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U IRELAND It is very generally considered that there are few places here taxation presses more heavily on the ivhabitants than

The county and city of Kilkenny we

were proclaimed by Edinburgh. This vier may he discredited by some, and way of doing something in virtue of Stanley's legacy to * 'ossly exaggerated by others; and as one or two facts are Ireland, the moment the news reached Dublin castle that it. - orth a thousand arguments, we now lay before our readers

was law. The following operations are the sum of wha specimen of the ordinary rates so payable in Edinburgh for overnment, as well as local taxes, hy a person among the bas yet taken place; though we are wld that the Whitefeet iddle classes in this city. His house (his own property) are fleeing in all directions : ing rated at L.32 per annum, and his place of business, From the Kilkenny Moderator. --The following perhich he occupies as a tenant, being rated at 1,170 per sons underwent an examination at the Mayor's Office on

For the accuracy of the statements we can vouch. Monday last, for having been found out of their dwellings n the house for this current year he pays.--

at an advanced hour of the night,-Hugh Byrne, William Police Assessment, at ls. 3d. per pound, Ll 17 6 Cashin, John O'Brien, William Bryan, James M'Evoy, Road Money,

0 10 0 Michael Scully, William Dunphy, and Patrick Cooney. Land Tax,

0 4 8 Various were the reasons assigned by the prisoners for beAnnuity Tax, and Impost for Clergy, 1 12 8 ing out at the hour stated; but in consequence of the faPoor's Money, 6 per cent.,


vourable character which they received, the Magistrates Improvement Tax,

0 18 0 discharged them, and did not hold them over for trial Bridewell Assessment,

0 1 2 before the summary tribunal instituted by the Act. Kyran Water Duty,

1 5 0 Phelan has been committed to our county gaol, charged House Duty,

3 12 0 with “ being absent from his dwelling-house between the Window Duty


hours of eleven and twelve o'clock on the night of the 13th Cholera Assessment,

1 2 6 of April instant.” Joseph Darcy' was committed on Mon. Mub Moncy,

0 10 0 day last, charged with “ being found, under suspicious cir

cumstances, in the street of Castlecomen, at the hour of

L.14 1 6 eleven o'clock, on the night of the 14th instant.” Truly Then, again, on his place of business the taxes for the it was worth while to distract an empire, that the Mayor of urrent year are as under:

Kilkenny might have powers to call up Hugh Byrne and Police Assessment,

L.8 10 0 Patrick Cooney, reprimand them for late straggling, and Annuity Tax and Impost for Clergy,

9 100 dismiss them. Poor's Money, 6 per centu,

8 3 0 O'CONNELL has issued his counter-proclamation, a Improvement Tax,

1 14 somewhat more efficient document, we are afraid, if the Cholera Assessment,

6 7 6 obedience of the heart is the most valuable. Among other Water Duty,

1 10 0

things he prophecies a speedy dissolution of Parliament, Assessed Taxes for Clerks,

2 0 and the downfall of the Whiğ Ministry.

“ There never was a Parliament so likely to be short as L.37 14

the present. In the above statement it is to be taken into account, that “ In the first place, the age of the King, and the precathe Cholera Assessment and Mob Money are extraordinary, rious state of his health-matters to be spoken of with reand not permanent assessments. Property situated in St. spect and regret-enter as ingredients in our calculation of Cuthbert's parish pays a poor's rate, but no annuity tax. the duration of this Parliament. If the annuity tax were transferred to property, rather than “ In the second place, the disconnected and heterogeneous laid on tenants, we would hold it a great improvement. materials of which the present Ministry is composed, render I]. Parnell was unanimously returned on Wednesday, the before the end of the present session. Sir HENRY PARNÉLL.—The Right Honourable Sir it next to impossible that they should remain long in office. I

anticipate the dissolution of the present Ministry, even 10th, by the town of Dundee, as their representative in

“ Believe me, this Ministry cannot stand. They will Parliament, in room of the late Mr Kinloch of Kinloch. Dundee has thus acquired not only high honour for her shrink out of office amidst the shouts of indignation of all self by her jndicious selection of such a representative, but parties. This Ministry must soon be dissolved. conferred a great benefit on Scotland in general.

