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from sinking

into the Slough of Despond, by drawing mate

rials from those two terminal mounds; making the past THE OLD WHITE HAT--AND THE OLD contribute its rich store of historic and poetical recollecGREY MARE.

tions, and extracting from the future those sweet and sooth. I could write a volume upon this old white hat, and ing assurances, of whose truth he found daily and delicious upon the eccentric but excellent being that once wore it.--confirmation in the beauty, accordance, and benevolent orPoor Prank Chilvers! thou wert my chosen one, in whom dinations of nature. Thus he lived on, often in great poI had much joy; my Lycidas, with whom at morn and verty, but never discontented with his lot, until nearly his dewy eve I have wandered over woodland, hill, and dale ; sixtieth year, when the death of an old bachelor cousin and shalt thou go down into the darkness and corruption suddenly placed him in a state of actual independence, and of the great mother, without the “meed of one melodious comparative affluence. He immediately quitted London tear!"

and retired to C-Row, a village about eleven miles disFrank Chilvers was a younger son of that respectable tant from the metropolis, where he purchased a beautiful family, which has for many ages been settled at Fordham, cottage, and where the writer of this memoir first had the in Nottinghamshire ; and as he objected, upon those pecu- happiness of his acquaintance. liar and fastidious notions which formed his character, to A natural modesty, and the perfect content he found in the army, navy, and church, all of which had been submit- his own reflections and occupations, gave him a disposition ied to his adoption with reasonable prospects of advance to segregate himself from that class of formal and heartless ment, his parents gave him his portion, which was not in- visitors, whose invasions of your house originate in curioconsiderable, and, at his own request, left him to select his sity, and are continued by ceremony; but as the world, own occupation and mode of life. His first speculation was however little disposed to liberality upon other occasions, is to establish a brewery in the country, upon the novel prin. seldom deficient in magnifying any sudden accession of forciple of consuming malt and hops, and excluding quassia, tune, and had exhibited its usual powers of multiplication coculus indicus " poppy, mandragora, and all the drowsy in the present instance, he found it somewhat difficult to syrups of the East;" but the knowing rustics did not un- repress the eager advances of his neighbours, when they had derstand being defrauded of their full allowance. They regularly ascertained that Mr. Jackson, the rich city gro. bad been accustomed to clammy, warming, and soporific cer, had sanctioned their visits, by first leaving his card. compound, and they did not comprehend why a gentle a blind, stupid, and crawling deference to wealth, if it be man's son should come into the place and introduce a new not peculiar to the English nation, certainly attains its liquor, not half so comforting and drowsy as the old.maximum of intensity among those idolatrous worshippers He calmly assured them that it was no new liquor of his of the golden calf; of which the reader may be convinced, invention, but of the very same quality with that barley if he will walk along Cheapside with any civic Crasus, wine which Xenophon brewed and gave to his troops, in and observe the sycophantic homage and cringing servility the memorable retreat of the ten thousand. But they with which he will be saluted.

Let him travel with such shook their heads ; tapping their foreheads to one another, a man in any part of the island, and as he clatters into a to insinuate that his wits were not quite right; and as no country town with his outriders and gay equipage, conone would venture upon a beverage brewed by a madman, template the awe-struck look of the natives, and the fawn. lze sold off his stock and his business, retiring from the con ing alacrity of host, hostlers, and waiters, and he will coction of Utopian beer, with about one-half the property he not be surprised that Mr. Jackson, with three stars at luad embarked in the concern. He made a bad pun upon the India House, and the best portion of a plum in bank the occasion, which was one of his inveterate habits, and stock, should be deemed a little monarch in his own village. thought no more of his loss.

