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The brig Acorn, Skirving, arrived in Dundee harbour from Willian Steel, writer, insurance-broker, grazier, and cattle. Riga, having on board Captain Davy, of the Shannon of Hull, dealer in Glasgow. whale-ship, and three of her unfortunate crew. Captain Davy James Tennent Miller, lint-dealer and grazier at Croft Fod gives a most distressing narrative of the privations and sufferings in the parish of Cadder and county of Lanark. which they experienced before being picked up hy two Danish M'Niven & Crawford, acid manufacturers at Green Vale, se vessels ; from one of which they were taken on board the Acorn, Glasgow, and David M‘Niven, as an individual partner. in the North Sa, on Friday. Two of the poor fellows are lame, Robert Waugh, firmer, cattle-dealer, and builder, lately and all of them have a most emaciated and distressing appear. North Mains of Pala, dow residing in Edinburgh. Five of the crew have been landed at Orkney.

James Thomson, senior, dairyman, Cupar-Fife. DEATH BY STARVATION.-On Thursday week, Nirs. Collier, David Harley and Co. merchants, spirit and victual dealen in (daughter of John Palmer, the celebrated actor, aud widow of the Edinburgh. late T. Collier, Esq. of Lloyd's,) expired, having been upwards of David Houston, writer and builder in Edinburgh. five days without food. She resided in an obscure lodging along Robert Meldram, potato merchant at Cleish, near Kinria. with her sister, Mrs. Upsdell, whose husband lately died of the George Gillespie, flesher and cattle dealer, Cupar, in lát cholera, and left her at an advanced age, about seventy, without county of Fife. a shilling in the world, or the slightest means of procuring sub James Davio, grocer and spirit dealer, Paisley. sistence. Those unfortunate ladies have subsisted for days

OBITUARY. together on a small quantity of bread and water-even this Death OF THE MOTHER OF NAPOLEOX.- Paris they could not always procure.

Sept. 16.--A letter is said to have arrived in Paris, Portree, Sept. 1.--A melancholy occurrence happened here morning, announcing the death of Madame Letitia, the on the morning of Tuesday last. A boat's crew, consisting of great Napoleon's mother. four, went out on Monday night to the sound between Portree been expected, and especially since the decease of the Dog

This event, if true, bas ler: and Rasay to fish for herrings ; when raising their nets on Tues- de Reichstadt, on whom all her hopes and affections were day morning and about to return home, they were overtakec by a sudden squall of wind; the boat upset, and three of the men

fixed. vrere drowned. The fourth was saved by a boat passing shortly Esq., agent to the British Linen Company's Bank, in Gleeping

It is with regret we announce the death of William M'Garne after the accident. The woman M‘Ansh, mentioned last month as accused of the

anii author of “The Protestant," and other able works. He murder of her own daughter, has been tried before the Circuit died of apoplexy on Thursday evening, after about foor hver Court at Stirling. The libel was, by a majority of voices, illness. Mr. N'Gavin was a man of very powerful literary found not proven.

talents, and of great natural shrewdoess and sagacity, MARKETS.

Sir Everard Home, wbose death took place a short time berti Cattle AND SHEEP MARKETS. --At the second Falkirk Tryst, in Chelsea College, was one of the most eminent medical ten held on the 11th and 12th, the shew of black cattle wus large of his day. He was of Scottish lineage. but the demand slow, at a decline in price of L.I per head

Tur Late Rev. Dr. Robertson. It is our melancholy on the average. The heavy cattle were particularly unsaleable; duty to announce that cholera has numbered amongst its rkand so dull a market has not been known since 1826. The tims one who was long known and deservedly esteemed as a reduction on the small Highland beasts was from 10s. to 155. able preacher and a zealous and affectionate pastor-se al'ade per head. The scarcity of fodder in the south of England was to the Rev. Dr. Robertson, one of the ministers of South Leila one alleged cause. Many of the dealers having a stock on hand who was carried off by it after an illness of twenty-four hours from Barnet Fair, did not come north. Sheep are maintaining in the 75th year of his age, and the 50th of his ministry

. lie prices better, though there is a decline from the corresponding had gone to the neighbourhood of Stirling to reside for a very Tryst of last year of from 1s. 6:1. to 2s. 6d. a-head. The aver short time, and but a few weeks ago he preached his last pered, age price of the best wedders, 22s. 6d. Ewes from 6s. to lis. at his former parish, Gargunnock, in his usual health and spirits,