“ It is impossible to go back to Toryişm. We are one Leith.— Notwithstanding the advanced period of tha possible restoration of Toryism.

hundred years, as years reckon in political life, beyond the brewing season, vast quantities of Edinburgh Ale are

« Let us, then, be prepared for the event. The dissolu. still shipping for London, During the last ten days 2000 tion of this Ministry necessarily leads to the dissolution of barrels have been transmitted. Whisky, also, by the

the Parliament. coatinued large shipments, seems to be in demand. “ Let us, then, and from this moment, prepare for that

A fire broke out on Saturday night, the 30th Mareh, in event. Mains Mills, west end of Linlithgow, and destroyed the “ This is my first step in the new agitation. I must be exueusive granaries there, and large quantities of grain. the prime agitator myself. Without co-operation, of

On Thursday the 18th instant, the Rev. Mr. Gillies was course, I should be powerless ; but with the aid of a few ordained to the pastoral charge of the parish of Caerlave honest and active men in each locality, the people can, and

shall be ready for a new election---to promote their friends, MR EDWARD IRVING.We hear from London that, and to punish their enemies. on his return to that city, Mr. Irving received, at his Mon “My first step is, therefore, to organize the means of day meeting, a severe rebuke, in the Power, from his Apostle serving and sustaining friends, and flinging off

' enemies. Mr. John Cardale, and his chief Prophetoss Miss E. Cardale,

“ Let us, then, begin the new agitation with the organi. because he had ventured to disobey their instructions, and zation of the elective franchise.” to remain in Scotland for a few days after his deposition ;

O'Connell has addressed a second letter to the Irish peo. and that when he was about, on Sabbath se'ennight, to ple

of the same tenor. There is a rumour that he is to be baptise a child during divine service, he was forbidden' by proxecuted for parts of his first epistle. This is folly. The the Power, and instantly desisted. In Auldbury, too, the Whigs have had more of him than has done them good o most extraordinary scenes are enacted. Mr Drummond late. (the Banker) and his daughter, a girl of sixteen, when seiz. Poor LAWS FOR IRELAND.-One good will result from ed by the Power, sometimes roll on the floor foaming at the the “ Algerine bille”. It bas given Britain a knowledge of mouth, and uttering appalling cries. Where will this re- and interest in the state of Ireland, which will be an in. volting delusion end ?-Dumfries Courier.

strument in obtaining for that country the blessing of mo,



DREADFUL ACCIDEST offered up on the altar en


dified, poor laws Meetings on this subject have already ACCIDENTS AND OFFENCES been held in London, Liverpool, and Dumfries. The feel.

HI 14H. DOMANI * sing 'is universal, and so will be the demand to the legisla., os ture. The requisition for the Liverpool meeting was signed

FROM WRONG MEDICAL by gentlemen of all sects and parties in religion and politics. Another sacrifice has The London Meeting was attended by the city meinbers, | ance and pedautty. An apothecary, giving his žinty Mr.

Grote and Sir John Key, who expressed their resolution instructions as to the making up of a medicine Winto support in Parliament the petition founded on the resolu. hyosc, tinctes the aproned sage mistook these bicrogla fin tions passed. The Lord Mayor presided.

ProvocaTION AND CRIME.-On the very borders of the it makes the difference of ease and agony in a sick to Barony of Ossory, on a noble lord's estate, an ejectment of life and death. * Now, who should'be whippet , was brought against the middleman. An habeas issued, cart's tail ? a stupid boy, put upon a daty he is incompa: possession was taken, and the land was re-let to a Mr to fill, and who, indeed, has only been taught to be Maruin, not to the tenants in possession, which is the usual burden, and cram bread, and cheese, and parter, in the way for the six months' equity of redemption. Mr Ma- tervals between serving bees-wax and jalap; or that rum deluded the tenants with the hope that he took the ber of the Apothecaries' Company, who goes about wek :: land for their benefit; but when the six months expired, whom he may cure, and when he has got 3 viti, tur he turned out those tenants; and I am told he sold their him or her over to his dirty shop-boy to kill? Thes household effects for the six months' rent. The conse- takes that murder are not the only ones that occur, the quence was, his cattle were houghed. For three years this they alone make a noise. Spectator [The viam system was kept up, and Mr Marum wus shot in the open married woman in London. Surely an Act of the La. day aflerwards, in the midst of a dense population. ture should at least compel medical men to write pro

tions, which boys must make up, in plain English) THE CHURCH.