Nobody rode in such a gorgeous equipage ; and when he went Virgil's well-known line, “O fortunatæ agricolæ," &c. to church to abjure pomps and vanities, nobody's servant deterinined his next choice, which was the occupation of followed, with a gilt prayer-book, in a finer livery or more a farmer ; almost the only one, he observed, in which a flaming shoulder knot: of course, nobody could be so proman can honourably and independently maintain himself by per to decide, whether the philosophic Chilvers was a visitcontributing to the support of others. The latter part of able person or not. Miss Briggs, an elderly maiden rela. this opinion he exemplified more practically than the for- tion, and an inmate in the family, decided this important net ; for as he was quite certain that his labourers could question in his favour, when it was very near being neganot exist upon the common wages, he instantly doubled tived, by declaring, that his being undoubtedly a person of them; and as, in many instances, he was aware that his property was quite sufficient; that she dared to say, he customers could not afford to pay the regular price for his was a very good sort of man, in spite of his little oddities ; produce, he sold it under the market rate ; both which and that, in her opinion, he onght to be visited even in modes of farming, co-operating with the bad times, eventu- spite of his old white hat. ally imporerished him, and procured him, from those who Chilvers was so elemental in his views, as generally to head benefited by his ruin, the title of the silly gentleman- overlook all conventional modes and forms; and thus, farmer. Various were the methods to which he now had without affectation of singularity, he often fell into somerecourse for his maintenance, for he disdained all applica- what grotesque peculiarities. One summer he purchased tion to friends or relations. At one time he was an uisher; a white hat, and once ventured to tie it down under his at another, he supported himself, like Roussean, by copying chin, on account of a face ache. The ridicule and laughter music, in which he was a proficient ; now he translated for of the rustics first made him sensible that he had presumed the booksellers; and for some time he was in the situation to deviate from customary fashions ; but as he felt benefit of a banker's clerk. It were useless to recapitulate the from that which he had adopted, and had a perfect conmanifold employments in which he was engaged, or the tempt for vulgar or polite raillery, he adhered to his hat as variform difficulties he had to encounter: but it is not use- religiously as a Quaker; and partly from habit, partly from less to record, that in all his trials he invariably preserved obstinacy, constantly wore it, even within doors.

The the same philosophical equanimity, nor ever suffered his giggling, sneers, and whispering of the visitors, when the riterated disappointments to cool his philanthropic ardour, irruption formally broke in upon his quiet cottage, sugof diminish his favourable opinion of mankind. Many gested to him the idea of checking their unwelcome invitamen, of restless and inquiring minds, are perpetually run- tions, by going to their houses in his old white hat, and ning backwards and forwards, between the past and the fu- giving them to understand that he never took it off. Even thre, those two impassable boundaries of human knowledge; this expedient failed. A rich man without children, or and in their inability to escape from this narrow range, con apparent relations, has too much to leave to be left alone, tent themselves, fike the squirrel in his cage, with repeating and cards and visits rather increased than diminished, in the unprofitable rotations which afford exercise to their fa- spite of the old white hat. culties without advancing their progress a single step. Chil. Accident, however, effected what this inseparable appenFers built up the level of his mind, and prevented himself dage could not accomplish. A female cousin of Chilvers,


about thirty years of age had been left & widow, with a hearted woman did not hesitate in accepting his hand; little girl of five years old, in a state of utter destitution; the marriage took place, and Chilvers, who was before an and so soon as she learnt his accessiou af fortune, very old rogue, and an old sinner, was instantly converted, in the faturally applied to him for assistance. Upon occasions of village vocabulary, into an old fool and an old dotard. benevolence he was not in the habit of calculating appear. This union, dictated solely by benevolence on one side, by ances, or balancing surmises, so he tied down his old white gratitude and maternal solicitude on the other, without a kat, got into a glass coach, drove to his relations, and in less particle of love on either, was, without exception, the hapa than twelve hours from the receipt of her letter, had estaba piest and most undisturbed that has ever fallen within my lished her, with her child, in his. cottage, giving up his observation. And yet there was no intellectual congruity bed room for her use, “Because," as he said, “ young women between them ; she was an uneducated simple woman; he liked to be cheerful, and from the corner window she could was a profound, original, and elemental philosopher, or see all the company on the great Romford road.” When the there was affinity and sympathy in their kind and generou dust allowed any object to be discerned at that distance, it hearts; he had found an object for the overflowings of his is certain that a glimpse might occasionally be caught of a benevolent bosom, and she looked up to her benefactor mitte drove of oxen, or a cart laden with calves for Whitechapel, a mixture of filial and conjugal, affection. 4. This case nusy, market; but Chilvers had been told that his window com- have been an exception to the general rule, but it certainly inanded this great thoroughfare, and had never been at the affords a proof that disproportion of age is not necessarily pains to ascertain the nature of its command. Such as it incompatible with married happiness. Theirs was, unwas, there the widow had her habitation, her kinsman little broken except by death ; and he alas ) unlike Miss Brigan dreaming that, in following the dictates of his kind heart, came but too soon to visit the cottage, in spite of the inhe had at last hit upon an expedient for effectually clearing puted mistress, and even of the old white hat. his house of ceremonious, card-leaving, and card-playing Chilvers had a mortal antipathy to all interference in annoyances.

