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five years

Here, on the 21th inst., Mr Daniel M'Gregor Watson, Lancashire, At 13, Montgoinery Street, Edinburgh, on the 29th ultimo, Antte to Jane Graham, daughter of the Inte Rev. James Simmie, D.D., mi. Dealey, Feq., late of Crooms Hill, Greenwich, Kent nister of Rothieraay, Banffshire.

At il, St John Street, on the 31st ultimo, Jobu,

only son of Mr Julen At Dalkeith, on the 24th instant, Mr William White, manufac. Yule, W.s. turer, to Jean, eldest daughter of Captain Bird, adjutant of the Edin At Wemyss Casóle, on the 28th ultimo, Miss Alicia Wernyes, burgh militia.

At Glasgow, on the 18th inst, Robert Miller, merchant, Edinburgh, At Stitchel, on the 234 ultimo, aged 15, William, eldest son of 1 to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late James Crichton, Esq., banker, Rev. William M Clay. Irvine.

At 23, Montague Street, on the 28th ultimo, James Maclariane, Ess Here, on the 27th inst., Mr John Mutter, Wester Melville, to Mar. late collector of Excise, garet, eldest daughter of Mr Andrew Hunter, merchant, Brista Port. At 13, Clarence Street, on the oth uit., Mes Elizabeth Dunn, wa

At Kilchrenan Vanse, on the 25th inst., Me James Miller, bookseller, of John l'ullarton, Esq. late of Glenorchard
Abaa, to Isabella Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Rev. William At 11, West Maitlanel Street, on the 21th ultimo, Mary, lafaz
Frazer, Kilchrunan.

daughter of Mr Anthony Traill, W.S.
On the 10th instant, at St Margaret's Church, Westminster, George At Little Spott, East Lothian, on the 21th ultimo, Georgiana, Erb
Aitchison, Esq., merchant, Leith, to Camilla Windus, daughter of daughter of the late Mr Brodie.
Alex. Mundell, Esq., of Great George Street, Westminster.

Ai her house, Springbank, near Stirling, Mrs Mary Mack silap At Bath, on the 10th inst., Norwich Duit, Esq., captain in the royal At 9, Shandwick Place, on the 1st instant, Mrs Cecilia Murray, Fit nivy, to Helen Mary, daughter of the late J. hoolbreed, E«q.

of John Russell, Esq., Clerk to the Signet. At 5, Great King Street, on the 13th inst, J. Ross Macvicar, Esq, Here, on the i4th inst., Elizabeth, youngest danghter of Mr Robert Keirfield, Stirlingshire, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Rattray, W.S. Charles Young, Eq, merchant, Leith.

At 31, North Nelson Street, on the 13th inst., Mrs Catherine Nile, At Albany Street, Leith, on the 13th instant, by the reverend. Dr. wife of Mr Colin Kem), grocer. Rucsa'l, Mr Henry Schultze, of the Leith Sugar Refining (ompaay, to On the 17th in t., William Henry Napier, agel eight years, third sos Caroline, youngest daughter rf the late Mr John Newton, Leith, of Mr W. Napier, teacher of music, 25, India Street.

At Irvine, on the 13th instant, the Rev. James Glen, minister of At Uphall, in Linlithgowshire, on the Ilth Inst., Mr Thomas Bronze Benholme, to Janet, daughter of the late Rev William Boyd, minister

architect. of Fenwick.

At his father's house, 12, Beaumont Place, on the 10th inst, Wien, At Lanark, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. William Purdie, minister fourth son of Fulton Gibb, manufacturer. of Libberton, Mr James Purdie, of the Commercial Bank, Higgar, in At Kirkburido, near Dundee, on the 7th instant, Liel.Col. Francs Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Paul, agent of the Commercial Erskine, aged seventy eight. Bank, Lanark.

At Strawberry Hill, near Lisburn, Ireland, on the 16th inet, in the At Edinburgh, by the Rer. Mr Robertson, Portsburgh, Mr James 78th year of his age, and 55th of his ministry, the Rev. Andrew Craig M'Cakic, hatter, Leith, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late Mr

senior minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Lisburn, John Hogg, builder, Edinburgh.