Currous CASE.- Ax inquest was held on Tuesdae te It is expected that a tenacious opposition will be made in

16th curt., at the Christchurch-Workflouse, Bisekin. the House of Peers to the Irish Church Reform Bil. On this Road, on the body of a young woman whick hal be question the Whig Ministry is pledged to stand or fall. picked out of the Thames, and bote marks of violet: en Earl Grey's proxies will, in all likelihood afford them a

Mr Peter Woot, an eating-house keeper, in Berzsent "small majority; the Tories dare not just yet venture to re

New Road, recognised the body as that of Bliza Bakers > turn to office. They hope the country will speedily be pre- had lived as a servant in his house, and to whom te ja pared for them by still grosser Whig mismanagement.

evinced so much regard that his wife Ind disaised We are glad to hear that Ministers will immediately through jealousy. He had supported her since igers bring forward an ample measure of Reform in the Church allowances. Wood kissed the dead body, and cut alori of England. This will be readily taken by the nation as a of the hair. The mother and relations, and other friends. set. off against their late faults, both of omission and com- the girl, also recognised the body; and the sother charger mission Times.

Wood with having seduced her daughter, which had die Respecting the proposed Church of England reform mea

her to commit suicide. The Jury were of opinion that sure, it is now said that the intercourse between Earl Grey been wounded on the forehead and thighs Ward as in

case looked very mysterious against Wood Tide giet ka! and the Archbishop of Canterbury is proceeding very satisfactorily. It is also reported that there has been a corre

extreme distress, when owe of Whitbread's dragments spondence between his Majesty and the Premier on the

sub- the room, and said that he had seen Eliza Baker da day

in the streets, and that she was quite well! The story was 4ject Court Journal We are authorised to state, that the public dinners at

treated as an idle invention or a dream. Presents afaLambetli Palace will commence on Saturday the 20th of wards, however, he brought the real Eliza Baker to be April instant The service in the chapel at half-past six health. Wood cell into fits; and, when he recovere..

She was a fine-looking young, wovan, ia ts] precisely.—Morning Herald.

Is the service before or after dinner? If before dinner, walked away with her, leaving his wife whind with ehe is this a scemly way of spending the evening ushering in the dead body; upon which the Jury returned a verdict : Sabbath?: Clergymen who have a strong sense of the re

“ found drowned." The likeness between it and the res! sponsibility attached to the Sunday duties

, gencrally spend living Eliza Baker was allowed to be remarkable, the Saturday evening in reflection and preparation for them: DREADFUL SUICIDEGA decenty dressed elderly femals. the practice is, to transpose the phrase, « more honoured in accompanied by a little girl, her niece, and stating that she the observance than in the breach.-Spectator:

belonged to Stirling, entered a house on Friday in Ve. UNITED ASSOCIATE SYNOD.-On Monday erening, the haven, requesting lodgings for the night, and incending, sa 16th, the Synod met in Dr. Heugh's Chupel, Regent Street, she mentioned, to take the Stirling boat in the morning, Glasgow. After sermon by the Rev. Mr. Clerk of Jedburgh, In course of the evening, while sitting along with the family Moderator of last Synod, from Psalm Ixxxiv. 1. the Rev. at table, she suddenly laid hold of a large carring Inde. Mr. Smart of Paisley was chosen Moderator for the ensuing and drew it with such force across her throat, that the boradi half-year.

was nearly severed from the body. No cause could be *** THE LATE REV. Ma. WILLIAM LIMONT._-On Wed signed for the commission of this shocking and lamentableact nesday last, there was erected in the lobby of the Relief On Sunday the 21st curt, five little bors, belonging Church, South College Street, by the young people of that Lee, near Errol, at low water, got on Clasbbennie Baile, Congregation, to the memory of the late Rev. Mr. William near the centre of the Tay, where they thoughtled

Limont, a splendid marble tablet, with a suitable inscrip- mained till surrounded by the tide. Tu the hopes or gain, ition

the shore, the poor little fellows stripped in order to On Thursday the 18th, the United Associate Congrega- across, but were carried away by the tide and throwr.

tion of Musselburgh gave a únanimous call to Mr. William One of the bodies was found by fishermen early the factor 2:43 ' Thomson, preacher, to be assistant and successor to the ing morning at Carney Lodge, and two, a lile 'Tropa t's smu Rey, Alexander Black.

