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nisters, convinced of the justice of the terms now many foreign students who has been cryingine offered, were prepared in the event of a refusal, in the city for some days past, and it is probable this pie to propose a plan to Parliament for the govern- Ruporer, a native of Wirnyedel, was arrested after an

was contrived in a foreign country. A student, mat ment of India, without the intervention or instru- stinate resistance. A quarter of an hour was atteiers te mentality of the Company. If the consent of the restore tranquillity. The troops of the line had four builders Company were not signified by the 23d of March, and fifteen wounded. The loss of the rioters is not known he should feel compelled to consider the Company The whole affair might, however, pass for an ordimry siec,

but of those arrested, several have been severely would as declining the proposal.

but that we learn there were troubles in the environs of the

city on the same evening, that bodies of armed peaasta FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.

were stopped at the city gates, by finding them occupied

with troops, and that it seems to have been known in many FRANCE,

other places that a rising of some kind was to take place in Messrs. Enfantin and Chevalier, the chiefs of the Saint Frankfort on this particular evening. There are those who Simonians, were tried at Paris on Monday, on the charge think, however, that the whole affair, like some of the police of being the heads of an “ unauthorized political and re- anachinations of the Parişians, has been contrived in anda ligious association." They admitted the truth of the to afford an apology for extinguishing more effectually thai charge against them; but the Jury, after deliherating about spirit of liberalism which has been for some time exhibitten minutes, found them Not Guilty. The Government ing itself most unequivocally among the subjects of the were lately affecting to expect a movement by the republi. petty Gerinan despots. The object, if this be so, is as baud can party. The pregnancy of the Duchess de Berri is de- as the means are base; and a discovery of the plot thes nied by her partisans, and her letter said to be a forgery. early must mar the effects anticipated by those who plama The denial is laughed at by every body.

it. SPAIN.

TURKEY. The Cortes are summoned by the King, for the especial There are many contradictory accounts from size Fas. purpose of confirming his daughter's right of succession to We can only be certain that the Russians will prefere the throne.

cupying Constantinople, to allowing the Pacha tp arance The young Queen, Donna Maria da Gloria, attained her farther. It now seems almost a race between the troops of majority on the 19th instant, on which day she was 14, the the Pacha, and those of the Czar, which shall first pris period at which, according to the laws of Portugal, she may the Turkish capital. assuine the reins of government.


The threatened explosion between the porthern and watch: HOLLAND.

ern states, has passed over. The former have shest goud Active preparations for war are going on in Holland. sense, and the latter availed themselves of an opportunity Fifteen thousand additional men have been raised, and fifty to repeal their angry decrees, or rather to recall theit thousand guns are purchased. The arsenals of Rotterdam foolish manifestoes. 'America thus continues to be the and Dordrecht are busily engaged, and the Dutch artillery pattern to Europe. is mucli augmented. In Belgium the priests, as was to be expected, have gained the ascendency, and military affairs ported to have been massacred in the county of the Rajah

A body of Dutch troops, amounting to about 3,000, a ne are considered as of less consequence than ecclesiastical. It of Siac, in the island of Soniatra. They were surronndel is generally supposed that Prince Leopold will sacrifice his during the night by a large body of the natiresvhom religion to obtain the support of the Jesuits.

they had exasperated by their extortions. ::: GERMANY. Some excitement has prevailed during the week, in conse