parochial affairs, deeming them the infallible foes of neighHowever liberal the world may be in measuring a man's bourly concord, and the bitter springs of jealousy, bicker.. fortune, they seldom extend the same generous estimate to ing, and ill will. During the war, when the militia paperi his actions and morals, but are exceedingly prone to de. were left at his house, he regularly inserted in the colunin duct from his honour and honesty, at least as much as they of exemptions—" old, lame, and a coward, and returned have added to his wealth. So it fared with Chilvers. They it to the proper officer, generally within an hour of his harus were willing to overlook his whims and caprices, and even ing seen it. Once he was appointed overseer for the poor, tolerate his old white hat, but there was really no shutting in the very natural supposition that from his indolent and their eyes to the improper nature of the connexion with sequestrated habits he would appoint a deputy, for which this pretended widow, this Mrs. Hall, or Ball, or whatever office several applicants accordingly presented themselves : he called her; and, indeed, it was obviously an old affair, but he detected the motive of his nomination, determined for the brat of a child was the very picture of him. He to punish his annoyers, and to the amazement of the whole might, at least, have concealed tbe creature, and not have village declared his intention of acting. His first step, was pronght her into his own house, and under the very noses to abolish the quarterly dinners, and other indulgences and of such universally allowed-to-be-respectable people as the perquisites, which his coadjutors had been in the long estão inhabitants of C Row. Miss Briggs again took the blished habit of enjoying ;-his second was to compel them lead on this momentous abomination ; and although, but a to the performance of those duties which for, an equally very few days before, she had been heard to pronounce him lengthened period they had been accustomed to neglect : r:markably good-looking for a middle-aged man, she now, and the result was precisely what he wished they never with a toss of ineffable anger and disdain, most energetically troubled him in future. Upon only one other occasion was termed him a good-for-nothing nasty old fellow; and the he moved to enter into the parochial arena, and as it acobsequious village re-echoed the assertion. Footmen, boys, curred but shortly before his death, of which indeed it was, and maids, no longer lifted his latch with cards and invita- the ultimate cause, and was productive of a little scene of. tions; and the females of the place were suddenly seized which I was an eyewitness, I shall proceed to relate it, with an unaccountable obliquity of vision, when they saw About half way down Loughton Lane, a footpath strikes him approaching with the unconscious author of this revo- off across a large field, and coming out opposite the free lution leaning upon his arm. . The outrageous puritans school considerably shortens the way to church, I say costinstantly crossed over the road, regardless of mud or puddle; siderably in a relative sense, as to those who principally some looked steadily at a sigupost, on the opposite side of availed themselves of it--the lame, and the feeble, and the the way; others gazed upon the heavens, or contemplated crutch-supported old men and women who toddled, ont of the earth; while a few summoned a whole Pandemonium the alms-houses in the lane, and were duly seen on a Sun. of outraged chastity into their countenances, and passed him day morning creeping across it, as if they could never coste with a fling of ineffable scorn ; but he was too absent and plete their journey, though they were alwaya sure to be in heedless to be even conscious of the cut direct and insolent, their places before the bell had done tolling.. In point of still less of the eut oblique and embarrassed. He was too fact, the distance saved was not above two hundred yards happy in the quiet repossession of his house, and resump- but a footpath had existed, not only in Farmer Blunt's day, tion of his studies, to be solicitous about the cause; and as who had owned the field for the last forty years, but time to the poor widow, her time and thoughts were so exclu- out of mind before him. Farmer Blunt's time, howevery sively occupied with little Fanny, her daughter, that she was up; he was deposited in the churchyard; and tre pro required not the attentions of her neighbours.

perty having been sold at his death, fell into the hands of Nothing could exceed the amazement of Chilvers when a Mr. Martindale, who had lately returned from Calcutta, I explained to him the meaning of this estrangement. “Why, so saturated with gold, that it had completely tinged his she is not thirty,” he exclaimed," and I am sixty; what dis- face, and converted half his liver into bile. Visiting his proportion will secure a man from scandal ?". With his new purchase with a worthy successor of Capability usual philanthropy, however, he soon began to find excuses Browne, it was pointed out to him that Farmer Blunt's for the world, and as he was highly sensitive to any impu- house, though uninhabitable at present, offered singular tations thrown upon his relative, though utterly callous to advantages for the construction of a mansion worthy of its them in his own person, he consulted me as to what con- new proprietor. A very little rebuilding and alteration duct he could adopt, so as to silence calumny, and yet would convert it into an admirable wing, and there would afford the shelter of bis roof to this destitute widow. “None," then be nothing in the world to do, but to run up a centie I replied, “but by marrying her." -“With all my heart,” he and another wing in order to complete the edifice; while rejoiyed, “ if Mrs. Ball will give her consent.” Already deep- the fields, naturally picturesque, by simply.grubbing np ly impressed with gratitude and esteem, weary with strug- the hedges, and planting a few trees, would spontaneously gling with misfortune, and anxious to secure a protector for assume a parkish appearance. . Such palpable facilities her little portionless daughter, this simple-minded and kind-/ were not to be neglected; the old faru-house was tor