bank, nearly sanded up. The other tno boules art hoc Sir James Grant Suttie of Balgone and Prestongrange,

found. Baronet, has presented Mr. William Bruce Cunninghame, Accounts have been received at Lloyd's, this pioruins.

preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Preston- the total loss of the James Sibbald, East Indiaman, i " "o! pans, vacant by the death of the Reverend Dr. Primrose. Bengal to London. The erew and passengers were s*

On Thursday, the 18th current, the Reverend Matthew but the cargo, consisting principally of 350 tons of " Barclay was ordained to the church and parish of Old Kils belonging to the East India Company, and 1,500 cuess patrick, vacated by Dr Fleming on his acceptance of the indigo, was lost. The cargo was, we oudersland, raloni Hebrew chair in the University of Glasgow.

ncarly L.60,000.

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a son).


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our Şaviour on Mount Tal, Auths the 67th year of his age,

W3I30 OBITUARY 3010pa

At Salisburgh Road, Newington, on the 23d instant, Miro

Mrs W. M'Crie Death of MR. KINLOCH, M.P.-It is with deep re of a daughter. 1,1

On the 17th instaut, in Upper Grosvenor Street, London, the Lady gret that we announce the death of this true patriot and of John Cunningham, Esq. of Duchrae, or a daughter. excellent man, which took place on Thursday night, at his

At 8, Howard Place, on the 21st instant, Mrs Christie, 6r dangh

113160 beim lodginys, in Parliament Street. Mr. Kinloch has fallen a At 53, Queen Street, on the 22d instant, the Lady of George Dickson,

Esą or belchester, ofta daughter. martyr to the rigid performance of his Parliamentary dum

Here, on the 12th current, Mrs A. J. Lizars, of a daughter. M ties. During the long debates on the Address and on the Esq., advocate, of a daughter,

At Mertoun House, on the 28d instant, the Lady of Charles Baillie, Irish Coercion Bill, he was never absent from his post, till At Townhead Mansc, Langholm, on the 19th' ultimo, Mts Dobie, of driven from it by illness. From the time the Speaker en At Minto Street, on the 30th ultimo, the Lady of Major Macgregor, tered the House, till the adjournment, he was always to be of a daughter.

At I, Eyre Place, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr John Forster, found in his place. This incessant fatigue brought on an surgeon, of a 501).

At the General Post Office, London, on the Ist instant, Mrs Freeling, inflammatory attack, from which he suffered severely, but of a daughter. from which he appeared to have in a great measure re

At Newburgh, Fife, on the 11th instant, the wife of G. Baumbach,

Esq., of a son. covered ; and he was on the eye of departure for his seat of At 19, Lauriston Street, on the 14th instant, Mrs Alexander Hender

son, of a daughter. Kinloch in Perthshire, for the purpose of relaxation and a At 8, Coates Crescent, on the 15th instant, Mrs Ker, of a daughter. change of air, when he was seized, on Thursday evening,

At Lauder, on the 14th instant, Mrs Archibald Valence, of a daugh. with a sudden faintness, and was dead in a very few hours.

At Dalkeith, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Craig, of a son.

At Coll House, Island of Mull, on the 31st ultiino, the Lady of Hugh -Speclalgr. a les 1.

M'Lean, Esq., younger of Coll, of a son.

At 21, Lynedoch Place, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs William Gordon, of We are sorry to announce the death of Mr. Forbes Hun. ter Blair, late, candidate for the repres tation of Edin At 13, Picardy Place, on the 1st instant, the Lady of John Alexan

der, fsq., of daughter. burgh. Mr. Blair was a man of integrity and honour, and

At Pilrig Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Vertue, of a son. greatly respected by a large circle of friends.

On the oth ultimo, in Grosvenor Strect, London, the Countess of Lord Gambier died lately at his house at Iver, near Ux. Kinnoull, of a son,

At A uchtermuchty, on the 25th ultimo, Mirs Dr Taylor, of a son. · bridge, din the 77th year of his age. His Lordship was one At 12, Regent Terrace, upon the 4th instant, Mrs Bayley, of a son. of shie kw remaining officers who had a command in the

At 7, Park Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs Scott, of a

At Edmonston, on the 3d instant, Árs Brown of Edmonston, of a glorious battle of the 1st of June. On that occasion he daughter, commanded the Defence of 74 guns, which was the first