COLONIATR ir quence of the receipt of accounts from Frankfort, which lead

The failure of the house of Alexander & Co. of Calcutta, to a belief that much dissatisfaction prevails throughout Gers from the extraordinary extent of its transactions, accapies mauy, and particnlarly among those States which once forma large share of the attention of the monied interest. A ed the famous Confederation of the Rhine. We learn that on

calculation which has been made, and which is supposed the evening of the 3d instant a party of young men sallied forth debts and obligatious of the house it no less than

to be under the truth, rather than above it,' estimates the from the theatre

, and being joined by a crowd of persons L.4,000,000 sterling. Or these, probably shout ove-fourth many of them strangers assembled in the streets, they attacked the guard-house, occupied by troops of the line and con. part is due to English creditors. The shock given by ide stables. The crowd was headed by young men in the costume

event to public confidence in Calcutta, is, of course, very of students, wearing white scaris on their arrival before great, and such as must be felt for a time throughout the the guard-house, one of the young men, stepping out of the whole commercial operations of that párt of India. Times. ranks, harangued the people, who had collected in great

JAMAICA. numbers. In this speech he expatiated on the oppression

of Very foolish doings have been going forward in this ill. which Germany was the vietim. The people received the fated island. We wait with patience to see how Mr. Stasspeech with unanimous applause. In an instant guns, pistols, ley, the new Colonial Secretary, is to manage butween the and sabres were distributed, the guard house was attacked, colonists, and the auti-slavery party at home. . He Diako and the prisoners confined for political offences zet at liberty. considerable professions; and decision is not the quality in The same crowd, having been considerably augmented, then which he is deficient. His plan will be promulgated forth. proceeded along the Zeil to the principal guard-house, attack. with. Mr. Fowell Buxton has deferred his motion to the ed it amidst shouts of Liberty or Death !" dispersed the 14th May, in compliment to the new Secretary sixty soldiers who occupied the post, and set at liberty the EARTUQLAKE, On the evening of the 8th of February prisoners, among whom was M. Mohr, who had been con- two shocks of carthquakes were experienced in the, islaul fined two years on suspicion of having taken a share in for- of St. Kitts. The first iras the most violent, and lastal mer disturbances. Whilst blood was flowing on both sides about twenty seconds. Great consternation was cxrited by near the guard house, the drums were beating throughout this appalling phenomena ; but, fortunately, to injury was the citizens came in time to prevent the captures of the convulsion was felt last Sunday se'euwight at Horshara, in arsenal. The troops of the line, amounting to five hun- Sussex. dred men, came up in haste, and succeeded in retaking A violent leurthquake is said to leave been for at forfu the chief guard house, and after a time the disturbances by which two villages were destroyerl, and many penatis were thoroughly repressed. Among the rioters were seen bad beeu killed.

be regarded as an

SPIRIT OF THE PUBLIC JOURNALS They are misfortunes, they are hlots- let them, ft. microp FOR APRILE

we implore members of Government- let them be

salutary warnings. This series of ill successes, , 111. irin POSITION OF THE MINISTRY. We believe there is no doubt in

where all had been heretofore triumphant on the

any reasonable mind that, at the general election, foar months ago, dication that the mind of the country is undergo,

side of the Whigs, ought to b

an in, ** the general feelings of the great bulk of the con"stituency were in favour of Lord Grey's Govern- ing an anti-ministerial change. It is the part of ment as contradistinguished from the two factions form administration than, to fear it-it is the part

an independent friend, more disposed to love a reof Tories and Ultra-Radicals. There may have been some persons returned under the deseription while there is yet time, they must recall the people

of such a friend to admonish such a Ministry, that, in of outliers upon the skirts of the above two parties, ia but of the important fact there can be no question, to their standard, or they will not long have di do that the main body of the reformed House of Com

strength to carry on the Government, mons was, when first sworn in, decidedly ministe-half of Ministers, by reason of the difficulties un

The public have often been appealed to on berial; and, being so, did fairly speak the sentiments of the people out of doors. The motive which der which Lord Althorp and his colleagues have influenced the majority of electors in the choice been placed by the keenness and pertinacity of the

of such a House of Commons was simply their opposition in the House of Commons upon the * confidence of their general good government, and

Irish Coercion Bill. But were not such difficulties of their eagerness to redress all grievances, inspir, in a great degree of their own conception. ed by those Ministers who had carried through

