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led him aside, and told him he was the persoa he had sared

many years ago in Halle; that on leaving him he had as le ORIGIN OF CANDS.- About the year 1390, cards are

his way to Hainburgh, where, by frugality am intrary, said to have been invented, to divert Charles IV., then he had amassed a considerable fortune. He then invited King of France, who had fallen into a melancholy disposi- the Professor home with him; treated him sumptuoawy: tion. About the same time is found in the account-book and dying soon after this, bequeathed all his wealth to Jus. of the King's cofferer, the following charge for a pack of remember the work in which we read it

, but know we **

ker. We quote this anecdote from memory, as we do re painted leaves, bought for the King's amusement-3 livres. correct in the outline, however deficient in detail. TV Printing and stamping being not then discovered, the cards Professor used to tell the story himself, but not until afs were painted, which made them dearer.

the death of the man. of their designs—the inventor proposed by the figures

A Dinxer At HavanxAH.-The charge for dirof the four suits (or colours) to represent the four classes of clusive of French claret. Soups, solids, and dessert we

was one dollar, for which abundant fare was prondel, Bmen in the kingdom. By the Caesars (Hearts) are meant placed on the table at once the dishes were crowded one, the gens de chąur-choirmen or ecclesiastics. The no- another, and on the ringing of the bell the company bastis bility, or prime military parts of the kingdom, are re

took their seats, and made a vigorous onslaught. Every presented by the ends or points of lances or pikes, (and our

plunged his fork into the dish be liked best; and there su

such a scramble, such a clatter of kuives and plates, tha: .: ignorance induced us to call them Spades.) By Diamonds reminded me of Dugald Dalgetty laying in his proreal fer are designed the merchants and tra:lesmen. Treste, or the three days. Such a quantity of oil and grease, ts35 t trefoil-leaf, or clover-grass, (corruptly called Clubs,) al. thing of garlic, is used in Spanish cookery, that I 183"} judes to the husbandmen and peasants.

could not “ play the knife and fork” that my apptis The “ History of the four Kings," which the French, in prompted me to do, but contrived to allay the craviage of drollers, sometimes call “ the carils,” is that of Datid, hunger with coffec and bread at the end of the feast. The Alexander, Cæsar, and Charles_names which were, and siang, and English, captains of ships; it was a strange medie

company consisted of Spaniarris, Germans, Frenchmez, still are on the French cards. These respective names re both as to language and manners. Most of the guests x present the four celebrated monarchies of the Jews, Greeks, the air of desperadoes and adventurers, and they al Romans, and Franks, under Charlemagne.—By the Quec:is, very inilifferent to common conrtesy in their behaviour u are intended Argine, Esther, Judith, and Pallas, (names re

each other : thus, at these houses, it is no uncommon thing » tained in the French cards,) typical of birth, piety, forti

see joints of ineat and glasses flying across the table, a )

violent quarrels ending in bloss. Sometimes they are tude, and wisdom--the qualification residing in each per

mence in this way: a skipper asks for an omelet oppor son. By the Knaves, were designed the servants of knights, him; a negró runs round to fetch it ; in conveying it to (for knare originally meant only a servant; and in an old sailor he is stopped half-way by another grnitemas, translation of the Bible, Paul is called the knave of Christ. coolly seizes the dish, ents the omelet in two, takes balfe. Others fancy that the knights themselves were desigued by appointed skipper vents his rage by uttering a bearty ere

self, and gives the other half to a friend next him : the those cards, becanse Hogier and Lahires, two names on the and sends his glass at the leail of the geritleman rah: French cards, were famous knights at the time cards were taken “the bread out of his mouth."- Alexander's Treu. invented.

atlantic Sketches. A Guost STORY-PROFESSOR JUNKER. The Professor CLERICAL. COMPLIMENT IN GERMANY.-The or was in the habit of sleeping next to the place in which he riage ceremony was just concluded, and the reverend price kept his subjects, and one night hearing a noise ia that enjoined the bride and bridegroom to think solenials room, and supposing that the cats or mice had got at the engasement they liad contracted. “ It is true," he ad. bodies, he rose from bed, and, directed by the noise, advanced “ that few narriages promise more substantial hapis * to the further end of the apartment, where, to his inexpres. than your Men commonly are “ influence on such a sible horror, he beheld a nakeil man standing with his back casions, by either beauty, wealth, or youtá,-things in to the wall! His eyes glared, and were widely opened, and their essence, vain and frivolous; but he whom you see his distended nostrils and convulsed features so alarmed the now taken as a husband was evidently unbiassed brant Professor, that he frankly confessed he was so terrified that those paltry considerations, and—"(here the modest onid, he retired, with his face to the figure, which followed him overcome by so much flattery, fainted away.) to his bed room; but unfortunately in stepping into the chamber, his foot slipped, he fell down, and the candle was