MARRIAGES. ship that broke the line. The Defence was dismasted in Here, on the 27th current, the Reverend Patrick Fairbairn, minister, the action, and had to contend with two French ships-of- North Ronaldshay, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Alex. the-line, one on each side, both of which struck to him. At At Duncrub, Perthshire, on the 27th instant, Captain Robert Knox Copenhagen -Lord Gambier was the Commander-in-chief of Trotter, 17th lancers, younger of Eallindeais, to Mary, eldest daughter

of the Right Honourable Lord Rollo. the naval forces, and for that service was rewarded with a

Here, on the 16th instant, David Cormack, Esq., writer in Edin. pension of £2,000 a-year, which latter he generously de- burgh, to Elizabeth, daughter of the deceased Úr Alexander MʻMillan, dined.í l'His Lordship again commanded the naval force late merchant in Campbeltown.

Here, on the 2d instant, Mr Alexander Miller, Fellow of the Royal against the French fleet in Basque-roads.

College of Surgeons, 8, Rankeillor Street, to Alison Margaret, eldest March, at Millfield, parish of Inverkeillor, daughter of Ni Alexander Galloway, merchant there.

At Ingram's Crook, near Stirling, on the 19th instant, John Wilson, N.B. old at the memorable battle of Culloden, and recollected

of w Mickling,

Esq. of Miltonise.

At Ayr, on the 17th instant, by the Reverend Mr Roxburgh, of Kil. her sister's providing" with part of her own, being put maurs

, John Ballantine Rollo Esqsecond son of the Hon. Roger in a chest and buried in the kail-yard for fear of the re Rollo, Ayr, to William, daughter of the late Robert Robertson, Esg.

of Duncanzemer. She also recollected perfectly well of the rebels en

On the 25th of January, by special license, at the Palace of bis Ex. tering her father's hen-house at Cockhill, parish of Kinnell, cellency the Lord High Commissioner of the lonian Isles, Captain John

Y.Crummed, of the uth regiment, to Frances Chambers, youngest swered— Nothing, Sir,

they wanted

daughter of the late Norman Macdonald, Esq., or Bernisdale, Inver.

ness-shire. tive in killing the feathered inmates, and adding them to At St George's Hanover Square, London, on the lithinstant by the their spoil.

Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry,

Thomas Charlton Whitmore, Esq., M.P., eldest son of T. Whitmore, At' Dryfesdale very suddenly of a bit of apoplexy, the Rev. John Nender- eldest daughter of the Marquis of Queensberry

14 son, Minister of that Parish, in

DEATHS." and


At Pimlico, London, on the 13th instant, Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher,

in the 5th year of her age:

As a Minister of the Gos At mis house, Leopold Place, on the ed instant, John Strachan, pel, during the long period he laboured amongst his large Blackwood, Esg of Pitreavie, in the Sath year of his age. Congregation " in holy things;" his eloquent Sermons and

At 38, George Square, on the

18th instant, Mr John Chalmers,

W.S. Discourses, both from the pulpit and through the medium Here on the 29thlinitanty the Rev. Botnjamin Dickson, minister of

Hobkirk, of the press, bear ample testimony of the soundness of his

Here, on the 20th current, Mr Robert Clark, spirit-dealer, Plea. Christian principles and of his efficiency as a teacher of a sance.

on the 20th current obert Cha Christian community; and the lamentatious and sorrow of At Philpstouh, on the 16th-instant, Mrs Leobel Kerr, relict of Mr a whole people declare what he was, as a “ man among

Robert Murray, late schoolmaster of the parish of Abercorn.
On the 31st

January last, Wilhelmina, aged 15 montbs, and, on the men.

His winning and mild disposition and familiar 24th Match, David, aged two moaths, children of the Hev, Z. 'M. Ha
endeared him to all
who had the pleasure of his milton assistaut minister of Walla, Orkney.

On the 28th ultimo, William Hamilton, Esq., Assistanc-Surgeon, boyayacquaintance, and more especially to the members of his own

R.N., aged 35 years, son of the Rev. G. Hamilton, minister of Hoy and -910% extensive congregation. Well, indeed, might he have been Grænsay, Orkney, Ir it styled the father of his flock, for certainly he gained to

Here on the 1st instant, Mrs Elizabeth Douglas, widow of the late
Mr James Douglas, goldsmith and assay master
At Aberdeen,

on the Ist instant, Miss Ehiza Gordon, daughter of the Jimself that most endearing title. Many may be the suns $9 TON

that may arise above the broad corn-covered top of the late James Gordon, Esq. of Littlefola. Quhytewoolen on the parish of Dryfesdale ere we may be M Lachlan, aged 62 years.