Inred and transmogrified to qualify it for acting the part of the very consistent name of Castle-cottage" The rustics a wing; a park paling speedily encircled the field, and a called it the Lawyer's Folly ;-Chilvers denominated the board at each extremity of the abolished footpath informed tower, Mr. Clinch's Coke upon Littleton, and the guns his the world, that “ trespassers would be punished with the Term' Reports. At this interview hostilities were resolved utmost severity of the law." After church, on the following on, and the man of law having learnt, in the course of his Sunday, the aforesaid old alms-women of both sexes as- inquiries, that old Adam Wright remembered when there sembled in a body, under this obnoxious notice, where they was not even a stile at the thoroughfare in question, and spent an hour or two in debating how long they had re- had rode throngh'it scores of times on horseback, wrote tó spectively remembered the thoroughfare; complained bit- my friend, requesting he would order the fellow to step up terly of the alteration ; and though they were all comfort- to C- Row, and he would come over, take "his bit of ably maintained upon charity, unanimously agreed that mntton with him, and examine the rustic after dinner. Old nobody cared for the poor now-a-days. The rest of the Adam Wright was å pensioner of Squire Tilson, in whose parishioners, who were either uninterested in the question, lodge he resided ; and as Chilrers knew him to be infirm, or had not the remotest idea of quarreling with a rich man, as well as old, his method of ordering the fellow to step up took no notice of the occurrence, although two or three, was to send over a chaise-cart for him, with a civil mes who had left cards at the nabob's temporary residence, and sage requesting an interview. I was in the parlour when not had their visits returned, were heard to declare it was he arrived, and could not help smiling at his rueful looks, a scandalous proceeding —quite contrary to law, and, for when he saw Mr. Clinch at table with paper before him their parts, they wondered the matter was not taken up by and pen in hand. Standing close to the door as if fearful some body. Although every body wishes to be thought some of advancing, he cast a most suspicious glance from his body, nobody seemed desirous of assuming the character little grey eyes, which, from the bend of his body, he was upon the present occasion. My friend having been pre obliged to turn upwards, while a sudden blush reddened rented going to church by illness, his wife staid at home his wrinkled forehead, and even tinged his bald head. "Sit to nurse him for two successive Sundays, and though she down, Mr. Wright," said my friend, at the same time pour. was present on the third, and passed the board with the ing him out a bumper of wine, which the old man tossed ustal concláve of superannuated malcontents under it, off at one gulp with a dexterity worthy of his younger she was just then só busy in calculating the cost of days. The lawyer stared ; Adam Wright sate timidly Mrs. Palmer's new puce velvet pelisse with fur trim-down-drew up his breath, and again gazed round him mings which she was sure she could not afford, and had no suspiciously, but upon learning the object of his examinaright to wear, that she saw nothing on her way home but tion, presently recovered his composure. " I understand, the shameful sum of nine pounds fifteen shillings, “without good man," said Mr. Clinch, " that you have rode through reckoning the lining ;" which latter words she repeated to this field when it was open, scores of times.”—“ Never but herself in a graduated tone of increasing amazement as once," was the reply. "Only once! why then did you say you she recapitulated her calculation, and arrived at the same had ?"_“I never did say so."_“ Hem!" said Clinch, startling conclusion. Owing thus to his own sickness, and shy bird.”_" Behold the exaggeration of village gossips," Mry Palmer's new velvet pelisse, nearly a month elapsed said Chilvers; “ but yon did once ride through it, Mr. before the nabob's innovation came to the knowledge of the Wright; will you have the goodness to relate to us what owner of the old white hat.