To the Readers of the Schoolmaster.... extinguished ! He crept, however, as quietly and quickly

The American Indians in Canada - Missionary labour.. into bed as possible, but was very soon disturbed by the

Ghosts by Waggery...... figure pulling at the bed-clothes, and at length seizing his

Picture of a London Quarter, and Moral Éducation of the feet, implored him, as the executioner, to spare his life. The

People..... Professor, after a few moments' reflection, recollected that one Kirg James's Clasp knife......... of the subjects which had been brought into the rooms Useful. Noticks-Improvement of Herth land, and Cultiva during the day was a man who had been hanged, iinmediate. tion of Potatoes - Simple and Useful Invention.. ly rose, and, procuring a candle, put those remedies in re Early Days of Lord Brougham-Reward of Authors Extraquisition which are decined necessary in such cases. The ordinary Surgical Operation...... man was perfectly restored to life; but Junker knew not MEDICAL SELECTIONS-Estimate of different descriptions el what to do with him as he could not procure a passport, and

Food in regard to Nutriment-Efficis of different tetepers no one was allowed to pass through the gates without one. tures upon the Body and upon Health– Remedies for com However, with spme little difficulty, he contrived to get

sumption............. him out of town, and giving him such a sum as his means


THE STORY-TELLER--Duncan and his Dog..................." permitted, wished him farewell, and returned back. Many

Cheap Newspapers...... years afterwards the Professor hail some business which

SCRAPS-Origin of Cards -A Ghost Story-A Dinner at Hs. took him to Hamburgh, and one day while standing on the

vannah-Clerical Compliment in Gerinany... Exchange, a very respectable looking man addressed him by name, and inquired if he remembered him ? He replied EDINBURGH: Printed by and for JOHN JOHNSTONE, T, St. Jag that a man in his public capacity could not recollect all the Square. Published by JOHN ANDERSON, Jan., Book setjet, så, Nor persons who might be introduced to him- but that it was

Bridge Street, Edinburgh ; by John MacLou, and ATKINNISSI

Booksellers, Glasgow ; and sold by all Booksellers and Vandra more than likely they had met before. The stranger then Cheap Periodicals

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PARLIAMENT was prorogued on the 16th till the must have been much worse. This will be a warning 16th of October. The King prorogued the Par- against the employment of military in the ensuing liament in person. His Majesty was, if not ill re-elections. Mr. Irving, for one thing, will scar ce ceived by the people, as some accounts state, suffer- venture, to shew his face in that quarter again. ed to pass without any of those demonstrations of SOMERVILLE, THE FLOGGED SOLDIER OF THE affectionate loyalty which attended his progresses GREYS.—This man's case has been investigated, six months ago.

If we may credit prevalent ru- with the result which every one anticipated from mours, the Court and the Cabinet shew no cor- the nature of the Court appointed. Major Wynddialty, and feel less. It is expected that there will ham, who ordered his trial and punishment, is rebe some important changes in the Cabinet during buked for indiscretion, in letting it be known that the recess of Parliament.

writing a political letter was the poor fellow's real Bruls.-The Irish Reform Bill has passed. A offence, while the nominal one was refusing to Bill has passed for permitting distillation from break his neck by mounting a wild horse. The inMANGEL-WURZEL, another for restricting death vestigation is more offensive than the original punishments in forgery cases, save in forging trial—the man is not to be discharged; he is to

wills and powers of attorney. A Bill for abolish- be dismissed. Beautiful distinction ! sing sinecure appointments in the gift of the Lord