At 4, Windsor Strect, on the 16th inst., Mrs Dufi, aged 91. On the 11th instant, at 5, Heriot Row, Jobu Dewar, Esq., advocate, At Largs, on the 2d inst., Jobo Paterson, Esq. of Merryfate. te Miss Elizabeth Burnet,

Here, on the Sth inst., Captain Monilaws, K N. At 1, Claremont Street, on the 11th ins ant, William Stirling, Esg. of At Polton, Lasswade, on the 10th current, Mr John Wood, mercha, Content, to Olivia, daughter of the late Peler Salmond, Esq., R.N

Dalkeith At Carnock, on the 10th instant, William Maxwell, Esq., elikost At Peebles, on the toth instant, Miss Margaret Williamson, ayal son of Sir Wiliam Maxwell of Monreith, Baronet, to Helenora, daugh. seventy-three ter of the late Sir Michael Shaw Stewart of Greenock and Blackhall, At the Manse of Inverkeithing, on the 7th inst, Bailie John Rober. Baronet.

son, late farmer. At Stranraer, on the 1st instant, James H. Ross, Esq., W S., to Miss At 21, Conduit Street, London, on the 11th inst., Maria, Lady ar Margaret Penelope Foulds, youngest daughter of thc late James Foulds, struther, widow of the right hon. Sir John Anstruther, Bart., laté Chies Esq., residing at Whitefield, near Ayr.

Justice of Bengal. At Dunkeld, on the oth instant, Mr Alexander Dawson, Dunkell,

Suddenly, at 15, Fettes Row, on the 7th inst., aged 62, Captain daha to Miss Agnes Cainpbell Duff, eldest daughter of Mr John Duif, mer.

Mundell, R. N. chant there.

On the 5th instant, Joseph, aged 17, youngest son of the late MajOn the 11th inst., Hugh Bremner, Esq. W.S., to Catherine, youngest De Wend, of the Goth regiment, of spasın in the heart, while bathing daughter of Robert Menzies, Esq of Trinity.

at Trinity. DEATHS.

At 27, Gayfield Square, on the 8th instant, Mrs Agnes Thamsey On the 21th ultimo, at Baxter's Place, Fdinburgh, Lieutenant John

wite of Mr Walter Marshall, juweller. Ure, of the 35th regiment of Madras native infantry, fourth son of

Here, on the 5th instant, Mrs Petra Orme, relict of the late Jet James Ure, Esq., comptroller of his Majesty's Customs, Leith.

Manderston, Psg , formerly Lord Provast of the city of Edinburgh On the 26th ultimo, William, infant son of the Rev. Dr Manuel,

At the Mains of Fasque, on the 3d instant, Joseph Marshall, lipaste field, Murray near Edinburgh.

mant, RN. At Morningside, on the 25th ultimo, aged 12 years, Isabella, second

At his father's house, I, Pilrig Street, on the 2d inst, Thomas C Caughter of T. Hutchins, Esq., 54, Moray Place.

wall, I sq., WS. At his house, Esk Grove, Lasswade, on the 26th ultimo, Robert

At 9, Shandwick Place, on the Ist instant, Nrs Cecilia Vurray, w* Brunton, Esq., late merchant in Leith.

of John Russell, Esq , Clerk to the Signet. At Parduvine, parish of Carrington, on the 21st ult., Miss Herriot At Cupar, on the 16th ultimo, Mrs Margaret Purn, wife of Mr CaAt Dunfermline, on the 21st ultimo, Miss Ann Adie.

stairs, senior, town-clerk. At Madras, on the 13th January, Miss Ann Macleod, youngest daugh.

Al Kirkaldy, on the red ultimno, Margarec Spears, eldest daughter al ter of the late Colonel Donald Macleod of St Kilda.

Mr Thomas Spears, senior. At Stonebyres, on the lith ultimo, Mrs Vere, senior.

On the oth instant, at her mother's house, 5. Queen Street Viems, At her father's house, Hone Street, Cassels Place, Leith, on the

only daughter of the late Mr John Simpson. Inth ult. Marjory, eldest daughter of Mr James Reoch, merchan", Leith

On the 25th instant, at 21, Sussex Place, Regent's Park, Lonita On the 12th ultimo, in New Burlington Strett, London, the Right

Anne Scott, second daughter of the late Sir Walter cutt, of Abbutstyr, Hon. Lady Harriet Ludlow, third daughter of the late Peter, Earl Bart. Miss Scott was carried off by brain fever, after an illness of CTI" Judlow, and sister to the present earl.

ten days, but she had never, it is understood, entirely raised after the Here, on the 21st ultimo, Miss Jane Sutlie, daugbier of the late Sir

father's death. George Suttie, Bart, of Balgone,

At West Coates, on the 22d instant, Duncan, youngest son of Georg On the 21st 'ultimo, Charles Lennox, son of Robert Warden, Esq. of Forbes, Esq. Parkbill.