He had eognged to preach at Kippen, on Sabbath last, and Provision MARKETS IN EDINBURGH AND Glasgow.spent the greater part of Thursday in preparing a discours, vik Edinburgh, quartern loaf 9d; beef per Ib. 4d to 60; multon that text, “ Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a 5d to 6d; lamb 3d to 4d, per quarter ls 6d to 3s ; potatoes

crown of life.” He was seized that afternoon, at six oeboek, per peck 4d : butter, fresh, 11d to is, 2d; salt Sd to lod; eggs and, on the following afternoon, about the same hour, his suf. 81 to 9d; Danlop cheese 43s to 48s per cwt; oatmeal, best, 15.ferings were at an end. His remains were interred in the per peck of 7 lbs., second quality, lid; barley-meal 10d. The Church-yard of Logie, on Saturday. herring fishers having returned, white fish are again appearing in Deatu OF THE Rev. Dr. Adam CLARKE. - This wel the market, and are getting cheap. Glasgow markets-best stot known and justly celebrated individual left his horne at Easterit, beef 9d per stone, ordinary 8s; cow beef 7s 60 ; cheese in on Saturday, 25th August, intending to preach an anniversary the bazaar, best new, 8s 8d a stone, inferior 7s 6d, old Ils 6d to serinon at Bayswater on the following day. Lodging at the 12s 6d. Wheat is falling, but bread still remains at the prices house of his friend, Mr. Hobbs, he was taken ill during the quoted last month.

night, and early in the morning requested to be carried bone APPOINTMENTS.

A chaise was accordingly procured, but on its arrival be was On Thursday week, the Rev. Jas. Robertson was ordained much worse as to be unable to proceed. Medical assistance to the pastoral charge of the parish of Ellon. The Rev. Mr. was immediately called in, when strong symptoms of chaiera Dunn, of Slains, preached and presided on the occasion. were discovered; but although Dr. Wilson Philip, T. Clarke,

On Wednesday, the 29th ul., Mr. James M'Gown, preacher, Esq., surgeon, R. N., (nephew of the deceased,) and there was ordained to the pastoral charge of the Associate Burgher others, were in attendance, and the most powerful medicines Congregation, Midmar. The Rev. John Cochrane of Kenno. were administered, all their efforts proved unavailing. He estway preached, and the Rev. William Primrose of Aberdeen tinued to sink under the dreadful malady until ball past ture presided on the occasion.

o'clock on Sunday morning. He was conscious, from the first, On Thursday the 6th inst., the Rev. John Innes, late of Or. that his death was approaching. Dr. Clarke was in bis pock diquhil

, was inducted into the charge of the church and parish year, and had throughout his life been remarkably exempt from of Fordyce, vacant by the death of the Rev. Alex. Humphry. sickness. He was born at Magherafelt, county of Londonderry

: On Friday, the 7th inst., the Rev. John Paton, Jun. minis. | Ireland, in 1763, and at ter of Las-wade, was inducted into the church and parish of classical learning. He was brought by letter, under the noties

very early period devoted himself to Ancrum, in the Presbytery of Jedburgh.

of the Rev. John Wesley, and became a pupil of that great The King has been pleased to appoint the Rev. John Gif- man's school at Kingswood. He had not been long there, aber ford, preacher of the gospel, to be assistant and successor to the be displayed considerable talents and great aptitude in the acquis Rev. Gavin Wallace, minister of Menthorn.

sition of the dead languages, when Nr. Wesley intimated to BANKRUPTS, &c.

him his intention to send him out as one of his itinerant preachWillian Noble, innkeeper, vintner, and horse-dealer in Ayr. ers. Accordingly, in 1782, he commenced his labours in the James Bairnsfather Scott and Company, brewers in Leith. character, and, though but 18 years of age, acquitted himself to

Alexander Millar and Company, yarn-merchants and agents, the satisfaction of Mr. Wesley, a competent judge. He remains Stonehaven.

ed in this active and laborious employment, continually increase James Lang, baker, Gallowgate, Glasgow.

ing his stores of knowledge

and adding to his reputation, 334 Rubert Waugh, rine cattle dealer, and builder, lately at with great usefulness, till 1801, when the Methodist Conference North Mains of Fala, now residing in Edinburgh.

inade him a supernumerary. James Thomson, scuior, dairyman, Cupar-File.

SUDDEN DEATH of Charles CALVERT Esq., M.P.Stewart and Coats, Cuitua Yaro merchants in Glasgow. Accounts were received in town on Monday morning of the

per head.


awfully sudden death of Charles Calvert, Esq., the eminent At London, on the 18th ultimo, the Honourable Henry Howard, porter brewer, and M.P. for the borough of Southwark, which

eldest son of Lord Howard of Effingham, to Eliza, only daughter of took place on Saturday evening, near Ipswich, of cholera, after

General Sir Gordon Drummond, G, C, B.

At St George's, Hanover Square, London, on the 21st ultimo, . an attack of a few hours' duration.

Murray, Esq., son of the late General Murray, to Catherine Elizabeth, Sir John Carr. This gentleman died at his house in New the daughter of Lady Caroline Dundas. Norfolk Street, July 17th, of an affection of the beart, after a

At Weymouth, on the 22d ultimo, John Muir Mackenzie, Esq., short illness of a few beurs, at the age of 60. Twenty years

younger of Delvin, to Sophia Matilda, fifth daughter of the late James,

Raymond Johnston of Alva, Stirlingshire. since, Sir John was publicly known as the author of many books At Keith, on the 21st ultimo, John Wilson, Esq., Tochineal, to of travels in various parts of Europe.