Chancellor, and putting an end to his perquisites IRELAND.---The Irish people having so resolvedl, of office, fixes his salary at L.14,000 a-year, with have as good as said, that they will no longer subL.5000 of retiring pension. This is manifestly a mit to pay tithes to the sinećure Church established change for the better ; as all is above-board. Still in their country. They are not able to pay if future Chancellors will have no reason to complain they were willing, nor yet willing if they were that Lord Brougham has unhandsomely cut down able. The Government is equally resolved that their pickings, without securing them a comfort- they shall pay tithes---the language of the Lord able equivalent. In the meantime, Mr. W. Har Chancellor is quite decided.—Without military covey, a member of the House of Commons, calls ercion, tithes cannot be collected in Ireland ; nor the Court in which his Lordship presides, a long with it. Vigorous measures" are to be

libel on the justice of the country.”—The SPEAKER adopted; and camps are to be formed throughout 1 x has resigned his office. It is expected that the country:---we shall see. Meantime petitions

there may be a short Session in December, pre have been sent from Englishmen to the Commons, vious to the dissolution of Parliament. In dis- praying that supplies may be stopped, for employing cussing the Budget, Lord Althorp's bowels have British troops to coerce Ireland into tithe-paying. been yearning over the pensioners—the State AMERICA, - Cholera is desolating several towns paupers. He promises that as the present set die both in Canada and the States. It is severe in out, they shall not be so rapidly replaced ; and New York, The Americans have, in favour of our that L.100,000 per annum will thus be saved. . In commerce, relaxed their tariff, and are graduour monstrous peace-expenditure, this is but a ally coming to apprehend the advantages of an small item ; but it is a most irritating one. unrestricted trade among all nations.

CLITHEROE.-A Manchester Massacre, on GERMANY.—The Despots of Germany have, at small scale, was lately acted at this place. Mr. the Diet, issued a decree for extinguishing the Irving, a Tory candidate, came with his friends spirit of liberty in that mighty country. It canto canvass the borough; with the odious reputa- not succeed. William the Fourth, as King of tion of being the nominee of Lord Howe and Lord Hanover, has acceded to it." Brownlow. The people were for Mr. Fort, a libe RUSSIA ---Lord Durham, who was recently sent ral man, and they took the liberty of pelting Mr. on a mission to St. Petersburgh, either to be rid of Irving and his friends out of the town. In the an honest man at home, or to do a bit of popula. evening Mr. Irving returned, accompanied by 50 rity abroad, has been received by the Emperor Ni. dragoons, and two clerical magistrates ! and pass.. cholas with all the hollow and hypocritical kindness, ed through the town, as if in defiance of the pub- which the court of Russia knows so well how to lie feeling, -a collision was inevitable. Ten or simulate. The Emperor is all goodness and piety twelve persons were sabred. Fortunately none of ---(Suwarrow was very devout !)---the Empress all the wounds have proved' mortal, though limbs grace and benignity; and the inferior English have been lost. Had the streets not been thinned offroors connected with the mission, are lost in ad. before the military appeared, the consequences the filtheted and rapture !--But what is done for Po

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land ?---or what will be done ? ---There's the rub! | trades, societies, &c., &c., walked in procesaian

King LEOPOLD of Belgium, the husband of the through the principal streets of the city. The late Princess Charlotte of England, on the 9th procession covered three miles of ground, and Angust, married, at Compiègne, the Princess Lou- was formed by 20,000 persons, with 120 flags

, se ise, daughter of Louis Philippe of France. Never banners, many bands of music, and innumerable royal nuptials attracted less attention ; not that insignia and devices of the various crafts. The the parties are obnoxious, but that state pageants inscriptions on the banners were pointed have lost their glitter with even the “swinish mul- humorous. On one, of different character titude."

solemn hue, was inscribed the names of Mrr Young NAPOLEON, the Duke of Reichstadt, died, PALMER, and SKIRVING. It was dedicated to their in the palace of his grandfather, the Emperor of memory! The spectators were estimated at Austria, near Vienna, on the 24th July, at the age 100,000, besides the country people, who came in of twenty-two. His disease was lingering con- by thousands. The day was uncommonly tre, sumption ; though his sickness has been attributed and the entire pageant far surpassed any thing to slow poison, administered by great politicians. before imagined. Music, fire-works, and festivity This is not credited; they are bad enough without concluded by far the most splendid public day ever poisoning : besides there remained nothing to make witnessed in Edinburgh. this poor lad formidable to any one.

SIR WALTER Scott.---The health of our illustra THE DUKE OF YORK's diamonds and trinkets are ous countryman, a subject of affectionate interabout to be sold by auction, to go their length in est to every native of Scotland, continues in te paying his debts. They will probably not go far. same hopeless state. This, to us, is a subject to The trappings of George the Fourth, which once sacred to be made the theme of a finely rounded would have brought their weight in silver, lately sold paragraph, or of any comment whatever. like as many old stage properties—sic transit ! CHOLERA has extended its ravages more or les

over all Scotland ; 'though it has only faller. SCOTLAND.