At his bouse in North Street, Elgin, on the 24th učimo, mr Thomas able to his again. The parish, at the kindly sug

At Dunfermline, on the 98th ultimo, Miss Margaret Parker. 7 bot, and in conjunction with the brethren of the

At Dunfermline, on the 20th ultimo, Mr John Robertson, aged 19,

son of Mr Alexander Robertson, manufacturer. Qubytekvoolen" "Lodge of Freemasons," Lockerbie," intend, At 1, Lauriston Lane, on the 6th instant, Edmund, son of My John by érecting over his tomb, 'a handsome monument, to per. Fergussou." 147

At Drummond Park, on the 7tb instant, Douglas Stewart, Esq. petuate the respect and esteem which they hold for their

At Laurencekirk,

on the 19th ultimo, Elizabeth Wyllie, relict of the departed pastor and brother.'

late Mr Alexander man 110.10.1"11% in

and then he asked them what the event while they were ac

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, wel , consets were



on property in commutation. If Ministers resign on each

a difficulty as this, they deserve to lose the confidence of all SCHOOLMASTER OFFICE, parties, and of every honest man in England; but they WEDNESDAY, MAY 1.

must not adhere to their present budget!-all classes repa. MINISTERS, “ always on the brink of ruin," have once diate it.” more weathered the storm. They will not abandon the The Tory prints are taunting the Whigs with adhering to helm at this time. They repent their late pettishnesses, office under such defeat, but they do not venture to asert, and will continue in office, « wiser and better men." The that their party durst venture in. There is nothing in the landed interest, which had supported the Ministers in every late votes, nor in the metropolitan meetings, favourable to extravagant vote of supply, and virtually said, “ lavish | Tory prospects. As the Assessed Taxes must come off, ? away," but, from an impulse of blind greed, left them in a see nothing as a succedaneum but a tax on property. Till minority, when the means of expenditure might be sho- we meet our readers this day month, we would exhort ail velled into their own pockets, deserve little gratitude who truly love their country, to support a reformed Whig They will receive none. The motives of their consistent vote Ministry, and to keep steadfastly in view, a Property Tax are perfectly understood. The exact line of policy which for Britain, and a Poor Law for Ireland. Monday night. They are, as it were, to throw the onus upon steady at 874. the House of Commons. As an amendment on Sir John Key's motion for the total abolition of Assessed Taxes, Lord Asthorp

SCOTCH BANKRUPTS. is to move the following resolution, In consequence of

SEQUESTRATIONS, &c. the deficiency that must arise in the revenne by a reduction

The Mid-Lothian Dairy Company, at Meadowlank, on the malt duty, and the abolition of the house and win- near Edinburgh, carrying on business there as diary dow tax, that such deficiency must be supplied by a general keepers or cowfeeders, as a company, and of Edward tax on property.” This will at least test the sincerity of Wright, residing at Meadowbank, as partner thereof, and those who pretended that the vote on the malt tax was to

as an individual. relieve the people. We heartily approve this resolution ;

John MacDiarmid, commission agent and merchant, nor do we see how it can be evaded. Whoever pretends to

Glasgow. be the friend of peace and order,-- whoever really wishes to

David Gilmore, fesher and cattle dealer, Glasgow. avert convulsion, ought to seek a fair, full, and equitable

George Thomson, baker, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh. tax on property, with no such evasion in favour of the aris

Hugh Montgomery Fraser, merchant, Glasgow, tocracy as took place in the Assessed Taxes. It was and is

March 28. Robert Jamieson, wright, Glasgow. in defence of property, and for the protection of property, Glasgow, and James Johnstone and Samuel Johnsione, part

29. James Johnstone and Co. clothiers and battery, that all our extravagant military, naval, and civil establish

ners thereof, as individuals. ments are maintained. On what, then, every other source - 29. Robioson and Cowan, corn-merchants, Bortoof taxation being exhausted, should the burden fall? Ex- stowness, and William Edward Robinson & Walkioshaw Cur is, cheqner Bills, or a vote of credit is at best but a temporary the iodividual partners of that Company wretched make shift, a something that is nothing, to pro April 3. John Black, builder, Clerk Street, Edinburgh. crastinate the evil day. Lord Althorp's resolution appears 4. Joseph Johnston, grocer, Dublin Street, Edinbergh. a manly facing of the evil. If it is lost, then let the blame 10.- Robert Kinnear, bookseller and stationer, Edis be laid pon the right horse —upon the House of Com- burgh. mons. The opinions of the Times of Monday upon this 18. Peter Dalgairns, wine-merchant, and coracrisis are worthy of attention. In them we heartily concur.