Helen, eldest daughter of Alexander Thorburn, Esq. Deata Of The King of the Gipsies.-Died, in a tent on At Camperdown, Forfarshire, on the 28th ult. John James Allen, our race ground, on Wednesday, the venerable Charles Lee, de

Esq. royal navy, ellest son of John Lee Allen, Esq. of Errol Park, to

the Lady Henrietta Dundas Duncan, eldest daughter of the Earl of nominated the “ King of the Gipsies." The age of this Mo- Camperdown. narch of the murky tribe was not correctly kuown; they called Here, on the 5th inst., Adam Rolland, Esq. younger of Gask, to him seventy-four, but it is conjectured that he was much older. Charlotte, daughter of the late John Craigie, Esg. of Quebec, and He has left about 6fty children and Grandchildren behind him.

Niece of Lord Craigie.

At Seafield, on the 4th inst. Mr. James Wilson, merchant, Edin. Ingilby, known as the “ Emperor of all conjurors," died at burgh, to Elizabeth, second Daughter of the late Mr. John Clark. Enniscorthy ou Saturday last.

Here, on the 12th current, Evan Macpherson, Esq. of Glentruim, to,

Helen, eldest daughter of the deceased George Birrell, Esq. late of the BIRTHS.

Hon. East India Company's service. At 79, Great King Street, on the 2d inst, the Lady of Robert

At Dysart on the lith instant, Montague William Perreau, Fsq. Wbigham, Esq., of a son.

of the Madras army, to Mary, third daughter of the late Captain John

Reddie. At Stackpole Court, on the 15th inst., the Countess of Cawdor of a daughter.

Atl, Buccleuch Street, on the 31st instant, by the Reverend Mr. At Valley field, parish of Kirkcolm, Wigtonshire, on the 17th curt.,

Clason, Mr. Richard Murray, cabinetinaker, Edinburgh, to Mrs. Wil the Lady of John Forsyth, Esq., of a son and heir.

helmina Scott Brown, daughter of the late Mr. William Brown.

At 10, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh on the 6th current, by the Rev. At 13, Windsor Street, on the 19th inst., Mrs. Peddie of a son. At 3, Heriot Row, on the 17th inst. Mrs. Alexander Stevenson, of a

Archibald Allison, Dr. William Pulteney Alison, Professor of the

Theory of Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, to Margaret son. At II, Ainslie Place, on the 17th inst., the Lady of George Mackillop, Craufurd, eldest daughter of the late Dr. James Gregory, Professor of

the Practice of Merlicine in the University of Edinburgh, and first Esq., of a son.

At Queensferry, on the 16th inst, the wife of the Rev. Thomas physician to his Majesty for Scotland.
Dimma, minister of that parish of a daughter.

At Shieldball, on the 5th current, Alexander Macfadzean, Esq., At Inverary, a few days ago, the wife of Alexander M Intosh, was

M.D., to Miss Margaret Oswald, youngest daughter of the late Alex. safely delivered of two girls and a boy, who, along with their mother

ander Oswald, Esq. of Shieldhall. are doing well.

On the 3d instant, Robert Frederick Gower, Esq. London, to Lillias At Waldershare Park, on the 15th inst., the Countess of Guildford of

Miller, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Stewart, oi Kirkowan

Wigtonshire. a son. At 14, Atholl Crescent, on the 20th ultimo, Mrs Graham, of a

At Edinburgh, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Muir, Robert daughter.

Horsburgh, Esq. accountant in Edinburgh, to Mary, second daughi

ter of the late Alexander Marjoribanks, Esq. of Marjoribanks. At Is, Charlotte Square, on the 24th ultimo, Mrs Robertson of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, on the sth instant, Mr. Thomas Greig, writer in At 15, Drummond Place, on the 23d ultimo, Mrs William Doug

Edinburgh, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. George Bookless.

At Montrose, on the 7th current, the Rev. Andrew Wilson, to las, of a daughter.

At 37, Great King Street, on the 230 ultimo, Mrs Archibald Boyd, Catherine, daughter of the late Mr. John Kinnear, merchant Mon. of a son. At Mellerstain, on the 20th ultimo, the Lady of George Baillie

At South Stoneham Church, on the 20th instant, Captain Lewis Esq., junior, of Jerviswood, of a son.

Shedden, late of the 15th hussars, eldest son of Colonel Shedden of the AL 16, Atholl Crescent, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Caddell, of a

Elms, Lymington, to Agnes, only child of the late James Eastmont,

Esq. of India Street, Edinburgh. daughter,

At the Island of 'Trinidad, on the 31st of July last, his Excellency, At 32, Howard Place, on the 25th ultimo, Mrs William Napier, of a

Major-General Sir Jervis Grant, K.C.H. Governor of Trinidad, to daughter. Af Auchlyne House, on the 22d ultimo, the Lady of George Andrew

Isabella Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Alexander Graut, Esq. of

Tullochgrittan. Campbell, Esq., of a daughter,

At Dollar Bank, on the 24th instant, Mr D. Scott, Fdinburgh, to At No. 29, Great King Street, on the 2d inst. Mrs. M. N. Macdonald

Allison, second daughter of the late Adam Allan, Esq. of Bushel Hill, of a son,

At Blacket Place, on the 29th ult. Mrs. Turnbull, of a son.
At Minto Street, Newington, on the 1st inst. Mrs. Spittal, of a son

Here, on the 24th instant, Mr George Goldie, accountant, to Marion,

eldest daughter of the late Mr James Anderson, 40, Hanover Street. At 14, Shandwick Place, on the 31st ult. Mrs. Dauney, of a daughter

At South Ronaldsay, Orkney, on the 13th instant, Mr John Brotchie At II, St John Street on the 2d inst. Mrs. Yule, of a son,

of Thurso, to Ann, eldest daughter of the Rev. Theodore Rainy. At 7, Atholl Crescent, on the 30th ult. Mrs. Hugh Dunlop, of a son.

At Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Mr. Archibald M'Kechnie, to At Stevenson, near Haddington, on the 8th inst., the Lady of Sir

Helen, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Monteath. John Gordon Sinclair, of a daughter. At Morison's Place, Piershill, the Lady of Henry Robert Addison, Dykes, Esq., writer, Port-Glasgow, to Mary, eldest daughter of John

At Dumfries, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Andrew Fyfe, James Esq. 2d dragoon guards, of a son. At Pitfour Castle, on the 6th instant, Mrs Richardson of a daugh. Pagan, Esq., St. Catherine's House, Dumfries.

On the 25th curt, Mr. John Orr, Glasgow, to Jane, only daughter ter,

of the late Mr. James Rigg, manufacturer, Glasgow. On the 12th inst., at 4, Heriot Row, the Lady of James Robert Hart,

At Paisley, on the 25th instant, by the Rey Robert M Nair, Mr. Es. of Drumcrosshall, of a son and heir.

Mr. Daniel Rayner, of the Excise, to Janet, second daughter of At Bighouse, on the 15th instant, the Lady of Major M‘Kay, of a

Thomas Wilson, merchant there. daughter.

At Campbeltown, Argyllshire, on the 17th instant, John Campbell, At Grove House, Brompton, on the 7th inst., the Widow of Mr. David Blackie. W. S. of a daughter.

Esq., of the Hon. East India Company's Service, to Éliza, daughter of

the late Major Robert Elder, of Bulloch. At 26, Charlotte Square, on the 17th instant, the lady of Colonel Pit. man, C.B., and of the East India Company's Service, of a son.

DEATHS, AL 4, St. Vincent Street, on the 13th instant, Mrs. F. L. Roy of a Drowned, at Stromness, on the 15th inst. Hugh Andrew Johnstone

Munro, youngest son of Lieutenant Hector Munro. At Claremont Crescent, on the 16th instant, Mrs. Stone of a daugh At Bath, aged 80, Mr. J. Mallett, one of the few who escaped the ter.

wreck of the Royal George, Admiral Kempenfelt, off Spithead, July At Layanlie, parish of Alvie, Badenoch, on the 10th instant, Mrs. 28, 1782 ; and probably the last survivor of those who were saved. K. Cameron, of twin sons.

In the Royal Infirmary, here, on the 28th ult., aged 57, Grorge At her mother's house, Duke Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs Wat M‘Culloch, Esq., apothecary to that Institution, much and deservedly terston, of a daughter,

regretted. He was for many years surgeon to the 1st or Berwickshire At 12, Windsor Street, on the 22d inst. Mrs Moule, of a daughter. militia. At 13, George Square, on the 16th instant, Mrs John Paul, of a son. At Rothsay, on the 18th inst., Miss Ann Crawfurd M.Dougall, daugh.

At 130, George Street, on the 22d instant, Mrs Alexander Clapperton, ter of the late Colonel M‘Dougill of Polquhairn. of a daughter.

At Ayr, on Friday last, William Eaton, infant son of John M‘DerAt Darnhill, on the 21st instant, the Lady of Captain F. E. Loch, ment, Esq., R.N., of a son.

At Newmiln, on the 17th inst., of cholera, David Morton, M.D. At Goodwood, on the 24th instant, the Countess of Mountcharles, of aged 26. a son,

At Parkhill, on the 4th instant, Alexander Duncan, Esq., of Park. MARRIAGES.

hill, aged 74. At 3), Moray Place, on the 15th inst., William Wilson, Esq , of Lon. Lieutenant-Colonel Witherington, late of the 9th dragoons, died on don, to Jane Riddell Farquharson, eldest daughter of William Cruden Wednesday morning, in Townsend Street, Dublin, cholera hospital, E39, of Gategill, Kirkcudbrightshire.

after a few hours illness. He had been removed to the hospital from a

hotel. At I, Rankeillor Street, on the 16th inst., Mr. Thomas Dods, Had. Colonel Witherington was brother-in-law to the celebrated

Wolfe Tone. dington, to Christiana Eliza, daughter of the Rev. Robert Sherrift, of Tranent.

DEATH OF THE EARL OF CASSILLIS.-At Cassillis, on the 12th inst, At Drumbadie Manse, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. George R. the Right Hon. Archibald, Earl of Cassillis. Thus has been cut off in Davidson, the Rev. Thomas Wilson, minister of Gamrie, to Mary, only the prime of life, and vigour of manhood, a young nobleman of high daughter of the late Mr. David Davidson, Brechin,

talents and great promise.