heavily in Glasgow and that neighbourhood : CANVASSING, REGISTERING VOTES.—Canvassing where it still continues to spread. In Ay it has been actively carried on, registering votes is at present very severe. It has paid a flying more slowly, till the last days, when every body visit to Thurso, Wick, Helmsdale, Golspie, Port. prossed forward. In Edinburgh the number of mahomack, Hilton of Cadboll, Dingwall

, Marr. electors registered is 6664, instead of the old Thirty- burgh, and Nairn, and has thrown the country three! It is understood, that in Edinburgh, Mr. people into great alarm. The cases on the eas: Jeffrey and Mr. Abercromby are the favourite coast have not been numerous. Total cases in candidates. Mr. Aytoun, the Radical candidate, Edinburgh since the commencement of the cholera, and Mr. Forbes Hunter Blair, the Tory, are both 964. Total deaths, 549.-In Glasgow, total cases in the background. Throughout Scotland, the 1705 ; deaths, 2262.-Cholera has spread over the moderate but liberal party bid fair for success. most of England. It has been severe in LivezThere will be several hard contests.

pool. Manchester is now suffering under its The Harvest has made great progress with us. ravages. It prevails in the Netherlands, and has The crops of all kinds are the most abundant and reached Quebec, Montreal, and latterly New excellent within the memory of man. Samples York. In America the disease was peculiarly dewere shewn in some of our markets so early as structive. It is rather abating there, and also in the 10th. The hay crop is equally abundant: the Ireland. best harvest seen for twenty years is reaping.

SHEEP, WOOL, CATTLE, WAGES, &c. The FISHERY.-Herrings have not yet appeared THE CATTLE MARKETS.-At the first Falkirk in great quantity; and the alarm of cholera at Tryst, held on the 14th, the prices were lower the fishing stations has injured business. The last than last year's, about 5s. à-head on the average. accounts from Wick are rather more favourable, and 10s. lower than the average at the June fairs, though we fear this is not to be a good year for The show of cattle was large, and much business the Fishery.

done. W'HALE FISHERY.—The Hercules has just arrived SHEEP AND Wool. At the late Fairs, the deat Aberdeen. So far as “ life and limb” are con mand for sheep has been considered slow, but prices cerned, the accounts are favourable, but the fishing have not given way. Wool maintains its price. is not reported good.

EXPORT OF Sheep and CATTLE FROM THE HLE GAME.— The present has turned out a bad shoot- LÅNDS.-From Inverness-shire the annual number of sheer

sent to the south markets is about 100,000; of cattle. ing season.

20,000. From Sutherlandshire about 30,000 sheep are et THE ORCHARDS upon the Clyde are turning out ported. If we assume that the united counties of Res better than was expected early in the season. Sutherland, and Caithness, send as many as Invernessa

Tue REFORM JUBILEE has been celebrated we believe we shall be abont the mark—there are in a. within the last fortnight in most of the towns and 200,000 sheep and 40,000 cattle exported annually from the

rugged hills and glens of the north, villages of Scotland, with much heart-felt rejoi. cing. The 10th was 'THE DAY of Edinburgh and


AND PAISLEY. Leith; when upwards of ninety detachments of EDINBURGH.-Quartern Loaf, 9d. to 10d. Bech, per le

4d. to 7d. Mutton, 4d. to 6d. Lamb, 3d. to 4d. Fresh having discharged one barrel and reloaded again, he incauButter, 10d. to 1s. Salt, 9d. to 11d. Eggs, per doz., 8d. tiously forgot to uncock the other, and, on returning home, Potatoes, per peck, 4d. Oat Meal, per peck, of 7 lbs., 10d. in leaping a fence within a short distance from the house, and lld.

the gun came in contact with it, when, melancholy to reGLASGOW.-Quartern Loaf, 10d. Bread Association. late, it went off, and lodged the whole contents (small shot) 8fd. Beef, 5d. to 7d. Mutton, 5d. to 7d. Lamb, Is. 6d. in his bowels. to 2s. 6d. per quarter. Pease Meal, best, ls. 2d. Com DISTRESSING EVENT.—Mr. William Ewing, a respec. mon, 11d. New Oatmeal, lld. Old, 9d.