you recollect of the circumstances ?”_I recollect them With his usual scepticism he would not trust to the re- all,” replied Adam, “as well as if it happened yesterdry, ports of others, but in spite of a recent sickness, and the though I was only nine years old at the time. Mayhap, expostulations of his wife, tied his old hat under his chin, sir, you might know strait-haired Jack, as they called him, allied into Loughton Lane, and not content with reading that drove the Cambridge ?" Chilvers regretted that he the placard in that direction, skirted the new paling, till never had that honour. "Well, sir, I was then apprenhe came in front of the free school, where he perused the ticed to his own father, old Harrison, that kept the farrier's duplicate, notwithstanding the mud with which some in- shop at the lower common."_" How was it bounded on diguant urchins had bespattered it. His resolution was the north ?" interrupted Clinch. “The Lord knows how," instantly formed. * How can we expect the poor," said he, resumed Adam. « That must be ascertained, however," "who so fearfully outnumber us, to leave us in quiet posses- qnoth Clinch, laying down his pen.' “ It can't be done no sion of our fortunes and luxuries, if we are to look coldly how,” said Adam, “ for the great stack of chimneys has on and see them deprived of their humble rights. Reciprocal fallen in, right where I used to stand and blow the bellows forbearance and protection are the upholding principles of God preserve us ! Thank heaven there's only a low chimney the social compact, and the best security for the continuance to our lodge. "_" See how an old man clings to life,” whisof the former is the scrupulous exercise of the latter.” “They pered Chilvers; “ he never troubled his head about chimney's may take the law," said a neighbour to whom he thus ex- when he was yoang."_"Well, sir," said Wright, in contipressed himself. “They may take Okehamhall," said Chil- nuation, “old Harrison (I called him master then) had vers, "for it has been to let those three years, but how are been trumpeter or horse-doctor in the Greys"-__-“Which thry to pay for it. I wouldn't have gone to law for myself was he?" again interrupted Clinch_"he 'must have been if he had blocked up my hall door, and compelled me get in one or the other."_"No, sir, he wasn't, for I believe he was at the top of my honse, like Robinson Crusoe ; but though I both."_“Ay, that will do-go on."_“Well, he served in might compromise my own rights, I do not feel at liberty the Greys, I don't know how many years, and when he was to escrifice those of the poor, so I'll just step on and call discharged superannuated, they allowed him to buy his upon Mr. Clinch.”

grey mare that he always rode; and how old she was, God Mr. Clinch was a brisk little lawyer, who, by a smirking knows, for the mark was out of her mouth afore ever she indlustry, and technical knowledge of legal quibbles and came to him, and he rode her twelve years in the army. subtleties, kad bustled himself into a thriving business, Upon this mare he used to go about for orders, attending thongh he knew no more of the leading principles npon the gentlemen's hunters round the country, and what not ; which the noble palladium of the law was built, or of its but never suffered any body to mormt her without it was great expositors, than the rat which is conversant with all himself. He had only to call out Polly, and she would the holes, flaws, and hiding places under St. Paul's, knows come running up to him directly, and would follow him up of architecture and Sir Christopher Wren. He had lately and down town, just like a dog without ever a bridle, no nor settled in the neighbourhood, having bought a small brick so much as a halter.-Well, master never breakfasted at bumse at the confluence of three roads, on the top of which he home;—the first thing in the morning, he used to put some háil built a fantastical wooden tower, where he occasionally soft gingerbread into his pocket, for his teeth were knocktook his wine and the dust; and upon the strength of this ed out at some great battle, and go down to the King's castellated superstructure, and two little brass camions on Head, and there, if you passed the bow window, you would the lawn, which were always fired when he set off for Lon- be sure to see him in his cocked hat sitting behind a half dow at the commencement of term, he gave his residence | pint of purk. On the morning I was telling you of".