dealer, Dundee. “ As a rider to Sir W. Ingilhy's resolution, there ought to

MARKETS. have been another introduced forthwith, to admit foreign

IRON TRADE.We understand a further advance of barley free, for Mr. Warburton was unanswerable in his 10s. per ton on manufactured iron took place last week ia statement that the effect of the motion, as now carried, will Staffordshire, making in all thirty skillings per ton advance be 110 more than to raise the barley rents of Great Britain

in two montbs. about £2,000,000 per annum. It is to be hoped that Mi

THE METAL TRADE-A still further rise has taken nisters will have manhood enough to propose from them- place in the price of metals raised in this country. Since selves this cure for a gross deception this just and honest this time last year, iron has advanced 25 per cent, and retribution upon the landlords for their grave hypocrisy. If the price of beer is to fall—if the poor man is, in truth,

lead 20 per cent. It is rather remarkable that seither to be benefited—destroy the landlord's monopoly of the copper nor tin has ever been depressed like other metals material for making beer ; there will then be something the trade here is again rather more brisk. The approach

THE WOOL TRADE. London: Thursday Eveningconsistent in the votes of the House of Commons. But ing sales are looked for with some interest, they have more than this must be done. It is plain that, with such

been increased to 15,000 bags. The accounts this week a hole in the revenue as these agriculturists have created, the public creditor or the public service must be left un. bays; and from Sydney, 21 lags.

have been, from Germany, 605 bags ; from Leghoro, 80 provided for. Why, then we repeat Lord Althorp's words —there must be a commutation for the malt tax; but

EDINBURGH CORN MARKET, MAY 1. not for a moiety of the malt tax: abolish the whole There were in market, 148 quarters Wheat; best, 675; current, 56. to

We had a small supply of all kinds of grain to-day, and sales heavy of it.

Consult, moreover, the universal feelings of the 628. Barley, 46 quarters; best-333 6d; current, 3ls to Sts Oats, 19 middle gentry and trading interests of the kingdoin, abolish

quarters ; best, 228 8d; current, 188 to 20%. Pease and beatis, 2

quarters; best, 378; current, 2RS to 30s. the house and window tax, and raise the deficit to upwards of £7,000,000. What next? Then face the monster of


Beef, per Ib. 3fd to 6d ; Mutton, 5d to 7d; Veal, 6d to d; Peart, landlord cupidity boldly, and, like another evil being, it 4d to 6d; Lamb, per qr. 55 to 686d; Quartern Loaf, dd; Potatoes, por will fly from you. Dismiss, also, the Maccullochs, and other peck, 4d; Butter, per lb. 9d to la la, Salt do, id to 9d; Cheese, Dullquacks of that superficial and prating school, as unworthy lop, per cwt. 468 to 548; Common, 30. ; Eggs, per duzén, 6id, of serious attention ; propose a good bold property tax, and

GLASGOW BAZAAR. it will be carried in spite of the landlords and fundlords, best sold at 9. to 10s. 6d, per stone tron.

APRIL 24- In tbe Bazaar to-day there was about 30 stone, cheexe:

Fresh butter 70 stones, increasing rather than diminishing that surplus of revenue 9d. to 10d. a Ib: Salt do. 25, which sold at 155. to in. od. per stone over expenditure, of which, when not immoderate and uot

Fresh Pork from 5s. to 68. 6d. a stone Hens from a to su u wasted, Lord Althorp admits the policy in his last budget.

a couple ; Eggs 5d. and 6d a dozen. Our advice, under all the circumstances, would be to pay the landlords in their own coin, give them the whole malt

EDINBURGH: Printed by and for Jonn JOHNSTONE, 19, St. Jame*

Square-Published by JouN ANDERSON, Jun., Bookseller, 55, North tax, take away their monopoly of barley, relieve the people Bridge Street, Edinburgh; by JOHN MACLEOD, and ATKINSON &. generally from the house and window tax, and lay on a tax

Booksellers, Glasgow; and sold by all Booksellers and Venders ar
Cheap Periodical






No. 10.-Vol. II.