At his house, Charlotte Strect, Leith, on the 17th current, Jota At Calderhall, on the 21st ultimo, James Hare, M.D., of Calderhall.

Patersoni, Esq. At Dunbar, on the 21st ultimo, Christopher Middlemas, jun., Esq.,

At his house, Stafford Street, Edinburgh, on the 16th current. Ja'r of Westbarns, one of the magistrates of Dunbar.

M.Kindlay, Esq, of Condorat. At Rothesay, on the 19th ultimno, Mrs Mary Anne Colquhoun, wi.

At Deanfield, on the 13th inst., William, son of William Henderer. dow of the late Right Hon. Archibald Colquhoun of Killermount, Lord

Esq., Bo'ness. Clerk Register.

At Musselburgh, on the 19th instant, Me William Charles, sensor At Tours, on the 16th ultimo, Charles Dundas, youngest son of

Asher, aged 12. Thomas Brure, Fsq. of Arnot.

At Durie, on the 19th instant, the infant son of C. M. Christie, F At Shirley, near Southampton, on the 16th ultimo, Mrs Katherine

At Preston Place, Inverkeit)ing, on the wh inst., Joho Wakt, Reid, wife of George Potr, Esq of Todrig, Selkirkshire.

Here, on the 13th instant, the Ret. James Andrew, LL.D.AT At Westbaris, acar Dunbar, on the 13th ultimo, Andrew Taylor,

F.RS late Principal ol'the Hon. Fast India Companyia Military *** senior, Esq , distiller,

nary at Atidiscomie. At Portland Street, Glasgow, ou the 11th ultimo, Dr Heron, Profes.

At 4, Pilrig Street, on the 18th instant, Mr John Scott, mercitar

Leith, sor of Natural Philosophy in Anderson's University. At Broadford, on the 5th ultimo, Mary, second daughter of the late

At her housc, 52, Constitution Street. Leith, on the 7th instant, .. Rev. George Ross Monro, minister of Huntley.

Janet Thoinpson, relict of the late Mr Alexander Ingran, mathon

clan. At 23, Montague Street, on the 28th ultimo, James Macfarlane Esq., late cilector of Excise.

At Genera, State of New York, on the 13th ult., Johanna Johnston At 5, Keir Street, on the 7th ultimo, Janet Wilson, daughter of

widow of the late Mr James Ireland. Mr John Glen, agedi ten months.

At Brechin, on the 3d inst., at an advanced age, Miss Johanna Gira

sister of the hion. Lord Gillies. At 13, Clarence Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Elizabeth Dunn, wife of John Fullarton, sq, late of Glenorchard.

At Kinross, on the 21st curt, Elizabeth Crambie, wife of Mr Benuju

min Simson. At Leith, on the 18th ultimo, Mary Oliphant, spouse of Mr William Thomson, blockmaker.

At Montreal, on the 19th ultimo, Mr James Anderson, late of the At S: Andrews, on the 23d ultimo, in his sixty-seventh year, Mr

Scottish Union Insurance Company, Edinburgh. George Mitchell, postmaster,

At Fort William, on the 2017 ultimo, Miss Katherine Greig, daugh EDINBURGA : Printed by and for Joux JOHNSTONF, 19, St. JATINY ter of the late A, Greig, Esq of Hallgreig.

Square.-Published by JOHN ANDERSON, Jun., Bookseller, 55. Sott At Rothsay, on the 15th instant, the Rev, John Belfrage, M.D, mi. Bridge Street, Edinturgh ; by JOHN MACLEOD, and ATKINSON nister of the United Asseiate Congregation, Slateford.

Co., Booksellers, Glasgow ; and sold by all Booksellers and Vede On the 4th instant, the infans son of Mr Pender, 16, Carlton Street. of Cheap l'ericdicale.



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