“ You have told us of no morning yet," cried Clinch. “I Squire's gamekeeper would have given a fair price for the mean the morning when I rode through the field in the carcase to feed the hounds. But old Harrison was an odd afternoon :-on that morning I took Polly down to the one. Ah! we've got a mort of regular doctors in the paKing's Head, according to orders, as master was going over rish now, besides the poticary, and I dare say they may do to Romford to look at Squire Preston's hunter that was well enough for Christians, and such like, but I reckon took ill ; but it seems that just as he got to Woodly-end, there's ne'er a one of 'em could stop the glanders in a hors down came Polly, and a terrible fall by all accounts it was like Mr. Harrison.” However, master wasn't much hurt, but we saw something Adam having finished his narrative, Clinch proceeded had happened by his coming home without Polly, though to question him again upon the more recent occurrences of he never said a word, but desired us all, for he kept three his life, and finding his recollection much impaired upon men besides me, to leave off work, take spades and dig a these points, he very unceremoniously gave him his disgreat hole in the yard, while he broke up the ground for missal, but not before Chilvers had slipped something into us with a pickaxe. To work we went, and in three hours his hand. “ Here's a pretty rascal," said the man of law; we had made a rare pit, all wondering what it could mean. “ he has heard that we wanted evidence, and has trumped • Adam,' said he to me, when we had done, (go to the np this circumstantial tale in the hope of a reward; but paddock at the upper common where you will find Polly; did you observe how neatly I detected the old rogue when bring her here, but don't offer to get upon her back, and I began to cross-question him ? Will any one believe that don't go faster than a walk.'--So I took a halter" he could so minutely detail an occurrence of sixty or seventy “ Was it leather or rope ?” inquired Clinch. Adam could years ago, in which, by his own account, he was no way not tell, so he proceeded. “When I got to the paddock, interested, when he cannot recollect much more recent and there was Polly, sure enough, with her knees all bloody; important particulars of his own life?"-" The importance but as I saw she wasn't lame at all, and seemed in good of these matters," said Chilvers, “is not to be considered spirits, I put the halter in her mouth, and going back a abstractedly but relatively; at the time of poor Polly's little, so as to get a short run, I put my hand upon her death, Adam had never witnessed any exhibition more sshoulder, and jumped upon her back.”-“ Jumped upon lemn and affecting ; probably had never been present at her back !” echoed Clinch, looking incredulously at the the death of a large animal. You seem to forget that the decrepit object before him. “ Lord love you," continued tablet of the memory, like certain stones, though sufficiently Adam, “I was then as nimble as a squirrel, and as lissome soft at first to receive deep and distinct impressions, hardens as a withy. So I rode her across this here field, for there with age; and that this very induratiou fixes and indelidly wasn't even a stile then, nor any sign of one, and got off preserves the characters first engraved, while it prevents when we reached the high road for fear of being seen, and any future incisions, unless of a very superficial and evan. led her into our yard, where master was sitting in his escent nature. You may scratch or write upon it, and cocked hat, and the men all whispering together up in a this answers the temporary wants of age, you can no longer corner. As soon as I came in, he called out to our big fore- chisel or stamp any durable impress upon its stubborn man, Sam,' says he, step up into my room, and bring substance. This seeming inconsistency is, in my opinion, me down the horse-pistols that I took from the French a forcible confirmation of old Adam's veracity."-"A jury officer at the battle of I forget what place he said, but I won't think so," retorted Clinch, " and that's the only thing I know it ended with a quet, or a narde, or some such to look to." sound; so, I can't be much out. They glittered as he took I have given this dialogue, and old Adam Wright's exthem out of their cases, for he always cleaned them every amination, circumstantially, because every particular is Sunday morning, and as I stared first at master, as he pro- deeply fixed in my own recollection, by the fatal resalts of cecded to load them, putting two bullets in each--then at which the affair was speedily productive. Chilvers, as ! the great hole in the ground, then'at the men all looking have mentioned, had been ill when he sallied forth to read solemn-like, and then at poor Polly, gazing in master's face, the placard announcing the shutting up of the footpaih. while her knees and legs were covered with blood, I felt Upon that occasion he got wet-he sat some time at Mr. my heart beat, and was all over in a fluster. When he clinch's: his complaint, which was the gout, was driven had finished loading the pistols, he went and stood in front into his stomach, and in spite of immediate medical advice, of the mare. "Polly,' said he, I have rode thee these six- and the unremitted self-devotion of his wife, who lærer teen years over road and river, through town and country, quitted his side, he expired in ten days. Death-bed dr. by night and by day, through storm and.sunshine, and thou scriptions are productive of no good to counteract their never made a bolt or boggle with me till now. Thou hast painful details; they prove nothing; for whatever may le carried me over five thousand dead bodies before breakfast, gained in the sincerity of the dying person, is balanced by and twice sa ved my life ; once when the allies left us in the the diseased state which the mind generally participates lurch, and we were obliged to scamper for it; once when with the body. A man's opinions are worth nothing na. our company fell into an ambush, and only thirty men es- less they emanate from a vigorous intellect and sound caped. We must both die soon, and should I go first, frame, uninfluenced by immediate hopes or fears Safice which I may quickly do if you give me such another it to say, that Chilvers died as he lived a philanthropist tumble, it will be a bad day's work for thee. Thou wouldst and a philosopher. not wish to be starved, and mauled, and worked to death, After the melancholy ceremonies of the funeral, which I and thy carcase given over to the nackers, wouldst thou?' took upon myself to direct, I accompanied my wife to the Polly put down her head, and rubbed it against him, and cottage, where we meant to reside for some little time to while she was doing so, he tied a handkerchief over her offer our consolations to his relict, now a second time eyes, and kissing her first on one side of the face and then widow. I have never been more forcibly impressed with on the other, he said : Polly, God bless thee ;' and instantly the vanity of human learning, and the rain glory of philifired one of his pistols right into her car. She fell down, sophy, than in the instance of this uneducated female, whe gave one kick, and never moved nor moaned afterwards ; from an innate principle, or instinct of religion, although but I remember the tears gushed out of my eyes just as if utterly ignorant of all theological points, possessed a mas a Christian had been shot, and even big Sam looked ready tery over her mind, and a consolation under afilictions to cry as he stood over her, and said “ Poor Polly! We bu- which the most profound adept in the schools of worldly ried her in the hole, and master told as we had worked wisdom would in vain attempt to rival. Conscious tha enough for one day, and might spend the afternoon where the death of her husband was a dispensation of Providence we liked, and he was just going to fire his other pistol 'in under which it was perhaps guilty to repine, she set to the air, when he saw a crow on the top of the weathercock ; lutely about the suppressing of her grief, beginning by CME and, sure enough he brought her down, for he was a rare fully locking up and concealing all those articles of his shot. After all, it was 'a cruel thing to use a poor dumb dress and daily use, which, by recalling him suddenly an. beast in that way only for tumbling with him; and no forcibly to her recollection, might upset her pious resolia one could tell why he buried her in the yard, when the tions; so that upon our arrival, we found her in a franz