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At sea, on the 12th May last, on board of his Majesty's steam-reek!
At Quebec, on lith August, Andrew Moir, Esq. merchant that,
At Glasgow, on 21st inst., aged nine years, James, son of Mr. Jose
At Netherhouse, Chryston, of cholera, on Monday the fb 18

At his house in Fortwillam, on the morning of Thursday, Ibeat inst. the Right Rev. Dr. Ronald M‘Donald, Roman Catholic Bike

At Denbie House, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Mary Irving, relictis

At 6, Elm Row, on the 21st ultimo, Mr Thomas Watson, uphol. In London of cholera, on the 9th Instant, George Watt

, Em sterer.

W.S. At Edinburgh, on the 24th ultimo, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of At the Manse of Gladsmuir, on the 4th instant, the Reverend Geer Adam Williamson, printer there.

Hamilton, D. D. minister of the parish of Gladsnuir, in the seven At Dalmellington Manse, on the 22d ult., the Rev. Gilbert M'Ilveen, sixth year of his age and forty-third of his ministry in that parisit. minister of that parish.

At his house, 36, Clyde Buildings, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, ! Here, on the 23d ultimo, John Napier, junior, son of John Napier, James Young, commission-merchant. Esq., of Mollance, and late ensign in the 58th regiment of foot, agei At Aberdeen, on the 4th instant, Ann, wife of Captain Ders 33 years.

Scott. At Penpont Manse, on the 3d ultimo, the Reverend John Nivison, At Thurso, on the 30th ult., after a few hours illness, Lieutenas in the 70th year of his age and thirty-fourth of his ministry

Alexander Robeson, R.N. Suddenly, at Falkirk, on the 18th ultimo, Mr William Horn, of the At Montreal, on the 4th July, Mr Andrew Darling, late of Ffu. Commercial Bank, much and justly regretted.

burgh. At Ashworth Hall, on the 17th ultimo, near Rochdale, much re. At London on the Ist inst., Mr William Young, of Dowki spected by his parishioners and friends, the Rev. Joseph Selkirk, perpe. Wharf. tual curate of Ashworth, and chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of At Quebec. on the 20th July, Thomas Gordon, Fs merche Dunmore.

there. On the 15th ultimo, James White, Esq., of Norham, in his 73d year, At 126, Lauriston Place, on the 10th instant, Lieutenant I.CH much respected.

chell, Fife Militia, At Fisherrow, on the 17th ultimo, Mrs Christian M.Millan, wife of At Edinburgh, on the 12th instant. Mr. Andrew Craig, junior, Mr William Watt, merchant there

20, student of medicine, son of Mr. M‘Lehose, W,S. At Scone, Perth, on the 18th ultimo, Miss L. H. Dick, youngest At her mother's house, 12, Roxburgh Place, on the Irth insus daughter of the late Alexander Dick, Esq., accountant, Edinburgh. Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Pridie, hat manufacture

At 45, Constitution Street, Leith, on the Ist ult., Mr A. 1), Barclay. Edinburgh. At Lorn House, on the 21st ult., Isle of Man, Christian Taurman, At his house, James' Court, Lawnmarket, on the 16th instadt, dr widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Cunninghame, 38th regiment. a few hours illness, Mr. Charles Stewart, printer.

At Pilmore Place, St. Andrews, on the 19th ultimo, Margaret Daw. At Mr. Simpson's, 51, George Square, on the 16th instant, bis ša son, wife of the Rev. Robert Young, Episcopal Minister there. bella Storrar, of cholera.

On the 26th ultimo, at his house in the Albany, Sir Walter Stirling, At his house, Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, on the 7th frestant, . Bart. of Faskine, N.B.

John Gibb, writer. Suddenly, on the 17th ultimo, in Russell Sqnare, London, Helen, At Lothian Street, on the 10th instant, Mr. John Doig, wife of Walter Learmonth, Esq., and daughter of the late John nist. Annand, Esq. of Belmont, Aberdeen.

At 93, George Street, on the 12th instant, Major Cheape, of the la At Union Street, Aberdeen, on the 25th ultimo, Joseph Edmund, East India Company's Service. infant son of Lieutenant A. Barnes, 25th regiment.

At 11, Heriot Row, on the 12th instant, Frances, youngest daughter At sea, on board the Asia, 11th January, Theodore, youngest son of of John Cay, Esq. advocate. the late Alexander Minto, Muirtown of Haddo.

At No. 6, Huntly Street, Edinburgh, on the 15th instant, Ikle At Inchyra, on the 26th ultimo, Elizabeth, wife of Lieutenant-Co Scott, wite of Mr. David Bum, merchant in Leith. Jonel Campbell, 35th regiment, and eldest daughter of the late James At Glasgow on the 6th instant, Mr. Charles Ferrier Hamilton, art, Richardson, Esq. of Pittour.

son of Mr. David Hamilton, Sunnybank. At Kirkton of Fraserburgh, on the 14th ultimo, James Scott, M. D. At Crosspoll, Island of Coll, Argyllshire, on the 19th ultimay, Lit in the 50th year of his age, after a long and protracted illness.

