of the late Alexander Key, Esq., London, At Millbank, on the 23d current, Mr Andrew George, St David's, to

At Cruvie, on the 29th uit., Thomas Bell, Esq. of Crusie. Mary, daughter of Mr Ebenezer Morrison, Millbank, Alloa,

At his house, Old Aberdeen, on the 23. ult., David Forsyth, Esq., Here, on the 29th ultimo, the Rev George Hutton, Linlithgow, to

formerly of St. Petersburgh. Jane, eldest daughter of Mr John Roberts, merchant, Galashiels.

At London, on the 2d instant, in the 6th year of her age, Margaret At Moray House, on the 14th inst., Henry Siinpson, Esq., London,

eldest daughter of Charles Banneripan, Esq. of Crimonmogate. to Marjory, second daughter of Alex, Cowan, Esq.

At Smit field, Forfarsbire, on the 24th ult., Lieutenant John Watt, At Ardmore, Ross-shire, on the 9th instant, the Rev. Walter Ross

late of the $3d Highlanders. Taylor, minister of Thurso, to Isabella, second daughter of William

At 13, Coates Crescent, on the 19th instant, Miss Mary Bernet, Murray, Esq. of Westfield,

eldest daughter of the late Andrew Bennet, Esq. At Sanquhar, on the ith instant, Thomas Murray, Esq., Glasgow, to

On the 12th instant, at his house, 17, Gayfield Square, Mr Charles

Baxter. Margaret Scott, eldest daughter of the deceased Archibald Ker, Esq., late of Avenholm, Lanarkshire.

At North Nelson Street, on the 14th inst., George Gatherar, grocer. At Inverighty, on the 1st instant, David Hunter, Esq. jun. of Burns

At Bonnin ton House, on the luth inst., John Wilkie, Esq., thin side, to Sarah Kerr, third daughter of Colonel Laurenson of Inve.

son of the late Matthew Wilkie, Esq. of Bonnington, righty.

At Hydrabad, on the 20th November, of cholera, Joyce Alexander, Here, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Dr Andrew Brown, Doctor

the wife of Lieutenant James Kerr, of the Madras European regiment Francis Farquharson, to Alison Mary, daughter of Robert Ainslie,

At his house, No 1, South James's Street, on the 30th uitumo, Mr Esq., writer to the signet.

Thomas Vernon, lapidary. Here, on the 13th instant, Mr Alexander Fraser, merchant, Inver.

At 1, Gloucester Place, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Catharine Sinclair ness, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr James Macritchie, shipmas: Robison, wife of Mr Andrew Cassels Howden, writer to the signet. ter, Leith,

At his house, here, on the Ist instant, William Patison, senior, E. On the 14th May, in Peter's Church, Dublin, Alexander Crook.

merchant, Edinburgh. shank, Esq., to Jane Millar, daughter of Robert MacBriar, Esq., and

At Leith, on the 29th ult., Mr William Butement, ship-builder, there. grand-daughter of the late Reverend Doctor Johnston, of North Leith.

At Dunfermline, on the 1st inst., Mrs Alison Jamieson, widow of the At Shandwick Place, on the 7th instant, Adam Fergusson of Wood.

late kev, James Johnston, Rathillet, Fifeshire. hull, Esq., advocate, to Jessy, daughter of the late George Tower, Esq., Mr Robert Oliver.

At Turniedykes, on the 29th ult., Mrs Margaret Harvey, wife of merchant in Aberdeen. At Liverpool, on the 1st instant, Thomas, second son of Alexander

Here, on the v3d ultimo, the Rev, Donald Swanson. Goalen, Esq., Star Bank, near Edinburgh, to Helen second daughter

At Rothsay, on the 3d instant, Mrs George Stirir.g, (Glorat) of the late James Gladstone, Esq., Liverpool.

At Greenock, on the 27th ultimo, John Dennistou, Esq. merchant. At Roughfoldslop, Perthshire, on the bath

, ultimi alaneer
Dempsters and publisher of the Calcutta John bull

, and formerly of Loremention

At Calcutta, on the 3d December last, Mr George Pritchard, editor Esqto Helenonly daughter of Moor, Esq.

instant, Maria Marshall, in | At Sutton, Surrey, on the 1st instant, Sir James S. Lake, Bart., to

fant daughter of James Marshall, Esq., S.S.C. Anne Maria, eldest daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, K.C.B

At Gorbals, Glasgow, on the 21st ultimo, the Rererend Dr James

Maclean, minister of that parish, in the 720 year of his age, and goth of Atl, Montague Street, on the 17th instant; the Rev. James Young, his ministry. daughter of the late John Cunninghame, Esq of Balgownie.

At 9, Royal Crescent, on the 5th inst., Jean Thomson Blair, wife of Here, on the 16th instant, Mr Š. Halford, to Mary Henderson, only

Andrew Richardson, Esq., writer to the signet, daughter of William Henderson, Crieff.

At 19, Clareinont Crescent, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth, infant daugh

ter of Mr George Stone. DEATHS. At Barcaldine, on the 25th ultimo, Henry Charles Alexander, young. lands.