of mind much more calm and resigned than we had antici- ever, who had no eyes except for her poor master, whom pated. Though Chilvers never killed a bird, or caught a she was never to see more, returned grumbling to the rug. fish in hin life, he had a favourite spaniel, called Juno, al. Exactly the same eager excitement and surly disappointmost as inseparable a companion as his old white hat; ment occurred, when the maid returned with the toast ; but the partaker of his morning rambles, and the invariable the dog, instead of contenting herself with the rug upon residuary of lus:crusts at tea-tims. This faithful animal this occasion, 'stood before her mistress, looked wistfully his Avidow.could not resolves to dismiss; but with this ex- in her face and whined, as if inquiring for her master. I ception she inagiired, she had so disposed of every personal exchanged 'glances with my wife, and saw at once that memorial, as to be secure from too frequent a renewal of we'l mutually understood what was passing in Juno's her griefe by the sight of external objects. She was how. mind, as well as her mistress's. Poor widowed sufferer! erer, wistaken.' We were all seated in the parlour, myself who shall describe her agony? The gush of passion and my wife endeavouring to divert the widow's thoughts overpowered all the barriers of resolution and religion, from the past, by directing them to the future management the woman predominated over the Christian, and her emo. of her little girl, and Aattering ourselves that we had in- tions flowed more vehemently from the previous control to fused into her mind a more than usual serenity, when our which they had been subjected. Convulsive and hysterical attention was aroused by a barking and laughing without, sobs for some time choaked her utterance, and when she the door was thrown open, and in scampered Juno with the was able to articulate, as if anxions to excuse the violence old white hat tied npon her head, while little Fanny fol- of her grief by the virtue of its object, she turned towards lowed, shouting behind, delighted with the success of her me, and exclaimed :—“ Wasn't he a kind creature_every frolic!“ (), Fanny ! Fanny !" cried the agonised mother; body loved him, and even Juno, you see, cannot forget

why did they suffer" she could not utter a word more ; him. O! sir, you dont know half the kind, generons, and but, overcome by her feelings, rushed out of the room, and charitable things he did in private." Her feelings again locked herself into her own chamber. The child, it seems, overpowered her; she sank her head upon Juno's, who by hasl seized the old white hat in the first confusion of her this time had leaped into her lap, and I shall never forget father's death, and concealed it in a closet of the nursery, her wo-stricken look when she raised it, and sobbed out hence she had now withdrawn it to fasten upon Juno's head, (Psha! where is my handkerchief-my tears are blotting quite unconscious of the distress she was preparing. Young the paper)—when she sobbed outas she was, I endeavoured to impress upon her mind the Gentle reader, forgive me; my heart and my eyes are loss of her papa, for so she always called him, and the ne- both too full ; I cannot write a word more. cessity of refraining from all mention of his name, or allusion to his death, in the presence of her mother. She ap