Imbecility is more dangerous to political power w the Reform Bill, and who had themselves announc.

than crime. The man, who hesitates, contradicts," ali ed that bill to be but a stepping stone and intro

or turns “ his back upon himself," is first laughed * duction to every other useful reform.

at, then despised, then without mercy turned out. Now, it seems not altogether irrational to con

He cannot stand by his friends, because he dares jecture that what the King's Ministers gained by est intentions, he is eternally, like an ugly woman;

not face his enemies; and, with the best and pur: tidelity to their engagements, they might, by continuing the same proud course of honour and vir

in the wrong. Why should a department of such tue, have preserved to this hour undiminished. prodigious magnitude, with the most extensive Yet, what appears to be the fact ? In Parliament, Lord Hill and Lord F. Somerset, under a Whiz

patronage in the state, be left in the hands of is the session advanced, their majorities have been dwindling from week to week; and out of Parlia Administration. The latter of these noble Lords ment their declared supporters have been roughly may be, and indeed has the repute of being an handled wherever they showed themselves as can excellent man of business ; but really, as it has been didates against Radicals or Tories. In the city of often said, this continued holding of the Horse London, which at the general election had returned Guards by Tories is to the country such a ridicule Alderman Waithman, an' avowed friend of Minis- upon the Grey Administration, such a proof of ters, a new election was held for'a citizen to sup

weakness and signal of distress, as must encourage ply the place of that honest and consistent Whig; every political antagonists of the Government to but instead of Alderman Venables, who, besides raise his hand and offer it a buffet, either for the being a pledged liberal, and a friend of the

Grey sharing those rewards, from which, with punctiadministration, had recent and considerable claims upon the favour of the London constituency, Mr lious greatness of mind, it excludes all but its ad.. Lyall, a known Tory, was returned. In Mary-lebons, Mr Murray, a professed friend of his Ma- from ns. We see the ground slipping from under

Once more, these observations have been wrung ty jesty's Ministers, was set aside, with little apparent trouble a, and, Sir Samuel Whalley, whose liberal

the feet

of Ministers, Now or never, therefore, polities were understood to be of a far broader and when Parliament xe-assembles, is the time to res more thoroughgoing character than those which cover their footing-Timor sine

, Fio-boir.r 411 1 stuctorirah tinggi u. had lately begun to be ascribed to the Cabinet, was ':71: tes THE RADICAL LEADERS. elected by a large majority. Mr Hope, the rankest In Tait's Magazine for May, in a bold and spiof the Tory race, was far awhead of the ministerial rited article upon the Budyet, we find the fol candidate. The Grey principles were, it seems, lowing character of the Radical party in Parlia, more odions' even than those of the Conservativement. We give this Magazine all credit for speak Club, At Sunderland the friend of Ministers was ing needful and well-timed truths, even of the sigually defeated. At Gloucester itself, where the party of which it is understood to be the monthly Whig Berkeleys are so strong, a gentleman of that organ. The reputation for honesty which this family, who had just taken office, and had thus periodical has earned from friend and fue, is fully identified his cause with that of Ministers, has deserved by such frank and uncompromising exbeen beaten by a Tory, who himself, but a few pressions of opinion :short months before, had been a rejeoted suitør. « In our first paper, the first article of our first

Why are such things ? We speak of them, God number, we mentioned the fact, that one portion of knows, more in shame and sorrow than in anger. the Cabinet and its retainers were perpetually

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all sorts of uriaccommodating things. Every Radi. any of its projects, while almost nothing to recented it fille a Diy them will be in the Tories docasionally, rather ter was reasonably to be expected from these mett. The