Potatoes, 4d., table young farmer, left his father's house in East Cringate, 17} imperial lbs. Bazaar.- New Cheese, 8s. 6d. to 9s. 6d. Stirlingshire, on the 25th ult., to purchase cattle in the per stone. Old, from 10s. to 128. 6d. Butter, from 9d. to 1s. Highlands for the Falkirk Tryst. His pony was next day

PAISLEY.—Same as Glasgow, save Potatoes, 41, and seen near the banks of Loch Con, and the hody of the unQuartern Loaf, 9d.

fortunate rider was found on dragging the lake. Mr. It is computed that England and Wales now contain at Ewing's money, to the amount of L.500, was found safe least five millions of oxen, and a million and a half of horses. in his pocket. It is conjectured that he had fallen asleep, The number of sheep is about twenty millions, and eight and that the pony must have turned aside to the lake to million lambs.

drink, when the rider fell off. The greater part of the Halifax, Huddersfield, and Leeds AFFLICTING CASE.—Among the ravages of Cholera manufacturers have advanced their men's wages. The in Canada, there is perhaps not a more melancholy inturn-out Rochdale cotton-spinners and rovers have resumed stance than the following :-In April last, Mrs. Brown, rework.

lict of the late Rev. William Brown, Independent Minister UNEMPLOYED.-We are sorry to state, that the number of this town, sailed from Canada, with her family, six sons of unemployed operatives has considerably increased during and a daughter. They were shipwrecked in the river St. the week. There are nearly 500 engaged in breaking Lawrence; and after surviving all the hardships of cold and stones. In addition to this, however, there are a great num- hunger, want of shelter, &c. &c. for many days, had just ber out of work, who have not as yet resorted to stone- reached Montreal when the cholera broke out. On the breaking. The prospects of trade are on the whole very Sabbath, while attending public worship, the eldest son gloomy.--Paisley Advertiser, Aug. 2.

was seized—no doctor could be got to aid ; however, cholera Joseph Bonaparte, the Ex-king of Spain, has arrived at medicines seemed to prove effectual, when the aftlieted Liverpool, after a 16 years' residence in America.

mother, worn out with former sorrow, the horrors of the The Lord Advocate has arrived in Edinburgh, and is voyage, and the fear of losing her excellent son, sunk under busy with his canvass.

the disease, and expired on the bedside. The recovering DUKE OF WELLINGTON.-It is again rumoured that his youth, who was so shocked at his mother's death as to beGrace is shortly to visit Scotland.

come delirious, lingered only a few hours, and died. Tue EDINBURGII Burns' MONUMENT.-This beautiful MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT AND Loss of Four Lives. edifice is so near completion that the scaffolding was struck -A very distressing accident occurred near Kinlochbuie, by on Saturday.

which four active and industrious men have met with a MONEY PANIC.-In the dread of investigation and disa- watery grave. On the evening of Tuesday the 24th ultimo, greeable disclosures by the Committee of the House of Com- a small herring boat, with five of a crew, put to sea from mons, on the Bank of England, the stock of that body has Oldshores, in the district of Eddinchilless. On the followfallen in two or three days full 20 per cent! No one can ing day a cry of distress was heard on land by a person foresee where this will terminate.

tending cattle near the shore, and immediately thereafter a

boat was observed with her keel upwards, on which a man ACCIDENTS AND OFFENCES.

was stretched, drifting towards the land. On being rescued A SHOCKING Murder was lately committed at St. Nic from his perilous situation, this surviving remnant of the nian's, near Stirling. A woman, named Margaret Robert-crew related the melancholy fate of his companions. son, the wife of Duncan MʻAnsh, a labourer, murdered her SHETLAND FISHERMEN.--In a dreadful gale on the own daughter, by cutting her throat with a razor. She was 17th July, upwards of 100 fishermen were cast away. Many a person of bad character; and denied the fact, alleging the widows and orphans have been made. Here is a field for girl had committed suicide. The woman is committed for the rich and benovolent. trial for murder.

COLLINS.---The half-mad seaman who threw a stone at · HORRIBLE MURDER.-On Saturday last, a most dread the king at Ascot races, has been convicted of high treaful outrage against humanity was committed at Horncliff, son. It is not likely that the sentence can be carried into not far from Berwick, which has struck the whole district effect against this miserable man. with horror and amazement. Two lads of the names of Paxton and Percy, had had a dispute about a game-cock,

Scottish BANKRUPTS. which led to frequent quarrels, and on the day above-men Robert Roger Strang, insurance broker and writer, Glasgow. tioned they again came to high words, and, it is said, even Peter M:Morland, merchant, Greenock. tually to blows. Whilst this was going on, Percy's father, Huie, Ralston, and Co. coal merchants, ship chandlers, and an old man, procured a large knife, and deliberately attack-painters, Greenock, and Ralston and Co., spirit dealers there. ing his son's opponent, stabbed him in the belly, cutting being, one concern, and Robert Huie and Robert Ralston, coul him across, so that his bowels, as he fell, protruded on the merchants, ship chandlers, painters, and spirit dealers, Greenground. Not content with this dreadful deed, he turned ock, the individual partners of said concern, as partners thereof, upon l'axton's brother, another young man who came up to