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1833.




Tories exult in it. It is playing their game to Since the opening of Parliament the Whig Mi

admiration. The Whigs thus virtually confess

that all the Tories did was proper. They can do - nistry have been labouring with all their might to render themselves suspected and unpopular ; but

no more than follow their steps. What then is to

be the cure of those manifold ca ities ch their 24. during the last month they have gone farther ;they have prepared one part of the nation for the

coming into office was to remove ? " Their return of the Tories to power ; and reconciled an

present conduct confesses,” the Tories say, “ that other portion to that event by their singular felicity

we governed the country so admirably that sind in hastening the conviction that, as no good can be

now when they have the power, they really, upon expected from them, the sooner the other party is

close inspection, see no room for any important im. put on their trial the better. The Tory organs,

provement. What they once thought improvement who were scared till now, declare the country ripe

they now see to be ruin;" but, say they, if the people for a dissolution, which shall bring “their patrons

will try us a few years more, we may perhaps con in;" for they wisely scout the idea of any compro

trive something.' The next great Whig stand of mise with the Whigs which could only irritate the

the month was made in both Houses. It was against e people. They counsel, as better policy than a coa

the corn-law system being approached in any shape; lition, a vigorous and ingenuous adoption of the

that iniquitous monopoly against which the Whigs, interests of the people by the Tory party.” We

as a political party, have so long declaimed, must o look for no new things under the sun. But let us

not be touched. How can we so soon forget all turn to the Whigs. We left Lord Althorp

the arguments, professions, and pledges upon this der great embarrassment.” We find him and

important point, made within the last twenty years, his colleagues in exactly the same predicament.

although the last Edinburgh Review should con. Among their first acts, since we saw them last, was

trovert all former Edinburgh Reriews. And, how a decided opposition to the abolition of the As.

is it possible to avoid feeling such conduct inconsessed Taxes, moved by Sir John Key. The same

sistent and revolting in the last degree? The fate has attended a subsequent motion for this

moderate resolutions of Earl Fitzwilliam were op object, made by Sir Samuel Whalley, the new

posed by Prosperity Robinson, Lord Goderich, member for Mary-le-bone; though his motion (Earl Ripon,) the Privy Seal, who, though the contemplated no instant adoption of the measure.

advocate for free trade and freedom of manufacThe consequence is, that London, and the great

ture, would continue heavy restrictions on that towns in England, are in a general ferment, and

commodity a free exchange in which must be the beginning to practise the dangerous lessons which

basis of all other free trade that is to be safe or ) Government have forced upon them, in a passive

prosperous; and maintain the most iniquitous resistance. The most strenuous of the Ministe

monopoly ever devised by selfish landed law. rial papers condemn this reiterated opposition to

makers to grind a people for the exclusive advan. the abolition of this most obnoxious impost.* The

tage of their own body. Their Lordships made

short work, and no ceremony with this question, We must except the Scotsman, wbich if not a Ministerial Earl Ripon made his speech ; and the resolutions journal distinguished by much tact in service, is, at least, very were negatived without even a division. There zealous. Speaking of Sir S. Whalley's inotion, it says, The time of the House of Commons was wasted on Monday (Tuesa

ought to have been a division. Earl Grey is day | by another motion for the repeal of the House and Win avowedly hostile to the people's interests on this dow duties, which was negatived, as the inover himself knew it would be. Mioisters have declared their willingness to give up these taxes, as soon as their produce can be spared, or their the other nineteen-twentieths of the people! The arrogance of place supplied from any other source ; and there is little doubt, these proceedings is most offensive. It is nothing less than an that in one or two years, the object sought will be attained. attempt of the metropolis to dictate to the whole empire." This, however, does not satisfy the impatience and self-conceit There is here a triile of mistake. Would that the House and of the Cockneys, who think that Government is bound to com Window Tax were only a local tax, a special grievance; but ply instantly with any demand of theirs, whether in or out of unfortunately, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, every season ; and, if they require it-to work impossibilities! They town and village feels it, as well as the " conceited cockneys." consider the assessed taxes as their special grievance; and that Even the Morning Chronicle, wbich is stultitying itself with their grievance should take precedence of all the grievances of time-serving, calis ibis a "political blunder."

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