SAILORS AND MARINES. peared to understand, and promised to obey my directions. Fortified and composed by the consolations she never failed to draw from her solitary religious exercises, the widow

The words marine and mariner differ by one small letter sherily returned to the parlour, and a tranquillity, though only; but no two races of men, I had well said no two animals, soanewhat embarrassed, was again established in our little differ from one another more completely than the « Jollies" and

the “Johnoies.” The marines, as I have before mentioned, are circle; when Fanny, ready to burst with the possession of enlisted for life, or for long periods, as in the regular army, and what she considered a mystery, kept hovering about her when not employed afloat, are kept in barracks, in such conmother; and at last, taking her hand, and looking up in stant training, under the direction of their officers, that they her face with an affectionate importance, she lisped out are never released for one moment of their lives from the influ. hesitatingly, “I know something. Papa's dead, but I ence of strict discipline and habitual obedience. The sailors, on mustn't tell you, because it's a great secret, and you'll be the contrary, when their ship is paid off, are turned adrift, and, angry if I do.” The poor widow hid her face in her hand so completely scattered abroad, that they generally lose, in the kerchief with one hand, and with the other covered the riotous dissipation of a few weeks, or it may be days, all they child's mouth, as if to silence her ; but as the little urchin hare learned of good order during the previous three or four seemed disposed to expostulate, I took her by the hand, led years. Even when both parties are placed on board of ship,

and the general discipline maintained in its fullest operation, her out of the room, and directed the maid to put her to the influence of regular order and exact subordination is at bed.

least twice as great over the marines as it ever can be over the On re-entering the parlour, I once more found the mother sailors. Many, I may say most of their duties are entirely in a state of comparative serenity, and calculated on passing different. It is true, both the marines and the seamen pull and the evening without further outrage to her feelings. The haul at certain ropes leading along the quarter-deck ; both child was asleep, the old white hat was locked up, and it assist in scrubbing and washing the decks; both eat salt juok, was settled that after tea I was to read a sermon, which I drink grog, sleep in hammocks, and keep watch at night; but had selected for the purpose, as the best adapted to pour in almost every other thing they differ. As far as the marines balm and peace into her wounded bosom.

are concerned, the sails would never be let fall, or reefed, or

The equipage rolled up. There is even a positive Admiralty order against was already set out, and I recalled that simple but exqui- their being made to go aloft ; and, accordingly, a marine in the site picture of fire-side, enjoyment, which Chilvers was so rigging is abont as ridiculous and belpless an object, as a sailor fond of quoting :

would prove if thrust into a tight, well pipe.clayer pair of panThe hearth was swept-the fire was bright,

taloons, and barrel round the throat with a stiff stock. 'The kettle on for tea, &c.

In short, without going further, it may be said, that the

colour of their clothing, and the manner in which it is put on, when my attention was called to Juno, who, instead of do not differ more from one another than the duties and habits of basking leisurely before the fire, as was her wont, kept the marines and sailors. Jack wears a blue jacket, and Johnny searching round the room, smelling to every individual, and wears a red one.. Jack would sooner take a round dozen than occasionally planting herself close to the door, with an marine, if deprived of his suspensors, would speedily be left

be seen with a pair of braces across his shoulders ; while the earnest air, as if expecting the arrival of some one else. sans culotte. A thorough-going, barrack bred, regular-built After waiting some time, she betook herself to the rug, with marine in a ship of which the sergeant-major truly loves his an appearance of disappointment, whence she presently art has, without any exaggerated metaphor, been compared to a starileil with a short bark, and expression of alacrity to man who has swallowed a set of fire-irons; the tongs representwards the door. It was Patty entering with the urn. Now, if ing the legs, the pocker the back bone, and the shovel the neck Juno had been in a frame of mind to be easily pleased, and head. While, on the other hand, your sailor-man is to be she could not have muttered such a discontented growl at likened to nothing, except one of those delicious figures in the the sight of Patty, whose fair complexion, auburn hair: Hung loosely about to the right and left, no one bone npparently

fantoccini show.boxes, where the legs, arms, and head are red arms, and somewhat substantial figure, constituted her having the slightest organic connexion with any other; the a pleasing specimen of the rural English, or rather Saxon whole being an affair of strings, and universal joints ! beauty; while her manner and attire rendered her a worthy The marines live, day and night, in the after part of the ship, counterpart to Milton's “ neat handed Philis." Juno, how-t close to the apartments of the oflicers ; their arms-chest is

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