Allan M'Lean, aged 70. At Montreal, on the 17th ult., Dr John Leitch Smith, late of Glas. At Colombo, on the 31st March, Mrs. Hamilton Bailey, daughter gow, where he had been for a number of years a medical practi. the Right Rev. Bishop Gleig, and spouse of the Rev. Benjamin Bale, tioner.

senior Chaplain of Ceylon. At 18. St Andrew's Square, on the 26th ult. Mrs. Lillias Moore At Hawick, on the 12th instant, the Rev. John Cochrane, mieste Stewart, wife of William Newbigging, Esq. surgeon.

of that parish At her house, 3, Lauriston Lane, on the pith ult. Miss Christian At Montreal, on the 16th August, Margaret Gray, wife of Mr. Robert Erskine, the last surviving daughter of the late Dr. John Erskine, of Watson, aged 65. She, accompanied by her husband and daughts Carnock, one of the ministers of Edinburgh.

arrived here from Lapark,

Scotland, on the preceding Friday, at the Here, on the 29th ult. Miss Jane Moir, youngest daughter of the late way to Upper. Canada; and during her short stay with some of here Andrew Moir of Otterburn.

lations in this city, was seized with cholera, and died after thirty baca At 2, Shandwick Place, on the 31st ult., of scarlet fever, Mary illness - Montreal Herald. Elizabeth, youngest daughter of James Anderson, Esq. civil en. At Thurso, on the 3d September, in the 83d year of berar, yor gineer.

Elizabeth Horne, relict of the late 'William Stewart, Exp. of 4*, At 30 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, on the

29th ult., Patrick Wemyss and mother of General William Stewart of Strath; and Mrs Meet", M'Arthur, eldest son of the late Captain Donald M'Arthur, retired the only two that survive of a large family. list, 2d royal veteran battalion.

At Thurso, on the 7th September, in her 7th month, Johanna Eina At the Manse of Stromness, Orkney, on the 20th ult. the Rev. Wil. beth Monro, daughter of Donald Monro, Esq. merchant, there, liam Clouston, minister of Stromness and Sandwick, in the 8th year At Dunbar, on the 16th instart, aged 19, Charles, son of Mr Katz

, of his ministry. Mr. Clouston was a native of Stromness, and one of agent for the British Linen Company. the four oldest clergymen in the Church of Scotland.

At Cromarty House, on the 19th instant, Sir Michael B. Clark, Keitt At East Polton Mains, Lasswade, on the 25th ult. in her seventy-niath aged 55, Physician-General, and member of His Majesty's Privs i veut year, Mrs. Jane Reid, relict of Mr. George Dobbie, late farmer there. cil, Jamaica.

Aí Broughton Place, Peebles-shire, on the 17th ult., Mr. John An At 21, Hill Street, on the 21st instant, Helen, fourth daughter of the derson, Cramelt.

late William Drover, Edinburgh. At Peebles on the 30th ult. Mr. John Anderson, late in Henderland. Here on the 16th instant, Mr. David Steel.

At Cairndinnis, on the 22d ult. Mrs. Katherine 'Todd, wife of Patrick At Gellymill, on the 19th instant, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Begbie, Esq.

the late George Robinson, Esq. Banff. At his residence in Chelsea Hospital, Sir E. Home, Bart., aged seventy At St. David's, Jamaica, on the 5th ultimo, in bis 19th rex, Ale seven.

ander Hamilton, second surviving son of the Reverend J. 11. klet. At Falkirk on the 22d ult. aged 49, Thomas William Henbest, Esq. on, Livingstone. surgeon.

'At Lauriston Place, Edinburgh,

on the 12th instant, the Referent At his own house, No. 1, Lothian Road, after a few hours illness, Alexander Nisbet, minister of the Secession Church in Portobar Mr. John Doig, Tobacconist, much and justly regretted.

At London, suddenly, on the 6th instant, George Watt, Esq. W. S. Campbell, wife of Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay, Esq. M.

At Pathhead, on the 7th instant, very suddenly, Eliza 'I'rail Craigie, eldest daughter of the Earl of Wemyss and March. wife of Mr. Dove, of the Customs at Kirkaldy.

At Contentibus, near Mid-Calder, on the 14th instant, Margarita Of cholera, at Wick, on the 30th ult., Mř John Calder, fish-curer, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Nicol, Hivots Mill, Leith, in the 52d year of his age, cock, mother of the Rev. George Reid, minister of the United Asso ant-surgeon, eldest son of John Rae of Myre Isle, Orkney. ciate Congregation in Westray, Orkney.

Lieutenant.Colonel Tucker, late of his Majesty's 20th regiment writer to the Signet. At I. Grove Street, on the 1st instant, the Rev. Alexander Harper,

Of cholera, aged 70, the Rev. George Crane, clerk of the parisk of late ot Lanark

Ardglass, of which he has been minister for 21 years. At 14, Carlton Place, on the 3d current, Augusta Walker Campbell, At Ardenconnal, Dumbarton-hire, on the 13th inst, Mrs. Jean De daughter Charles Campbell, Esq.

nistoun, wife of Andrew Buchanan. Esq., of Ardenconual, in ker se At 28, Inverleith Row, on the Ist current, Jane, daughter of Captain year, Grace,

At Millburn, Dumbartonshire, on the 23d instant, James Sirsa At Portobello, on the 9th instant, Isabella Cornelia, youngest daugh. Esq. ter of William Blair, Esq. advocate.