Robert Easton, tavern keeper in Glasgow. assist, and stabbed him in several places! The first victim

Thomas Sinellie, smith and builder at Coat Bridge. lingered till Sunday morning, in great agony, when death William Colvil, writer, Arbroath, banker there, and a part. relieved him from his sutterings; the other young man still ner of the Arbroath Gas Light Company. survives, but in a hopeless state. The old monster retired Boyd Macrocket, grain merchant, Glasgow. to a corn field, and cut his oun throat; but not effectually,

William Alexander, Grocer, Linlithgow. as he was found bleeding shortly after; and the wound hav.

Daniel Lizars, Printer and Publisher, Edinburgh. ing been attended to, le is likely to survive, to stand his

Robert M'Limont and Co., inerchants, Glasgow. trial for these horrid crimes.

APPOINTMENTS. A fatal and most distressing accident took place at Wil.

COLLEGE.- The Chair of Medical Jurisprudence, Edinburgh, liamston House, on the afternoon of the 10th instant. Alex. has been conferred on Dr. Traill. ander Castells, the butler, went out with a double-barrelled Sheriff-Substi: ute of Argyleshire.

Mr. John JI'Laurin, writer to the signet, has been appointed detonating gun, to amuse himself shooting wild-fowl in the plantations on the river side surrounding the lawn; depute of Selkirk during the incapacity of Sir Walter Scott.

Mr. T. Hamilton Millar, advocate, has been appointed Sheriff

DEATHS. BIRTHS. At Hopetoun House, on Saturday morning, the 21st ult, the Coun At Inverleith Row, Mrs. Marion Wood, wife of George Woche tess of Hopetoun, of twin sons, the one of whom was still-born and M.D. the other only survived a few hours,

At Wilson's Park, Portobello, Mrs. Jean Menzies, widow of Capas At Harley Street, London, on the 15th ult. the wife of John Forbes, James Macdonald. Esq. M.P., of a son.

At his house, Croft, James Ramsay, Esq., late Provost of Perth, in Åt Dunoon on the 18th ult, the Lady of George Malcom, Esq. of a the 88th year of his age. son.

At Leith, Captain Robert Fussey, of the Smack Royal Sovereiga. At Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, the Lady of Boyd Alexander, At Burntsfield Place, Links, Mr. William Crease, merchant, LCD Esq., of a son.

burgh, At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major Hugh Ross, Hon. East India At Ardrossan, James Hamilton, Esq., of Holmhead. Company's Service, of a son.

At Buccleuch Place, on Monday, the 30th ultimo, of fever, Jete, At Edinburgh, Mrs. Kemp of Annfield House, of a daughter. second son of Mr. William Oliphant, Bookseller. At Stichell House, Lady Elizabeth Pringle, of a daughter.

At Kinghorn, Robert Aitken, late farmer at Whinnghall, in the ter The Lady of J. J. Tollemache, Esq., of a son and heir,

year of his age. At Newbattle Abbey, on the 12th instant, the Marchioness of Lo. At 4, Brunton Place, Mrs. Elizabeth Wight, wife of Alemi thian, of a son and heir.

Wight, Esq., banker in Edinburgh. At 37, Melville Street, Edinburgh, on the 15th instant, Mrs. Maughan At the Manse of Fala, on the 24th ultimo. Mrs. Jane Christie, writ: was safely delivered of a son.

of Mr. A. M'Ewan, Water of Leith. At 112, Prince's Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs. Miller, of a At Inverness, on the 15th July, Miss Martha Mackenzie, eiken? daughter

and only surviving daughter of the late Alexander Mackenzie, Esz, Ať 30, Clarence Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs. David Canaan, of Portmore, W.S. Edinburgh. a son.

At Campbeltown, on the 20th ultimo, Charles M'Vicar, Esq., . At Cobham Hall, on the 30th ultimo, the Countess of Darnley, of a leen, aged 70. daughter.

At Greenock, aged 61, Mr. Robert Manson, late deputy conecta

of the Customs, MARRIAGES.

At Denbie, Annandale, at an advanced age, Lieutenant-Caus On the 23d instant, by the Rev. G. Milligan, Elie, Mr. Thomas John Carruthers of Denbie. Paris, builder, to Mrs. Jane Seaton, both of Cumberland Street.