Com quen fe. No party come stamps Lord Althorp baehall not,

-oracles: hoc age is also a maxim each Radical's hobby is to run first in the race

fears lest they should not cars, ko neonta um bre interested in the Polition of

throwing all blame and suspicion on the other, and here tell them, the of afnent Radicals to this day the practice continues. There must be London, that SELF-REFORM is a Reform absolutely disruption. The best opportunity for it, when necessary to their utility. They will soon be calle

might have stood from among them, as to a great work, and we wish they may come serting the Principle of knowledge against ignor- it in a meeker and more tolerant and modest spirit ance, has been lost; but the breaking up must come, than they are accustomed to display. He, says and we believe it to be not fur distant. Power will good observer, who is always wise; is not so piše si soon påss to the Radicals. " We wish they may be he thinks himself.” prepared for it, but to that end they must re OPINIONS OF LORD ALTHORP'S BUDGET. nounce their overweening self-conceits, and con Our readers know that the BUDGET means a Paz. tempt of each other. Combination is the principle dora's box stuffed with plans of taxation, and open. of movernment i repulsion is the characteristic of ede by the British Chancellor of the Excheque tower, and holds out for his own wisdom

against ers" know what is thought of #tby few of tbe the whole world. Each Radical is the only wise newspapers, Scotch and English, and, first, the man. Any one who exceeds or falls short of a par- Scotsman, that print which boasts its consistency ticle of his creed, is naught. They have no toler- for sixteen years :ation within their own sect. That they will go « Lord Althorp's statement of his intentions with regari vern at no very distant time, is to us certain; but to the revenue, was well received by the House of Contoon that they may govern to any good purpose, it is to the people. In a fer points His plans probably aimat si

on Friday, and will, we are confident, the very satisfaciety necessary that they should govern their own dog- improvement; but, taken in general, they seem to us to dis matic humours, and humanize their wisdom for the play admirable judgment

, and to be dictated by a spostes purpose of association and co-operation. Let them, ious desire to benefit the country. His Lordsbip's waste (we speak of the leaders--and in the Radical party eloquence, and his extreme sincerity and singlesesse kind

, there is this peculiarity, that nearly all are lead prevent him from getting credit for the high talente he pes

sesses for business" -quoth the Scotsman ers,) if they will, suppose themselves too wise for

Now for the Mercury


"HT #– Win this world ; and then seeing the necessity of apply “ This infirmity of his (Lord Althorp's mind) has jas that superhuman excess of wisdom which stands has created very general, and, we are bound in candoar to

admit, well-founded dissatisfaction. Taking his financial in the way of their agreement with any other mortal men. Hypochondriasts have imagined themselves staking it in health

, it has

trivial, and unscietes

cach be sky cal

imagines that his head is so great that and grave objections. Thongh carried into effect to the fall.

universe, and will suffer no other being est extent, it would acodinplish nothing, or fiert te hollang to come near him. In the House of Commons, each

Of the Budget, the Examiner thinks that it

“ Should not disappoint the country, for nothing betis his own and the superlatively crotchety of

and will be , than "seem to

to herd with men of their common de and not one tax is abandoned, so that the whole charge of nomination. In the House, each' holds his martello the machinery is continued. The reduction of the House tower,: (he would scorn to stand rank and rank, and window tax, according to a hocus pocus formula, vil or to puti shoulder to shoulder,) and his single gun, duty is also so altered as to give a similar adrantage to onia swivels carriage ranges to all points of the the richer classes of advertisers. The poor servant of compass! Oh, that that they wouldo cast off their clerk, advertising for a place, does not venture pod tre stone doublets, and link themselves siny generous peats, and perhaps does not need them. Certaiály be is brotherhood for con

FA The newspaper

that conmon purposes with common

not to reductor ferences, against the common

abolish. His conduct in this matter shall be understood promises are necessary joall, principles may be safe, He says that the conclusion he has artived at, against the all desires freo, no object, surrenderedy and yet a abolition of the tax, is a conclusion, tlie propriety of which judicidus 'effective marshalling of them may be ache doubts ;-in a word, he decides against his judgment complished. Non omnia possumus omnes, is a truth if we may speak of judgment as belonging to him. He

says, not in the Radical..