At Rome, on the 13th ultimo, Gilbert Laing Meason, Esq. of Graham, 23, West George Street.

At Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Miss Margaret Johnston, is At Finnich Malice, Stirlingshire, on the 6th instant, George 50th year of her age. Buchanan, Esq., late of Demerara Buchanan M‘Millan, Esq. of Bow Street, Covent Garden, Printer in Glasgow., Ordinary to his Majesty. This gentleman was distinguished by a long lite of active benevolence, and liberal hospitality. He was a native of Inverness-shire, and at the age of thirteen went to London, where he in the western district of Scotland. afterwards attained great eminence as a printer. Mr M.Millan was in the 75th year of his age.

lonel Carruthers, of Denbie.







NEWS OF THE MONTH. ravelled yarn, which the Holy Alliance and their

predecessors in office entangled. A formidable Bri.

tish fleet is mustered-in the newspapers—to sup.. Early in the month the Cabinet Ministers re- port Belgium, and co-operate with the French army. paired to London from their various rural so -The other foreign intelligence is of less imjourns, and on the 12th held their first Council, portance, as the country is not so closely involved, Lord Durian having returned from the Continent either in the contest between the brothers of Poron the previous day. Parliament was farther pro- tugal, or in the prospective changes in France, as rogued till the 11th December, and will, it is be- with this untoward affair of Belgium. It has been lieved, be dissolved without any new session before said that the King, and what is called the Court that date. The elections, which have undergone party, favour the side of the King of Holland long preparation, will be expeditiously, if not against Ministers; and also that there is a diquietly, got over, and the Reformed Parliament vision in the cabinet on the question of immemay meet about the end of January, or early in diate hostilities. February. Little is known of the result of Lord It is to the elections, the result of which is Durham's mission to Russia, though it is believed now tolerably well ascertained, and beyond them that in Polish affairs his remonstrances have had to the meeting of Parliament, every thought no effect whatever. The old course of remorseless is now anxiously directed, and to the prosoppression is still followed at Warsaw. On the pects of the country from the working of the affairs of Belgium and Holland his Lordship’s ne- Reform Bill. The interval which must yet elapse gotiation has, according to rumour, been more before the new Parliament assemble would be time successful ; or as probably Russia never had any worse than lost, were it not diligently employed serious design of interfering farther than by in- by Ministers in concocting and preparing many trigue and an attitude of menace. The unhappy, separate measures of substantial reform. Their and as it would seem, interminable dispute be-Church Reform Bill, we are informed, is already tween the Dutch and Belgians, in which Great prepared ; but the Corn Law question, thorough Britain is so inextricably mixed up, has been the retrenchment, pervading all departments of the important feature in the month's news. One day State, the removal of all taxes on knowledge, we are flattered with assurances that the Belgian and the pacification of Ireland are at least equally territory is to be peacefully evacuated by the pressing. A prelusive sough is heard through the Dutch, and the citadel of Antwerp surrendered ; real and the would-be organs of the present governand the next that a French army is marching, and ment against haste, impatience, precipitance, vioan English maritime force moving to compel the lence, and men given to change, as if the season for Dutch, at the point of the sword, and the cannon's deliberation were not past, on matters upon which mouth, to hearken to reason. All we know for all men have made up their minds, and the time arcertain is, that since 1830, when the Conference, rived for strenuous exertion. The convictions, which at which these squabbles were to be amicably ad- prove to men the necessity of reforms, may be the justed, commenced in London, down to the present result of slow and deliberate thought; but the date, much has been said and written, and nothing accomplishment of reform can only be obtained by done ; nor are we certain that the obstinacy o strong and unceasing effort. Are church reforms to the King of Holland has not been abetted and be retarded till pluralists and tithe-fed parsons own increased by the dilatoriness and dallying of the their necessity ? the abolition of the Corn laws, English government. It is, however, no slight till grasping landowners are convinced of their matter to plunge the country into war; nor shall | oppression ? When shall we have sinecurists and we rashly blame Ministers for exhausting every overpaid placemen calling out for retrenchment, means of preserving peace before the blow, threat- and going hand-inhand with the reformers in enened so long that the terror of it has passed away, forcing a rigid economy and husbanding of our shall be struck. It should never be forgotten that slender and exhausted resources ? On the great our government is thus hampered by clearing the measures most urgently demanded there is already



all the unanimity in the national mind that ever, wish to see the Irish relax in their efforts to shake can be attained. How much longer do we require off at once and for ever the Incubus of the sinecure to learn that Free Trade, Free Knowledge, Cheap church. To tithes they never again will submuit! Justice, and an Economical government are imme- Their blood, poured out day after day, cements bei diately necessary; and, with these, lessened taxa resolution to oppose tithes to the last extremity. The