At London, Mr. Andrew Mellis, of Lad Lane, merchant, laat At Cuttlehis), on the 19th instant, Charles Crossland Hay, Esq., of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Auchindinny House, to Jennete, youngest daughter of the late Wil.

At his father's house, near Edinburgh, on the 24th July, agad 84, Xt. liam Wemyss, Esq., of Cuttlebill.

Peter Lorimer, preacher of the gospel. At Callander, the Rev. Malcolm M'Millan, Stirling, to Miss Mar. At Dunbar House, Charlotte Julian, third daughter of James Belle garet Thomson, fourth daughter of Mr. James Thomson, Callander. Esq, of Whittingbam, M.P. At 121, Princes Street, Mr. Robert Scott, to Christina, second daugh

At Park Crescent, on the 26th ultimo, Harriet, the wife of the En

J. T. Leslie Melville. ter of Mr. Douglas, St. Andrew Square. At Craigend, on the 12th instant, William Roug head, merchant,

At Shoreditch near Taunton, on the 22d ultimo, in his one, Edinburgh, to'Isabella, youngest daughter of the late John Carfrae, Joseph. Summerhayes, leaving a widow in her 1038 year. The even Esg.

son of the deceased is 75 years

of age. At Butts House, Houston, Mr. Alexander Watt, of the Commercial

Deatu OF THE CATHOLIC PRIMATE.-The Most Rev. Doctor (I Bank, Wick, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Arrol, Esq.

Catholic Primate of all Ireland, died on Wednesday week, a les bras At Montrose, by the Reverend Dr. Paterson, George Gordon, Esq., in Drogheda. His Grace is another victim of cholera-brut be exit merchant, Riga, to Jane, eldest daughter of John Paton, Esq., Mon- of years, at the age of 92. A better, a more virtuous, we might trose.

say an abler man, he has not left behind him. At Montrose, on the 10th instant, Mr. David Scott, writer, to Jane At 48, Melville Street, John Mitchell

, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. Hanna, eldest daughter of Captain Bertram.

At Edinburgh, Miss Susan Wardrop, eldest daughter of the le At Haghill, on the 21th instant, James Simpson, Esq., writer, Glas- James Wardrop, Esq., of Torbane-hill. gow, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late John Stewart, Esq., of At Newington, William Farquhar, Esq., of Pencloe, XD, Haghill.

surgeon of the Hon. East India Company. At Bonn, on the Rhine, on Thursday, the 12th of July, Charles At Glasgow, on Tuesday evening, Mr. Walter MFeat, sesa, Lyell, Esq., younger of Kinsardy, in the county of Forfar,' to Mary tioner, aged 67. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Leonard Horner, Esq.

At Kirkaldy, Mr. Michael Beveridge, senior, ship-owne. At Steeple Aston, James Moncrieff Melville, Esq. writer to the At 61, Hanover Street, Mrs. Marion Inglis, wife of James Has, E signet, to Augusta, youngest daughter of the late Vice-Admiral Lech. Al Collessie Manse, suddenly, the Reverend David Ogilvie mere of Steeple Aston, in the county of Oxford.

At Charlotte Street, Ayr, after a severe and protracted illnes, Hon. East India Company's Service, to Louisa Thorn Smet, only daughter of the late George Fyle, Esq. At Coldstream, David James Stag Thorburn, Esq., M.D., of the liam M'Cormack, Esq., aged 41.

A162, George Street, Glasgow, on the 16th instant, Helen, een daughter to J. F. Smet, Esq., Plymouth,

At Chapel, by the Reverend Dr. Barclay Kettle, Major P. Barclay, Ai Edinburgh, on the 9th instant, Catherine, third daughtz / late of the Madras 11th regiment, to Marjory Clelland, daughter of the George Lyon, Esq. W.S. late Robert Arnott, Esq., of Chapel.

At bis house, Newington Lodge, on the 8th instant, George B At Ingestrie, on the 17th ultimo, the Honourable and Rev. Arthur Esq. surgeon in Edinburgh. Chetwynd Talbot, second son of Earl Talbot of Ingestrie Hall, Staf.

At Morison's Place, Piershill, on the 6th instant, aged 3 W fordshire, to Harriet, only daughter of the late Henry Charles Aston, Robert Hogg, late brewer, Abbeyhill Esq., ot Aston Hall.