with his peculiar logic

, tlietax is a bad tax (he thinks

so still,) but though a bad tax it is good to contin ne it, unreceived by them, or else each 2 the hoc to and that to take off the bad tax would be no relief to the be his favourite object. Corresponding with the people! This noodleism needs no comment. Wher the peculiarity that each Radical is leader, is the fact knife is at the throats of these men they will with boto

see that it is held by infuriated ignorance. Poverta. that

pidly passing to the people, and unless they have the abr of improvement. All these conceits will be rubbed lightenment to use it prudently, tremendous commotions down in time; but as the period of Radical ascen ara in store for us. Sir Robert Peel sagaciously observed, dency, seems approaching with unexpected rapidi-Newspaper property was not panting for relict. News , owing to the alacrity of the Whigs in disgrac-paper

property who cares a rush for it but the proprie ing themselves) we have fear

who are be subdued against the juncture when they would taxes upon information, Sir ş. Whalley had the atbe most provokingly and mischievonsly detrimen- dacity to propose a tax on the funds, that is, the plandet tal. Friends, advocates, as we are of the Radicals, of the fund holder this upprincipled suggestivo passed we cannot be friends of their weaknesses; and we

without reprobation.


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Farm, near Windsor; where also Lord Brougham and Funchall, Sir George Cayley Mr. Oy

ley was lately celebrated, maar of Dr. Priestthe 5th instant, it appears that there has been a decrease | tuency of

LBHAI meeting of the

" Ireland:221,304 7,8 quarters of malt from barley, .

-hastid 19 ENGLAND.
i mitt

ris The King and Queen have paid repeated visits daring table body of gentlemen, who dined together at the Free , 1 he week to the Etint of Sefton, at his residence, Stoke mason's Tavern 1 Dr. Babington was in Jiseount Melbourne have been spending the Easter Phillips, Mr. G. W. he inspection of Lord Sefton's fine flower-beds and hot bridge University, Mr. Tubbock, and Mr. Hatchett; were .. houses, which, form the principal attraction of Stoke Farm among the párty. The object was to celebrate the nativity t the present time. An influenza, to a very serious extent, brought on byl of Phe Biricele asuthe founder of Paeumatic

The sixteenth Anniversary of thehe pereemason" Tavern. he late variableness of the season, now prevails in the held on Thursday the 18th, at netropolis among all ranks. The Duke of Buckingham, The Earl of Ormelie was in the chair."" Additions to the Lord Foley, Mr. Hume, and many other persons of dis- fund amounting to between £800 and £900 were announ.

inction, are labouring under the attack; while in one ced. Establishment, that of the Bank of England, so many of Mr. Godwin, the author of Caleb Williams, has been be clerks are said to be on the sick list as very seriously honoured, in his old age, by an appointment from the Whig to impede the business of the establishmont. It will be Government : they have made him—what? _à Yeoman seen, by our dramatic notices, that “the business of tho Usher of the Exchequer! with a 'salary of £200 per an.'. stage" has been impeded by the same cause, in several in num and an official residence. stances. -Sun.

In consequence of Mr. Slaney's motion for a committee The influenza, in almost every family at the west end on Public Walks, the gardens of Chelsea Hospital were of the town, has spread through ibe whole estallishment. thrown open to the public on Easter Sunday, in the same

BERCIN.. The grippe (influenza) is now a universal manner as they were before Sir David Dundas excluded complaint, and above 40.000 persons have been attacked them in the year 1806. by it in a few days. Almost half of the garrison is suffer A Proud Boast. --At the Smithfield Club Cattle Show, eing under it, and the pbysicians think it far more conta Lord Althorp in the Chair, the Duke of Richmond said, gious than the choléra. +

“ he prided himself on living in the native county of that The report that Lord Palmerston is to go to India as invaluable breed of sheep, the Southdown."!|-- 16 4172"} Governor. General, to replace Lord W. Bentinck, gains FLOGGING IN THE ARMY.-Mr. Ellice the new