At his house, here, on the 3d inst., Hugh Handyside, Esq. of Kirk. est child of Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart. On the 27th ultimo, at Quarrybead, Lasswade, John Webster, Esq., months, Christina, eldest daughter of William Horn, Esq., S.S.C.

At 3, Chapel Street, on the 7th inst., aged two years and eight late of Balkaithly, Fifeshire. Here, on the 20th ultimo, Mr William Inglis, late Supervisor of aged sixty.

At Couper Street, North Leith, on the 27th inst., Mr William Walker, Excise, At Perth, on the 19th ultimo, Mrs Celia M«Nee, spouse of the late

At Calcutta, on the 1st January last, Edward Marjoribanks, Esq., a

the East India Company's Bengal civil service, eldest son of the late Mr Peter M.Nee, aged 68 years.

Sir John Marjoribanks of Lees, Bart, aged 41.
At Crieff, on the 21st ultimo, Anne, daughter of the late Mr James

On the 13th inst., Elizabeth Isabella, second daughter of Mr Fair. On the 11th ultimo, at his house, in Park Street, Westminster, John

bairn, teacher, George Street, aged two years and six months. Blackburne, Esq. of 'Hale Hall, aged 79. He represented the county

At Burntsfield Lodge, Edinburgh, on the 17th current, Edvard

Henderson, Esq. of Lancaster in Parliament 46 years.

On the 14th instant, Archibald Douglas, Esq., advocate, 15, Great Of influenza, on the 30th ultimo, Mr John Johnstone, of the Carron

King Street, Company.

Ai his house, Northumberland Street, on the 15th instant, Robert At Glasgow, on the 2d instant, Mr Thomas Inglis.

Brown, Esq., W.S. At Deanside, on the 30th ultimo, Elizabeth, daughter of the late

At her house, 69, York Place, on the 15th instant, Miss Ann Henry. William Wilson, Esq., merchant, Glasgow. At St Andrew's, on the 27th ultimo, Jane Belsches, only daughter of lict of the late Captain John Macdonald, of the 5th regiment.

On the 13th current, at 18, Duncan Street, Mrs Flora Maclean, feJohn Hay, Esq., of Morton.

At 12, Pitt Street, on the 9th curren!, Charles Hay, Esq. At Clochfoldich, on the 21st ultimo, Robert Stewart, Esq. of Cloch.

Here, on the 10th instant, after a few days' illuess, Captain Duncan foldich,

Macpherson, late of the 92d reginent, At 59, York Place, on the 19th ultimo, Mr John Dunsmure Orr, of the Honourable East India Company's service, eldest son of Mr John

At her house, 3, Frederick Street, Mrs Cecilia Cowan, widow

late Mr John Cowan. Orr, S.S.C. At 19, Abercromby Place, on the 18th ultimo, Mrs Jane Farquhar,

At 4, Hermitage Place, Leith, on the 14th instant, Rachael Orrek

Black, daughter of Mr James Black, merchant, Leith. wife of John Morrison, Esq., W S. At 2, Ramsay Garden, on the 230 ultimo, Mrs Grant Aitken, wife of Scott of Mount Lodge, Portobello.

On the 17th instant, at her house, 16, St Andrew's Square, Miss Duncan M'Laren, merchant, Edinburgh.

At Ballechin House, on the 13th insti. Miss Margaret Douglas At Nelson Place, on the 21st ultimo, Mr John Kirkham, late wood merchant and builder, Broughton, Edinburgh.

Steuart, daughter of the late Robert Steu* , Esq, of Ballechin.

At Woodside House, near Glasgow, o he.6th current, of hooping On the Ulth instant, Richard Dennistoun, Esq. of Kelvingrove.

cough, Margaret Isabella Jane, daughter of Henry Faul, Esq. At Stonebyres, on the 11th inst., Mrs Vere, senior. At Portland Street, on the lith inst., Dr Heron, Professor of Natu. daughter of the deceased' Alexander Suclair, Esq. of isarrock,

At 28, Stattord Street, on the rih instant, Aun, the last surriving ral Philosophy in Anderson's University.

On the 13th instant, at Stockbridge, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander At Dalkeith, on the ed current, Janet Pringle, wife of Mr John

Watson, late of the Royal Marines. Lindsay, corn-merchant, Edinburgh

At his house here, on the 3d inst., Hugh Handyside, Esq. of Kirk. lands.

EDINBURGA : Printed by and for Joux JOHNSTONE, 19, St. James's At Ormiston Lodge, on the 28th ult., Mrs Hanny Wright, widow of Square. -Published by JOHN ANDERSO., Jur., Bookseller, 55, North the late David Wight of Viewfield.

Bridge Street, Painburgh ; by Jona MACLEOD, and ATKINA At 15, Shandwick Place, on the 6th instant, Elizabeth Price, spouse Co., Booksellers, Glasgow ; and sok by all rooksellers and Tenders of David Haig, Esq.

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