At Smeaton, on the 4th instant, Mr. Adam Wylie, farmoet there At Paxton House, Berwickshire, by the Reverend John Edgar, of

At Athelstaneford Manse, East Lothian, on the ed instant, sem Hutton, David Milne, Esg., advocate, eldest son of Vice-Admiral Sir denly, Mr. Robert Scott Beli. David Milne, K.C.B. of Milne Graden, to Jean, eldest daughter of Higgins, relict of the deceased William Bell, Esq. merchant, Lein

At Newck House, Stirlingshire, on the 234 ultimo, Mr Margar William F. Home, Esq., of Paxton.

At Flass farm, Fifeshire, Thomas Stewart, Esq., factor to the Lord At the Manse of Airlie, on the 28th ultimo, the Rev. Robertad Glenlyon, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. David Knox.

man, minister of that parish. At Inverness, Robert Trotter, accountant of the Bank of Scotland Ai the Manse of Bendochy, on the 1st instant, the Res. Take at Inverness, tó Catherine Gordon, daughter of the late Rev. James Barty, in the 75th year of his age, and 47th of his ministry. Fowler, minister, of Urquhart.

Suddenly, at her house, Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Catherine kur, At Dublin, John Cowan, Esq., advocate, to Annabella, daughter of relict of the late Rev. Charles Cummings, Errol. the late Robert M'Cartney, Esq.

On the :9th ultimo, on board the Arethusa Boyd, on her re*2 At Broomfields, Ayrshire, Daniel Robb, Esq., Greenock, to Mar- from Trinidad to Clyde, Mr, Duncan C. Campbell, son of the late iz. garet, widow of the late John Mitchell, Esq., Jamaica.

tain Campbell, of Patrickholm. At Belfast, John, eldest son of Jaines Fleming, Esq. Newlandsfield, At 36 Oueen Streeton the the instant, Mrs. Malcolm Murray, y to Mary Anne, second daughter of James Reid, Esq., of Belfast. At Knowsouth, Roxburghshire, Macdut Rhind, Esq., advocate, to

At Buccleuch Place, on the 12th instant, Mr. George White, Jane, second daughter of William Oliver, Esq., of Dinlabyre.

geon, of cholera, much regretted. At Uxbridge House, on the 4th instant, Lord Viscount Sydney, to

At Dalkeith, on the 12th instant, Mr. James Stirling, eldest sa Lady Emily Paget, daughter of the Marquis and Marchioness of An. ing son of the late Rev. Mr. Stirling, minister of Cockburnspata glesey.

At Cleghorn, on the 5th instant, William Elliott Lockhart, , At St. Martin's Church, London, on the 31st ultimo, Donald Came. Cleghorn and Borthwickbrae. ron, Esq. eldest son of Donald Cameron, Esq. of Lochiel, to Vere At Muirtown House, on the 2d instant, Hugh Robert Duff Esed, Catharine Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Hon. George Hobart,

Muirtown. and sister of the present Earl of Buckinghamshire.

Suddenly, at the Manse of Portmoak, on the 9th instant, Mr a On the 2d instant, at Little Dritfield, William Dick Ferguson, Esq.

M. R. Laird, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Laird, minister of the eldest son of Lieutenant. General Ferguson of Dunfallandy, Perth.

rish. shire, to Sarah, third daughter of the late Captain Platt of Whitburn, Suddenly, at Ayr, on Monday, Mr. Alexander White, Darbs West Hall, in the county of Durham.

master's office. The deceased was born on the same day with S* At London, on Thursday, Viscount Howick, eldest son of Earl land's darling poet-Burns-and under the same roof. Grey, to Miss Maria Copley, daughter of Sir Joseph Copley, Bart.

At St. Michael's Lodge, Dumfries, on the sth instant, WOD At Gosford, on the 16th instant, William Forbes of Callendar, Esq. Young, Esq. late writer in Kilmarnock. to the Lady Louisa A. Charteris, fifth daughter of the right honoura Suddenly, at Tain, on the 30th ultimo, Captain James Scobie, lates ble the Earl oi Wemyss and March.

the royal veteran batallion, in the 55th year of his age. On the 2d instant, at the Collegiate Church, Manchester, Mr. H. At his house, in the York Road, on Saturday morning, the 1113 Wilson, of Salford, merchant, to Mrs. Elizabeth Willock, or the same stant, of cholera, Mr. David Motherwell, some time connected. place. Of these parties, the former lost his wife and the latter her the daily press, and a correspondent of several of the provincial era husband in the melancholy wreck of the Rothsay Caztle, last year, papers,

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