Secre ground.

tary-at-War, is about to adopt measures with respect to LORD Fıfe. A correspondent informs us, that Lord the corporal punishment in the army, in consonanre witha Fife has lately come into possession of a fortune of be the feelings displayed by the House of Commons on thatlı tween L. 200,000 and 1.300,000, bequeathed to bim by an subject. old gentleman, who died recently at Rotherhithe, and who No instructions have yet been received at the French was formerly a school-fellow of bis Lordship. - London Embassy to prepare for the reception of the Duke of Paper.

Orleans. It is certain, however, that he will come ; and Viscount Goderich is gazetted as Earl of Ripon. that one of the objects of his visit is a private communi: Ministers have expressed their intention to introduce a cation of importance from Louis Philip, 19 our Sovereign, bill to amend the Anatomy Bill. PROXIES.-On dit that Earl Grey has in his pocket, difference of opinion exists in the Cabinet on the subject

ADVERTISEMENT Duty.We understand that great ready to produce on occasion, fifty-six proxies, and that of the proposed reduction in the duties on advertisements. on the other hand, there are nearly seventy at the disposal No less than five Cabinet Councils assembled for the puros of a ducal ex-premier.

Calculating upon the very little that has hitherto lieen pose of taking the tsi taxes on knowledget into conta done by Parliament in the way of actual business, many

sideration;" at the last of which a certain high legal func, ; persons are of opinion that the Session is not likely to tionary was left in a minority of ones

, Such at least is the terminate before September.

report in the best-informed circles. True Sun. By the Revenue accounts which have been made up to


the Guildhall on Friday on the quarter as compared with the corresponding one of last, the Lord Mayoti bilie chair, the chicken wag last year, of L.92,420Th

There is an increase, however, unanimonsty resolted to petition Parliaments for the inco s principally in the customs, on the whole year of L.230,399. troddction of Pooh kaws inta;Igelapdesint 10 !raspuns q

BANK OF ENGLAND. - The great privilege meant to be SWAN RIVER.- hformation was received yesterday from nent is , that it shall possess the sole privilege of issuing of provisions was still felt,


were anxiously paper for the circulation of England and Wales; such

Looked Setia ndalf pork rsa.

, and ente

bere issues, however, being managed under very strict regula-10đ. per pound. The matite continued to be troublesome, tions, and the immediate control of Government, so as to and had destroyed or driven a way shyeral cattle, and killed guard the public effectually against any abuse of this im- some of the settlersoft The accounts from York are yery fa: portant privilege. Furtber, and perhaps still more es-vourable, the colonists, being in high spirits,

berrilyriliyi sontial protection will be given by complete publicity to all the accounts and proceedings of the Bank, and this Malt.-Si appears from a Parliamentary returni? that? will le done at short intervals, probably once a-fortnight, the total quantity of mall made, and duty charged thereon, or not less frequently than once a-monih.

for the year ending 10th October last, were as follows: The Bank of England issued a notice on Saturday, that " England. -4,122,590 4-8 quarters of malt, at 20s. 8d. they had made arrangements with the Lords of the Trea. per quarter ; duty, L.4,260,010, 3s. 8d. sury for circulating Exchequer Bills, pursuant to an act “ Scotland.-370,530 quarters of malt from barley, ad now in force, to the end of April, 1834 : thus showing, 20s. 8d. per quarter 93,623 4-8 quarters of matt fromo notwithstanding the pending negotiations for the renewal bere or bigg, at 16s. per quarter Litotal, 464,153 4-8; duty of the Charter, that the Directors will have the conduct of 1.459,779, 16s Putainghe the issues of these securities for another year. The Bank of England is now discounting at three per at 203, 8d. per quartor;

quarters of malt from cent. there is so much money in market.