opposition marshalling in England is, if less vistion, the means of general instruction, and—as the lent, quite as formidable. The Dissenters, a numerguardian of the blessing just achieved, not by de- ous and powerful body, are seizing the propitious liberation, not by hopelessly waiting to conciliate, moment to assert their rights of exemption from but at the knife's point—reform in the represen- heavy imposts to support a body of clergy from tation. But we must be patient, and, as it seems, whose labours they derive no benefit, and whose wait to bring the House of Peers and the aristocracy doctrines and discipline they conscientiously disapinto harmony with the people-a consummation far prove; while many of the adherents of the Church more probable next session than in twenty hence. are roused by the glaring and shameful abuses of aa Delay makes every day and hour lost in so idle an little. The English anti-tithe, and

anti-rate war, ísless

establishment, which exacts so much and repaya • attempt, a throwing away of the golden opportu- sanguinary and furious than that in Ireland, appears nity, and a derelection of the duty which the re- in its beginning, equally determined. At a pabüc presentatives of the people owe to their constituents meeting held lately in Birmingham, it was resolved and the country. If the Government are but one to refuse payment of the rate; and addresses to the half as well prepared as the people, a very great Dissenters in other places call upon them to resist deal may be accomplished even in

tithes and rates, and to suffer their goods to be sion. The aptness of Ministers to facilitate, as seized like the people of Edinburgh, the Quakers well as to lead, in every substantial redress of or the Irish ; and thus, by establishing passige se grievances, and establishment of withheld rights, " hopes the Dissenters will have more morality sa

sistance, to put an end to the system. The Spectate and grant of delayed justice,—the extent of their more wisdom”-than the Quakers of England, and preparation, the clearness and consolidation of the Catholics of Ireland, of course; but we should their views, and their economizing of time where not promise for them. To meet the inevitable so much is to be done, will to us be the touch- storm, it is affirmed that Ministers have their plasa stone of their honesty and sincerity. The


of Church Reform already prepared. It is to be proaching session must be one of business, of hoped, that it will be such as may deserve the sup straight-forward earnest endeavour; not of palaver, port of the people, which a narrow inefficient se form, mystification, and procrastination, carried sure of Church reform never will. The dissenters

and discontented churchmen have them in the on for a few months, to end in the old enor-dilemma, of either abolishing establishments alto mous supplies being granted, many bad speeches gether, by withdrawing the Church funds, or of made, and all else remaining nearly as before. dividing the spoils equally among all the spiritual The repeal of a few statutes, so bad that they vir- teachers of the people. A government-paid clergs, tually repeal themselves, will not, by any means, dissenters would never tolerate; and if all the baca content us. We reverse the adage, and say,

“Let intended them by the projected reform shall merely, us take care of the pounds, and no fear of the as the Government papers insinuate, be relief from pence.”. Let us secure the valuables, in the first contributing to the building and repair of places e place, and their preservation will enable us easily leaving them to support their own poor only, it !

worship their principles forbid them to enter, ad to obtain whatever else is good for us. In the

never meet their wishes. They will not think this meanwhile, the opposition which Whig and Tory worth asking for; though no portion of good is to alike seem tacitly leagued to offer to Mr. Hume, be refused.“ A trimming, milk-and-water scheme and to candidates holding his well-known opinions, of Church reform has been proposed by a certain on the great and leading questions of Irish Church Lord Henley, an official in Chancery, and a pupil of Reform, the Corn Laws, the restraints on Trade, Lord Eldon. This same Lord Henloy, after breachand shackles on Knowledge, are of singular omen.

ing bis plan of Church reform, has, on the strength So is the repugnance of candidates known to be of so popular an act, come forward to oppose m.

Hume in Middlesex | This throws some light upes favourites at the Treasury, to the fetters of his reform. He may be a well-meaning and sincere pledges—as an explicit declaration of their indivi- man, though he has strangely delayed to think i dual opinions is curiously named, -as if request- even the little change he proposes. Though it certaiing to know their sentiments on the propriety of ly required slight consideration to reduce his Grace abolishing sinecure places, and opening Trade in the Archbishop of Canterbury, wlose Derves have corn, were binding them down to some particular scarcely yet recovered the shock of the atrocious line of conduct, in every untried emergency.

and revolutionary bill, to so paltry & "pittance

L.15,000, with L.12,000 to his brother of Yorì CHURCH ESTABLISHMENTS.

L.10,000, L.8000, and L.7000 to three more of tb

right reverend fathers,—while it is impossible : SIGNs of fate have for a long while been gathering fancy how the other Bishops are to keep soul a. round the Established Church of England, but now body together on such a wretched pittance as L.3*** they are crowding and darkening, either to the hour a-year, to which Lord Henley mercilessly propos of her destruction or thorough purification. Ireland they shall be reduced. How the dignified Clergy ? is almost in open insurrection against the Church other countries exist; how, for instance, the Arct. Establishment, nor do we imagine there can be many bishop of Paris, a tolerably expensive capital, holda persons, either in England or Scotland, who would l his rank at the head of the ecclesiastics of a religiem

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