bere or bigg, at 16s. per quarter total, 239,084; duty, Lucien Buonaparte, Prince of Canino, has come to L.258.905, 03. 10. 901 -110 blue London. His brother Joseph is sumewhere in the sub The United Kingdom. 1404,845,828 total; L.4,976,6947 urbs, but we do not know where,

19s. 9d. total duty.'ye INE 29thravne ?

hop atau 3 naponta **

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A petition for the immediate abolition of slavery losser

sent from this city signed by 21,000 persons. Ada 7. “ It will last our time," has been the common saying of has also gone to London from this and other Scottista the more honest of our civic rulers. In Edinburgh, the old to support this and similar petitions. system and the sinews of var have failed together. The

SPANISH SUBSCRIPTION TO SCOTT'S MOXUNEXTtown is virtually declared bankrupt by the Town Council second list, containing subscriptions from Madrid, Ber itself:-At an extraordinary meeting of the Town Council, lona, Alicant, and Malaga, appears in La Revista Espend it was unanimously resolved to apply immediately for the of the 22d March, and amounts to L.70. appointment of a Parliamentary Commission for the man RISE IN THE VALUE OF LAND.-On Friday lest : agement of the finances and debts of the city. It is pro- small estate in New Monkland Parish was exposed posed that the future ordinary receipt and expenditure public sale, at the upset price of L.4,000, and, after a fi should be under the management of the Council. A preli- rited competition, knocked down to Mr. Carrick Bachata minary meeting took place at the Lord Provost's house, and of Drumpeller, at L.4,755, being at the rate of about was attended by Lord Melville, Sir James Gibson-Craig, L. 110 per acre. It is curious to observe that eight PT Sir John Dalrymple, M.P. for the county, and other influ- of the best part of this property were acquired, in 1771, ential persons; when this plan met with general appro- from Mr. Buchanan, then of Drumpeller, for 1.60, bras bation.

at the rate of L.7, 10s. per aere, so that iu 56 years the The Burgh REFORM BILL of the Lord Advocate is far lands have increased in value to the extent of fuertes from satisfying those interested. The mere fact of fixing, times the original cost. throughout all our smaller towns, the qualification of a EDINBURGH UNION.A numerously attended bra voter for a member of the burgh council, as high as that of the Metropolitan Union was held in the Burgber Cham, which enables a man to vote for a member of Parliament High Street, on Monday the 22d ult., to corsider that in the metropolis, is decisive against this bill, In many of lowing questions : The Annuity Tax, Infant Slavery, and the little towns there would be fewer voters thus highly Poor Laws for Ireland. The resolutions were support by qualified than are required to be councillor's, The bill was

Mr. Millar (of the Inhabitants' Committee,) Mr. Doxca. bad enough at first; but, by a letter from Mr. Gillon, it Hanover Street, Mr. Feddie, Mr. Dun, Mr. Thonsta X3 appears that farther disfeature is working on it. He says Grady, Mr. Jackson. Petitions embodying the revolutiu 33 “The Burgh Reform Bill has undergone strange alterations

were unanimously carried. in Committee. On meeting after the recess, the first act of

LEITH.-Notwithstanding the advanced period of the the Committee was to negative the clause, in toto, which brewing season, vast quantities of Edinburgh Ale are si they had previously spent some weeks in amending and cor- shipping for London. During the last ten days 2,000 barr's recting. To-day the Lord Advocate brought up the clause have been transmitted. Whisky, also, by the contingel in the new form he proposes it should assume. The altera- large shipments, seems to be in demand. tion is pretty sweeping. All members of trades, crafts,

The quantity of whisky consumed last year in Scotlard or guildries, are thrown out, as well as the general bur

was 4,861,515 gallons, being about 700,000 gallons les gesses; and the franchise is now confined, in all burghs than for the year before, and about 1,200,000 les that ar large and small, to the L.10 electors. I opposed this mon.

the year 1830. The decrease is accounted for in part by strous limitation of the franchise, which will create so much the revival of sinuggling in the Highland districts. dissatisfaction in Scotland, and which reduces the Burgh

A great number of well-executed farged notes otr Reform Bill to a mere mockery. I divided the Committee Greenock Bank are in circulation in Glasgow. twice—the first time introducing words to substitute the

We regret to say that the influenza, which has petailed burgesses for the L.10 electors, and the second time adding so extensively in London, has made its appearance la the burgesses to the said electors. In both these I was left Edinburgh and Liverpool, as well as in many parts of the in a minority, and the clause, thus limited, is likely to be north of Scotland. Though the cases are distinctiy offered to the public. I think it right to mention, that the marked, and many hundreds are affected, do laial case bas members who voted with me were

come to our knowledge. In 1783 and 1003, a similar Johnston, A. St. Andrews. Murray, J. Leith.

disease raged epidemically in Edinburgh, and the sur Hay, Leith, Elgin.

Stewart, R. Haddington.
Mr. Johnstone afterwards proposed an amendment, giving society were cut off.

rounding country, by which many valuable members a a right of voting to burgesses in certain small burghs. This also was negatived. It is but fair that the people of Scot.

Emigration never proceeded to such a height as in the land should know what is going forward, and how they are

present season, whether we consider pumbers, or ibek

of likely to be used in regard to the future constitution of

persons who are going off.

Up to the 30th March, the number of passengers that their municipal incorporations. We hope the people of have sailed from Glasgow to Canada are 207, viz ;-Fros:2 Scotland will profit by this timely warning.

Lanarkshire, 62 ; Renfrewshire, 52 ; Ayrshire, 22 ; Eds. PERTH CIRCUIT.—The calendar here was uncommonly burgh, 38 ; Stirlingshire, 2; Pertlishire, 12 ; Invernesslarge, but the cases were chiefly for minor offences. The shire, 10; 'Ross-shire, 7; Haddington, 2; Clackmannas. most important trial was that of John Stewart, forester, at

1. To the United States, up to the same date, 97, vi i Dunkeld, for murdering his wife. The particulars of this

- Renfrewshire, 17; Forfarshire, 6; Edinburghshare, dreadful case were given in the Register at the time the act

13; Lanarkshire, 32 ; Dundee, 2; Mid-Lothian, %; was perpetrated. The exculpatory proof went to establish Linlithgow, 2. The emigrants this season are of the most the pannel's insanity : a great many witnesses were ex- respectable class. amined. The jury, by a plurality of voices, found the pan Three vessels sailed from Leith Harbour to the Road nel guilty, and Lord Moncreiff scutenced the unfortunate

on Tuesday morning, which take out emigrants for differman to be, executed at Perth on Tuesday the 14th May, ent parts of America, viz., the European, for Montreal, The prisoner seemed highly impressed with the awfulness pf with 150 passengers ; the Blagdon, for New York, with his situation.

about 80, and the Highlander, for Halifax and Pictoe, The usual Circuit Courts of Justiciary have been held with a considerable number. The emigrants of this season during the week. The majority of cases were visited by are of a much more respectable class ihan formerly ; and transportatioue

we cannot but mention the circumstance of our townsman, ALTERATION OF THE MAIL.— The London and Edin. Mr Thomas Sutherland, who was carried on business sus. burgh mail is to arrive here in future, at a quarter to eight cessfully in Edinburgli, for the last 38 years, and who » o'clock p.M., an arrangement which we conceive will be now about to embark on board the European for Canada of considerable advantage to our merchants, &c., who will There are now po fewer thau thirty sbips fitting out in thus be enabled to procure their letters previous to the the St. Katherine's, London, and West India Decks, to regular hour of shutting up their shops and other places ef carry away emigrants to Canada, Now South Wales, and business. - Stirling Journal.

Van Diemen's Lund.

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